Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 7

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Episode Notes

The Power Of Sujood

Daily Reminder Day 7 – The power of Sujood , the more you do it , the more you are elevated. This is the ultimate position of humility and glorification of your Lord. Once you have engaged in it you’re closer to Allah swt than in any position.
After praying as we leave the mosque and go about our lives, our hearts must still be in a state of sujood, loving devotion, supplication and obedience to Allah swt. Our hearts must still be in that state of sujood until the next prayer. This is what we must all really strive for.


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Hello Aloe Vera casadesus yellow zazzy welcome you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day seven was just talking about the name of Allah Karim

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to try to implement this beautiful name in our lives not only to our dispute for the month of Ramadan but out our lives as of the day we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala the name of Allah Karim. We said how can we get close to Allah azza wa jal and the best way is to Sousou can that open who was a joy to work to Qatari but Allah digital Prophet Mohammed kehlani do not obey them was a good physical doctor he makes a joke and that fsra from the name of Allah Karim means get close that close to Allah subhana wa Taala again, this is you will earn you the closeness to Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhana wa tada says by the audible definition I was in Minnesota in San

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Jose bill naggy ministry banyuwangi was Korea smaller peekaboo Kawata

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asleep one minute

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one minute La Liga Zoopla who was a bit

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babila the best time to mix was utilized the best up to know it for the sport as well as ocean says he was quite a smart peekaboo cotton vasila and mentioned the name of your Lord, you know mentioned and praise the Lord day and night, one minute late at night in the evening you're in tonight's first shoot there who you know and make sure to him and he pray Miss Judah who was abishola babila and makes us and make us better last

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night. This is what a lot of socialists in Prophet Mohammed

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you have any problems, you seeking a new job or maybe a wife or a husband or a righteous you know kid or anything that you have like a need from Allah is delusion. The key wamena Lane versus your level was that

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babila was just specially you know, during the during the evening during the night times. Allah subhana wa tada also called Prophet Mohammed says to them, you may be having certain problems you know, sometimes you find like you have a tightness in your chest. Maybe you're suffering from some sort of maybe stress depression localizers Republic Mohammed is also an

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older billionaire he may not share beneva gene, what about nadamoo

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pasado COVID Maria Punahou

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handle of our minister Gd sujood again, the profit or loss there's a thought Yes, we know that your heart your breast becomes tight because of what they say. So Pamela is getting you know that having a hard time, you know, then His justice become has become you know,

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he's such suffering he would say but you know, the chest is going to stress and you know, and not anxiety and depression but he is suffering. And Allah subhana wa told him that fuel is

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makes the show Tomas apana. With us welcome minister Sheedy couldn't mean a surgeon be amongst the social. And again, the best time to make sushi is at night. And there's a lot more to say in fact about this beautiful name of a love curry. I would mention some more in our next episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 to then I say to them