Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L115B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a common holiday in the Middle East, where people are reminded of the importance of knowing their options and not being shocked by actions. The speakers emphasize the need for people to be clear about what they want to hear and not let anyone convince them. They also discuss the theory of the firing of weapons and the potential for people to be saved on the Day of Judgment. The speakers emphasize the importance of regret and the potential risks of violence and harms to people.
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Hello Sunil Kareem another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. lavishly acidity away acidity Md weidler of teta melissani of kahuku Ali Baba as you enter in

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that lesson number 115 sora tuners will begin from Ayah number 53. The lesson is from 53 to 74

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Westham be ohnaka. And they ask information of you a harpoon Hua. Is it really true to say to them, he, yes, will not be by my Lord in the hula Hulk, indeed it is the truth.

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And don't be more jozin and you will not cause failure to Allah.

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Western be ohnaka yesterday ohnaka is from the real factors known by Hamza Nava.

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Another is important and relevant news. And his theme there is to ask about some important information, some important and relevant news.

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So I asked them be ohnaka, they ask you, they ask information of you. And who does you refer to? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam? And who does they refer to the machine of Mecca?

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What do they ask? How

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is it the truth?

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Is is different? And help on truth? Who it? Is it really true?

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Is it really true what you're telling us about?

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Now why is it that they asked and what is it that they were asking about?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam informed the Michigan of Makkah of several things, such as the coming of the day of judgement, about the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala

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about the fact that he is the one who has created the heavens and the earth, about punishment if the people don't believe he also informed them about gender about now, so many things he informed people about. So they would ask him, is it really true, what you're telling us? Why would they ask out of mockery? Or because of uncertainty?

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Like for example, if somebody tells you something that you've never heard of before, your initial reaction might be, are you joking? Are you serious, really.

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So similarly, the wishes of maca, because of the uncertainty because of the doubt that they had. And also in order to mock in order to belittle what the prophet sallallahu Sallam was telling them? This is why they asked such questions.

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Whereas then the owner

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he, when they ask you, then what should you say? Maybe? Yes, it's quite possible. No, be very confident and tell them Yes, certainly. Definitely. It is the truth, it will definitely happen.

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Because sometimes what happens when people constantly ask us, really, are you sure this is gonna happen? Are you sure we should do this? What happens? We become uncertain ourselves. We become doubtful ourselves as well.

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So the prophets are the loudest enemies, don't tell them he will be

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the word he is help joab What did you allow me? And so response? So he is used to give a response, but what kind of response in the affirmative in the positive?

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So it gives the meaning of Nam? Yes.

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So he, yes. But the word He always comes before an oath.

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When does it come?

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always comes before an oath. So it's like a very forceful response.

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And if you look at it, he won't be the wire over here is off. Awesome. It's for all.

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So he will not be meaning definitely, it is going to come. The Day of Judgment is definitely going to happen. Yes, definitely. Allah subhanaw taala is the only one God Yes, definitely. I am the messenger of Allah. Yes, definitely. There is gender. There is no there is his out. He won't be in a hula hook. Indeed, it is surely the truth warmer and to be more dizzying and you are not at all ones who make Allah help us incapable.

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The word more dizziness, the plural of mortgages and who is mortgages, one who makes the other just one who makes the other helpless. One who defeats the other so you can not at all

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cause failure to Allah, meaning when Allah intends to fulfill his promise, you cannot defeat him, you cannot outsmart him, you cannot avoid his decision.

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Because sometimes people ask again and again Why? So that what you have intended to do what you want to do you change your mind, because of their constant nagging because of their constant asking

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children have this habit, they generally do this a lot. So, imagine to remember disease, no matter how you deal with this, whether you question or you mark or you deny, or you reject, or you oppose you try your best. Whatever Allah has promised is definitely going to happen. You cannot cause failure to Allah in fulfilling his promises. You cannot cause failure at all.

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Currently, right now, you're wasting your time by only questioning and marking. But when it will come, then you will not be able to avoid it at all. And generally, the Michigan of Makati will do this, when they were threatened with the coming of the day of judgement of the punishment if they're disbelieved.

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So they're told man to be merged in you cannot defeat a law at all. When he wishes to execute his plan, you cannot outsmart him at all. It's not difficult for him at all to bring it about

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introducing AI number 82 what do we learn that in omro, who either are the shaman an akula, who can fire Kuhn,

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why are you asking Are you in doubt? Whether the Day of Judgment is definitely going to happen or not? The fact is, it is not difficult for a lot at all. Why? Because his command is only when he intends the thing that he says to it could be fire code, and then it happens it becomes

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so it's not difficult for him.

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So we see that the mosquito McCarthy rejected the resurrection, the coming of the other but what is Allah say? That it will definitely come

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and look at the response he will not be a person has been taken and elsewhere in the Quran as well. A person mistaken to show that definitely the Day of Judgment is going to come.

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For example insalata turban is number seven, we learned Zara Medina cafaro and then you buy through blue banner will not be led to garthen some allatoona Nabina Milton Weatherly Corolla here see, those who disbelief have claimed that they will never be resurrected. This is what they think. But say yes by my Lord. Banner will not be by my Lord, you will surely be resurrected. And then you will surely be informed of what you did.

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Similarly, in sort of cyber is number three, we learn what color Latina, cafaro Latina, Sarah, and those who disbelieve they say that the our will not come to us. Full, Bella warabi say yes, by my Lord, let that Tiana comb, it will surely come to you. It will definitely come to you.

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So what do we learn that the people have doubt about the coming of the Day of Judgment?

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They don't believe in it with certainty. But Allah subhanaw taala he responds how with a custom definitely it's going to happen, have no doubt about it. whether an and if each one unluckily enough sin, and if each soul which soul 1am at that wronged if each soul that did one if it had Melville of the everything that is on the earth, every volume knifes every wrongdoer, if he was given everything that is on the earth, what would it do? left that be? Surely it would offer it in ransom to free himself.

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So right now the people are busy wasting their time neglecting the hereafter. And if ever there is a discussion about the coming of the Day of Judgment, that's a really you think it's going to happen? Do you really believe in that, but what does Allah say that the day when there are that will come? The Day of Judgment, it is so severe, and it is so certain that if every law in person was given the entire world, what would it do? What would it do? What would that person do? He would give it in order to free himself.

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Notice lo and nikolina Epson which knifes lament that has done,

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what is looming

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injustice, to play something where it does not belong, and also to fall short to reduce.

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So one is a various types

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against Allah. And it's also against oneself. It's also against the rest of the creation. And over here the word one is general.

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But specifically the word limb is also useful should

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remember, because in a shilka novel Manali.

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So luckily enough, Cinderella, Nelson Letterman, which all is this, first of all, the one that has done Shrek. And secondly, loom can be understood, as General, any kind of injustice that a person has committed against the other. And for that he is held accountable on the Day of Judgment. And for that he is made worthy of punishment, when he sees the punishment, if he is given manifest of the everything that is on the earth, everything in the earth, if he is given, what would he do left that surely that person would give it in ransom, in order to free himself.

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Just imagine that at that moment, the most precious thing, the most valuable thing will not be the world, and everything within what will be more precious to a person.

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The fact that he is freed, being saved from the punishment.

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Now, if you look at it, it is not possible for any person to accumulate the entire riches of the earth

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It's not possible for any person at all to ever do that. Yes, people have become the most richest persons, but have they managed to own everything that is on the earth? No,

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they have only managed to earn a fraction of it a part of it, only a very little percentage of what is there in the earth.

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And even if a person spends his entire life, his entire life to acquire everything that is on the earth, it will not be possible.

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And let's say hypothetically, well, if,

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let's say, if he does manage to earn everything that is on the earth, then everything that is on the earth is not sufficient to buy his freedom.

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It is not sufficient, what is necessary for a person to be saved on the Day of Judgment, it is a man.

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So what does this show to us, that the value of a man is much more than the value of the entire earth and everything within?

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To understand

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the whole earth if it is paid as ransom, a person cannot be freed. Whereas if a person has a man, and he doesn't offer even a single penny, then can he be freed from the punishment, of course, because of his Eman.

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We learned that eventually from the Hellfire, even a person who has the slightest amount of faith, he will be taken out eventually the slightest amount of faith even he will be taken out. So what is this show to us? That the value of a man is much more than the value of everything that is on there?

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So where should one's life go? Where should a person spend his life in what? in acquiring this world? Or in acquiring a man

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increasing in his world? or increasing as a man

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in beautifying in his world? Or in beautifying his Eman? Where should a person go? What should he put his efforts in?

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A man to strengthen his man. So we must understand the true value of our lives. The true value of a man of the deen that Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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because if you look at it, why do people generally do? What's the reason behind doing what's the reason behind injustice? oppression? It's the love of this world, isn't it? people refuse to give the heck of one another. They will be rude to one another. They will do wrong things. They will disappear last panel data What's the reason behind that?

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It's the love of the world. Like herb adonia the love of this world is the root of every copy of everything of every mistake, every fault. What's the root of that? The love of the world? But what do we learn that even if a person has managed to collect the entire world, if he wishes to pay as ransom, he will not be able to buy his freedom.

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And this we have learned elsewhere as well. into earlier in one eye number 91 that inner larina cafaro Amato wahome co founder, Fernando cobalamin had he will be the heaven one hour with the derby winner aka Homer Darwin and even warmer luminosity. Indeed, those who disbelieve and die while they're disbelievers

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Never would the whole capacity of the earth in gold be accepted from them. Just imagine the entire capacity of the earth in gold, it will not be accepted from them, even if he would seek to ransom himself with it. And for such people, there is a painful punishment, and they will have no helpers. Now just imagine the entire mass of Earth in gold. Just imagine everything that you see, imagine it's in gold, all the mud, all the water, all the trees, everything and gold, and convert that to some cash. If you have that much cash, just imagine, how much can you buy with that?

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How much can you buy with that? A lot. But you cannot buy freedom, from the punishment on the Day of Judgment, with all that wealth,

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what is it that can free a person in that day? It's the man it's fate, it's obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala it's the pleasure of Allah.

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So what does this show to us, that if a person has acquired the pleasure of Allah, then he has everything.

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And if a person has acquired the anger of Allah, then he has nothing. He has nothing.

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If a person has a pleasure of Allah, and nothing of this world, still, he is the most successful person.

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And if a person has everything of this world, but not the pleasure of Allah, then he is the most defeated person, he is the greatest loser, because he will not be able to save himself.

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Because his whole world, this whole dunya is loyal to Allah, everything will turn against a person if he does not earn the pleasure of Allah Himself.

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So what's the main lesson in this for us, that we should give importance to what to that which deserves important to that which will really benefit us to that which will really save us not the things of this world, which are temporary, transitory, which even if you own everything will not be enough to help you?

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Well, as someone that amateur, and they would conceal the regret?

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When will they hide the regret? When will they conceal the regret lemma? Or will or the other when they saw the punishment? When they will see the punishment on the day of judgment? What's going to happen? They're going to hide their regret.

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Initially, when the punishment is going to be shown, they will want to buy their freedom from what everything in the earth but what does Allah say it's not sufficient. So when they realize this is where they will end up? What's going to happen, they're going to try to hide than a damage that is in their heart.

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What does the word itself will mean? A sub noise from the root letters seen raw? See? What does it mean? secret.

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And israr is to keep a secret,

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to hide a secret. So a sub rule they would hide, they will conceal.

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Remember that some words in the Arabic language, they they're completely opposite meanings.

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There are some words in the Arabic language that bear completely opposite meanings, one word, same spelling, same root letters, same halaqaat everything is the same, however, the meaning is exactly the opposite.

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For example, the word one,

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you writing the exact same way, in some contexts, it gives a meaning of assumption, supposition. And in other contexts, it gives the meaning of certainty, conviction, knowing for sure,

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and the word is suave is also one of those words which bears completely opposite meanings. What does it mean by that? That in certain contexts, the word is law will give the meaning of to hide to conceal.

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And in other contexts, the word assault also gives the meaning of to show to reveal to manifest. Like, for example, we learned instead of the Toba number 78 lm ER and mo and the Lucha Yala musella, whom one as well, don't they know that Allah knows their sin and their najwa. Now one way of understanding Sid and najwa is that it is their secrets and advise their private conversations.

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And according to others, sin is what they expose, and Lajoie is what they share only amongst themselves. You understand? The word said also can give different meanings. Sometimes it gives a meaning of hiding, conceding, and other times it gives meaning of showing revealing

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and if you look

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Get it over here. What a Southern Nevada, they will do is sort of Nadella. What is Nadella regret? When a person is regretful generally he undergoes both of these states

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that initially he tries to hide. He tries to show that, you know, he's not affected by it at all. He's very confident he hasn't changed his mind. He doesn't feel bad at all, initially, a person tries to hide, but then eventually what happens? It comes out, they break up, eventually they break down people start crying, initially, they will start to be very bold, but then they will give up. So what a sovereign nada Mata, they will conceal or they will show another ama, the regret, what is the Dharma, the Dharma is on a Saturday, noon that mean

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noon that will meet and the Dharma is regret,

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A bad feeling that a person has in his heart when when he does not have something, or because he has something

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like for example, a person does not have money.

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So he has this feeling of loss, regret, let's say a person lost his wallet.

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So you will have this feeling of regret of sadness, that why don't I have it anymore? How could I lose it?

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So it says bad feeling that a person has when he does not have something? Similarly, it can also be when a person has something like for example, a person is suffering from an illness. Or a person stubbed his toe, and now his jaw is hurting. So he has this hustler, this feeling of regret of Nadella that why did I stub my toe?

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Why did I earn this thing? Why did I acquire the spin? So Nadella is such regret or such pain that a person feels that a person experiences because of something not being there or being there.

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So basically, it is when something harmful, something detrimental has occurred? And because of that, a person is sad.

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So they will conceal than Adama. Which Nadella is this with sadness is this which regret is this.

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They will have many regrets on the Day of Judgment. Like for example, for not having enough

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for a person who has done chick, what will be the greatest regret for him on the day of judgment? I wish I had believed Why did I not believe?

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Similarly, this regret could be like, for example, we learn sort of AI number 56. That Yeah, has hotter LMS or what to feed them than that, oh, how great is my regret over what I neglected in regard to Allah.

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When a person falls short in his duty to a law, that will be a source of regret on the Day of Judgment.

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When a person falls short in his duty to do a loss of penalty, that I did not remember him enough, I did not thank him enough. I did not ask him enough. I did not think of him enough, I did not remember him enough.

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So a person will have regret on the Day of Judgment for having fallen short in his duty to Allah.

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So what do we learn over here that was a southern Nadella.

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So we see that they will hide the regret upon seeing the punishment. Why? Because it was a punishment that they never expected.

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And because of the sadness, because of the fear that has overcome them, because of the regret that has overcome them, what's going to happen, they will be rendered speechless, they will be unable to say anything. a southerner damnit.

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Generally what happens when people are very upset, they begin crying and yelling and screaming, isn't it? This is the general reaction of people. But if a person comes across something that was completely unexpected and sudden, and very dramatic, what happens? What happens people become silent, they become shocked. they're unable to speak. Many times that happens with people that they they become psychologically ill, that they haven't spoken for years. Why? Because of some accident that they had or because of the death of a certain person in the family.

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They are unable to speak. So a southerner diameter, this fear this regret that will overcome them, it will render them completely speechless, shocked, silenced. They will be unable to speak, they will be unable to even cry with frozen eyes.

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a southerner diameter they will be unable to even say anything, they will completely hide that regret.

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And secondly, we can also understand this as that initially they will try to hide it in their heart, but then they will burst, they will not be able to keep it within

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they will not be able to pretend to feel calm anymore, it will all come out.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:20

Like if a person has an embarrassing situation. He pretended as if nothing happened out of fear of people.

00:25:21 --> 00:25:24

But then eventually what happens, he breaks down.

00:25:25 --> 00:25:32

Because the sense of loss, the fear, the failure is so great that a person cannot keep it inside his heart anymore.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:47

So just imagine the fear of the Day of Judgment, the fear of the punishment, the punishment that they never expected, it will be so severe that they will not be able to hold it inside it will come out a southerner diameter,

00:25:48 --> 00:25:56

they will conceal the regret. And secondly, they will show it they will vent it out, they will express it, they will not be able to remain calm.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:03

When lamella will either when they will see the punishment which they never expected.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:23

But will they be like freedom? No. We'll call the Aveda homebuilders and it will be judged between them with justice. Allah will judge between them how with justice, and then refers to the creation, that whatever differences that people had, whatever arguments whatever disputes that people had, they will be decided when

00:26:25 --> 00:27:14

on the Day of Judgment with justice that each person will be given what he deserves. We'll call the avena. Home bill test. And buying a home can also refer to the prophets and their people. So we'll pull the avena home Budapest. Secondly, who does it refer to the prophets and there are people that whatever differences they had, whatever dispute they had, the prophets brought the message, and the people refuse to believe all such matters will be decided on the Day of Judgment. But look at the word bill peace with justice, no one were homeless, and they will not be wronged at all, no one will be treated unjustly, each person will be given exactly what he deserves.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:37

Allah, unquestionably, in Manila, humanity, somehow it will have to allow belongs whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth. Everything that happens on the earth belongs to Allah. So when he is the owner, therefore, the right to judge, the right to decide also belongs to Him alone.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:40

If he is the only owner.

00:27:42 --> 00:27:52

Because of that, he is the only legislator, he is the only judge. He is the only one who deserves to make decisions on that day.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:57

And if you look at it, this is being mentioned right after the eye of the Day of Judgment,

00:27:58 --> 00:28:13

that if a person he's caught for the room that he has done, and he wishes to free himself with the entire world, what does Allah say? The entire world does not belong to you anyway, who does it belong to a law? And if a person says okay, fine, I'm leaving?

00:28:14 --> 00:28:24

I don't wish to pursue this court case anymore. Can he leave? No, where will he go? Somewhere in the heavens and the earth? Who does that belong to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:28:26 --> 00:28:36

in Manila, in my facility will of Allah in Nevada law, help, unquestionably, indeed, the promise of Allah is true, there is no doubt about it.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:42

Which promise of Allah, the promise of the Day of Judgment, the promise of gender,

00:28:44 --> 00:29:04

that the Day of Judgment is how and gender is how, and now is how meezan where the deeds are going to be Wait, that is how so web is health and your thought is how reward and punishment, retribution. Whatever Allah has said, all his help,

00:29:05 --> 00:29:12

in Noir, the law he helped, when I can throw him on the moon, but most of them do not know.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:18

Do not know what this fact that whatever Allah has promised is definitely going to happen.

00:29:20 --> 00:29:24

Many people are unaware of this reality, which reality,

00:29:25 --> 00:29:38

the coming of the Day of Judgment, the accountability in the hereafter. Why? Because they are so immersed in this world, that they become completely oblivious to the reality of the afterlife.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:47

They're so lost in this world, that for the sake of this world, they will do one against a law against people against themselves.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:57

Why for the sake of this world, but what does Allah say that this is Huck, it is definitely going to happen. But the problem is that most people do not know

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and if people even

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know, how many times do we think about it?

00:30:04 --> 00:30:10

Honestly, how many times do we think about the day of judgment? How many times do we think about our debt?

00:30:12 --> 00:30:17

How many times do we wonder, in the morning, perhaps I will die today? Perhaps this is my last day.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:48

Perhaps this is the last time I'm leaving my house. How many times do we think about these things? Because when we don't think about these things, this is how this is why we ended up doing one. If we remember this, if this was in our minds all the time, that the promise of Allah is true, I will be questioned about what I am doing, I will be asked about what I am saying about how I am behaving. If we are conscious about the fact that our actions would change,

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they would certainly change, then we would not remain heedless. We would not remain lazy. We would not stay sleeping.

00:30:58 --> 00:31:00

We would not delay our work.

00:31:01 --> 00:31:13

In Nevada law help when I came to UCLA, one layer, and most people do not know. And if they know, they don't remember, they don't take heed. They don't take a lesson. They don't change their ways.

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If you consider it the most horrific day in the life of the human beings which day, the day of judgment and the existence of the human being as a day of judgment, the day that he will be brought forth for accountability. It's the most horrific day.

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However, how much are we really preparing for it? How much do we think about how much do we worry about

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if a person buys a car, there could be a potential risk of an accident and for that people take insurance and they take lessons and they do so many things.

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They will have savings just in case something happens to cars is that they have a replacement. They're not left without a car.

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But the most horrific day is not the day that your car meets his end. It's the day when you meet your and

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how much are we preparing for that day? When I can accept a home layer animal? Who are you here you need he gives life and causes death, who alone alone, no one else but him can do this. He alone gives life and he alone gets that what he told Gerald and to Him you will be returned?

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And if this is the fact that he has given us life, and He will give us that and to Him we will return then how can we ever think that the life that we have in this world we don't have any duty towards him?

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We don't have to do anything to please Him.

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How is it possible when we have come from him? When we will go back to him? Then the time in the middle should be spent in his obedience?

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Not in oblivion from him not in forgetfulness from him.

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Who are you he will you meet what a

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what is

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me need to LA

Yunus 53-74 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 53-56

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