Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 049E Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 134-136

Taimiyyah Zubair
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name is Sheila Jamison and I have recommended Rahim

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who are the Motoki for whom Jana is prepared. Allah says Allah Medina Yun Falcone there are those people who spend

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earlier, it was sad Latha Aquila Reba, don't consume interest in interest a person is taking, eating, devouring, consuming greed. And over here the exact opposite of excellence is with those who spend who gave who think about others who are not selfish. Who think about others Alladhina Yun feel Kona, but they spend when fistula II in prosperity will biller II and the hardship they spend at all times whether it is so raw or it is the law. What is sulla Mejia Saru seen law and what is the law male do? So Ra is the state in which a person is yes, so remaining, he's happy. When is the person happy when he has enough money when all of his needs are being met? When everything's easy for him,

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he's having a good life. So Sara prosperity. And the opposite of that is the raw Mailbird rule, meaning that state in which a person suffers harm. So he's hungry, he doesn't have enough clothes, he doesn't have enough food, he doesn't have enough to fulfill his needs. He's not living in a comfortable house. He's not moving around comfortably may allude to the raw hardship.

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It can refer to poverty, it can refer to physical disability, it can refer to physical hardship, problems in life that mentally distress a person. But what do we see that the mood, the pain, or who those who spend in Sahra. And in

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they spend in good times, and in bad times when it's read, so they have a lot of money?

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You know what I'm talking about right? At read people get lots of money, some people do. But when they get older than they lose all their money.

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So whether they have a lot of savings, or they don't, whether they have a lot of clothes, or they don't

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whether they have enough to fulfill their needs, and more, or they don't, and Lapena you and Fiona fissara work

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in life, nothing remains the same. What is constant in life?

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What is the only thing that's always happening, change is in itself. Change. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. We want or we expect, or we think that every day should make us better in the sense that financially, physically. But what happens every day, we are joined closer to our and you reach your youth. And from that point onwards, your body starts to decline, you reach your full strength, and then your body starts to decline Isn't that so because you have the growth hormone to a certain point you'll become stronger and then you will start becoming weaker. Likewise, what happens with our financial status with our situation in life with our relationships also,

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sometimes they are very good and sometimes not that great.

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But if we keep waiting for that ideal time, when we are happy when we are relaxed when we are well rested, when we have no tension, no worry, no stress, then will that time ever go? It will never come.

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Because even when you will have a weekend off. You will say but I have this to do I have that to do. I slept the whole time. There were people who came over my time went away. So what's the point over here? That whatever is important to you do it, whether you are busy, or you're not whether you're tired, or you're physically relaxed. Look at salah. Is it something that you have to do? Yes. Even if you're at work, yeah. Even if you're in the middle of a class, of course, even if you're traveling, yes. What if you're sick? Yes, there's only one exception if a woman is menstruating or she's going through her, and you're fast, right? That's the only time when a person is allowed to

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not pray. Otherwise, you have to pray all the time. Why? Because there's something that you have to do. And when you have to do something, don't you end up doing it? Don't you end up doing it? Yes, you do. It doesn't matter whether you're shopping or you're out. You're at the mall, you have to pick somebody up from the airport. It doesn't matter. You do it.

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Think about eating. It's something that you have to do when you're sick and when you're

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Healthy, right? When you're alone. And when you're with your family, when you're traveling, when you're at work when you're at school, wherever you are, do you eat? Yes. Do you ever say I'm too busy to eat? So today I'm not going to eat and tomorrow I'm not going to eat and this week I cannot eat at all. Do you ever say that?

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We never say that. We never do that. Why? Because it's a need of the body. Likewise, there are certain good deeds which you need. You need them for your own good for your own salvation. So regardless of your situation, regardless of the circumstances that you're in, you still have to do them, no excuses. And the muda clean. This is the principle that they have in their life. Because they know Allah is watching me. Whether I'm at home or I'm at work, whether I'm in a Muslim country or a non Muslim country, whether I'm in a masjid or at the mall, wherever I am, Allah is watching me. This is who he is. So whatever he has to do to please Allah he will do it. Alladhina Yun una

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fistula II what Bahai. They will spend in ease and in hardship, they will obey Allah when it's easy, and when it's difficult. Alladhina Yun Guna fissara II what Baba E. Well, Kelly Mina live and those who suppress anger.

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These are who the people of Taqwa the people for whom Jana has been prepared by Allah. Allah prepared Jana, for these people who, those who suppress their anger. We think that a Motoki person is just one who prays and if somebody tells him to do something, then he gets angry,

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that you're stopping me from prayer. You're stopping me from my recitation of the Quran. We think that the Motoki person is one who studies the Quran every day. And when there is some family obligation, he blows up.

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How much lucky that person is right, this is what we think look at them. They love the Quran so much that they're yelling at their children, because their children are disturbing them from studying. This is what we think right?

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Kelly mean and those who suppress their anger? Would that be the one who fears Allah is the one who fears Allah with regards to his dealings with people as well. Not just in fulfilling his obligations to Allah, but he fears Allah in regards to dealing with people, Cal Lemina lies. What does this word Kelty mean is the plural of Calvin from the root, calf la meme Kelemen. And coma literally means to hold one's breath. Try that.

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Some people can do that easily.

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Other people do it with a lot of pain and difficulty. You can do it for a few moments easily. But after a few moments, it gets difficult it gets painful. This is what Kelowna is to suppress, to control to conceal something with difficulty with being painfully meaning it's not easy to control. It's not easy to suppress, it's very difficult, but still, they suppress still they control. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, either at the thought of a huddle comm file yet claim Mr. Faraj that when one of you yawns, then he should suppress his yawn file yet claim you should suppress his yawn to the best of his ability.

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If you're tired, if you're sleepy, and you're sitting before people, and you have that urge to yawn, what will you do? Yawn with your mouth open as wide as possible? Is that what you will do?

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No, what will you do? You will try to suppress your yawn as much as possible. Is it difficult? Oh, yeah. It's very difficult. It's hard because you know, your mouth is just opening. It's out of your control.

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You move your mouth, your lips, according to how you want them. But this is a time when your mouth is out of your control. So then what do you do? You fight back? You resist the urge. You don't just let yourself yawn with your mouth open. No, you control yourself, you suppress yourself. Likewise, Kalama Calvary mean alive. What does it mean that they suppress and they control their anger? The word rave, is a shutdown. This is an extreme level of anger. Not when a person is irritated or slightly upset. No, he is really, really angry. And when you're really angry, then what happens what's going on in your head comes out of your mouth.

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of or comes out of your hands or comes out through your feet. This is what happens, right? People express their anger in different ways children, they'll throw a tantrum. Right? And adults even they throw an adult tantrum.

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Don't we do that adult tantrums. I heard this term in a parenting class. It was a webinar. And the lady mentioned adult tantrum and I felt so embarrassed. I was like, when I see my kid misbehaving, I say, you know, he's going through a tantrum. But when I'm yelling, when I'm getting upset, I'm throwing an adult tantrum as well. Why is it that it's not right for a child? But it's right for me. That's double standards. It's not fair.

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Galbally Mina? Leila are those who do not have adult tantrums. They control their anger. Remember laylaz What I said, the other extreme level of anger where you want to shout, you want to yell, you want to strike, you want to break your things, you want to break something, you want to slam the door, you want to throw the telephone, you want to just throw things off the table, and you just want to throw the food away. This is what I should do. Otherwise, you want to kick the garbage can, you know, you want to just kick the snow, this is what it is. But Kelly Mina lane, they keep the anger controlled inside.

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They suppress it. They suppress it oppressive kelvil Amina lathe, they keep quiet, they remain calm. They remain composed, they remain, you know within when they're in anger. And it is well known, it is understood that one of the most difficult things to control this one,

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your hunger,

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know, your thirst, know, your anger.

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It's one of the most difficult things to do.

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People can control many things, but they cannot control their anger.

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Many, many people have come to me saying this, that when it comes to them being angry, they just cannot control it. They cannot keep it and it just comes out.

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And when we let our anger spill out, then what happens? We make the worst mistakes, we ruin our relationships, we damage our friendships, isn't that so? Because we say things that can hurt people so bad, that they never want to have a good friendship with us ever again.

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katomina lanes, controlling the anger is something that's very important. And we see that when we fail at controlling our anger, we say things that we should not say we do things that we should not do we behave in a way that we should not behave in

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the worst of a person comes out.

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This is why it's necessary to suppress your anger because if you let it out, then you will do what you will regret over later on.

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At the time of anger, and mind you anger is justified many times. I'm not saying that you should not get angry in the Quran. It doesn't say that they do not get angry in the Quran. Allah says they suppress their anger. So it is justified to be angry to be upset when someone has done something wrong. You have the right to be upset. But do you have the right to insult them? Do you have the right to say things which you should not say? No, this is something that we don't have the right to do. And this is the reason why, at the moment of anger, you have to control yourself. And then later on, go back and figure out what has to be done.

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But when you're angry, then don't say anything. Don't do anything. At that time, keep quiet, leave, go do something else. Ignore the situation and then deal with it later. Because you know what anger does? Actually anger is something that masks your emotions. It overtakes you. So you may be hurt, but that hurt. You know, it's expressed in anger, that disappointment is expressed through anger. You're disappointed you're hurt. You can use other words, but if you get angry then what will happen? You won't be able to communicate properly. This is why many times with little children because they're not able to express their feelings. What happens they have tantrums. They show anger

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they scream, they yell they throw things. They break things. But we are adults and we are able to express ourselves through words. What do we say to little children use words. Likewise, what do we need to do?

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Use words. And if you are too upset to use words, then go take a break, and then come back and deal with the situation later. Well, Kelly mean alias.

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And if you think about it, glial is what a shutdown when you're extremely angry. If you're supposed to control that, then what about when you are a little bit angry that you have to control that too. Because anger, in reality, you can say it's like an ember fire. Okay, like a live call, the chant on puts in you, when you're hurt when you're disappointed when you are irritated, when you're disturbed when you're not happy, when someone has disappointed you. So, anger is like a flame of fire the chip on puts into you and it lights you,

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you flare up, and then you cannot think properly

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overcomes your mind overcomes your thoughts and you cannot think properly you cannot communicate properly, you cannot solve the problem correctly.

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You cannot solve the problem in the best way. This is why it's necessary that we control that anger. hold your reins, okay. Don't let yourself out. The profits of autism said there is no SIP greater in reward near Allah than the sip of anger.

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The sip of anger which a person takes in person gulps down. The servant suppresses it seeking the pleasure of Allah. Another Hadees we learned a man asked the Prophet salallahu salam to advise him and he said Do not be angry. He asked again for advice. The prophets Allah Watson, McGann said Do not be angry, he asked again. And he said Do not be angry letter. Because then you're going to harm yourself. And we see that when people let their anger drive them, then they hurt themselves and to hurt others. Isn't it that so many times when people are angry, what do they do they hurt themselves, people got themselves people, you know, literally physically abused themselves, or they

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will hurt others. Your body is an Amana you're not allowed to do this with your body. Other people, you're not allowed to hurt them, you're not allowed to damage their property, their feelings. So when you're angry, control yourself while Cal Lemina leave. And when a person controls his anger keeps it in. Then Allah will also reward him. Well, our fina and a nurse and those who forgive people are fiend is a Florida for our Finn, from the doctors own farewell. And our phone is to forgive to pardon. And our fina and a nurse they forgive people. You know, when you're angry at someone? Okay? When can you show anger to someone when you're actually able to take revenge?

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Isn't it so? If it's your mother, or you know, an older person or your boss, even when you're angry, will you scream at them? Unfortunately, people do that today. But a child if you're angry at a child and on the other hand, you're angry at someone who is much older greater than you do show your anger in the same way these two people know in a different way. Right? So Allah fina and a nurse they forgive people, those whom they can take revenge with those whom they can hurt a child you can yell at someone younger than you, you can slap them across the face. You have the strength you have the power to do that.

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But forgiving them over there are fina and a nurse. This is something that leads to Jana. This is something that only a Motoki can do the one who fears Allah can do because little children can defend themselves from us. Can they a younger sibling? Can he or she defend them from us? Not always. Someone who is lesser than the other is not able to defend himself. So the one who gets angry with them harms them hurts them are fina ins when will a person forgive the one who is younger who is lesser? When? When he asked the court of Allah, that if I forgive him, if I ignore his mistake, hopefully Allah will forgive me. And that Allah is watching me how I'm dealing with this

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person under me. Well, our fina and Ines a notice the word UNECE a NASM. Clue. All people, whether they're older or younger, those whom you get along with or you don't get along with your relatives or your friends, your children or your spouse, whoever it is our Feanor and a nurse will law who your hibel myrcene and Allah loves those who do airson What is it said that when someone does bad, you do good in return. So someone made you really upset. They disappointed you

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You're frustrated, you're angry. But if you do good in return, this is what you're sayin. You might say, but then people are gonna walk all over me. They're gonna take advantage of me. No, this is your son. And Allah loves such people Allah who your humble mercy, you know, when you're doing good, you're not expecting anything from people anyway. You're expecting to work from WHO? Allah Subhana Allah and Allah loves those who do airson There's an interesting story about this if there was a maid servant, I one of the companions and she was using a fan to fan him because it was really hot and he was trying to take a nap. Okay.

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And she fell asleep or something or she hit him accidentally or something like that happened and he got really upset.

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Like if something falls on us, or if someone hurts us even accidentally we get upset we mind a lot. So she said well Calvino

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and he's like, okay, quiet. And then she said what I've been on in nurse said forgive you. Allow your husband worsening your free.

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Will Allah who your head will Marcin and she was set free. Okay, let's listen to the recitation and then we'll discuss the lessons

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una this summer all

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we mean

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well, long loyal him. Zuni so what did we learn in this if first of all, we learned that the people of Ghana are not seasonal worshipers?

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Meaning they don't limit their obedience and worship of Allah subhanaw taala to certain times certain seasons no Alethea Yun Hakuna Fussa Raji what Bara a in day and a night on the weekdays and on the weekends. So if somebody says you crazy weekend you're studying you're taking another course you know, a believer is believer on the weekend to recite of the Quran is a recite of the Quran on the weekend to write every day is a day of worship, every season is a season of worship. Secondly, we learned from this ayah about that the characteristics of the people of Jonah is that they control their anger, meaning they do get angry, but they control it, they don't let it spill. And when that

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emotion has come, then they communicate the clarify the teach to solve the problem, whatever that has to happen. And we see that controlling the anger is one of the best ways of developing self control. Controlling your anger suppressing your anger, again and again and again is one of the best ways of developing self control.

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It's like you want to say something but you shut your mouth, zip and lock. Okay? You want to do something with your hand you want to write something you want to send, you know, a very harsh message. Or you want to write something on the computer, you know, for someone send an email, but you stop yourself. You stop yourself once you stop yourself again, you stop yourself again. What are you developing self control? You are gaining control over yourself. This is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said either holy but I heard you come fall. Yes, Scott. If one of you gets angry, then he should be quiet.

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Then he should be quiet. So this means that at the time of anger, we need to do different things to control that anger. What are some of the things that we can do? Say I was a biller? Because anger is from shaitan. Right? What else we can do? Make we'll do drink water, take a break, remain silent. Okay? If you're sitting lie down, do you actually do these things?

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When you're angry, who remembers to go and drink a glass of water?

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When you're in that situation and you're overcome by your emotion, you're so involved engrossed in that heated conversation.

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Then, what's the first step you have to take? Be silent.

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Be quiet, Do not text do not write, do not speak.

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Do not sigh do not say any word.

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It's very difficult. But that's the first step you have to take. And if you're having a heated conversation with someone yelling back and forth, and you become quiet, and they say, Why are you silent? Why are you quiet? Tell me why did you do this? You know they're having an argument with you than at that time tell them I'm very angry. I don't want to say anything to offend you. Let's talk about it later.

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And I've done this many times and we'll handle it works out. Avoid the situation. Get out of there because you don't want to say something that you're going to regret later. If you're upstairs, quickly go downstairs. If you're watching someone do something and

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That's like angering you boiling you from inside. Somebody's watching the television and it's like, time for Salah and they're watching an Indian movie, like, what are you doing wasting your time, you want to yell at them, you're gonna take the remote and hit it on the television, please just leave the room. Okay, get out of there. Okay? It's your kids, you tell them once or twice, but you think breaking television is the solution, giving them a slap across the face that has a solution. It's not. It's not the solution. And you know what we think that if we hit, we are controlling the other person. That's not solving the problem in the right way. The other person may listen to you out of

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fear. But they're not really understanding what you're saying.

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And also,

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one more thing that will help us control our anger. When do we typically get angry when we are upset when we're offended? It's not so when we mind, why did he do this? Why did she do this? Why did she say this? Why did he say this? Because we are focusing on the mistakes of other people isn't that so start focusing on your own mistakes. Start getting angry at yourself first, and then your anger and other people will reduce

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and focus on your improvement. And then you will think about improving others to you know, when you're angry, then you're not solving the problem, you're just making it worse. If a child spilled some water or juice on your new carpet on your new sofa, getting angry is not going to help. You can really worsen the situation the child is going to get hurt, he's going to get afraid. But if you teach him if you speak to him nicely, then he will understand the mistake that he made.

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Another important lesson we learned over here is about the encouragement to forgive others. But this does not mean that you let every error go by, you know, somebody makes a mistake on the test, you say doesn't matter. Let them have full marks. No. Somebody is going against the rules. And you say it's okay, let them go. No, there's some things that are wrong. And they have to be corrected. This is just like if there is a child who's learning how to eat. Okay, takes a spoonful by the time it reaches the mouth, it falls. When you yell at the child, why did you drop the food? Smack him? Is that going to work? No. Is that the correct way of teaching? No. But if that same child, you know,

00:27:42 --> 00:28:27

he's old enough of that age and he is let's say hitting his younger sibling. Then will you have to correct him over there? Yes. If he's misbehaving, not responding too soon, and you have to correct him over there. Yes. You know, there are some things that children learn with time. People learn with time, but there are other things that need to be corrected immediately. And in that case, you have to do is law. You have to correct them not hold a grudge against them. Okay. I feed on a nasty forgive people mean that don't hold grudges against people focuses on Islamic contradiction. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said forgive him who wrongs you join with Him who cuts off from you and do

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good to him who does evil to you? Now that hadith tells us that on the Day of Judgment, a caller will call out and we'll say Who are those who have a right upon Allah let them stand up. And at that time, only those people will stand up who forgive the mistakes of others in the dunya. So focus on your mistakes

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when Medina either filofax fisherton And those people who when they commit a fascia, what is fascia and in decent action? And it's also used for major sins so like Xena, okay, shake homosexuality, there are many things that are part of fascia but basically it is an evil action, which affects others affects the sinner. It is considered evil bad by the society by the people by the intellect and also by the religion. This includes for example, libre backbiting, backbiting is also passion. Okay, meaning something that is indecent, oh, one or more enforcer home or they do wrong on themselves, they do injustice against themselves, what is what are more enforceable from zone? One

00:29:35 --> 00:30:00

was injustice and wronging yourself, what does this mean? committing a sin? Because when we commit a sin, and over here sin refers to one that is of a slightly lesser degree compared to fascia, fascia, you could say major sin and well Mo and minor sin. Why is it called wound against oneself? Because when we do wrong, then we are

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are presenting ourselves for punishment. When we sin, we are offering ourselves to the hellfire. Really that's what we're doing.

00:30:10 --> 00:30:44

Isn't that injustice on yourself? You're doing zoom on yourself. When we disobey Allah, it's as though we're taking coals of fire and burning ourselves with it. We're abusing ourselves Lola Mo and Fusa home. So one more naps is done by committing that which Allah has forbidden by leaving that which Allah has commanded. And remember that balloon on oneself is in relation to Allah and Allah in relation with the creation. When we disobey Allah, and when we mistreat others, this is what in reality, harming ourselves.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:59

So when they make a mistake, when they commit something seriously wrong, or they do injustice against themselves, then what happens that God Allah, they remember ALLAH meeting soon after, they remember Allah.

00:31:00 --> 00:31:44

Who, those who have Taqwa because the one who has the Koi, he is mindful of Allah, He will rush to forgiveness, He will rush to performing good deeds. And when you perform good deeds when you're seeking forgiveness, and obviously what will you think about the mistake that you made? The Corolla they remember ALLAH, and upon remembering Allah, first of all, you don't obey Him. So the seek forgiveness for their sins. Remember, they could have done with the call, with the heart, with the tongue, and also by the limbs. Now remembering Allah with the heart, that they remember Allah's greatness, they remember his reward, they remember the punishment, the warning, the threat of

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punishment, the prohibition and this leads to running towards Allah seeking His forgiveness. When you remember that Allah knows I've done this wrong action. Yes, my mom doesn't know but Allah knows. And I know that this action is haram. I know there's punishment for this in the Hereafter, I know I am guilty, then this realization will lead the person to seeking forgiveness, the critical column, then they could build discern what is remembering by the tongue remembering Allah by the tongue, that for example, a person says something in which is the remembrance of Allah. Like for example, he says, Allah ilaha IL Allah, okay? He says, A stockfeed Allah Allah be and when you're saying, after

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salah, Allahu Akbar stockfeed Allah stuff it Allah stuff it Allah, then you're thinking about your sins, like I just did. Liba I just said this, and I just said that and I just yelled at someone. You remember your sins like that? Correct? You know, shaitan Iblees. He said, I'd like to bury Adam Bill Murase will Allah Cooney, Billa Ilaha illa Allah, when is the fall that I destroy the Bani Israel by sins meaning by telling them to commit sins and they destroy me how? By their saying La ilaha illa. And by they're seeking forgiveness from Allah. So they remember ALLAH by their tongue. And then thirdly, Will Ferrell by action, that they do that which is a means of expiation for sins. For

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example, in the Hadith, we learned a sada Otto tooth, we will hopefully that charity extinguishes the sin, like water extinguishes fire. So that God Allah, they remember ALLAH and then they seek forgiveness for their sins. Allah says well, many of you know the noble Allah, Allah and who can forgive sins but Allah the Novus deplore love them. They seek forgiveness from Allah, and by the way, who can forgive sins but Allah, no one can, if you've done something wrong, and you beg people for forgiveness, and they say yes, yes, we forgive you, but can they forgive you for the salah that you did not pray properly? No. Then they forgive you for the sin that you committed against Allah

00:33:58 --> 00:34:42

against yourself against a place they can't they can forgive you for the wrongs that you did towards them but not for other sins who can forgive all sins only Allah will may up the road don't obey Allah Allah well I'm you slip through and they do not persist you'll slip through from the letters Sodre Israr is to remain constant and something to remain firm on something you know, we read the word sled earlier which is used for a loud noisy, fast wind that is extremely cold or extremely hot because the temperature does not change. It's just gold. Okay. So when I'm using a rule, they do not remain or lemma follow upon what they have done well homie or the moon, while they know meaning once

00:34:42 --> 00:34:59

they know they realize that that action is wrong, then they do not remain constant on that same rather they leave it once they find out then they leave. They seek of loss forgiveness. So for such people, there is a lust for

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

giveness I know in the Quran right at the beginning, we learned about an McDougal lay him who are multiple Burlingham those who earn the anger of Allah, those who deliberately do wrong, who know that something is wrong, they have the knowledge, they have the realization, but still they do it anyway. For such people is their forgiveness. No.

00:35:25 --> 00:36:04

Forgiveness is for the one who, upon realization that he is doing something wrong, he leaves it. And when he leaves it, he asks Allah to forgive him that Allah will forgive it. But if a person knows and he's doing the wrong you know, for example, the person is eating haram and he says, After every bite, Oh ALLAH forgive me but I'm really enjoying this food. You know, Allah forgive me stuff that Allah stuff it Allah, you know, stuff with Allah, you know, I don't want to do Liba but a stuffin Allah, you know, this is what she said, and this is what she did a stuffing Allah. Really, this is mockery. For such people, there is no forgiveness. Forgiveness is for whole for those who leave the

00:36:04 --> 00:36:38

same for those who leave it. They don't do it. They don't remain constant on it. But as human beings, many times it happens that we do something wrong, we stop, we seek Allah's forgiveness. But then after three days, we're doing the same action again, out of forgetfulness, you know, we got so involved in that, that we didn't even realize what we were doing. And then you remember then you feel guilty again. So then what should happen at that time, seek forgiveness again. Because notice, it has been said, well, um, you say do not welcome you redo.

00:36:39 --> 00:37:16

Your ego is what they return, they repeat. It's possible that you do something wrong, you beg Allah's forgiveness, and then after some time, you end up making the same mistake again, it is possible. But what is necessary that every time you realize, you stop it, you leave it and you beg Allah's forgiveness. You know, in a beautiful Hadith which is reported in Behati, we learned that a person committed a crime a sin, and he said, Oh ALLAH forgive me, and Allah forgave him. And then after some time, that same person committed the same sin again, and he said, Oh, Allah, forgive me, ALLAH forgive him. And then after some time, that same person committed the same mistake, and he

00:37:16 --> 00:37:26

said, Oh, Allah, forgive me, and ALLAH forgive him. And this happened many times. And Allah said, that my servant knows that he has a Lord who forgives.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:28

So I forgive him.

00:37:30 --> 00:38:10

It doesn't mean that at the time of seeking forgiveness, you know, person has that feeling of treachery, that yeah, let me just say, a soft Allah, but you know, I like it. I'm going to do it again, know, that sincerely, from the heart, a person begs forgiveness, but because he's weak, he's a human being. It's possible that he ends up in the same mess again. But get up again, get out of that mess again, and if you fall again, get out of the mess. Again, don't stay there, keep coming out. And as long as you're coming out, you're struggling, you're striving. You are striving to get better. Allah's forgiveness says there are many lessons to be learned. First of all, we learn that

00:38:10 --> 00:38:16

even a motherly person is not free of committing sin.

00:38:17 --> 00:39:05

This idea describes zoo and Martha clean and Allah says when they commit if hisher were either far loofa he Schatten a wala mu and for some, we think a righteous person is someone who never does anything wrong. Is that the case? No. Even a righteous person can make a mistake, even a lucky person can commit a sin. Because Allah subhanaw taala says in a hadith Bootsy, we learned that khulumani Adam Hapa will hydrocal for him at a webtoon that all the children of Adam are sinful, they make mistakes. But the best of those who make mistakes or who those who seek forgiveness, those who repent. In another Hadith we learn that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said by the one who has my

00:39:05 --> 00:39:35

soul in his hand, if you were not to sin, then Allah who would remove you, and would bring another nation who sins and who then seek forgiveness from Allah and he would forgive them. If you became perfect, then Allah would remove you bring another people who would commit sin and who would seek Allah's forgiveness and Allah who would forgive them. You know why? Because Allah loves to forget. Allah loves to accept repentance.

00:39:36 --> 00:40:00

In Allah, you hit the webbing or your hibel with Allah hitting Allah loves those who repent, and those who keep themselves clean. So yes, mistakes happen, sins happen, but what's the solution? seek Allah's forgiveness. Now in the Battle of word. Isn't this the lesson that we learn? big mistakes can happen? But what do we do we say if somebody does something wrong

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

On Fire them, somebody doesn't work out with us, divorce them, get rid of them, never see them never talked to them. Right? Never invite them never go over. Never communicate with them because we do not get along we just fire people. We shoot them right in the intangible sense, okay, this is what we do. But mistakes happen. People make mistakes. And if Allah can forgive them we can also forgive what our Feanor and a nurse.

00:40:33 --> 00:40:36

Then we also learned that every time we send who do we harm

00:40:37 --> 00:41:14

ourselves, Allah is more merciful to us than we are merciful to ourselves. You know that Allah is more kind to us than we are kind to ourselves. We commit sin, and Allah tells us let Dr. Liu and fullcycle Latin OB ID Camila Toluca, Allah tells the parents you'll see come Allah Hafiz Oladipo, Allah instructs you to leave wealth for your children. Allah instructs the children that we will see no insanity Wally day, your son and so Allah is more merciful to us than we are than our parents our than our children are.

00:41:15 --> 00:41:49

This is why keep turning to him. Then we also learn that remembrance of Allah is something that leads to seeking forgiveness. The more a person remembers Allah, the more he will seek forgiveness from Allah. The less a person remembers Allah, the less he will seek forgiveness. So this is one habit that we have to develop, of remembering Allah in the morning, in the evening throughout the day. Because you know, when you remember ALLAH, well adequate, Allahu Akbar, it is the greatest thing.

00:41:50 --> 00:41:57

This keeps you conscious, this takes you you know, this moves you to turn back to Allah again and again.

00:41:58 --> 00:42:08

This is why Allah says don't be like those people who forget Allah so they end up forgetting themselves. Don't forget Allah, forgetting Allah is the worst thing that a person can do.

00:42:09 --> 00:42:18

And then we also learn the rear that only Allah is the One Who forgives sins. In a hadith we learned, the Chilean said, by your might, oh Lord,

00:42:19 --> 00:43:10

I will go on dumping your servants as long as their souls are still in their bodies. As long as they're alive, I will continue to tempt them to disobey you. And Allah said, by my might and majesty, I will keep forgiving them as long as they keep invoking me for forgiveness. Shaitan is after you make sure that you sin until your last breath. But Allah has also kept the door of repentance open for you. So a mistake happens, it can happen. That's not a big deal. The big deal is whether you're bent or not, whether you seek forgiveness or not. I saw this in a presentation of something that I really liked, that I realized the problems that we faced the mistakes that we make,

00:43:10 --> 00:43:20

they're like, you're like a square root, okay, that you fall, there is a dip. But then when you repent, then you go higher

00:43:21 --> 00:43:45

and you go higher, before the same before the problem you were low and you went even lower. But then when you repent then you go higher. This is what happens. So if you make a mistake, if you end up doing something wrong, yes feel guilty, feel horrible, but increase in your Istighfar increase in your repentance and you'll go higher inshallah.

00:43:46 --> 00:43:53

Then we also learned that a person must not persist upon a sin knowingly when a person realizes that something is wrong than he should leave it.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:04

He should leave it he should not remain on it. This is why the Scholars have said that if a person persists on a minor sin then it becomes like a major sin

00:44:05 --> 00:44:51

in its severity hola Erica Jezza Oh Moffat Otto middle of the hem those people the recompenses forgiveness from their Lord, such people a local forgive. A big mistake happened that are hurt. But if you repent you seek forgiveness you're rushed towards goodness you remember Allah then Jezza Oh, Houma. filata middle of behavior the reward is forgiveness from their Lord, which Annette and gardens legit even practical and her underneath which rivers flow. Allah says Kali Dena fie her abiding there and eternally when near a digital army lean and how excellent How beautiful, how good is the reward of the workers? How good is their award that Allah gives to those people who do Ahmed

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

who work hard? Controlling your anger is that easy? Not at all. Spending in times of difficulty is that easy? No

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

forgiving other people very difficult. This is why Allah has prepared an excellent reward for those who do. Armen. Allah says how to sow their Sani in the learson the reward for your son isn't anything but your son No it is your son. So if you do good you do good for yourself the people in Jana they will be told in their hair their cannula come Jezza and what kind of sorry your commish Cora, all of this reward that you see this is your reward and your effort your endeavor is much appreciated by Allah. Allah is the most appreciated when near my actual Emmeline How excellent is the reward of the workers

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