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Al-Hajj 38-64 Word Analysis and Tafsir 58-64

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Well Edina hydro feasibility and those people who have migrated in the way of Allah, who have done hijra in the way of Allah, so Makati Lu, and then they were killed oma to or they died. layers of conda whom Allahu Allah will surely definitely he will provide them. That is a good provision.

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In the law her level higher was a pain and indeed a lot shorter. He is the best providers.

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Those people who migrated who left their homes in obedience to a loss of prime time. They left their homes, they left Makkah, they went to Medina

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and some of them so Makati Lu, they were killed. Many companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They got killed in the early Medina and era very early on. After the profit sort of audits are migrated from Mecca to Medina. We learned that at the Battle of warhead, so many competitors were martyred, wasn't it? Similarly, the incident where 70 combined 70 her files were sent. And they were all killed. So many components, the profits are a lot lesser than they were killed at the end of their enemies. And if they were not killed omerta, many of them died as well.

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Different reasons. But what is the promise that Allah subhanaw taala has made with all of them? That layer is oconomowoc Allah will definitely give them a good provision, in dystonia, and also in the Hereafter,

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that once they migrate it, Allah gave them very good provision. How this is the tangible form and also in the intangible form.

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Like for example, in Makkah, no date palms grow, you can't get fresh dates. But in Medina, full of orchards, you can pick the dates yourself, and you can eat them right there. And

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this can happen. Right? So this is the risk that they received Indonesia, but primarily over here, this discipline hasn't actually reversed agenda. Because of your what has been mentioned, they have been killed or they have died. Allah will not let their efforts go waste. Allah will definitely give them a good provision in the hereafter.

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What in Nevada who hired oppositely? And he is the best to providers.

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If you think of it, many times what happens if a person dies?

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Especially if he dies young? What do we think that he has missed out on so much fun? on so much enjoyment? Right? Similarly, if a person loses his life in the way of a lover, do we think he has missed out on so much? Right? But what do we see over here that if a person suffers, in the way of Allah, Allah will not let his efforts go waste?

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Even if he misses out in the dunya. What is dunya compared to the alpha, it's nothing. Allah will give him much better provision in the hereafter.

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We learned sort of earlier in one ayah 169 that one attack seven alladhina puto, feasibility and water well are here are in the opinion, years ago, you think he's dead? You think he's gone? He's finished and he will not experience any more enjoyment. No, there are here are in Dharavi him yours akun. They're given provision. Similarly, we learned in Sultan Nyssa I 100. There were menu Hagit feasibility law he needed to fill all the Muhammad Catherine was certain women, young children, baby mohajir. On either law, he was fully symmetrical motif aka the worker, a Jew who Allah that a person who migrates in the way of Allah and then he dies, then what will happen, his reward is mandatory on

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Allah, meaning Allah will definitely reward him,

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for the worker, a Jew, who Allah so in this is a great motivation,

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that sometimes what prevents us from going forward in the way of Allah is, I will miss out on this, I will miss out on that I will not be able to do this anymore, I will not be able to do that anymore. Right. But what do we learn that when a person gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will definitely compensating with something better in the hereafter.

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I for example, sometimes it happens, you go to the grocery store, and you see a lovely chocolate cake and you are dying to eat it every time you pass by and you see it, and you check the ingredients. It's clearly like there's no doubt about it.

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Now at that time, you really want to eat it, but you tell yourself No, I can never eat this. I can never eat this and this dounia Don't feel bad that Oh, I've been deprived of this chocolate cake.

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Allah will give a much better one. Hello, we'll give it a second Hassan and a much better

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more nutritious, more good for you more delicious. He will give that provided that you do sub array

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provided that you hold yourself back right now.

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So in this is a great motivation

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layer the whole unknown, He will surely admit them Moodle holen into an entrance here Boehner who they will be pleased with it. We're in Nevada, Arlene haleem. And surely Allah, He is knowing and he is preparing. He will definitely admit them into a mood, what is Matan McCall is understood in two ways. First of all, it is Muslim.

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So entrance,

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meaning he will admit them in a way that they will be pleased. He will admit them in a way that they will be happy.

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By For example, one is that you enter into a place, you have to open the door yourself. And you have to make sure it's the right place. And you are allowed to come over there. And people might show a little bit of hostility, but then eventually you're allowed.

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And the other is that as soon as you go that the doors are open for you and people are welcoming you in some would hananiah Boehner who they will be admitted into gender in a way that they will be happy.

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Because what do we learn more for Tata lahoma, where the doors of gender are already open for them.

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You know, sometimes you get to a certain place, for example, you go to a certain country, you have the visa on your passport, everything is clear. And you get there, the immigration gives you so much trouble. Sometimes that happens, you go for a walk, and you have to wait there for so long. And they giving you so much trouble for nothing. You have the visa, it's right there. But still they create problems for you. So the rest of your trip isn't affected by the way you entered. It is for so long, you are affected by that you don't forget it. You're like why did I say that? Why didn't I do that? You cannot get over it. So the way of entry is extremely important,

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is extremely important.

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So mahana Milano,

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and secondly, what hell is also Joseph. So he will admit them into a place that they will be very happy with, they will be satisfied with it.

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They will be content with it. And why is this mentioned in particular,

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because they had to leave something behind.

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But they will be happy with what they have received compared to what they have left.

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There'll be more happy with what they have received, compared to what they have left behind in the dunya.

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What in the lohana or Lehman haleem he is knowing he knows exactly what his servants go through. And he is highly, he's very tolerant, meaning he does not punish them

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velika that is meaning that is so this is how it will be what that a person who does hijra in the way of Allah. And he suffers from loss. Allah will compensate in with something better.

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Woman or Acaba and whoever responds meaning whoever takes revenge, basically with equivalent to my rookie that he that he was harmed with

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whoever responds to injustice with the equivalent of that, which he was harmed. So mobile era he and then he was also tyrannized

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there was also injustice that was committed against him. They answer a novel Allahu Allah will definitely help him. Why? Because in Allahu Allah or for one of our food, Indeed, Allah is surely forgiving his pardoning and his for food, he is forgiving. What do we see in this ayah that there are two types of people.

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One group of people, for those who left their homes for the sake of Allah, and they were killed,

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or they died. And like this, they reach the hereafter. For them, Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned their award. But there's another group of believers who migrated and who were in Medina, and what happened, they survived.

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And they were given the permission to even take revenge from their enemy.

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They were given the permission to retaliate, to defend themselves.

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So the second group has been mentioned over here. For this first group, their award is mentioned the second group who survived who was given the permission to fight what is mentioned about them, that when they do take revenge, when they do retaliate, they should only retaliate as much as the injustice was committed against them. Not more than that.

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Occupation newsletters are in Kafka, and archived is used for the health of a person, right. So our cover is to follow to come up

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That whatever he's done, you follow Him and do the same thing to him.

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So it is to take revenge to give punishment.

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So any person who takes revenge from the enemy he is to take revenge be Miss Lee merkiva be equivalent to the injustice that was done to him. Some mobile era he even though he was tyrannized

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how much revenge is he allowed to take? Only as much as wrong was done to him not more than that. Allah says Liam Surah novillo Allah will definitely help him. Why? Because he's taking revenge. And remember that if a person he inflicts more harm on the other, in taking revenge, then he does not remain the innocent one. He becomes the guilty one. He becomes the lolly

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from remember that even if in taking revenge a person exceeds limits, then he becomes a volume

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and such a person is Hawaiian Kung Fu. Allah does not help such a person.

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We learn instead of the natural number 126 as well, that we're in Iraq, Alberto feralpi will be Miss Lima. Okay, Toby? What are in Silverton la highroller slavery, that if you punish, if you take revenge, then do so with an equivalent of that, with which you are harmed.

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And if you are patient, it is better for those who are patient.

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So yes, permission is given to retaliate. However, what is much better, different game

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into the Shura, I have 43. Also, we learned while I'm on savola will offer in Nevada, I mean as me

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and whoever is patient, and he forgives, indeed, that is of the matters requiring determination that just as determination is required to take revenge, more determination is required to remain patient.

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And if a person thinks that Allah knows all the injustice that has been done to me, and he will compensate me, and his compensation will be much better than the revenge that I can take myself. Right. So this will help him do something.

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Because many times it happens that people suffer at the hands of others. Right? Now, yes, you are allowed to take revenge, definitely you are. However, in taking revenge, we must not exceed balance. And at the same time, we should remind ourselves, if I leave this to Allah, then Allah will take revenge in a much better way,

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in a much better way. Like for example, if someone is yelling at you, someone is shouting at you. You also say something to them in response.

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And you're allowed to do that, as long as you do so in a decent manner. And you're not using abusive words, you're not using foul language, because it's a sign of a hypocrite, that when he fights when he argues he uses foul language.

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This cannot be the way of a believer.

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So let's say somebody is fighting with you, somebody's arguing with you, you argue with them. This is one way you are allowed to do that, to defend yourself to take revenge. But the other way is that they're arguing they're yelling, they're shouting. They're saying nasty things, you just remain silent. And you think to yourself, Allah has heard the angels have recorded. And on the Day of Judgment, I will be given what I deserve, Justice will be established.

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And you will see that it established even in the dunya

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that those who leave their matters to Allah, Allah defense that

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he will take care of them, that other people will speak up in your defense, when you remain silent. Other people will come to defend you. And if you try to take revenge yourself, you won't be able to you might not be able to.

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But if you leave it to Allah, then defense is guaranteed. Help is guaranteed.

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And if you take the matters in your hand, then it could go either way. You could be successful, you could be unsuccessful.

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velika. That is so what that Allah subhanaw taala helps those people who have suffered in his way. Because the unknown Maha because they need a law you will need your native in the heart. He causes the night to enter into the day when you return out of LA and he causes the day to enter into the night.

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Allah is the one who causes the night to enter the day and the day to enter the night. Isn't that a big deal?

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That the night which has covered the entire part of the world that you're in, it has completely covered. There's darkness everywhere.

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And it's so long but yet what happens a lot changes the scene.

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Within moments, the sunrises and the night leaves and the day comes and you see that the day which has covered the place that you're in. There's

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bright sunlight everywhere, no matter how much you try to prevent yourself from that sunlight, you cannot. And that day seems so firm but eventually what happens the day also the

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What does it show to us the power of Allah, he can do anything, he can change the scene anytime he can turn the tables anytime, anytime the situation can turn, and you witnessed this every single day, the night changes into day the day changes into night. If that is possible, you think you will remain this mystery forever. You think Allah will not help you, He will not take you out of your problems he will provided that you submit to Him just as the day in the night submit to Him.

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You rely upon him, you obey Him. And you don't do anything that would upset him. You trust him in this way. And look at how to help a lot comes what anila Samir ombersley and Indeed Allah, He is hearing and he is saying he's listening to everything and he is watching everything as well.

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He knows your state, he knows your circumstances. You keep your behavior upright, and the help of Allah hokum,

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the Delica that is so meaning the help of a law comes, Why be anila who will help because Indeed Allah He is the truth. He is the true God. And when you turn to Him, when you ask him for help, then he will help you.

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And if you ask others, then you will not be held

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well, and that indeed, may enter the room and dooney who will battle all those beings in the worship besides a lot? What are they? What is their reality?

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their faults? They're nothing but about them. And if a person relies upon other than Allah, if he calls upon other than Allah in times of hardship, in times of difficulties, or he is struggling to serve other than Allah, then will he be successful? No.

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Who will be successful? The one who turns to Allah, the One who serves the deen of Allah will anila who Allah Allah you will be and Indeed Allah, He is the Most High and he is the most grant. Li Li from the newsletters are in them. Well, the name Ali, it's the same word. Okay, who is the one who is high, the one who is exalted, exalted in his position, exalted in his status, exalted in the honor, that he deserves, wholeheartedly and he is ultrabeat is also the grand

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The one who is very grand.

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So if you look at it constantly in this is what are we seen? There are two groups of people, one group of people who depend on Allah who believe in Allah, who serve his Deen

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and there is another group of people who don't believe instead of serving the need, they oppose the they don't rely upon Allah they rely upon other than Allah, Who is successful of the two who is victorious off the two, the one who relies upon Allah The one who turns to Allah The one who serves the deen of Allah.

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And undara Don't you see that Anoma Angela, Minnesota EMA and that Allah is the one who sends down water from the sky. And as a result of that water coming down, but to speak of the Dharma and the earth, it turns green,

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it becomes green, Barbara, Masdar from the reflectors, how the other What does that mean? Green some of that which has been turned green,

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the same land which was covered in white, the same land that it was covered in mud or dull colored grass, or very brown and depressing, you know, vegetation, which is dead, the same scene changes and everything turns green, Madonna for to spell out Baba, in the La La Cleveland Javi. Indeed, Allah is most kind. And he is also acquainted, he is fully acquainted of your circumstances.

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So if you witness this, that things change so quickly,

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that within days, within days, the tree that was dead, it's blooming with flowers.

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The plant that was empty, it's full of green leaves, the grass that was dead. It's so lush, it's so green that you have to get it every week now.

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Isn't this amazing? If you see this change, that Allah subhanaw taala brings before your eyes, how can you think that Allah will not help you? How can you think that you will remain eternally in your misery? That if you're facing some difficulty in the way of Allah, it will always remain like that. No, things will change. But you have to keep struggling. You have to keep hoping. lahoma for someone

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It won't fill up To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. We're in Allahu Allahu olaniyan. Hamid and Indeed, Allah is the one who is free of need, and he is praiseworthy.

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So what's the lesson that we learned from these is

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that a person should keep struggling in the way of Allah. He should not get demotivated by the difficulties that he faces. Rather, he should be hopeful.

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That if our luck and cause the day to leave and the night to come, the night to leave and the day to come, if he can cause water to descend from the sky and turn the entire Earth green,

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if that is possible, can my situation not change? Of course it can change, the hope will be positive. The same Lord, who is causing the night to enter the day and the day to enter the night is the Lord who can change your situation? rely upon him, work for him, believe in him.

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For me,

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mentioned over here of the night and the day, is the night permanent? No, is the day permanent. No circumstances keep changing.

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Allah subhanaw taala keeps bringing changes in our lives. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's difficult. Because whenever lucam Sherry will Heidi fitna, we're being tested with evil and also with good as a trial.

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So no difficulty is permanent. No challenge is permanent. Eventually it will leave.

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So do not give up hope.

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Don't give up hope. Don't lose your confidence. Don't think it's getting too difficult. It's getting too hard. No, keep going keep struggling.

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Soon the day will come the night will come to an end.

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And one more thing I want you to notice an EIN number 16 the names of Allah subhanaw taala that are mentioned at the end of the ayah that Allah is therefore one of the food. What's the connection of these names with what is mentioned in the ayah

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that Allah has mentioned retaliation in this ayah that you are allowed to take revenge. But then Allah says that he is our fool and he forgives he pardons so you should do the same. There is encouragement to forgive there is encouragement to pardon the wrongdoing of others.

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That if you look at it so many people commit so much injustice against Allah, so many people. If we look at it even every single one of us we have committed so much wrong in the Hakama but there's Elian Victor's punishment immediately. No he gives so much time He forgives. Save alive, so forgiving.

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Can we not forget?

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We see also in these IR that those who do his writing the waiver law, they're killed or the guy, then they will get risk and hasn't right? What do we want generally

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instant reward, that if we're doing something we should find instant reward we should receive it right now in the dunya. But primarily that respect hasn't been reversed to reward in the hereafter.

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And here it is for them as well. He put in so much effort did he receive all of the benefits while he was alive? No.

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His desire was fulfilled so many years after he died. So this is something that we must remember that patience is required. Suffer is required to get the help of

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if you look at it, Sameer and Arlene Bosley, all of these names are mentioned over here. What do they show to us? that whatever situation you're in a lies, hearing the conversations, he's listening to the conversations, he's listening to what people are saying to you. He's watching the state that you're in, he's looking at your reactions, he's observing the way you're behaving.

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So if a person relies upon this, that Allah knows he has heard, he has witnessed and that is sufficient, he will take care of me.

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We see that the example that is given over here of the water coming down, the rain coming down, and then everything turning green. When rain does fall down. People get very annoyed, right many people they express your frustration we can't go out we got to have a trip. We can't go for a picnic. We can't do this because there's rain, but the thing is that if there is no rain, would the earth turn green? No. Would you see all this beauty around you then? No. So this is what trials are. We should take them like rain. That Yes, it is difficult. Yes, it is extremely challenging, but in the long run, it is in my favor.

00:26:57--> 00:27:15

If this difficulty does not come, how will I try? How would I turn beautiful? How will my patients shine forth? How would I know what my skills are? How would I know what my abilities are because many times we don't get to know what our abilities are when everything is okay. When things are difficult, then what is within us comes out.

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So this is something that we must understand that trials when they come difficulties when they come they're only coming for her own good.

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subchronic Allahu mubychem Vika Misha La Ilaha Illa and the stockbroker.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.