Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-010A Translation Al-Baqarah 49-59 Word Analysis 49-52

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Baroda bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim Furbish Rahi Saudi were Sidley Emery wa Hello Iraq that Amelie Saniya of Kahu Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was sadly Sani was thrilled to have him at the Kobe Armenia herbal olamine lesson number 10 Surah Al Baqarah verses 49 to 59 Translation what is and recall when not J Now calm We saved you all men from alley people fit our owner or fit

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our own your su Munna calm they impose upon you all su a worst ally dab of the torment you that be Hoonah they slaughter a banana a comb your son's way ista Hyuna and they keep alive Nisa ACOEM your women were fee and in Valley come that or you all or you can just say that Bella own was a trial men from Rob become your Rob or Lehman ever great what if and when foot up gonna we parted become for you all Alba the seat for NJ now calm then we saved you all what a lacuna and We drowned Allah

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people fit our own out of fit our own. What unknown while you all turn loon you all look on what is and when were our dinner. We made an appointment with Musa Musa Erber ina 440 Laila 10 Nights Soma then it the hustle you all took a Larry joola The calf mimbar D after him what untold while you all Lolly moon are ones who do wrong summer then our phone now we pardoned uncom you all mimbar the after that Lika that Laura Allah calm so that you all the school rune you all show gratitude. What

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is and when attina We gave Musa Musa al Kitab the Book well for con and the criterion La La calm so that you all the dune you all obtain guidance we're in and when Carla Musa Musa said you call me he to his people yeah call me all my people in comb indeed you all while I'm Tom you all wronged and full circle yourselves with the HA they come by you're taking a look at jeweler the caf for to boo Isla so you all turn in repentance towards baddie eco comb your originator fucka Toulouse so you all

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kill and Fusa comb yourselves, Valley calm that Hiren is better. La calm for you all are in the in the site of baddie e comb your originator for Tabara alaykum so he turned in mercy upon you all into who indeed He who he truly at the web is the extremely Accepting of repentance of Rahim, the Ever Merciful. What if and when Paul told you all said Yeah, Musa or Musa LAN Nope. Mina laka we will never believe you had that until not all we see Allah Allah Jehovah 10 openly for a while that comb

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so it sees you all are Sarika the Thunderbolt what Anton while you all tonnes a rune you all look on so much then birth now come we resurrected you all mimbar the after multicam your death Laura Lacan so that you all the school rune you all show gratitude, while now and we cause to shade, our lay come upon you all Algoma the clouds, you can just put white in parenthesis, we're en zona, and we sent down our Lai con upon you all Elmina, the man was Salwa and the salwaar Kulu you all eat men

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from the Yuba tea good things man of what Rosa canal calm we provided you all warmer and not Lala Munna they wronged Us Well, I can but can all they use to unfurl so whom yelloly Moon they're wrong themselves? What if and when? Cool now we said all the Holo you will enter how the hill Korea they

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town for Kulu then you will eat me in half from it. Hazel wherever she tongue you all will Raha done abundantly where the Holo and he will enter al Baba the door Sujatha as once prostrating well Kulu and you all say HIT button HIPAA no fear we will forgive law calm you all Kataya calm your sins was sent as he do and we shall grant increased to L Marcin in those who do good with excellence Ferber della so they changed and Lavina those who Lala Moo they did wrong. Oh learn to a word. Leila other

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than a lovey that which Kayla it was said LA home to them for Anzahl now so we sent down our Allah upon a Lavina those who will move they did wrong. represent a foul punishment. Men from a summer ie the sky be mad because can no they used to. Yep sukoon they defiantly disobey

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Bismillah let's go over the word analysis Bismillah R Rahman Rahim what is not Jaina calm and when we saved you all. Now what if what means and it means when and usually when you see the word if it's referring to something that happened in the past. On the other hand, when you see the word either when then typically it's talking about something that's going to happen in the future, okay. So, what is not Jaina calm? And when there is is then remember that there is you know an implied with

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Kuru meaning remember when this happened, recall when this happened bring to mind when this happened. Whoa, and this is connected to you know what was mentioned previously, what was mentioned previously was that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada addressed the bunny is slow in and Allah subhanaw taala says over there Yeah, Bunny is slow eel with Kuru near Mati, that you all recall my Nirma my blessing allottee along to our ley con, which I bestowed especially upon you, so what are those

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blessings? Which Allah subhanaw taala is specially bestowed upon the bunny is slightly now those blessings are mentioned over here. And you will notice how so many verses over here begin with these words what if and when? So what is connected with all the Kuru? All right, with Kuru near Mati ality so remember this blessing as well. So they're being reminded of the special favors that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon them. So recall which blessing recall the time when not J now come We

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saved you all. Now net j. Now, calm calm means you all and net j. Now you see the now over here, this means we so we saved and net j now so now Jaina net j this is from the root letters known Jeem whoo Wow. No jets Najat is salvation you know to rescue someone. So what if not J Nakhon when we rescued you when we saved all of you and in the word nut J Now you see the shredder on the Nagina, okay because there is another word that's coming up later while NJ now calm okay, that also means we

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saved you all right, but when there's a shutdown it gives a sense of Shiva ne with great might Allah azza wa jal rescued the Bani Israel eel and rescued you saved you from what from who men from ally fit our own people are fit our own people are fit our own L which is translated as people Al is used for both followers and family. Okay, you may have heard of the word lol bait or a Hillel Kitab also means people okay, but it is said that is used typically for family and Al is used for followers and

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family. Okay, so we say Allahumma Salli ala Mohamed Dinoire Allah Ali Mohamed that oh Allah send your blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Al of Muhammad Sallallahu Williamson. So who is the Al of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam it is both his family and his followers. Okay, so people off at our own. They're not just people who were related to him, or the people that fit our own rules over these RP

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People who obeyed him as well. They followed him. They followed his instructions. They cooperated with him. So for their own, you know, all by himself alone, he did not commit those crimes. He only committed those crimes when his people and his followers cooperated with him. So his followers his people were also guilty. So min Ali fit our own. And the word L, it is said is from the root letters, Hamza? Well, lamb, okay. And fit our own remember is not a proper name of a person. Rather

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it is a title. Okay, it is a title of the kings of ancient Egypt, Pharaoh. So who exactly was this fit our own? What was his name? Exactly? We don't know. It's not mentioned in the Quran. It's not even mentioned in the Bible, actually, you know, typically to set its Ramsay's the second but that's not based on even biblical reports. So whatever his name was Allahu Artem. That's not the point. The point is that this was their king, the ruler of ancient Egypt. And what was fit our own and his

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people doing what were they doing the followers of fit our own to the bunny Aslan in yesu Munna calm they impose upon you all. Who is you all referring to here? The bunny is Surah eel, Allah is addressing them directly. So the people are fit our own. They were imposing upon you what were they imposing upon you sue aleida worst torment. Now the word is So Munna This is from the root letters seen while me all right. Seen while meme and soem is to literally not Psalm Psalm is with Saad which

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means too fast All right, this is seen while memes. So solemn is to go out in order to seek something, okay. So for example, this word is used for camels going out to graves. So why are the camels going out in order to go and seek food in order to go and eat? Okay? And then secondly, this word also means to impose something upon someone meaning to make someone you know, do something that is extremely difficult and troublesome for them. Okay, so, yes, so Munna means that the people are

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fit our own wanted for you, okay, what they desired for you, they wanted for you. So allow that, okay, they desired for you worst torment, the worst torture. And secondly, it also means that they were imposing upon you, and they were making you undertake such tasks, which were extremely difficult and extremely troublesome. And those tasks were basically what Sue olahraga worst of the torment. Now, so is from the root letters seen, while Hamza, sir, I assume means that which hurts or

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bothers and it's also used for something that is evil. So, say he is used for sin, which is also from the same route because it's sin actually harmed the perpetrator. Right? So, so Allah or that worst torment now are that as you know, means punishment. We have done this word a few times earlier. Well, Omar that will Aleem on Willa Hamada buena or Lima and so are that means punishment. But punishment, you know, when we think about the word in English, you know, punishment is given for

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a crime, but in Arabic, or that is not just a punishment that is given for a crime, it's also to torture to cause pain and to cause harm to someone. Okay, so So a lie that literally is evil of the punishment and what it means is that its worst kind, okay, the worst kind of torment they imposed upon you, they desired for you, they forced it on you. And one form of this worst torment was an ER that as you know, is from the root letters are in that but so one form of this su aleida was that

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you that be Hoonah Obinna accom they slaughter your sons. Now you that be Hona This is from the root letters, that Bah, ha, the bear. All right, the bear is to slaughter, but notice you there be Hoonah Okay, Toby is to slaughter in large numbers, and also to slaughter mercilessly any severe severely, so they were slaughtering in great numbers and with extreme harshness, who were this slaughtering a bunch

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I comb your sons and a banana is the plural of the word, Ibn. Okay, so meaning your male children, they were slaughtering they were killing and why is that unit and they keep alive Yes the unit is from the root letters ha Yeah, yeah Hyatts is the main word Herat is life. So yes, the Hyuna they keep alive, meaning they would not kill, they spared the lives of who Nissa ACOEM your women Nyssa is a plural word. And you know, some say that it has a singular but even that singular is actually

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technically a plural. So we're just going to leave Nyssa as Nyssa Okay, so they were keeping alive your women so your female children, they were sparing their lives and your male children they were killing Wi Fi and in the valley come that now in that in what in the SU Elijah in this worst torment, meaning in the fact that they were slaughtering your sons and they were keeping your women alive in that was a biller on was a trial. And this trial was from who made rugby come from your

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Lord. What kind of trial was it? It was our Lehman. A very great trial. Let's look at this word Valley calm Valley calm, you know, you may have come across the word Velyka. Actually, we read it right at the beginning of Surah Baqarah. Valley Kalki tabula rasa Buffy, right? So that he can means that Okay, now this word, of course, when you're talking to someone and you're telling them that that is such and such, okay. Now, the one that you were talking to is who is you in valleca Okay, so

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there Lika you, this is for hitop for addressing someone now Valley Kalki tabula rasa, Buffy it's implied any it's understood that Allah is addressing his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because later on in those verses, we see what Latina you mean on a Bhima on Zillow alayka they believe in that which was revealed to you so you as referring to who to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. So that is why the word Valka has been used over there because first and foremost the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being addressed. But here in these verses who is being addressed Bani Israel eel and Bani Israel is not Ka, right? It's plural. So this is why there is a comb here with the valley comb, and in that or you all but like I said, you could just put this in parenthesis you don't have to memorize this in your translation. You can just memorize the word that so we're fi Valley calm and in that or you Bani Israel eel, meaning in this torture was a Bella on.

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Now what is Bella on a trial? And it is from the root letters, baa lamb? Wow. Okay. And Bella is a trial, a test that is extremely difficult, very, very hard. And it doesn't necessarily mean that it is evil, or that it's a punishment. Okay, a trial can be through something good. And it can also be through something that is very painful. But the main thing is Bella is not an ordinary trial, it is a severe a very difficult trial. So in that was a trial for you. But this trial came upon you by

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whose permission from your rub from Allah subhanaw taala when Allah allowed it, that is when this trial came upon you. And this trial was our Lehman ever great. So our Lehman, our Lehman is basically a trait of what of the word biller on Okay, and how do we know that you know when there's additional words in the middle, how do we know that our Lehmann is describing balloon, because typically, what happens in Arabic is that inherit a description will carry the same ending, as the

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word that it is describing. So you see it is Bella on our Lehman. So Bella on our Lehman, so our Lehman is describing the word banana and you know the word are lame This is from the root letters are in law I mean, ever Great. What if and when So, again, keep this in mind it's recall another blessing of Allah upon you, which blessing when we first Akona we parted become for you all for Aachener This is from the root letters for raw cough, okay. And FARC you may have come across this

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word you may have heard it, even in order to do this word is used, which is basically to divide to split to separate, so we parted become for you all meaning for your sake, in order to save you

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What did Allah subhanaw taala cause to part Al Baqarah the sea and which sees this there's different you know, opinions Some say this is the Red Sea definitely not the Nile because the Nile is in Egypt the Bunny is not you are leaving Egypt. So, some say it is the Red Sea and others say that this is somewhere the sways canal is now, this ways canal was not always as it is right now and you may have become familiar with the Suez Canal in recent news where there was a ship that had basically blocked

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it right and the sways can all was previously a series of you know, small lakes and rivers etc. So, back at that time, some section of that is referring to the Baja okay because when the bunny is what you came upon it as they were fleeing Egypt, you know, there was water in front of them and Allah subhanaw taala told Musa alayhis salam to put his staff into the sea and the sea parted. So, this is what it is referring to. So, it Photokina became Al Baqarah when we parted for you all the sea for

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Andrina calm then we saved you all. Now, notice over here for aundre nachal route is the same known Jeem Wow. But the form is different right? Earlier it was not J now come We saved you all n j now come now, we saved you all the translation is the same. But you know, these are the limitations of translation. Okay? And Jaina gives the sense of saving all at once, doing an action once. All right, and net Jaina gives the sense of shinda that with great force with great might and not Jaina also

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gives a sense of gradually. Okay, so not Jaina. There's two implications over here. There is might and secondly, there is the sense of saving, rescuing gradually, because the bunny is slow eel, you know, when they were enslaved by fit our own. You know, when you're talking about liberation, liberation is of different kinds. There is physical liberation, and there's also mental liberation, where you feel it happens with people that even though they're no longer in captivity, but because

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they've been in captivity for so long, they don't know of any other life, in their mind, they're still afraid of their captors. So net j now calm gradually Allah subhanaw taala saved them, freed them from the influence and the control of the people of their own. And so the liberation that Allah subhanaw taala gave to Bani Israel was of different kinds spiritual, mental, physical, economical any in so many different ways and that happened gradually. So an agenda is more comprehensive and NJ

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now this is referring to how physically they were saved all at once. Okay, meeting the entire people for angina calm what a lacuna and We drowned a little canal This is from Elaine ra cough a lot to drown and the NA as you know is giving the meaning of wheat and We drowned elephant our own people of their own. So the Bani Israel in the sea was parted for them. And they crossed the sea and like that they were saved all at once and when fit our own and his people followed them into the sea what

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happened? The sea closed in what a lacuna alafair own and the people of her own word drowned. Were untung tons of rune while you all were looking on what and Tom while you all and Tom means you all okay and enter means you male. What about anti also means you but female. Okay, so what untung This is plural. So you all been in Bani Israel tons alone you all were looking on at that time meaning Bani Israel you saw with their own eyes the people of their own drowning and dying tons of room this

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is from the root letters known law or law to look what if and when meaning also remember this blessing which blessing when we were at dinner, we made an appointment with Musa Musa now where I denied this is from the root letters well rain that word is promise and where either is to make an appointment because in well either there's two sided action and an appointment is of course two sided. You promise someone to meet someone at a certain time at a certain place and they also

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promise you that they will meet you at that time at that place. So where are they now we made an appointment with Musa For how long are Barina for 40 Okay out of Barina 40 Leila, turn nine

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So this appointment was for 40 Nights at Mountune. And notice the word Leila Leila is technically a singular word it means night okay. And the plural is Leanne wala Yelena Asha Okay. Leila is plural, but in Arabic this is how it works that you use a singular word to refer to a number okay so are Barina Leila. So this is why in the translation you have s here because in English you don't say 14 night right you say 40 Nights. So Barbarina Leila sama then when Musar Lee Sang was gone for the

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appointment What did you do it the custom you all took you all meaning UAlbany asstra Eel and it da da This is from the root letters Hamza ha than okay a Honda is to take and it Takada is also to take or to adopt. So, you all took Elijah the calf, meaning you all took it you all made it you all adopted it as what as your God and that is not mentioned here. Okay. It hasn't been said it the husband will Angela Isla Han, right. The word Allah has not been used over here for the calf. As if

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you know it doesn't even deserve that description. But it's understood that the bunny is sloth you'll took the calf which they made themselves as a god and original is calf baby cow so it the customer the original mimbar D after him after him after who after Musala his Salam when he was gone for the appointment. Were untung while you all meaning when you did this, you made the calf and you worshipped it. You were Lolly Moon ones who do wrong Lolly Moon is deplore love LA Lim from the root

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letters la Lam meme, and one literally means to play something where it does not belong. Okay, loom is to play something where it does not belong. So how did they do lol? How were the bunny is slightly volley moon that they put the calf in the position of God. Right that is firstly their injustice and remember that shit is the greatest injustice. It's the greatest wrongdoing in the Shipka Lululemon Arleen and then they also did wrong, how that any what was it that they should have

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been doing here? They should have been worshipping Allah subhanaw taala with even more gratitude that Allah subhanaw taala saved them but most parents are rescued them. And they watched their enemy die. Right? And now what happens instead of showing gratitude, they're associating partners with Allah. In fact, they're not worshiping Allah. They're worshiping something that they made with their own hands. So this was their loan, their injustice, were intim Lolly moon, summer then our phone now

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we pardoned our phone. Now this is from mine for well are awful, and are awful is to pardon to forgive. Literally it means to erase to wipe off. Okay. And awful you know when we're talking about forgiveness Allahumma in the car for one to Hibbeler for far for a knee, right? That Oh Allah, you are the ever pardoning you love to pardon. So pardon me, right? When we're talking about our four iPhone is slightly different from wulfrun mofetil. Right mcfa is also forgiveness. And our foe is

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also forgiveness. So what's the difference? Somewhere in MSA, the difference is that mo FIRA forgiveness, any it is without punishment. Okay without giving punishment. So for example, on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will bring the believer very close. And Allah subhanaw taala will put a veil basically so that no one will be able to witness that conversation. And then Allah subhanaw taala will ask that believer Did you commit the sin? Did you commit that sin? And the

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believer will go on confessing that, yes, I did this I did this, I did this and he will think that he's done. He's doomed. And then Allah subhanaw taala will say that God Cetara to Halakha for dunya what an old Pharaoh halacha Leone that in the world I conceal the sins for you. Meaning I did not let people find out that you committed these sins and today I'll futile Halaqa I forgive you completely, which means that that person will be completely forgiven and there will be no

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punishment, no consequences for those sins. So Mo Farah is what? That a person is forgiven and there is no punishment. Okay, they are forgiven without punishment are awful. Okay, awful, on the other hand, can be with all

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without punishment, okay meaning the sin is erased, it is wiped off meaning removed from a person's record. But that can happen either after punishment because punishment is a source of purification and it can also be without punishment that is up to Allah or zoton because we will see over here that the bunny is slightly were actually punished right there were punished for having worship the calf. So some people you know, they just look at these verses and they say, oh, there's

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contradiction here. On the one hand, Allah says We pardoned you and then on the other hand, they're told you know, this is the punishment for the fact that you worship the calf This is not a contradiction, this is a misunderstanding of the word our fauna, okay, a sin is erased the record is cleared after punishment and it can also be cleared without punishment that is up to Allah subhanaw taala but the final outcome is that the sin is erased okay. So so Mara fauna and come then we

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pardoned you all meaning all of you Bani Israel mimbar the after that Lika that after what after you took the calf for worship, so after you worship the calf, we pardoned you and we pardoned you when once the punishment was carried out? Why lie Allah calm so that you will lie Allah Okay, gives the meaning of hope and expectation that this is hoped that you would perhaps be of those who show gratitude. So Lila come cash Quran the Quran is from sheen, calf raw sugar, sugar is to show

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gratitude, okay? Actually sugar is gratitude, okay, sugar can be just felt in the heart, okay, it can be verbally expressed and it can also be exercised, exercised in the sense that you do something in order to show gratitude, okay, but it is not necessary that sugar is always expressed. Right hand in fact, hand is sugar that is expressed, it is verbally expressed. But hand is you know, when you say Alhamdulillah, you are expressing gratitude, right? You're verbally expressing gratitude. On the

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other hand, sugar can just be felt in the heart without you even saying a word because people vary, right? Some people just have a very small feeling of gratitude. Very, very little bit. Some people you know, their hearts are overflowing with gratitude, and then they're so expressive, but everyone is not like that. But the main thing is that sugar is, you know, it encompasses all forms of gratitude basically. So Lola comm slash Quran so that you show gratitude that Allah subhanaw taala

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forgave you, even after you committed such a great sin

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