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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he, he was a man wala Hobart all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger

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you heard Muslim moon Katara hola Shakira cumbia American OTV de como qualicum, Thurman CanAm in Kumasi, Lin Felicia medela woman Karina Mina, mocha Sarah tell you about your obito but your host Nakamura Romo, autosol romila, Jan, my brothers and sisters the month of Ramadan have gone.

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And whatever we have done during this month is really sealed, written the record or saved and it will only be reopened again and the Day of Judgment. If one of us have done good, thank Allah and thank him again for guiding you to do good deeds during that month. And if one of us feel that he or she did not fulfill the duty of that month, did not do what he or she's supposed to be doing is still there is a chance for all of us to repent and to go back to our last panel

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before not only the month of Ramadan will be gone before our life is gone and our term in this dunya is gone. Yeah evadne in Kumasi halochem Furman words at the higher end, Felicia Mattila woman was declared a woman named Anna and a Muslim Rahim Allah reports in his Sahih Hadith of the Allah and the process of them said that Allah said, My servants, it is your own deed. I just record them for you. If you find something good, you praise Allah for it and thank him for it. And if you found something bad or evil that you have done, it is only your deed that what you have done.

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It is so beautiful to follow the good deeds with a good deed. majima bah bah bah, well upheld Hassan Abaddon Hassan and it's just so special that the person will follow something good with another something good Mahabharata taba to so sweet. And so nice to see the person continuously offering something good, while Hira, Takata and the goodness will grow and things will be so much to fill your life with so much good deeds and things and a lot of reward in hell valkia to solid hat. These are the things that remain for you in the day of judgment in St. domitilla decided to continue doing good deeds, it is the provision of them with Athene it is the right that you ride on to reach. I

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mean, the good deeds are not limited by a month, nor they are limited by a place or limited by a state. It is as Allah Subhana Allah said, What Rebecca had to actually attain, you worship Allah subhanaw taala until you reach death until death becomes one of the sign of

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that Allah subhanaw taala accepted your good deeds that Allah guide you to do something also something else good in them and a boon and you have

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a solid and to offer.

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One of the signs of accepting your good deeds that Allah guide you to do another good deeds. And Allah Subhana Allah open your heart to do more. With a bigger candle I had that alcoholic than Allah subhanaw taala will support you to stay on this course. Until you meet you meet a Lost Planet Allah. Didn't you hear what Allah said? in the senate you the hibben se Yeah, and you didn't say at first

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Carla Harris has said that Alcala that good deeds, remove verily good deeds remove bad deeds. One of the meaning of this verse, remove bad deeds, and you will continue doing good after another one good deed after another until you meet Allah subhanaw taala on this situation. During this month of Ramadan, we used to read Koran in the day fasting during the daytime, praying in the night, making dua in the night, providing food for others, visiting families, spending time with relatives and friends. We are so during this month of Hamdulillah, our ears get so used to hear what is good and pure. our eyes and our tongue only say what is good and what is pure. Our hand get used to give our

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hand used to

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offer help to others during this month. I think the big question that we all ask ourselves, how

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are we going to continue doing the good deed? Are we going to be like the same way we are in Ramadan? I understand Ramadan that's a peak that's high. That's where you go, you know full speed. But not necessarily you can maintain that in every month from a bond. That's not how it is. And today in the hope I told you when humbler saw our bucket, he said our buck when I am with rasulillah. My Eman goes so high. But when I go home and I go to the family with the kids and the problems and you know, on all these things, my email goes down take a dip

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cloud for either Rita Nisa, our Amman. masnavi had a lady couldn't Sue masa de la sala. So our book then he said handler nafa handler, the shift worker and Phil came up at Napa Babak call

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our workers they consulted my brother. I feel the same thing. You know what you'll never stay in the same state status goes up and down. Then he went to the process along with handlers and jasola my brother Han Bala said this and this and that kind of a lie. Nobody tomorrow and Harley lady and tomorrow in de la Safa Hakuna Matata Morocco cut if you stay in the same state of Eman and faith that you are in when you are with me and after relieve you stay in the same level angels would have shake your hands on the streets. You became like angels but we're not human beings not like that. Then the process of them said what I can say after was

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one hour this way and one hour that way and that means any one hour your Eman goes very high and our human go a little bit down. But when we say go down, as the profits are seldom said Furman Gannett for throw two who either pseudoknot evaporated when you demand goes down when you're you know the excitement is not as strong as it is in Ramadan or you know in certain times of your life. But when it goes down should not go beyond the minimum should not cross the red line. Allah subhanaw taala set

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the bar owner Khurana khudobin.

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in Medina do advance remember the matter? Buddha, a shame upon someone Allahumma amla

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Allah Subhana Allah said Verily those who have turned back after the guidance has been manifest stated to them, the shade bond has deceived them on a Lost Planet Allah prolong their term.

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The province of Southern means to say Canada Salalah sanlam come out on demand moments you must not be alone in and over the weekend. meenal howery Vidal coward Yeah, any any nuclear terrible hand the process of them said Oh, ally asked you to protect me from changing Yeah, and I will go back after it was good. Yeah. yohannes who domina Malema to play on for in Allahu Allah Malhotra tomoloo we're in habla de la la adamawa. And con for sorry, hey, the process Anwar, a Muslim reported that the process of them said, Oh people do from the deed what you are capable of alone will not be bored with your deeds. Until you serve get bored and the most beloved to Allah, the One that you're

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consistent on doing even if it is little, even if this little shadow the Allah on how

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she was asked about the processor lab, would he choose certain days do something special and then he has special days in the year that he do more than other days. Then she said

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Haha Are you commuter car mechanic Mohamed Lockard kana ama Lu de ma, who can be like that also la sala. His practice was DMA and he every day is the same and had him on but that Mohammed

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who can be like him so the louder you already are sending them. But the point that we have to be consistent in our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala in our relationship with our Deen in our relationship with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, first up in come out or Muta woman tab amok, Allah subhanaw taala said, What are papagayo in Mojave mata meluna Basia and solitude Allah subhanaw taala said, sustained your Mohammed firm and

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stood past you and those who

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repented with you and your companions and the followers of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and do not turn aggress my brothers and sisters This is an order to all of us and we've been order all of us to stood faster and to hold into the deen of Mohammed Salah is on them has he had his own banner and in the midst of Solomon No, Khan is the key mu one two so while I'm on the Hara Malika masala, what do you have? In the moment, he said, stood fast, and you cannot be able to do everything. And he should know that the best of all deeds is the salaat. And only true believer is the one who always remained his remains. It doesn't mean he doesn't break it. No, it means when he

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breaks his little or she breaks it, they go back and make Google again. And also shows you that when you make revolt, because you go to the Salah, and Sophia Abdullah said, I said yeah, Rasul Allah bulafit, Islamic covenant das alenka I had an ayah Tell me something about Islam, that I don't need to ask anyone. Anything any more about Islam than the process. Alan put it so Sweden in short, he said, I meant to be laughing must say I believe in a lot than steadfast

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and it's the karma to stood faster in the religion and to continue doing good deeds. It shows the purity of your heart. It shows that your heart is free from hypocrisy. Because the hypocrites are the one one day this way and another day something else in the Medina Amman with McAfee.

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So this is how Allah described that those people who one day they believe in the disbelief they believe in the disbelief thermostat Dooku fraud then after the recover became extreme, let me akoni la jolla Corolla hamara Diem Sabina bestiaries Miranda teen bn nella Hamada Lima, with MTV anabaena daddy Kayla era Holla Holla This is the state of the state of the hypocrites. They are one day like this one one day like that they don't stay consistent and they're a bad they're some their relationship with the last panel. One of the benefits of it is to karma understood fasting of continuing doing the good deeds that Allah Subhana Allah will loves you a shot and to have this and

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to have the real the real winning here. The real winners here is the one who have been loved by a lot not only the to love Allah, but to be loved by Allah maezawa ab de la habana often had

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niacin, failing to understand that the profits are themselves that Allah Allah said that my servant continuously continuously offer good deeds and volunteer act until he will receive my love. And it's the karma. One of the reasons that Allah subhanho wa Taala will take care of your affairs will give you relief and exits when you needed the most. For the law half of it for the last

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two hour of Allah He

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should you protect and you follow the laws of Allah subhanaw taala Allah protect you. And when you always see that the last one that is in front of you and use you know and you realize that he is watching over you. You remember him in the time of ease, definitely he will be there for you and the time of hardship. Those who continuously do good deeds to end their life with good deeds. Masha Allah chez Matta Ali Ahmed Matta, Anna Shea greater LA. If you live upon something you die upon that and if you die upon something, you will be resurrected upon the same thing. You die upon good deeds, you will be resurrected with those who are doing the good deeds in the lobby abdon Hi Ron is tamera

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Kira la vaca festa Mira Connie

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Madden Sonic come out with

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the province of allowed to sell himself when a loved one something, something good to happen to a person. Yes, that middle to compassion what this word yes that middle. He said that a lot open his heart or her heart to do something good and will continue doing doing this good deeds until he or she died while they're doing that good deeds

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caribou Kathir and this is an authentic hadith and Allah said in the Quran

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and others in Medina con una buena long. Mr. camuy Tatiana's

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for home phone

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home for him was

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an unfortunate tetanus zenwatch he

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eager to

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know what

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tune to so those who steadfast in the moment of their death where they get the glottic agenda why that's a good ending.

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My brothers and sisters and here I would like to end with few points. How can I achieve that? How can I continue my good deeds How can it continue do something good Mayor ability to step up? Number one is Tana Bella. He cannot Yala we worship you alone. How can you continue to do that? We are going to stay we ask you to help us to aid us that's why the prophets of Salaam told me Ahmad Allah He know his book I love your math for the sake of Allah Farah tada and if you do bucola Salah Don't miss the say in the end of your Salah. Allah from Indiana the cleric or Shu cleric was Nevada tick. Yeah and the O Allah helped me to always mention you to always be grateful to you to always worship

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in the best manners and in the end of a Salah fee double equally Salah some random I said yeah and if you had a salad cobbler Sam

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the setup debate is this. You said before Salam or after the Sunnah and it looks to me it is something fit before the salon. Because before the salon where the drop comes after the salon was the vicar comes.

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Anyway, so number two add to that you pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. So when you see Calvin eight from Allah number two you always pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala CanAm Indra is a la silla mother dragged me out of the dark to beautiful dry I wish that everybody memorize each other in hierarchies. Yeah, that'll leave

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you an era make my life always an opportunity for me to do more good deeds. Make my life always I mean for me to do more good yamaka liberal colluvial absorbed a bit Caldera denecke yo la The one who control the hearts. Make my heart always upon your dean. Rob been allowed to say hello Vanessa. It had a tener habla Milan kurama in La cantera.

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Number three,

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if Allah sees in your heart truthfulness, Allah subhanaw taala Yes, docoments sadhaka. Allah will be true also truthful with you, feign as among among fellow Sadako la Locanda here alone. If they were truthful, it will be good for them. Lindsey aside the PII and obesity him, we will add development after Tina insha Allah subhanaw taala compare between the hypocrites and those who are truthful. So truthfulness in the heart, one of the reason for one of the things that will bring is to karma and to be steadfast and upon the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. Number four

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is the source of power. And that means two things actually, if you translate it, it will be number one and up the side it means you do something you are capable of. And you do it in a consistent base in another way. In other words, whenever you want to commit yourself to a good deed, be practical. Don't be idealistic. Don't be thinking like someone who barely can read the Quran isn't colossal after Ramadan, I'm gonna read five G's every day.

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It takes you maybe half an hour to read one page. Be realistic, be practical of what you want. I'm gonna read the Quran the next month. No, it doesn't work. You know this one. That's why I never thought I'll cost the pasta blue. Yeah, and the beacons

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sistent even if it is a little bit you will end up reaching your goal. I have been in alignment down my demo and the most beloved Tama which are consistent even if it is few in Edina use when you shot that I hadn't Idina in lava lava facade do work on caribou. Shirou was the inaugural hoodoo.

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Oshima dolger the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that this Deen is useless easy and no one will claim that he is can be more religious than the process of them or the teaching of Islam and we'll see will fail miserably

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set diwakar if you do your best, do your whatever you capable off and whatever you can you try and you do it later and you improve yourself and you grow with the religion that was basically the point. That's why when in Nebuchadnezzar, what happened when deadly Xena Xena Brody Allah Anna, she put a rope she pray in the night to the extent that she can fall so she hold to the robe and she pray she holding like this to the rope and she's praying suddenly so when he saw that he said that's not right. If you saw tar to this extent, you need to you do need to do that. So in the visa salon, put the robe down and he said sell allow to sell them

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on neo soalnya had the company shop for either photographer near could you pray when you are have energy and you can do but if you go to sleep

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I see somebody or some people who are in sleep.

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Okay, so let's end it here

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except from all of us that

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are having to rely on our Salatu Salam mahna mahna Viva. I just want to add one point to this practical issue of To be continued consistency of good deeds. One of my favorite Hadith golden Nevis also learn a hell Solomon talk parliamentarian of America and the visa Salam Arizona Monza

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and Nabi Salam said care so much for the thing that benefits you

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okay, if you made a comment says notice the person didn't say what beneficial is it would benefit you? Because in the last lesson available ebay.com aka sama Baba risk, the good deeds are so many and Allah divided them among his servants the way he divided his risk. come upon America Rahim Allah once a man his memory sent him a letter and he said yeah man you staying in Medina you never came to the jihad. You never fought you never carry a sword in your life. Shame on you. We are at the border of Muslim sitting with defending Islam and you staying in Medina. You never ever came to the border city to defend the Muslim against the Romans and the purge and stuff like that Roman at that time.

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Then Eman Malik Rahim Allah told him a very beautiful letter part of it. He said, lm You know, my brother, that Allah subhanaw taala have opened doors for each and every one of us to serve his Deen. So some of us are like giving them the door of charity and giving someone was giving them the job, the door of jihad, we surveyed some of them to defend Islam, some of them in education, some of them in teaching. So everybody has a thought everybody has a role to play in this society, Paloma and Lady Anna la Cairo mineralogy and Tara, I should the attitude is beautiful. He said, I've never ever believed that what I am doing is better than what you're doing.

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Because we have some people today and they want everybody to be chef, everybody's student knowledge. Not everybody can be seeking. Everybody should have a minimum requirement of knowledge, but not expect the not practical to ask everybody to be a student of knowledge or to learn the element details. That's not practice. You cannot expect everybody to be basically do social work, or political work. But sometimes also we have this attitude. You look down at those who are active in the political area or in the social area because you are in the educational area, or that's not a good attitude, Maddox and I don't feel ever that I'm better than what you're doing. I think each and

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every one of us doing his role. So the point is the President said careful the thing that benefits you the most some of us if he stopped serving his brothers and doing an act of service him and his Eman goes I saw

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Isn't this not his thing? You need some of us Mashallah have this ability to go to our table and talk to non Muslims, about Islam and stuff like that some of us cannot do that. Tell him that go to the table in the mall and talk to Islam? I'm not sure if I can do that. Yeah, that's not my thing. Some of us cannot do for example, teaching kids put on some of us, everybody has his own area. So what do you need to find? What is the area that excites you the most? What's the area that inspires you the most, and you stick to it ahead of time and

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care for the thing that benefits you the most?

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My brother and sisters, also it's very important for you, if you want to continue doing the good deeds, is to surround yourself with good people as a lot older Mohammed's or sell him to do so. And he ordered us as well.

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And one of the things that also help you a lot is to read about the life of the scholars and the roadmap, and those who live their life. And they commit themselves to the dino for the last panel.

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And finally, of course,

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always remember that, remember the death. Remember whenever you feel your heart is solid, make a visit to the graveyard.

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And look at the grave. This is your place. But one day and you know what, as Alicia said, attackers will help they will moat which attackers will motivate heartfilia gra Sahaja Sacco to help even mode.

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So unless this the truth and coming

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and how cool mode and hepco Medical mode and hardcore and Haku Akita book, a callback

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is up.

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Coursera all Genoa, Nakula manipal University. The truth is all what they just said it's the paradise the whole farm, the graveyard, the gravy, the grave, the judgment, that the skill

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affiliative one submit a person and he told him give me advice. He said How old are you? He said 16. He said you've been walking to LA for the last 60 years. You're almost there.

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He said if this is the case law in LA LA in LA Roger, do you know what that means? It means you're going back to Allah and if you go back to Allah it means he's going to ask you and if he's going to ask you but I have an answer. He said yeah further so what can I do? piloxing female bhakti yoga for LACMA do good and what remain in your life and allow will take care of the rest whatever in your past a subtle spotlight agenda condemn stop immunology. Nikita manaakitanga come Yala in our live in good Dr. de la magia Hara Yamuna, Pura Vida Marina hottie Ma Ma Amina con todo Nana, Muslim in a Muslim at mininno minute and I am what are Sala masala Mallanna Vienna Muhammad welcome