Islamic Core Value Refusal of Oppression 17

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Jamar Laila to nazima T Mobile okay you're saying if you had excelled I'm going to select you and I see you the you know Allah Allah Sudler on earlier so have you

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heard of Jomar so boasted nine bellicon This NEDA dystonias to increase your salah upon the price value so autosound every good deed Yahweh che Han fee multifocal Ali HeMan Hadith Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu call that Ethan a collection of both Bukhari Muslim, Rachel's Bible Bacara of the Allahu Anhu. And this is different than Ubercart obviously, and this is a again, within the theme of anti oppression that we've been talking about over the last couple of weeks. This is a very famous, I'm gonna read this hadith a lot. The reason being is that it comes up a lot during the time of Hajj. So it's a very famous one. And this piece of the it exists within the collection of both Bukhari and

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Muslim so it's a very, very strongly authentic hadith. So Rebecca says by now, haha now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fie hedgeye Yeoman natty Wahhabi Mina. So he gave me a little bit of coordinating coordinates for this. He said this was something he said during a football during that final hedge on the day of no huddle, which is your middle of ha in Minar.

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He kind of explained to you exactly what where he heard this from him. So Allah honey cyber center called Africa in edema accom. Well, I'm welcome. Wow, welcome. Hi. Ramona aleikum wa rahmatullah. Yomi caminhada. Fisher, Honeycomb, Harada. Fee Bella de caminhada. De load Allahumma freshed.

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So he said that your salt was remedied your wealth

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and your lives, your blood, and your integrity or your honor, or your status. We're not all there's a very kind of it's a versatile word. That means a number of different things depending on the context. But these things amongst you are sacred, haram and unequal. They're prohibited. The word anything that is Muharram is also sacred and holy, which is we call the masjid and messenger haram. Remember, there was a young kid who came to me once and asked me why we don't call him Mr. Halal mustard. Because it for him like this is the concept of it is why is it haram? Is it domestic it shouldn't be missive Halal here. It should be. But it's also mostly because what haram doesn't

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always only be prohibited again, it's all about the how you're going to understand the derivative within the within the language. Because anything that's prohibited is prohibited because it's sacred. Right? If anything is prohibited, it's prohibited because crossing that line, you're crossing a line of sanctity and holiness that Allah subhanaw taala has lead for you. So he sings on ASR to us. I mean, I can go on this specifically for a long time, because I think it's extremely profound. But I just want you to take the gist of it. He stood there, you see the coordinates that the guy gave, he remembers the coordinates. This was in Mina. This was on the day of knob. And this

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was on the mimbar This is a big deal. I imagined that his final hegemonic assault was there. I mean, just everything about this moment must have been I always go back and say that's where I would love love to be in there. I just I went and shot it almost if Allah subhanaw digresses, I want him to take me back. I just wanted to stand there. What's more majestic in that moment, when you start to slam this this final hedge is the edge they have a lot ha he's in Mina, he's on his speaking it's fine. And he just is full of, of just sanctity and strength and beauty. And then he would stand there and just what he said, This is what this wasn't a tough accolade that he said there's a lot of

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generations that are authentic, but this is one of the amongst the scholars what he said. He said, Indeed, your your lives amongst you, your wealth amongst one another. Your integrity and honor amongst one another are sacred things. They're sanctity is as the sanctity of this holy day, in this holy month on this holy land. You see all the stacking of sanctity it's it's Mina that sacred place it's they have noticed it as a sacred day. Did hedge is a sacred mahatma is a sacred month it's just all this sanctity all just stacked on yet the your wealth is more sacred than that. Your wealth to me your your your honor, your integrity, your well being your life is more sacred than all of that

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all of that.

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And this is just you know, this is this was a I think it was a wake up call for the person who people we heard it during the time of his life on his spot to us. I'm not sure if we understand it the same way. But that is very Hola Hola. Hola. That's why I said to have I conveyed the message. Yes. Hola. Hola. Hola. Be my witness. I told them that they can't come see your milkier where they didn't understand I explained to them that yes, right now the sacred moment you have Rasulullah Alessandro and remember in his last hedge and Mina, on the day of NA and all of that, your wealth, your integrity, your life, your well being is more sacred to me than all of that. So just I think I

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think there's a lot there for us to take and think about within within our deen so I hope that was a benefit to you want to welcome a shout out for the talk was all had to be amongst us. It's always nice to have we're gonna have a few in our community to be here. He didn't he didn't he refused to lead him to enter the hospital but inshallah in the future he'll be amongst us a little bit more.

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I remember the reason I say that, obviously I spent a lot of time with different oferta when we were together

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They're at lmm. And I'm honored to be his, you know, to be his right arm when at the time when we were together. But But no, it's something I learned from my teachers is that they would they would they would. The respect that needs to be shown to people of knowledge and community is important. The respect to showing for Imams is important. And it's important that Imams do it, because sometimes it's used in negative ways when they don't. And when there's lack of coming together amongst the people of knowledge and a community it only divides the community and yes, no two people, no two emails will agree on everything. Not everyone will agree with everyone on everything.

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But we only only deepen his division when we fail to recognize those who have you know, we've done things with the community and will have the knowledge or offering people who are teaching and I think it's something that we should always keep in our minds. And you know, we're only as strong as we as we allow ourselves to be strong or wholly as strong as how much we allow ourselves to be that and by by neglecting one another not recognizing the sanctity of knowledge the importance of knowledge importance of our leaders is something that just makes us weaker if he's like looking for You're welcome Michelle, this is always your home and we're honored to have you You always say it

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Mustafa Ali human Hadith Yogi Berra title The Allahu Akbar Al Khalifa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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B Mina, Yeoman Naharin, the Hedgehog, whether you call

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in the Dima ACOEM warm welcome, welcome. Hi Ramona Aleikum Caroma to me compare the fishery compare the feasibility compare them. The last Allahumma fish had sadakazu Lucha Libre Honey, honey