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Al-Anbiya 51-82 Word Analysis and Tafsir 51-60

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Are you believe in a ship on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 166 SoTL ambia is number 51 to 80 to

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one of other attina Ibrahima Wooster whom in our blue, and we had certainly given Ibrahim or any salon, his sound judgment before

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what could be He, II mean, and we were off him well knowing we were fully aware of him.

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If I hear he said I was given his main public, what does rushed mean?

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rush is used for right and sensible conduct, it is used for intelligence, it is used for wisdom, it is used for good ability, when a person plans whatever he has to do, when he is alert about whatever he is to do, he has majority of the mind.

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So the word loose applies to many things. But in particular rush to summarize all of these meanings, it is to be intelligent. It is to have good sense with regard to the matters of the deen as well as the dunya

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is to have the understanding and good sense of the matters of Deen as well as dunya.

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We read earlier in Sultan Nyssa, that At what age should the wealth of the orphans be returned to them for in ns two main home Rushden when you see rushed in them.

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So over there, what does rich mean? That when you see in them sensible conduct, when you see that they have become mature, that they are aware of worldly matters, and they're also aware of religious matters, they're able to take responsibility for themselves, then you should return their wealth.

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So, Ibrahim, Hassan was given his wish men kaaboo

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what is washed over here mean? It means wisdom. It means knowledge, it means guidance.

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So, all of this he was granted Min fabuleux before when before has been understood in several ways. First of all, if you look at it in the previous ayah, who was mentioned, how long and musar insulin,

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heroin and masala Salaam were mentioned in the previous ayah.

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So before Haruna Masada Salah Ibrahim or they said I was given his wished.

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Secondly, it has also been said that men are blue means in his childhood, he was given

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meaning before he attained puberty,

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before he became of the age of prophethood. Because we learned that Prophethood was given to the prophets of Allah at a particular age, at what age at the age of 40. However, your hair at a salon, when was he given his prophethood? before? Right, we learned earlier what are they know who will herkimer Serbia and according to one opinion, he was only three years old. According to others, he was seven years old.

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So similarly, Ibrahim alayhis salam before he was given Prophethood what was he given in his childhood, he was given washed, he was given right and sensible conduct, he was given the understanding of matters of dunya as well.

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So he was very mature from childhood.

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And it is also said that men kaaboo, as I told you, it means before Prophethood so what are the three meanings before heroine and Musa secondly, in his childhood? And thirdly, before Prophethood

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what could never be here? I mean, and we were of him, I mean, meaning we knew him fully? Well, Allah subhanaw taala was fully aware of rahimullah Salaam, and he knew that Ibrahim was worthy

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at a very young age, because many times people say it's not fair, that, you know, somebody was given Russia in their childhood, and because of that they were so good. I was never given to roost in childhood. It's not my fault. But the fact is that Allah knew who Ibrahim was. He knew that he was worthy approached, he knew that he was worthy of prophethood that he would fulfill the responsibility that he will do what is required of him.

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So in this ayah, we see that Ibrahima Listen, I was given sensible conduct at a very young age,

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at a very young age, that he used his reason. He used his mind from a very young age, he did not accept just what everybody told him. Which is why despite the fact that he was born in a people who did check that

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The entire society was immersed in check, he wasn't willing to go the same way that his people were going, he questioned, he wondered, and through his questioning, he also made his people realize.

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So we see that a very young age, he was given the sound judgment. And then an example of resolution is given, that if orderly, a B, he will call me he, when he said to his father, and to his people, who was his father, his father's name was as of and remember that a father regardless of who he is, or how he is, a father definitely holds a high position in the sight of his son, in the sight of his child.

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Some parents, they may be very educated other parents, they may not be that educated. Some parents may be very successful, others may not be successful. But at the end of the day, a father is a father, a mother is a mother,

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and will call me so he said to his father, regardless of his position. And he also said to his people, and remember that addressing the entire nation, telling the entire people about something that they were unfamiliar off that they were hostile to, was definitely something that would be intimidating. But he was fearless. And he went, and he said to them,

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so he said to his father, and to his people, that Mojave. What is this actor Matthew, the statues, and Lottie, which until you all laugh for it, Araki phone ones were devoted.

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What are these statues? What are these pictures? Do it You're so devoted to.

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At the my theater is a florala team Sal, and Tim, Sal is from the real address, memes, lab.

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And himself literally is the exact copy it is the exact imitation of something that Allah has created.

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So for example, there is an animal that Allah has created, for instance, a bird, that a person makes a drawing of it, a picture of it,

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which is very similar to how that bird actually is. Or, for example, a person makes a statue a figure of that bird. So it himself is the exact copy. It's the exact imitation of something that Allah has created like a person, a tree and animal, etc.

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And especially It is used for something that is handmade. So for example, a drawing that has been painted by hand, or for instance, an image, a sculpture, a statue that has been made by hand.

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Because these rays, many things can be made, many things can be drawn, but you don't need to use your hands.

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But the emcell in particular, is handmade.

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And remember that themeselves is used for any picture, it is used for any statue, whether or not any divinity is ascribed to it.

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Because remember that every picture, every statue is not an idol, isn't it? Like for example, if you find a book on medical science, and in that there are images of let's say, the human body, you're not going to say look an idol. No, it's not supposed to be an idol. What is it? It's just an image, it's just a picture. So remember that every picture, every image, every statue, every figure is not an idol.

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The word that is used for idol meaning the one to whom divinity is ascribed, the one to whom people prostrate to the one to whom people worship.

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That is called sun sod moon meme. Okay, that is called sun up. But tinsel is any statue.

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And it's also said that Santa they're used for some sculptures that are made of metals, okay, that are made of gold. And damasteel could be hand drawn pictures, they could be made of wood, they could be made of some other material, but saddam in particular is made of expensive material.

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So he said to the people, Melody to Matthew, what are these danesi? What are these pictures? What are these images? What are these statues? Do it your soul devoted?

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archiveone is a plural of our gifts and occupation newsletters, I incur fat roof and roof is to pay full and complete attention to something that when a person has completely devoted himself to something that is constantly focused on it, he's constantly looking at it. He's constantly admiring it, constantly contemplating on it. This is what are goofus and he remains in that state uninterruptedly

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and when this word is used for worship, it gives a sense of worshiping continuously, worshiping uninterruptedly.

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So what are these images that you're so devoted to them, you don't even leave them for a minute.

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And you're so devoted to them that you stay with them. You cling to them all day long. There's always someone or the other, who is with these images.

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Now, if you notice, the word Damascene has been used over here not a synonym.

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Whereas What's the difference? The method is any picture, any image, any sculpture.

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So why is the work done? It used over here

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to show the unreasonableness of the illogic of worshipping idols. That after all, they're only images.

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After all, they're only sculptures, something that you yourself have made.

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So how can you think that they deserve worship?

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So even with the word that is used over here, the illogic of schicke, is being proven. It's not that Ibrahim and s&m did not know what these pictures were, he knew very well, that these pictures were what idols do the people used to worship.

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Now in this ayah, we see the right and sound judgment, the rushed that Allah subhanaw taala had blessed Ibrahim al Islam with that we see that he's speaking to his father, he's speaking to his entire nation. And remember that speaking to your parents, speaking to the entire nation is not something that is easy to do.

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It requires a lot of courage to speak the truth.

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But what did he do, he spoke the truth, he did not have any fear. And because of this rush that he had, he was able to convey the message to his people, regardless of how many there were, and regardless of how mighty they were, there are great numbers. And there might their greatness, neither of them intimidated him.

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Normally, when we have to speak to our parents, especially if our parents are not that much towards the end, and we have to tell them something about the dean, then what happens? We think twice, isn't it? We become a bit worried we become a bit concerned. How do I bring about this topic? And how do I tell them? How do I tell them in a nice way, we become very concerned. Similarly, if just imagine your entire family has gathered up somewhere, let's say at a wedding, let's say at a party, and they're doing something wrong. And you have to tell them, how many times we think that How am I supposed to bring this up? How am I supposed to talk to them, we'll become so fearful. But we see

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that intelligence, we see that right mindedness is that a person speaks the truth at these occasions. He does not fear the people, he does not get intimidated by their great numbers. He does not become fearful of their might and their power and their high status.

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But rather, he holds on to the truth. And he speaks it regardless of how the people are going to react.

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This is what Russia is this is what intelligence is.

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What do we think intelligence is that if somebody is doing something wrong, let them do it, just smile, and they will think you're very nice to them. Whereas the fact is that if you really truthful, then you will say the truth regardless of how people are do it.

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There was this lecture that I recently listened to, on the biography of American Tamia. With a scholar he was mentioning that one of the factors that made him so successful was that he spoke out the truth he did our mouth, one here and one card regardless of how people would react. He did not care what people would say. He would just say the truth. And this is what made him very, very successful.

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And yes, it brought about many enemies as well because when you say the truth, obviously you're going to invite a lot of trouble for yourself, which is why he was in prison so many times, but he was never afraid of speaking the truth.

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It is said that once Abraham Abraham was a famous linguist, and his teacher was Cebu and Cebu he was also he was very great. grammarian So, abou Hyun, he met even Tamia and even Tamia when he saw him when he met him. abou Hyun was very impressed by one thing and he said some verses of poetry that it is said that he never said those verses ever again after that meaning anything like that he is never said again, in praise of even to me, but even pay me when he learned that he is a student of Cebu. He said that this man meaning Siva way he has made certain errors with regards to the on about 100 he said and he used the word liar because it was great errors with regard to the Quran. He did not

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feel that oh my god.

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This person is so impressed by me. And if I say something about his teacher, he's not gonna like me anymore. He has praised me so much. No, that did not stop him from speaking the truth. And it is at that from that point on Abraham became one of his fiercest enemies.

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But wasn't me afraid. No. This is the truth. This is the truth, I'm not going to become hypocritical just to win the praise of other people just to gain fame. No. And we see that when a person becomes like this, that he holds on to the truth, he speaks the truth regardless of how people are going to react. This is when his sincerity really comes to light. And this is when Allah bestows acceptance to his works, to his deeds, that even when he's gone, his works last they remain, what he has said it affects millions of people. It affects the entire course of history.

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So we see that Ibrahima is Sam as well. He did not fear the people. He did not fear his father. He did not think what are these people going to say? He says the truth.

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He says it. He's not afraid. Maddie, Timothy, Lou, and Tom the hierarchy for

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now what were these pictures that these people were worshipping? It is said that the people of Ibrahim Ernest sent them they were star worshipers. They used to worship stars, celestial bodies, and the ruler of that time of that area was in a mood. And the mood was also a star worshipper.

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So we see that it was a national religion that was supported by the government as well.

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And the people, they had made idols, they had made images, they had made statues of the stars in order to worship them. Now when we see stars, what do we see dots in the sky, bright lights in the sky.

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But they had made images of different creatures that were all imaginary. They were the imaginary images of the stars.

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So they had made all of them and they used to worship them.

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And this was the way of the people of the time of Abraham Madison. And this was also the way of the people before them. So they had adopted this way because their forefathers were up on it.

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So Abraham or ism he questioned them, may have he Timothy Lu, until the hierarchy phone. What are these the feel that your soul devoted to them?

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Now yes, this was 1000s of years ago, that people had made images, and they would remain devoted to them, they would think that they were a source of Baraka for them, they would go and prostrate to them, they would go and pray before them.

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But we see that even today, amongst those people who claim to be Muslims, there are in their houses, in their workplaces, images of certain saints of certain pious people of certain righteous men, whom they literally pray to whom they feel as if they're watching them. And just as the people who brought humanism were on the phone to those images similarly, even such people today are Aki food to these images. So such questions should also be asked from them.

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That Madhavi tomato and tabla hierarchy phone, we're not allowed to put pictures. It's clearly forbidden, were not allowed to display them. So how can we display the pictures of righteous men and think that it is permissible for us? It's not permissible for us.

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So we see that it was the rooster ebrahimian incident that led him to asking this question.

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Although they said the people responded, were Jelena we have found an app, our forefathers love for it. Be Dean as worshipers.

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We are doing this simply because we found our forefathers worshipping these idols worshipping these images, these pictures. We have no other reason. We have no other explanation. But this we're doing this simply because our forefather used to do it.

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But he said about him or his son and we didn't say Oh really. So that might be the truth. He said look at the content. Certainly you are until you whatever overcome and also your forefathers, you and also your forefathers, feel at Alamo been you are in manifester, you and your forefathers. Why? Because you are worshipping images that you have made yourself. You're worshiping sculptures that you have made yourself, both you and they are misguided. You're not on the straight path. What you're doing is clearly wrong. There's absolutely no doubt about that.

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Because what you're doing is not based on any evidence. There's no evidence for schicke

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So what happened? The people were shocked How dare this child. He's saying to us that under whatever confusion it

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We'll be so the set kalu. They said, and I've been healthy, have you come to us with truth? Meaning Do you really have some evidence to support what you're saying? Do you really have the truth? Have you brought the truth to us? The practices that we are upon? They're wrong. And tamina Larry bean, or are you of those? Who just? Are you serious about this? Or are you joking? And Larry Venus deplore love, Larry and Larry is one who does. One Who does? Larry, Larry, even Wella. One.

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soleri is one who does Larry and what is Larry?

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Play? amusement? If you think about it, Larry is not a serious action. Would you call it a serious action? Something that really requires a lot of your time, a lot of your energy? A lot of your money, does it? No.

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Because if you think about it, Larry, generally, generally, typically, it's only for the purpose of entertainment, only for the purpose of amusement. And there is no useful or productive outcome at the end. For instance, when a group of grown men are running after a ball at the end, okay, what do they achieve,

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that they kick the ball into a particular place five times? Is that really the goal? Is that really the objective of all of that activity, all of that running? All those 80,000 people have gathered up in one place watching grown men kicking balls, and managing to kick a ball at a particular spot five times six times really, that's the objective. That's the purpose. So if you think about it, typically, Larry is not a useful action. It's not a purposeful action. Yes, there are some lerab, you know, in which, when a person does participate in himself, then he certainly benefits whether he is running after a ball, or he's throwing a ball or whatever. You know, one is that you yourself are

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engaged in sports, that's very good. But the other is that you're sitting on a couch and watching other people engaged in sport, that's a total waste of time. Because if you're doing it yourself, at least your body is benefiting. You're becoming more strong, your lungs are getting stronger, your blood circulation is getting better, you're becoming healthier, you're becoming stronger, but the others are just sitting in one place, and you're watching other people for four hours for three hours for two hours, regardless of how long the matches,

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that is not healthy at all.

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So over here, when they say I'm antamina, Larry bean, or are you of those who are playing? Meaning? Are you joking? Are you kidding? Are you serious?

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Whatever you're saying, Have you brought the truth to us? Or are you just fooling around? Are you just getting around?

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And if you look at it, Larry over here has been used in contrast to what it has been used in contrast with health.

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Because typically, what does it do, it distracts you from how

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it distracts you, it takes you away, it takes you far away from what the right thing to do is because typically, in such games, betting is involved, how long is involved, if you ever go to such a place, to a stadium, for instance, where games are being played, you will see that people are drinking alcohol, there's so much wrong that's going on fighting. So it leads to a lot of wrong things. It leads to a person being away from home.

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So they asked him, Have you brought the truth? Or are you just joking? Why did they say this?

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Because they could not accept what Ibrahim or Islam had said to them. Just imagine a young boy, speaking up in this manner against the entire people that all of you are wrong. All of you, you and the previous generations, all of you are on.

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So out of disbelief out of shock. They asked him this. Are you serious? We've never heard of this. What are you talking about?

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This is just like when musala Sam said to the Bani Israel, that Allah has commanded you to slaughter a cow. What did they say at the Kadena? Who? Are you serious? Are you joking with us?

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So similarly, these people also cannot accept how Ibrahim could say something like that. But even our humanism said, but rather meaning Yes, of course. I'm very serious. These Damasio, they're not God's in reality. Who is your God in reality, or become your Lord is Rob boosah Matthew on earth is the Lord is the master the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And who is he and levy Fatah who's the one who has created them? He is the one who deserves your wish. What anna and i Allah upon the combat or you all I am in a share, headin of those who witness

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Meaning I am a witness to the fact that there is only one God who deserves worship, the one who has created you, the one who has created the heavens and the earth, I bear witness to this fact. If you doubt, then remember that I bear witness to it.

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What Allah He and by Allah murky, then surely I will definitely plan A cadenza from the root letters, cafe del Kate, and what this gave me to make a plot to make a plan. Why, what's the objective

00:25:35--> 00:25:48

in order to harm the other? Remember that Cade is FTL fill a draw, it is to make a secret plan in order to harm the other in order to cause harm to the other.

00:25:49--> 00:25:53

Now, generally, this word is used for a negative,

00:25:55--> 00:26:22

meaning it has a negative connotation. But remember that it also has a positive connotation. Because the main thing in Kade, is to harm the other without letting him become aware that he's going to be harmed very soon. This is the main thing. Now the one to be harmed, he could be innocent, and he could also be guilty, isn't it, he could be innocent, and he could also be guilty.

00:26:24--> 00:26:31

So if you're trying to harm someone secretly, who is innocent, then Qaeda would be what kind of a plot

00:26:32--> 00:26:33

evil plot.

00:26:34--> 00:26:54

And if the objective of the case is to harm someone who is guilty, then Kade would be what kind of a plot would be good plot, it would be a good plan. So what Allah He Lackey, then surely I will definitely plan, meaning I am going to plan to destroy and break these idols

00:26:55--> 00:27:12

of snam acoem against your idols when BARDA after and that too will Lou you will turn away would be the ones who turn their backs would be is the plural of motivate. and motivate is one who shows his job of meaning one who shows his back and walks away.

00:27:13--> 00:27:21

So after you have gone away, I am going to execute my plan against these idols.

00:27:22--> 00:27:27

So everyone here, anytime he's foreign, ought to plot against the idols. And what was this plot

00:27:28--> 00:27:39

in order to break them in order to destroy them, after the people had gone away. Now, typically, those people who worship idols, what happens they remain archiveone to them,

00:27:40--> 00:28:08

they remain constantly devoted to them, they don't leave them at all. If you have ever happened to pass by such places where people have devoted themselves to, you look after a certain grave or look after a certain site, then you will see that these places are always full. If you ever pass by a shrine, it's always busy. During the night, during the day, on the weekend, every single day, all the time, there are people over there.

00:28:09--> 00:28:18

So everyone here has said he needed to go to these idols at a time when nobody was there, so that he could execute his plan against them.

00:28:19--> 00:28:27

So which day did he select, he selected the day of festival. Because on the day of festival, it was like a national holiday.

00:28:28--> 00:28:35

And every single person would go and participate in the festival. And the festival was out of town.

00:28:37--> 00:29:01

And remember that this religion of schilke of that time, it was supported by the government as well. Because typically what happens if you are a minority, or if there are different types of religions being practiced in the same country in the same society, then even if holidays are given, it's not necessary that if a particular faith has a festival coming up, then everyone is going to be given a holiday.

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Unless if there's one dominant religion. So we see that over here, because the religion was supported by the government. This is why the entire nation, the entire people, had gone for the festival. So at this time, Ibrahim al Islam decided that he was going to stay behind when the people said, Are you coming? He said in nissaki. I am unwell. So he did not go with the rest of the people. He stayed behind. And then he went in, what did he do? He broke the idols. He carried out his plan against them.

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But we see that this was not something that was easy to do. He was standing up against the entire nation. He was on one side and on the other side was the entire nation. But it was his right mindedness. It was his reason that made him take the stand that made him so firm on his position

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that he did not follow the rest of the people. rather he questioned he used

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and he also made a plan if you notice the word the key then he made a plan because apparently it might seem that he was being very emotional. And out of that he said such a big statement that I'm going to you know, break these idols know the key then I'm going to make a plan that shows that when something important has to be done, then planning must be there. Because typically, people do not plan properly and because they don't plan properly, they don't end up achieving anything

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further either home, so he made them meaning after the people had gone away, he went to the shrine or whichever place where these images were. And he made them into do that and into fragments. The word you that is a plural word that has no singular

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it's a plural word that has no singular and it means small pieces. It means shreds of something scraps of something so find your either home do that then he made them into small pieces meaning he broke them into small pieces all of the items all of the images in their cubby or on the home except for the greatest Kabira the large one the home for them the meaning that the people had

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so the biggest the main idol he left that as it was but the rest of the idols the rest of the images What did you do to them? He broke them into pieces Why? law I love him so that they meaning the people LA to eight meaning the Kabir idol, your God, they will return he left the big idol. Why? So that when the people would come back, who would they go to the big idol? And when they would go to the big idol, they would see it perfectly fine and the rest of the idols are all broken. So they would wonder, did this idle do it? But then they would realize No, the idle cannot move by itself.

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So then what would they do? They would go to Abraham and they would ask him what happened Who did this? So the reason why he spared the big idol was to make the people realize that these idols cannot do anything. They cannot even defend themselves.

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In terms of soft fat I 93 we learn for all our I lay him Borbon, Billy amin, and he turned upon them a blow with his right hand. So he broke them with his hands.

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So when the people returned, although they said, Men Farleigh Heather, who did this be early had dinner with our gods man over here can be understood as one of his defense. It's a question being asked, Who did this to our gods. And secondly, man can also be understood as one of Mosul. that whoever has done this to our gods in no lemon oil. I mean, then indeed he is shortly after wrongdoers. Whoever has done this to our gods is certainly someone very evil.