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Al-Muminun 23-50 Word Analysis and Tafsir 23-27


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "arrogant to" in Islam, as it is a message of fear and desire for help. They stress the importance of impressed individuals and the use of "has been" and "has been" in various context. The use of "aging" and " race" in language to indicate superiority is emphasized, and advice is given on not giving too much attention to what the speaker is saying. The conversation also touches on the struggles of individuals building a ship and the importance of avoiding flood and not requesting anyone into a ship.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to slowly begin Karim Amma bird for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly sada de were silly emri Warlock data melissani of kahuku li urban as in

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Lesson number 173 Soto Menon I am number 23 to 50

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what are the osella? No Han Illa Kony he and certainly we sent no earlier Salaam to his people and new hardware salon was the first messenger who was sent to people. So what did he do for Carla? So he said, Yeah, call me all my people are Buddha Lucha worship Allah, meaning worship only him and also obey Him. Because worshiping Allah means believing in his oneness, affirming his oneness, worshiping only him asking him for help only as well as obeying Him.

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So yeah, call me are Buddha law worship Allah. Why should you worship Allah? Because Malecon there is not for you mean Allah in any god? Are you other than Him? The reality is that your God is only Allah soprano. If you worship other than Allah, any other being that you worship any other being that you ask help from? know that they're not actually God's, your true God is who Allah, if Allah talkin then do not fear, meaning Do not fear Allah subhanaw taala and as a result of that fear, worship Him when He is the only God when he's the only one who deserves worship, when he's the one who created you and he's the one who has absolute authority and power. Do you not fear refraining

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from his worship, avoiding his worship?

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Because we learned from the Quran that in Aladdin is the Khurana andreeva Dotty say the whole Luna, Johanna, the hearing those people who are too arrogant to worship Allah, those people who are too arrogant to submit to Him, they will be admitted into hellfire.

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So a person cannot say that, Oh, I'm not going to worship Allah, I'm not going to worship anyone. I'm fine as I am. I'm not going to make too I'm not going to seek help. No, I'm fine as on my own. No, a person cannot be like that. When a loss of panel data is the only God he deserves worship, it is our obligation to worship Him. It is our duty to pray to Him. It is an obligation upon us to show servitude to him.

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So he asks the people of Alaska who do not fear Allah, do not fear not worshipping Him, do you not fear that you are worshipping other beings besides him? When in reality, he is the only God falletta takuan.

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So we see that in this ayah, and in the following is the story of new artists and I was mentioned at the beginning of the surah. What did we learn

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about the characteristics of the believers, and that the believers, they're the ones who will be successful were in this dunya as well as the hereafter called the ephra. home you know,

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and in the story that is mentioned over here, and in the following accounts as well that inshallah we will read today, we learned that it is only those who believe who are successful, only those who believe were successful in this dunya. And in the

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end, those people who do not believe those who do not have Eman, they're not just unsuccessful in this dunya but they're also unsuccessful, were in the hereafter.

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So new hydrosol he said to his people, worship Allah, believe in Him, affirm his oneness, because the reality is that he is the only God falletta token Don't you fear what happened for Cornell mala? Oh, then, but the eminent among them, they said and manner as you know is used for the elite of the society, the cream of the society. And they're called Mullah why because they feel the hearts of people with their are they impress people. So the hearts of people are full of being impressed by them.

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And at the same time, the word mela is also used for the Council of Elders when a group of the elders when a group of the elite the notables, when they have collected together and typically you will see that someone who is of the elite, they will not go somewhere alone, they will be accompanied by those who are like them.

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And because of that, when they go, they feel the place that they go with those

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like them or with their fans, with those who are dying to look at them dying to shake hands with them.

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So Allah or who, the chiefs, the elite, the notables of the society, the rich, the wealthy, the eminent ones, people with authority. So the mother, they said, but which mullet were they alladhina cafaro those who had disbelieved minakami from his people. So we see that the elite of the society had not believed in new Harrison, they just believed in him. And they didn't just have this disbelief with themselves, but rather, they spread it as well. they disbelieved in him themselves. And they also encouraged others to disbelieve in new Harrison. And typically this happens, because the chiefs, the elite, they feel that if someone is rising up, if someone is gaining a following, if

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someone is being followed by people, if somebody is being appreciated by people, they feel that they are being threatened, that people are not going to listen to them anymore. People are not going to respect them anymore, people are not going to follow them around anymore. So they feel threatened by the rise of another person, by the rising power of another individual.

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And in order to do that, what do they do? They not only oppose him themselves, but they also encourage others to oppose him. And typically, in such situations, a lot of false propaganda is done.

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So we see how the elite they misrepresented the call the message of new listener, so that people would not even believe in him. So what did they say? They said to the people that marhaba This is not meaning no, Elisa, he is not a lava, shalom Islam. He's just a human being like you. He's a human being just like you is not an angel. There's nothing that is different between you and him.

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So why should you follow him? Why should you listen to him? Why should you believe something that he's just telling you? He's just a human being like you Madhava elaborado mythical,

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but this man, he has some hidden agenda. This is why he's making this call. And what is that hidden agenda that you redo? He wants any other fault, let it come, that he should have precedence, he should have superiority. above you get the formula from the root letters, fat log learn from the Word of God, and the fabulist to gain superiority over someone do that precedence over them to be greater than the other.

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So he just wants to have superiority over all of us. And this is why he has claimed that he is a messenger. He just wants to be a leader. He wants to acquire more followers that's about it. Don't give importance to what he's saying.

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Well, sha Allah who and if Allah really wanted to send a message to us to send a messenger to us, then what would he do? Let NTLM Allah exit, and then surely he would have sent down angels, because it's not difficult for a lot to send down angels. So if you wanted to deliver a message to us, then again, he would have sent an angel, why would he send a human being like us.

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And the mother, they continue, they said, message me on our behalf that we have not heard of this of of a human messenger, or of the fact that there is only one God and that we should only worship Him. We have not heard of this fee, Abba ina, in our forefathers, which forefathers are willing the first ones, meaning our ascendance, our forefathers, the former people, we have never heard that amongst them was a man who was a messenger to whom Allah sent revelation to. We have never heard that. In our ascendance there was this belief of only one God. Know what this man is saying what no other Islam is claiming. This is all false. This is all some new invention, some new fabrication, so don't

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give any importance to what he's saying. And then they continue. They don't just stop here they continue. They say in who he is not in, let alone except a human being. Be here with him is Jenna madness. They say that with this man is madness. He's suffering from some madness, which is why he's claiming that he is a prophet of Allah. This is why he's claiming that we should only worship one God. And this is why he's threatening us with punishment. He's just suffering from some psychological disorder. And this is why ignore him. The agenda is from the veterans gym, no known and the word genda literally means to cover something from the same root as the word gene. Why is

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gene called you

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Because it's hidden, the Djinn are hidden from us, we cannot see them, we cannot touch them, we cannot feel them, we cannot smell them.

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And the word Jana is also from the same root and what is agenda, a garden? And why is it called Jenna, because it's a garden that has a lot of dense vegetation, trees, grass, such that the entire Earth is covered.

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You know, for example, you go to a field, you go to a garden, it looks very nice and green. But as soon as you step into it, you see, patch over here that does not have any grass in it, a patch over here that's full of rocks or something. But gender is what the entire soil is covered, the entire soil is covered, nothing at all is uncovered. It's dense. So in what in what you don't be Aegina and Gina is used for madness. Why? Because when a person is overcome by madness, when a person is suffering from the weakness of the mind, he's suffering from some mental or psychological disorder, then what happens It is as though his are called his intellect has been covered, he cannot think

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properly, he cannot see things properly, he cannot perceive things as they are. And the way he's talking is also abnormal. And the word gin is not just used for madness, but it is also used for possession, meaning when a person is possessed by the jinn.

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So he is a man who has gone crazy. He's just suffering from some mental problems. And what he's saying is clear madness, therefore don't give importance to what he's saying. Fatah bustle. So you just wait, the road bustle from the letters on their side enter a bus is to wait for a matter to end. It has to wait for a matter to come to an end. Like for example, the same word is used for the women who are in their waiting period that they should wait for a bus not yet or bus know that they should wait for what for that waiting period to come to an end. So that other people that just wait be with him had their hand until a time eating just wait until this phase is over. And eventually

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you'll come back to normal, he'll come back to his senses. Just wait until his madness goes away. And then he will be a normal human being just like us. Don't give any importance this tolerate him for some more days off, I thought oh, this will be head to head could also be understood as his wait for him until he dies, until he's gone. So just tolerate him for some more time. This is just a phase. This is just temporary, ignore him, don't pay any attention to what he's saying. Now imagine if such propaganda has been spread about a messenger of Allah, by who by the elite of the society, that they have disbelieved themselves. And they're also encouraging the rest of the people to

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that don't give any importance to him, he's only a human being. We've never heard of this stuff before. He just wants to be superior for all of you, he just wants to become a leader to become of the elite. This is just some complex that he has, in fact, he's suffering from madness. In fact, he has been possessed by a gene. So imagine if such rumors have been spread about a person who's going to listen to him.

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Just imagine, and the people of Makkah, they did something very similar. They also spread a lot of false propaganda against the prophets on a lot isn't. And remember that this is affect

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any person, anyone who rises up in order to call other people to Allah subhanaw taala. Many people cannot tolerate that. They cannot bear the fact that people are focusing on the worship of Allah now, and they are ignoring their dunya or they're not giving that much importance to it anymore. Or that they have left the gods who they used to worship before, or the beings when they used to respect so much before they have abandoned all of that. And now they're focused only on the worship of almost Pantheon.

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So, there are many people who cannot tolerate that. They cannot bear that, which is why they use even lies, to stop people from going to such a person

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to stop people from following him to stop people from listening to that person.

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And if you analyze, there have been so many scholars of the past, of the present, who are spoken about in this way

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that people who are talking nothing else except the Quran and Sunnah. They're telling people about nothing else, except that they should improve their lives so that they can have a good hereafter. This is all that they're focused on. However, sometimes people will attack their personalities. Sometimes people will attack their backgrounds. Sometimes people will attack what they are saying where they have studied from the books that they have written, or the things that they have said, People do not spare them. Why? Because all of a sudden, they're

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This one person, and so many people are listening to him. What about us? And we see that this was very common even in the past, that when the scholars when they became famous, when people would go in order to learn from them, other people would not tolerate.

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Because who's gonna come to your shop now? Who's going to come asking you for help? Who's going to come asking you for advice? So we see that the elite, the elite, they're the ones who suffered from this problem as well. And they arouse the people against New Heidi center. They're the ones who spread false rumors about new heights and to turn people away from him. Now, obviously, people would not come to new heights and I mean, no matter how much you try to tell them, they would not listen. So what happened on new hire SLM said, Robbie, oh my lord on Sony, you help me be maca. boonie because they have denied me. When did know how to sell I make the store

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after 950 years, it wasn't that after the first day or the second day. He said, Oh my god, they're saying such things about me. Yeah, Allah they have denied me so help me against these people. No, he continued, despite the fact that people were talking so negatively about him. He continued, he kept on telling them he kept on warning them he kept on advising them. But still, when they did not believe when he realized that these people are not going to believe then he prayed to a lot that Robin Cerny Oh Allah support me Give me he'll be back at the only because they have denied me. They're not going to believe in me they have completely rejected me.

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We learn in sort of common I number 10 about know how to slam that feather out of boohoo a NEMA Hulu urban fantasy that new Harris ram he invoked his Lord that indeed I am overpowered. So help. I have been overpowered I have been defeated. I am a Hulu so fantasy so help me You give me victory now. You saved me from here.

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We also learn instead of new hire 26 to 27 that will call a new home or be laughed at or I'll be middle caffeine or the Yarra inaka into the home, you'll be lower Ivanka, what I usually do in left john cafaro. So when he prayed to Allah subhanaw taala he prayed for what? The destruction of these people, as we learned from the ayat and sort of knew that no, Harris Lam said, Oh my Lord, do not leave upon the earth from among the disbelievers even one inhabitant, even one dweller, even one person who remains alive.

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And remember that he made this Dora at the very end when he realized that nobody was going to believe they had become extremely firm in their denial. And he said that, indeed, if you leave them, they will mislead Your servants and not beget except every wicked and confirmed disbeliever. So he prayed that, oh, Allah wipe off this generation. Because if this generation continues, then what's going to happen? People are only going to disbelief because these people are so firm in their disbelief. Imagine the kind of disbelief that they're going to instill in their children.

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Because it's something very common, like for example, if a woman if she has been divorced by her husband, and she has bad feelings for that man, now, what will she do? She will literally poison her children against him.

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So if these people are so firm in their disbelief, imagine the kind of disbelief they will implant in the hearts their children.

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So therefore, Allah destroy this entire generation don't even spare one of them.

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For ohana, LA. So we reveal to him, Allah subhanaw taala inspired to new Allison and further indicates that as a response to his dorm, he prayed to Allah that Allah fantasy helped me. So, our hyena la he we inspire to him and ensnare el fulica that you construct the ship is narrow from the fetters. So, at noon, I and sanera is to make something with skill, it is to craft something to manufacture something, do make something with perfection. So is scenario full, construct the ship manufacturer the ship, build it properly constructed properly? And how will you do that? Because, up until now, no ships had been made. There was no concept of traveling over water.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said to him, and ensnare in fulica be our unit, under our eyes, meaning under our observation, under our protection and guardianship. We will protect you. We will watch you we will take care of you. You build the ship. Well, what Hina and also our inspiration. Were Hey, over here means instruction

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That whatever instructions we revealed to you, whatever method we revealed to you, follow that, and make the ship, make the ship as how we tell you to do so.

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Because, up until now, there was no concept of as I mentioned to travel over water people did not know how to make ships how to make boats. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who inspired to know how to sell them how to construct the ship.

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In the previous ayat, what did we learn? What are they here were our little full key Tourmaline that on the even on the camels and on the ships, you all are carried. So the camels who made them, who provided them to Allah,

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and who provided you the means to travel over water as well? Allah subhanaw taala and he didn't just provide that, but he also taught you how to make that. So we're we're Hina This indicates that Allah is the one who taught people how to build ships, how to make ships, and ships including boats, canoes, all of that the variation continues its own category. So we are you, Nina, well, we're here for Elijah. And then when it came, what came on Bruna? Our command, which command the command for the punishment of the sinful people. That when this command comes, that when the punishment is going to begin, and for Elijah and Bruna ammo can also be understood as the command to embark on to the

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ship to get onto the ship without the noodle and that the newer has overflowed has gushed for

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fall from the roof efforts farewell raw photo your photo is when something gushes forth when something shoots up, and fold is to swell up. Basically it's used for boiling when something is boiling in a pot, or when fire is raging is extremely furious, and the flames are rising upwards. So we're fairly new, and that the new it gushes for its welled up it boils over it bubbles over. So what is this the new then we have done the meaning of the word the new earlier in a lot of detail. What are some of the meanings First of all, Baking Oven that there was a particular Baking Oven, when the water gushing out of there, what does that mean? That the punishment has come, the flood

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has come when the water gushing out of there, then the water is going to spread everywhere the flood has begun. As you may know that when the flood comes, it doesn't just come by you know all of a sudden the whole place is full of water, no, the water flows in and then it rises upwards as it comes in. So similarly as the water gushes forth from the oven, that is when the flood will begin. Therefore, first look fee here when Colin xojo in his name. This is one meaning of the word EndNote. What's another meaning of the word the new?

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Okay, according to some it's the name of a particular place. It's an ism alum. And according to some it's actually the name of a place in India. However, there are some scholars who say that this flood, it was only in the region where new Elisa was there was only in that region and others say that no it was all over the earth alone and what the reality is, but because we don't have any evidence that it was all over the earth, this is why it would be inappropriate to say that this means India that is where when the water begins to gush forth, then the flood has begun. And even if the water begins to gush forth from that place, new listener would be somewhere else how would he

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today Okay, for instance, through TV through radio, you can find out okay, this place is flooding up. There's a lot of water over here there's an earthquake over here, when that is also after some time that people find out so alone and some have said that afternoon, it also means the top layer of the earth the crust and it's also a place where the water in the valley collects so far at the noodle when the particular Valley or when the crust of the earth when the surface of the earth is filled with water and it's bubbling with water as you see water rising upwards then first look fee heaven don't stay there anymore. immediately get onto the ship and what should you do first look

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what's looked from the roof letters seen lamb calf and it literally means to insert something like I said in the Quran masala koco fees are what caused you to enter into the hellfire.

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So also look fee her insert into the ship. What mean Colin from every time though Jane do mates and what are the two mates, one male and one female? How many is named

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What does it mean by this? First Look, fee Hammond, Colin xojo. In his name, Colin has been understood as every type of animal and according to others, every type of plant as well, because obviously, when the floods come, then even the plants are destroyed. So I mean, Colin, every type of animal, every type of plant,

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so, from every category of every species of every kind, collect how many, though Jane and doe Jane meaning one male, one female, and these should be his name. Now, his name has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been said that his name, it is further explaining, so Jane. So, so Jane may need to mates his name meaning to say one male and one female. So his name is only further emphasizing the zoning. And according to others is named over here. It means do soldiering, meaning two females, and two males.

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So two pairs of each type of animal, each type of plant. So first look at him in kolding, though Jane is naming

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and not just these animals and plants, don't just embark them into the ship, but also what I like and also your family.

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What does it mean by this your family? Also embark your family meaning those family members of yours who are believers, and it has been said that of his children? It was his son's hand, Sam, and yes, who had become believers. However, his fourth son cannon, he was not a believer, and he was drowned in the flood as we have learned earlier in sort of food, and from his family also, who else was not embarked on to the ship, it was his wife.

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But remember that it was not only his family members who had become believers. There are also some other people who had become polyamorous, but only a few. So I have a family who does it refer to? followers, believers, those who have believed in you? Now the question is, why are the followers called?

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Think about it. The Prophet is like the father to the believers. So they're like a family. What else that Hawa Brotherhood is of two types. One is through NASA, and the other is through Dean. So all of them, they had the same Dean, this is why they were like brothers and brothers are like a part of a family. And also we see that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when the Sahaba when they migrated from Mecca to Medina, the relationship of whoever was established between them. And initially, they will also inherit from one another, and then later on, that command was abrogated.

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And also, if you look at it, the believers, they were a minority over there. And when people are living as a minority, in a society in a population and what happens, even if they're not related to one another, they become as though they are related.

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Like, for example, many of you will understand that, that living in a foreign country in a foreign land where you don't have many of your uncles and aunts and your grandparents and your cousins, who do you meet on special occasions, who do you invite on your special occasions? It's those people who are from amongst your friends. And they are as though your family members, it's possible that a friend who's just some Auntie's daughter, she's just like a cousin to you. She's just like a sister to you, because you don't have any cousins over here.

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So it happens that when people are living as a minority somewhere, even though they may not be related by blood, the relationship that is between them, it is so strong, it is as though they have become family members to one another.

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So what I like and also your family, also your followers, admit them, make them enter into the ship make them embark the ship, except mine Sabha are they in tolu, except the one on whom the word has proceeded? Which word the decree of punishment. So from your family only admit those who are believers, and those on whom the word the sentence of punishment has proceeded. Meaning they are to be punished. You're not allowed to admit them. And who is that? The wife of new Harrison as well as his son? We learn in solitude, I number 14. Had Elijah and Runa will fall with the new polnische Melfi Harmon Colin Zoda in his name, what a halakhah ilam and several correlate, he'll hold on colo

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So, he was told to admit who are the animals and plants do types and second

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From his family, those who have believed and thirdly woman, and also those who have believed also make them enter the ship, warmer, and Amara, who a Luckily, and none had believed in him except only a few. It was only a few people who had believed in new medicine.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala said to him what I have to hardly be me and do not address me, do not direct your words to me, Filipina concerning those people whose salamu they have done wrong. Those people who have done well, and what is Islam referring to over here, it's shift. So those people who have done shaped, do not address me concerning them, meaning do not make any requests for them, that I should save them, that I should pardon them that I should not destroy them. Don't even make a request whatsoever to heartily benefit Latinos bottom. Why? Because it has been decided that in the Homura cone, indeed, they're going to be drowned. They're definitely going to be drowned. Why?

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Because of their sense.

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So what do we see over here, that when the time of the punishment came, new, Harrison was commanded to save who, only those who have believed.

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And even if it was his own son, who had not believed he was not allowed to save him, he was not allowed to do that. And we see that no Hadassah, he still made an attempt that Oh, my son believe and come into the ship, but his son, he did not accept even at that time, when he saw punishment right before him, and he thought he could save himself.

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And we see that wasn't just that he was not allowed to save them. But at the same time, he was not even allowed to make any requests for them. That Oh Allah, pardon them, forgive them. Why? Because the decision of Allah it has come