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Al-Muminun 51-90 Translation 51-90

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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welcome him and my bad for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem roboshot is suddenly you were silly Emily washcloths that Melissa nega who can only open as in

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less than number 174 pseudo to me noon is number 51 to 90 Translation

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yeah are you here or are rasuluh the messengers kulu you all eat men from Apogee back the good things warmer Lou and you all do soil hair righteous in me indeed a Beamer with whatever Dharma Luna you all do our Lehman always all knowing what in and indeed how the he this metacam is your is your religion or mutton or religion? We're headed in one way or another and I am Rob bukom. Europe for taccone so you all fear me? For takato but they got Umrah home their matter buying a home between them zebra into pieces into sex

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color every has been faction group Bhima with what led him is with them for the Hoon ones who rejoice further home so leave them fi in hombre t him there heedlessness had the until hain a time

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I have saguna Do they think and remember that indeed that which

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knowmad the home we extend them be with it. Men from melon wealth or burning and children Musa do we isn't the home for them fee in Li rot the good things but rather less not. Yes aroon they perceive

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in indeed a levena those who home they are men from Hershey at the fear or be him of the rub mushy cone once fearful while Edina and those who home the bat with versus robbing him of the rub, you know they believe one levena and those who hope they will not be him with Arab law not usually cone they associate with levena and those who use tuna they give man that which though they gave waku boom and their hearts were gela one that trembles and the home that indeed de ella to rugby him they rub Roger on want to return. Ola iica those you said your una de iesson fee in a hierarchy the good deeds were home and they let her for it. Serbia cone one to our foremost

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winner and not Luca lifou. We burden nevsun a sole Illa except was our her its capacity. While a Dana and with us kita been a book a record young people it will speak will help with the truth or home and they laugh not youth lamode they will be around

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but rather kuruva home their hearts fee in one rotten ignorance confusion.

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Men from Heather this one our home and for them our Merlin our deeds don't other than their liquor that home they let her for it. Army loan once you do have that until either when a hardener We seized with Rafi him there affluent ones were there with the punishment either then home they get a room. They cry for help. They scream for help.

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Left Do not judge oh you will scream le oma today in accom indeed you may know from us learn not to insult on you all will be helped

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us in fact, Canada it was a it my versus toddler it is recited our lay come upon you for quantum but you were either upon our our become your heels. Thank you soon you all retreat.

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During back

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Mr. Kareena once arrogant, be he regarding it.

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Samuelson conversing by night.

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Sam Ilan, conversing talking by night

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that your own your you all speak evil

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that had your own you speak evil or you leave

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Flm do they're not yet the barrel they reflect Alcoa the speech the word

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or gesture when it came to them man what love not yet the eight comes about a home their forefathers oh well in the first ones um or lamb not yardi food they recognize Rasulullah whom their messenger for whom so they know who tortured him monkey rune once you deny

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and or Yoko Luna they say be with him gin is madness but rather a home he came to them they'll help with the truth will acknowledge them and most of them little happy for the truth Gary who wants to dislike hello and if it ever it followed I'll help the truth our home their desires left us or that surely it was corrupted

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as an outlet the heavens and the earth woman and whoever fee in his in them but rather a trainer whom we came to them basically him with their message with their reminder

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for whom but they earn from victory him their message more or you don't want to turn away

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um or does a new home you ask them how Jen attacks a wage for Harajuku. Then wage Rob Baker of Europe. Hi, Ron is better. Well who he is, hi best a recipient of those who provide what in NACA and indeed you letter their own home? Surely you invite them either to Surat that was the theme one straight? What in and Indeed, Allah Vina those who are not you may know that they believe will aphylla in the hereafter. And from a slot the path learner kebon surely wants to deviate.

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wallow and if Rahim now whom? We had mercy on them

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waka Schaffner and we removed ma what be here with them. Men from Levin distress lilla do surely they persisted.

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Lola do surely they persisted. fee in Giuliani him their transgression. Yet mahone they wander blindly,

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what occurred and certainly a hardener whom we sees them better are there with the punishment, firmer, so not is the guy knew. They became humble.

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There'll be him to their rub, warmer and nor yet above their own, they invoke submissively

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had the until either when fashiona we opened I lay him upon them, burn a door, there are there been of punishment,

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either, then, home, they fi in it mobily soon, once in despair wahoo and he Alevi The one who unsure he produced.

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Luckily for you all, a summer the hearing will absorb and the site while f ADA and the hearts by Lila, very little Dutch karoon you all are grateful.

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Well who and he is a lady, the one who there are a comb, he has spread you, he has multiplied you fee in

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the earth. What LA and to him, the Sharon you all will be gathered. What who and he led is the one who your he he gives life where you meet to and he gives that one or who and for him if the left who alternation and lane of the night when the hell and the day FLR do the not therapy loon you all understand, but rather earlier they said Midler like man, what Allah He said a word Loon. The first ones are no they said what either when mithuna we have died were corner and we became

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To all the dust where a lawman and bones or inner are indeed we lemma were overthrown surely wants to be resurrected

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Lord certainly worried in a we were promised national we whatever owner and our forefathers had this main from absolute before in not had this Illa except SLT tales stories and a welline of the former ones

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called say Lehman for who to the earth woman and who fee her is in it in if quantum you were Darla moon you all know say aku Luna soon they will say Lila he for Allah say a fella do they're not that Karun you all take heed.

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Old say man who Prabhu israa smls of the heavens, a separate the seven What up and Rob alarge of the throne, Arlene the great say aku Luna soon they will say lilla he for Allah told se si la deuda not that akun you all fear

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all say man who Beardy he in his hand Maluku to Kingdom

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colleague of every shame thing or who and he you do he gives protection. Whether or not you jail he is given protection. I lay against him in a country you were Darla moon you're no

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say aku Luna soon they will say Lila he for Allah to say for and then how does heroin you all are diluted? You all are bewitched. Bal rather attina whom we have come to them be happy with the truth. We're in the home and indeed the lacquer the bone surely liars.

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is the man

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home feel

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muster z NaVi

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the creme

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de creme

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de la jolla.

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boom cool

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coo coo

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