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The speakers discuss the ongoing political crisis and the importance of finding one's way to live and protecting one's mind to avoid regret and achieve success in life. They emphasize the need for strong personal and strong political pillars to achieve success, including strong belief and the ability to achieve success in life. The speakers also touch on the use of pen and ink to write and write knowledge and the importance of learning and following rules in writing. They stress the need for strong and powerful pillars to achieve success and emphasize the importance of learning and finding one's.

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smilla Rahim o salat wa salam O Allah both refer to the alameen and Avi you know have you been on for many several long on anyone early he was happy about

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care today inshallah will be

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the last session for this explanatory

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explanation given by last mahalo dalla about the nature of the people living with the professor last summer in Medina.

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We talk about the believers. We talk about non believers clear Kfar and now we are dealing with the hypocrites. Remember Qatada says, we'll be dealing with 13 verses all about.

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And that shows the danger of having these types of entities in the political community. Yeah, the worst that's our last one just says in the BNF interclass Philomena, now you will antigen illness era. So last week, we stopped at the state of Alaska horadada, where they can live in a shuttle Valhalla to be who they are from head to toe, Omar kalavati. These are the people who bought

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a banana Buddha. They bought misguidance and falsehood with what the guidance so the price for the falsehood is that he bought out the villa somebody selling his tea man to buy what to buy disbelief.

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Get it doesn't come to him free but he says he's the man and this is what usually happens because there is no space in the heart of humankind to accommodate a man and

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one of them has to be able person carries the name is not Muslim. He cannot make a coffee at that moment. If he's confident he's optimistic, there is no in between either. So, last month is a sort of a viral phenomenon.

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For sure this is the worst time from tea leaks.

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Right, they lost in a transaction, there is no profit for the transaction. That was nothing except the loss, huge amount of loss that they these people encountered.

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Last month, I got some truth. So we're still discussing the non believers. So here last month is going to give you the the natural example as we said a few of those non believers from amongst the Hippocrates. He says methylome chemists and enlisted personnel furama Atma howdah, who they have a law who have been known to him, what taraka whom he is automatic, you will see someone Bookman ermine, for whom law

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of the law, he said the likeness of those kuffaar that would have been committed in listopada. Now, even if he says

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what credo handle method analyst Mohammed Arusha bound fish, Terra ambala to Buddha was a Murata who bought a top secret in an AMA the minister

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in Makati says

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this is a method a parable given by Allah subhanho wa Taala. To bring it closer to us to understand the nature of these people. They look like what you know, whatever you do in this life, you're looking like something right? There is a book written by a man hasn't called modality and of course, is one of the best book written by this man, Salah smart and you know, he wrote a book called LS la casa de force. This book, I really urge and recommend that you should get this book wherever you can find this book and it's called the Arabic one if you can speak Arabic is better than English than the English translation. very excellent book. If you read this book and you master it properly,

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inshallah you will never have a clash and a problem with humankind will teach you how to live and also how to regulate your life to put it in the way alas martella was some of the wisdom mentioned by this man Salah smarter Hello. He said I try to see Is there anything that everyone share? every single human can share in common with his fellow brothers and sisters? He said I couldn't find except one. He said not only that, when I found it, I found that not only humankind, but even animals are all of the creation of a lot smarter they they're in the same flatform everyone share one thing in common concerning that matter. He said I tried to see Is there one thing that everyone

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does in this life? He said I couldn't find anything that we all equal in it except one. He said nothing is possible how many nerves chasing away the worry from from the soul.

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You might find it strange but this is what you're you're doing in your life for a day.

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Everyone is trying to chase away the worry from him. We come to the Tafseer. Right? We are trying to chase away the worry of ignorance. You seek knowledge, wherever you know you eat worrying of hunger, you drink water of thirst. Again, if you're married, you already have been into trouble you do this and that whatever you do, he said, there was no movement that is coming from a creation except towards the accomplishment of this fact. Whatever you do, you're doing it for that. But he said, unfortunately, not everybody is experts in terms of chasing the worry, using the proper means. The vast majority of the people they miss the target.

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To get idea, the vast majority of the people then is the target. After that, he said, I tried to see in your life whatever you do, is there anything that is really honest with your which will go with you wherever you go? He said I couldn't find. He said I found something being connected and attached to the dunya. He said this dunya we see all of these illusion and all of these things that we see which is related to the lunia and away from the Acura. He said what so ever do you have in this life is attached and connected to two evil things? Please do listen to this very good. Any wisdom gained by this man to us? He said every dounia has two evil things connected to it.

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Number one, he said you're going to leave it one day.

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Number two, it will leave you if you don't leave it

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is an engineer that is aware of this. Either you leave it that means in front of your eyes, you will see the journey I've been remaining on herbal you go with how many people are so rich, they have everything they died, they left it

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does that benefit them No. And how many people that dunia was taken, they used to be so great. And then our last one to take everything they become to the lowest level alive. We have seen these intuitions, people who used to be somebody there last quarter took everything, they don't get anything, they have nothing.

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So this is done here. This is how he did this when he said I found that the only thing that is honest with you and will remain with you forever, is anomaly D

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doing things to please a lot smarter, this all will never go there will stay with you. Until no judgment.

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We lost our good brother, very good person. or lay until now. I didn't know how to remove this from my brain. It really affects me the way he died. So last month I have a look.

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Everyone is saying, You know what they say is he has submitted his thesis. Right? finished his PhD.

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If we know that we're going to lose it, we will ask him what is in your mind? He will never have the plan. Right? But if you ask him at the same same time before he died a few seconds he will tell you his future plan. right he has all of these things. But in order to confirm this, this thing that we're talking about, people have been mentioning that he just finished a thesis just do this and just do that. But you know, all of the people who praised him none of them is mentioned in the PhD.

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But I found it so interesting. Everyone has seen this man never miss a prayer. This man is always calling that prayer. This man is always busy. So okay, where does the PLT goes? They remember him with what? righteousness and good deed and this is what follows him insha Allah He will give the Shiva because of this Shahada because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, when they pray is one of the people who died, he said was a bit gentle will be confirmed for him. They say how Ursula he said because until shadow faculty, even the witnesses that last matter put in his creation when you praise Him, because usually people after the death of a person they will not say what he

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did not do they will mention the reality. And you see what are they remember reminding remembering him with his righteousness his good deeds nobody's talking about his education he is this or this or that? No, nobody's thinking of that. They talk about his good deeds he's trash. So this is exactly what it hasn't he's trying to draw your attention. You should value your righteousness because they are the one I will remain with you. But that doesn't mean that genealogy is useless No, by Allah is not. is an honor is a great actually what we need nowadays. It not just as color is not just a scientist. Now we need somebody who combine both. This is what we lack nowadays. So if you come to

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me You tell me that I'm going to specialize in only Islamic Studies. I will say that's fine but the oma is no looking for something bigger than that. I know. This is so great. So important.

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And then it's more than enough for you also to succeed in life, you will never regret in life, right? But we're looking for other other people who can carry the message in the proper way to combine both. We need what a scientist who is half is the guitar healer. And a scholar. Also at the same time medical doctor who is half zicatela, and a scholar as the same economist half is Nikki tabula and a scholar at the same time. These are the people that can elevate their own mind, they know how to talk and they defend the oma from the right way. Give it if you have just a shell, who is not aware of all of these things, sometimes he might have a wrong judgment. If you have a person

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who is all about the dunya, and all of these things. That's why sometimes they become very critics against the facts in Islam, because they don't know. You get it and somebody brainwashed them, they don't want to bow for the Sharia. They're looking for other interpretation to fit what they believe in, not like the science coming in going with the religion or the religion has to bow and follow the signs. Why is that because these people, they don't have a proper teria we don't imagine to see a medical doctor who is his color. And at the same time, also, he is a medical doctor to have this kind of understanding. So I really urge you to be very serious in both but I'm just saying this to

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you and saying this to you, so that you will remember them.

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By all means we are not here to stay. Every day I'm studying we're just trying to perfect living so that a Muslim will feel comfortable in life and worship a lot smarter property. Right? So we learned the dunya to make your life beautiful, and they will do these Allahu taala again, but at the same time, we shouldn't neglect the part of the religion because this is the thing that will remain with him. And honestly speaking the universe is like this. They were established based on these tenants to graduate a person who combined both right that's why I really urge the student to be serious in this you are living in a place honestly speaking if you are serious you can become a real scholar in

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the police if you are serious, you don't sleep but unfortunately, how do we sleep in even sleep and eat and sit and eating? The best is the one who are the third option. Go on to exercise sometimes. But when do we revise known revision at all?

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That's why there is a thing called in this university study week right revision with revision we can some students said no this is not this is sleeping week. Because when did they revise ask any student What do you revise? they revise a night before the exams

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they have the whole week. What are you doing?

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This is not what that university is designed for. It is designed to grant all of these University this university Islamic University of Medina many other universities where many foreigners and international accommodated It was designed based on these talents to graduate somebody who can carry the message for the oma Is that clear? Last month and so true. So the book is all about wisdoms wisdom. So he was talking about people imitating things, whatever you do, there is something which looks like what you do it. What makes it so interesting to me is in this regard, he talks about somebody who is looking for money for the sake of money

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to get it how many people you have a lot, just want to see them being the best. No, no, no, no, no objective in the future. No goals. He just wants to become a rich person for the sake of being rich.

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And Bill hasn't saved says I couldn't see a likeness for this man. I was hoping that this is the worst step of criticism that not nothing look like you. He says I couldn't see something that looks like this guy except one bird. That a lot smarter that created. What does that one bird? He said this bird? Animal I'm sorry, not the bird. And one type of plantation.

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Where does it grow? He's even not even living things right. Other things like one type of plantation, which goes on top of harsh mountains which nobody can visit.

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It goes into the harshest place in the mount the harsh mountains, you get it and even on the mountain doesn't come into the open place. It looks for a cave in that mountain which is also hard to penetrate and get inside and grow in that place. He said among the creation of a lot smarter nothing get benefit from this thing except one type of bird.

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As soon as the bird Richard it will just eat it and then the plant will die out of anger that somebody got it in this in this space. He said this is the likeness of somebody who is looking for money for the sake of money because who benefit from him nobody.

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The last one said gratis good. So this is it hasn't so I'm just trying to apply the same fit

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This book you should you should get it and everything you have in this life there is a likeness or something that looks like it. So this would be the last one to is telling us the natural similarity something that looks like they're like what Allah says. Evolution says ship Babel fish Ramadan Allah. You know a few minutes ago we said they bought Delilah Buddha with righteousness. They look like what in that type of transaction. They look like minister Adana. Somebody who is in a forest in a desert and it was night. He light up fire can follow the description right? Commander Kennedy's to come after listo Cardinal just like somebody who like a fire

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fella at mahalo who that have Allahu inula him

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he named him the fire the fire was on.

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And then he was able because of the light of the fire to see what the surrounding

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right. Carla for the mother mahoto when Tamar, Bihar and he got the benefit of that light because at least he sees what is surrounding him whether it's good or bad, but he knows right when they have observed Bihar and he can able to see the road through the means of that light. We're upset we have many many human Shomali those things that exist in his right and left. What unnecessarily ha and he was comforted by the light of that fight for being a mohawk. indelicate if the trophy at Navajo pasar interland he did he was like that but then the light was cut off the last moment had to get off wasafi lanisha de and he became inside a very strong dark night

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darkness of the night. Now you want it he cannot see and he cannot be guided I mean with editing aromatica awesome

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and at the same time imagine

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magic this person right? I was in Las Vegas for lambda mahalo who they have a lot of confusion about life so this they have the light they see this around it you get it they see this around them they get the benefits they were enjoying and then suddenly the last one to take it off they become in a state of darkness they can't see what is in front of them good or bad they cannot benefit from that imagine a person who is like this and at the same time also he became what are some somebody who is a some Assemblyman somebody who cannot hear

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at all now Yes ma'am he cannot hear anything

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what I'm coming down to somebody who cannot speak he cannot hear anything. Imagine everything surrounding you is bad you need to hear the sound the sound right to know how to run away, but he cannot hear will come and he cannot ask for help.

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And he cannot see that. I was it was Allah subhanaw taala

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so this is the likeness of these people lo kernoviae

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and after that he see the I mean the through the light see the good thing surrounding him but then our last month

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she became what are some upcoming

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what does that mean low cabinet they're lame civil nimasa even if the light is going to be brought back he cannot see

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fairly hard layer joella McConnell a problematic that's why last Mahajan says we're teleca whole field fearful romantic lives alone and a lot smarter led them to remain in Zulu Matt Lau you soon and they will never see the route again.

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I also believe that you know some people they make a last mortal angry until they reach this moment.

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I lost my hotel says I'll say turn into later on to fill up the water cup to our hammock. Ola it can lead Allah Allah whom Allah Who are some of whom will

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overlap. What do you think if you're going to turn away against Allah subhanho wa Taala you're going to cause corruption on earth? What took up the Warhammer Come on, you disconnected the ram you don't do this. Right? you disconnect your relationship with your relatives. Allah says Allah can Medina Allah Allahu LA for someone who was

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the last one to say these are the people who are Kurzban, la small town la small until I make them so much. They cannot hear anything well. mom saw him last quarter blinded their eyes, they can't see anything.

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He says what? All that he can live in Atlanta. He says, Mr. Lubin, after this allows Martinez and further into the burner call on Mr. Lubin.

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What is the COVID you know when a person commits sin, the prophecy last time I said Nikita to be called the Hindu Christian saga. Allah is going to cast on his heart, adopt a black dot the most and he commits the most

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Duck will be established on the heart. So we keep on increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing until the time this darkness is going to cover the heart completely. If the person realizes that he's committed sin and comes back to Allah and repent, the darkness will be gone, will fizzle immediately. But if it doesn't, you keep on going, going going, don't go until the time it covers everything. And you know this the most dangerous situation a person can be. That is something worse than that. This rain, this is the like rust or paint Alas, Martin put on the heart, it will blind the heart, it cannot see good. And inside is what evil. That's why it is a problem because inside is

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evil, and you let the evil keep on covering the heart until it covers it completely. So now you need to see that there is no way for you to penetrate that darkness, right. That's why the last montella want to test the person I'm telling you, this person will not come back.

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That's why the last one says we have a common law Vanessa and this shows the importance of tober. For law, you have to constantly repent to our last month and it's very simple. Don't say tau is also difficult. No Toma is not difficult. You know, just say Allahu mcfeely, you forgive anything more easy than that. Just say Allah forgive, he'll forgive. You just want to hear this from you. And you are sincere to stop doing that which is wrong. And last month, I will accept

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ticket idea if somebody doesn't do that. And he kept on committing the sin they have to date and alas metab might take the heart, which is inside that kind of rust and a last matter, put it in a place and lock it down is the worst type these type of people on leave. And last time the scientists showed mercy upon them, otherwise they will not come back again.

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To get it he says in jalna Allah called him a kilometer and a half.

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Well, he added a human worker we're in today, Elan, who definitely has to do even after they're a lot smarter is his job. Now that Blue Beam accumulator, we put in the heart, those heavy metals to get it to cover the heart to lock it to close it so that we will not see the truth. You got it? Well, he either he worked hard and last summer to put some kind of a metal you get to block the ears they can not nothing can penetrate the ears. How do you get the information from that? From through the ears? Right? The ears is blocked?

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How do you get that? How do you get advice? How do you get them to see how cannot. That's why I lost what I said somebody who's like this can not hear what you're talking about. You get it cannot see what you are saying it cannot see you You give it to even see the sign to see what you what you say. And the use of law and the heart is closed. If you hear this person even if he hears from the from the from the ears, or he sees with the eyes, it can reach the heart. If it doesn't go to the heart. How does this person or effect come on? That's my last night I made that excellent conclusion. He says we're into the room in the hood of Philadelphia to eat and another these type of people if you

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want to keep on advising them reminding them they will never be guided forever.

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Oh my god laughing that all fell in Temecula, who in alasia. If Alaska wants to test the person, nobody can benefit. The last one to guide us to the truth. So this is the first example part of it had that lie or join ama Kannada. vladika psychedelica, hula, hula, hula festival, la la la la kellison. This is the first example right? This is the type of woman African who was a believer first. The moon Africa they were not equal in their approach. There are some of them who accepted Islam first, but unfortunately they decided to change it with something else. There are Muslim real Muslims. This is the one that last one is talking about is toccata Nana, they have the light of a

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man. They brought it and they enjoy the EMA they enjoy everything. But then they decided unfortunately to change the schema with cocoa

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Do you get it? So he says this is just like those modifications when they exchange the man with cocoa.

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And you're done and Huda was about was about the hip alpha level should they accept injustice, they prefer injustice over the Justice they prefer. They prefer what misguidance and falsehood over the guidance of he had the method de la la la la la Armando fomoco even if he says from this example from this panel we understand that these people the believers from a careful and they commit disbelief come after Barranco Allah Allah He has a model just like the way the last one to talk about them in another place.

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Work at indefinite fee as a method, middleware hidden gem if you call the fella at mahalo, they have a loan in order to him what our account feels romantic lives una Soma, Pokemon, la la la la la, la la, la, la, la Carlota. You see this is a liquidity linguistic

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beatification, you know, a lot smarter says, better home commercial and listopada. He's talking about one person,

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right? One person. But then in the middle of last Walter says fella over at mahalo, they have Allahu venuti. him. He's talking about 111111. And then suddenly a lot smarter, change it to converse in who group of people, this is one of the beautification of Bulaga sometimes you use single the media, but then he changed it to a group one to catch the attention of the people because whoever's paying attention, you have been using 1111. But then now, what caused you to change to to a group of people it will catch your attention and bring you bring you back? It's all about the beauty of the Quran. That's why I look at this as the opposite of the killer, the most eloquent way of saying the word is

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to do that, because sometimes if I keep on talking, talking, talking, he needs some refreshments, something to catch your attention back right. Laval Cordova Cordova hub allow me knowing I am have a loved one who may

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or who are new. So what does the hub allow venuti means a lot smarter he took away because the replaces EMA would cover. So a lot smarter to carry that which benefits them. What is the EMA? If they are big believers, they will get the benefit from that. But unfortunately, they agree to sound the email and to accept what to take the cover as the price for the email.

00:26:23--> 00:26:53

No matter how much are left with them that which will harm them. What is that the cover they accepted? Or who will laquanda if you look at the fire alarm, a hotel led network, the light of the fire to be taken. But then to have the defend the Smoke will remain there. And they will get home from that. And the heat and the temperature also is still there. And Liz, if they can see the light, they can know where the temperature is coming. They stay away from it, but now know what telecom feel about it they've sort of

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lost what led them into Luma darkness on top of another. What is the limit? It's a shock the doubt they have in Islam, because those people don't believe us, right? What makes them non believers that

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that's why I really advise my brothers and sisters, that we can hear that. Please take your religion as the most sensitive thing

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done. Take your religion just anyhow, from the YouTube one. What is that on? Google? religion should be very sensitive. And by Allah it is.

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That's why Obama says abdeen rocks will manifest I'm 65. I mean, other than Hassan, he said religion is your capital, therefore you should hold upon it properly. Because losing religion is a greatest type of loss that somebody can encounter in his life. Is that clear? So you should be very serious. I'm saying this because we receive complaints from people who lost their religion because of just go into these media anyhow. Right. Some of them they fall into the trap of the apostate. They put doubt in our children, and they left the religion they left the religion they leverage. They just Muslim in a cloth, but they left the religion. Right? Somebody told me that was a brother who did not pray

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for three days. They said

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Why? Because somebody confusing. I was in love. Somebody confused him about issues that his caller said he shouldn't discuss. Because these are matters of a last resort Allah divine, the clover lost water issues that approx The last time I said if she brings them to you just close their page, and then think of them anymore and just say I believe in the last part of the Prophet and close the page. But then you have some people who keep on bringing these issues that is called a center go because you might be confused, because not everything you understand. Again, this this this, this brain has its own limitation, right? It cannot comprehend everything. That's why last but that

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doesn't explain everything. Because there are issues which you know, they say we want to know about the roof. You know the height, and this is the soul right? They say we want to know about the roof? What was the answer given to them? We want to know about the Salah. What was the answer to mean to them, we want to know about had you always the answer given to the explanation in detail, right? But they want to know about about the role.

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What was the answer? Because this does not concern humankind. Allah says tell them kulu I mean, I'm the Robby soul the issue of the soul belongs to the last monitor. This is an affair from our ot terminar el de la pallida. You guys have not been given a knowledge but a lot more to accept a bit.

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That which is given to us is just a little

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and I'm telling you what line is. That's why Fidel told Musashi Salah, he said most Did you see the bird that pick up water from the sea? Say Yes, that was small bird that came and sat at the side of the ferry, which moves I was using here. It takes a motor, a small bird taking water how much

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It takes what quantity Fitbit right. So that was paying attention the muzzle spin attention, these are the properties of a lost monitor everything has lessons and message to them right they will pay attention. So after it flies Kindle look at most and said, Yeah Moosa, did you see the bird? He said yes. He said, let me tell you something. He said in the other element. Milan, Milan, Milan, that

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one Tyler Henry Miller, Mila LA, Allahu Allah. You know, Mozart, when they asked him that was the cause of the journey. They told him he has a very powerful speech. Somebody told him Is there anyone who knows better than you? He said, No. He was supposed to say Allah He forgot. Allah taught him a lesson he said no, Bella Abdullah hidden, the measurement battery, he says are slave to them. He says, immediately Musa says yeah, Allah, how can I get to that person? Allah told him Bella, that is somebody who knows better than you. Moses areola? How can I go to that person that shows what input is of knowledge? He says, Yeah, how can I reach Allah says Abdullah Haider, the measurement Buhari,

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got our slave who you find in the budget well Buhari in a place where the two seas are meeting each other. It's a call for civility, how can I reach him? And how can I recognize him? Allah told him to take a fish the story that you already know, they reach the place most when they were in the boat, after they make an agreement to go hidden, told him actually you will never you will never I mean, cope with my condition, you will never I mean, go with them most asset account. So they go in the boat. That was the first event that took place. When the bird pick up from the sea. Most of us didn't ask Moosa, he said, Did you see the bird? See? Yes.

00:31:46--> 00:31:57

The DCI does? Yes. He said, let me tell you something, you move your opponent knowledge that a lot smarter taught you from his knowledge, which I didn't know.

00:31:59--> 00:32:14

Because humbleness right, given the right. I mean, to the proponents, he said, you have a knowledge, which allows one to talk to you, which I don't know. He said, and I am opponent knowledge from a lot smarter which humans know.

00:32:16--> 00:32:21

Do you get it? That was actually the message that most need to learn.

00:32:22--> 00:33:06

But then look at the conclusion. He said whoosah but my knowledge most I was supposed to be one of the best if not the best person in terms of knowledge, because he was the best person on earth in those days. And he that might be the second one. Right? Because he was the person who has given this kind of knowledge, but alas, Mahabharata Allah. So what happened was, Hayden told him he said, my knowledge and your knowledge, and both of us are supposed to be maybe the best in terms of learning on earth. He said, if I combine my knowledge, together with your knowledge, and we compare them with the knowledge of Allah, smart, Allah, ours hours, mine and yours, will be nothing but that which is

00:33:06--> 00:33:27

picked up by the bird. The knowledge of the last point is like they see me when that bird take the water did even I mean, the scene doesn't even move is like there was nothing going on on it. Right? This is just an example for me to have a clue. But I'm telling you by a law, it is far greater than that.

00:33:28--> 00:34:11

It is far greater than that you won't understand this a lot smarter says window Anima fill out minchah jurati. A column one by Emma, the human body is about to affiliate man affiliate Kelly betula. Want to see how great is the knowledge of Allah, He said take the ocean, right is bigger than the land, right? Take the ocean and multiplied by seven. The scholar said, because this is the way that our talks, they are going they want to tell you something that no matter how much you try will never happen. They use the word seven or 17. It doesn't mean if you if you multiply it by eight it won't know if you multiply it by infinity, it will never work. A law says if you're going to

00:34:11--> 00:34:29

multiply the C times seven, I'm talking about ocean right times seven. And you turn the sea and the ocean into an ink make them ink and then go into the trees. All of the trees on Earth. turn them into pens, how many how many pens you have.

00:34:31--> 00:34:32

Don't waste your time to calculate.

00:34:33--> 00:34:39

You have billions and billions of pens right? Imagine every branch or every leaf is a pen.

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

You have the ink right? Which is endless and you have the pens also even know how many how many times you use the pen everyone should hold a pen and we use that ink to write the knowledge of a lost art Allah. Allah says manaphy that Kalamata law, the ink will finish and the pens will become dry.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

And still is like you're done, you have done nothing about the knowledge of Alaska.

00:35:06--> 00:35:13

That's how you enjoy the beauty of the names and the attributes of a last mountain when you did put them in the book of Alaska hotel.

00:35:14--> 00:35:55

Their last one or two like grant us success again. So religion should be taken from the right sources. Otherwise, I'm telling you, you're going to have confusion. Mossad did not want to go to that school, he carried off. That's why the scholars, the prophets, Allah Azza wa said, Moses doesn't want he was having a nice explanation of what really happened. The promise Allahu alayhi wa sallam I said, I wish he says, may Allah show mercy upon my brother, Luke and his Salah laughter Can we look at it? You know, when those brothers they came those evil brothers, they came to his house trying to attack the angels, right? They did not know because they see young man, very handsome,

00:35:55--> 00:36:03

right? They thought this is the prey, right? They never thought that this is the punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He gave it so when he says no only because

00:36:05--> 00:36:45

he said, I wish I have some power, have some ability, or it can depend on a very strong power. Very strong pillar. He said I wish I can depend on a very strong pillar to fight you back. The prophets Allah Azza wa sallam Allah, forgiving, mature mercy of God. He forgot that he is the one who is dependent on the strongest pillar and that's Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says, I wish May Allah show mercy upon our brother Musashi Salah. I wish he was patient, the promise of assassin I wish I see the law what I mean? Where are they going to go? You know the way the story was going. He they will do this Moosa will will criticize, after promising him not to questioning,

00:36:46--> 00:36:50

but he couldn't be patient. The Prophet said, The first one was really a mistake.

00:36:51--> 00:37:02

You get it. The first one was really a mistake, the professor last summer said, but the second one, the professor last summer said he moves, I was just looking for a way to run away peacefully.

00:37:03--> 00:37:19

That's why you see the first one he says, not to actively manage it. Well, after he came in, and the author, he said, Okay, this one is forget, forget for outer forgetfulness. So don't hold me accountable of my mistake. But you also should understand this.

00:37:20--> 00:37:31

Right now, the student has also laid down His conditions. He said, don't do things that you know, I cannot keep quiet. And not like it just because I totally I will not ask you a question when you do whatever you wish, no, do things that I can understand.

00:37:33--> 00:37:47

To get it, but what did he do? The second one is actually worse than the first one was the second one, the young boy who did not do anything, and he did just twist the head, or bring him down and Kathy, cut the head and throw it away?

00:37:48--> 00:37:55

You think Misaki for it? He did that? Because according to the Sharia This is how can I do?

00:37:56--> 00:38:06

Right? So he told him? What What did she do to you? Further, do not tell him anything? He says? Didn't we agree that you will not ask me about anything?

00:38:08--> 00:38:12

He says, Okay, no problem. From now onwards, if I asked you just tell me go.

00:38:14--> 00:38:29

He wants to expansion but in the nice way, right? He doesn't want to tell him okay. I don't want to discourage this. And if he knows he's gonna ask, like, Do you get it? So that's why I went as soon as he did the next one. Most of us hadn't phylloquinone already.

00:38:30--> 00:38:57

You see, this is a knowledge musar couldn't comprehend, and he left him. So there are things in this life. I'm telling you, if you stay, if you say I have to get an explanation for them, I'm telling you will go astray. That's why in Islam, we have two things, and I hope you will pay attention to them. In Islam, we have two things that are matters of faith. And there are matters of explanation, matters of faith, this one, your job is just to believe.

00:38:58--> 00:39:10

right because these are eyes of Allah and Allah nobody saw him. How would you explain? And there are matters of explanation these are matters that concerns our life. And the last one to explain in detail,

00:39:12--> 00:39:48

how he says, Mundo Rama, Mama, who they are and who are in mo zanla while emissivities Xia please remember this, he said knowledge is of two types, that is knowledge which is permissible, and that is knowledge which is impermissible. There are restrictions and limitation that last one to set up concerning certain types of knowledge. You are not allowed to go through them like the issues of going deeper and all of these things. I'm telling you get loss, the vast majority of the deviation in the in Islam It is based on this this issue.

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

Right. So Islam doesn't want you to go deep, because it doesn't benefit you. It will confuse you more and you might lose your religion. If you go deeper. This

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

While we found many people they lost their religion because they keep on going.

00:40:05--> 00:40:35

They get it and you're going into things and issues that your capacity and your comprehension cannot can reach properly. Right. So he says, If you try to get the knowledge of that which allows for that doesn't want you to go through it, Zilla you will be misguided he will stumble and you will never reach the proper conclusion you are looking for, because when I am seeking the knowledge, I'm trying to make a good conclusion that I should look for this conclusion through the means which are permissible to me.

00:40:36--> 00:41:08

Is that clear? So, back to the issue of the religion is a religion is what is very sensitive matter, we should take it from who she taken from the proper scholars and go and take it directly from from them, then make HTR because you might be misguided from the direction you don't even know color lives through someone highlighted in it. So, we decided they will never be guided to the way of righteousness Bookman and Suman, Liu sirona they will never see the guidance

00:41:10--> 00:41:52

Bookman and they cannot talk and ask somebody to guide them to write me or moon and they have also this ama on their on their faces. Allah smart Allah says, For in terms of sorrow, when I can tap on Kubernetes to do these are the means right that are connected to the heart given so Allah smart Allah says, the blindness which affects humankind the worst type of blindness is the one that affects the heart, not the one you see in the eyes, how many blind people you have very smart in the community, how many blind people you have but they are the savior of the community actually, they are scholars and they will move toward in some other places how many a lot whereby you have a person

00:41:52--> 00:41:59

who is not blind he sees but he missed the target right? That's why opposes coffee from what I'm sorry, just

00:42:01--> 00:42:01

remember sailing,

00:42:03--> 00:42:13

he says is so amazing. And so scary to see in this life. That caffeine who sees the Jerusalem Naja caffeine a blind person but he sees the road properly.

00:42:14--> 00:42:56

At the same time also you find a lot of people who have their own eyes, but they couldn't see the route. They were blind right? And this blindness remain unfortunately sometimes until the moment somebody is about to leave this life as well as Martina says to some of them, yes, water protectors from having this evil conclusion. Allah says couldn't the fear of letting mean how that faction of neon Kavita aka Bossa Lucan Yamaha did last quarter is talking to that person who is fearful of landmines. He is heedless concerning the matters of religion doesn't worship a lot smarter properly. A lot smarter says today this is the moment he is dying. Kashif Nam technopark will remove the

00:42:56--> 00:43:40

blindness from your eyes, fibrosarcoma Hadid so that person cannot see properly because he was blind, although the eyes is open, but the heart is blind. Right? That's why the last one is his left arm and I'm sorry, what I can tell him to do the real blindness is not the one in the eyes. But the real blindness is not is the one that is found in the heart. So that's why I really urge you to be very concerned of your heart. Professor lots of asset, other images, Felicity maga in our solid, solid Hello Jason, do you have one flesh in you? If this flesh is okay, every part of you is going to be okay. And you know, the recognition with the last one to space on this in this life and also

00:43:40--> 00:44:21

in the hereafter. If you are to satellite, you will not succeed. But how do I make my heart heavy? I eat more food? No. Well, I doesn't go like that I drink good things. No, doesn't go like that. The one that filtered the diseases is the vicar of last month and the best form of Vicar is to remember last quarter throughout your life. How do you do that? Do things that are last minute I want to stay away from evil? That's the best way of remembrance. I mean, what do I do with the person who is saying that so had a lot of luck, but I'm making all of these different but doing all kinds of things also at the same time? What is it that you do with victory means you remember last month and

00:44:21--> 00:44:40

to reflect upon the remembrance of the last battle and practice that in your life. This is what filled fuel purifying the heart rate centers getting the force right purification of the heart. And the recognition is based on that also in the hereafter. Allah says we're also different jembatan would subpoena bureau by hand to our do medic

00:44:41--> 00:44:59

hazama to automatically a woman happy man cashier rock man with a butcher the Colombian money a lot smarter says Yo man and Furman whatever known in lemon Attila a convincing on the day of judgment will be given to any a woman which are becoming money

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

The one who comes back last month with a very clean pure heart and soul of Shura last monitor says, yo man, for a while I will know that Illuminati Allah had to convince me on the Day of Judgment, no wealth, no children can benefit the person. And the only one who will succeed is somebody who comes back to I'm not smarter. A Pew, pew heart. The professor last summer said, last quarter, we'll take a person and put him on desk a lie is in the luggage and

00:45:27--> 00:45:41

he will never be. I mean, his weight will never be like the weight of a wink of a mosquito. That person will be so light. Why is he so light because the heart is so light.

00:45:42--> 00:46:12

To get idea, the heart is so light, that person will not be as heavier as what as the mosquito, not even the mosquito. And when you carry 10,000 mosquitoes on your hand. Maybe you will not feel anything. But this guy, one wing of mosquito is heavier than this person. Why is that? Because the heart is so this whole light. They laugh out of the line Massoud when he was climbing the tree. They saw his feet they're very small asleep. Somebody one of the companions, they laugh This is among them, right? You know you make jokes and everything. So the problem is Allah was there.

00:46:14--> 00:46:59

He said uttered Hakuna minted participe You are laughing because of the way his his feet looks like so slim. Is his one line lahoma f colorfilled mesalamine jaboulet. He says we're lying they are heavier than the amount of effort on the scale in the hereafter. Why is that as EMR? Right there last quarter got to some shows. So this is the first parable given to the first half of the hypocrites, those people who have emailed fers and they replaces the ad replace the email with with what they call Khufu. Sharma so in the next session, session, which I think the week, next week, there will be lot of see writing. Yeah, this week, there will be no tipsy but we will resume next

00:46:59--> 00:47:05

next weekend. The other week right in Charlottetown. barnacle of eco subhanak along with

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a lot of stuff will come to me like