Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 260B Tafsir Al-Ahqaf 21-28

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The origin of the word "bruz" in various cultures is discussed, along with its use in hearing and vision. The transcript describes a group of people behaving normally, but becoming nervous and afraid, as well as their experiences with Islam and their beliefs. They also mention the importance of listening to the recitation of verses for understanding the language.
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim with gore and mentioned a half brother of Aden have

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mentioned remember the brother of people of the nation?

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The brother of the people of God? Yes, the prophet who was sent to them and who was he? Prophet? Who are they his sunnah? And Allah called him their brother. Why? Because he was one of them. He was there relative. He was sincere to them. And he was there wellwisher in under a coma who, when he warned his people build a coffee in the cough, and this is what the surah is named after. cough is a plural of hip and hip. How cough is used for a long, winding sand dune. So a sand dune that is long and winding. And a cough was basically the region where the people of odd used to live. All right, and where is this place? Where is this region, it's near hablamos, near Yemen, or in Yemen. And this

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is where their dwellings were located. So it's under a coma who Bill cough the entire region is known as cough Walcott and already colored in Maduro. 100 it had passed already and knew the route the Warner's notice something over you color this feminine. Why is it feminine? Because another is

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plural. Just as I mentioned to you earlier Tilka I had so Halloween noodle noodle Florida of the word nadeet. Already several Warner's had passed mean benei a day he before Him meaning before prophet hood earned his salaam, woman configuring. And also after him. Meeting many prophets had come already before him, and there were many more who are going to come after him. In other words, he was not bitter. Amina Russell. Just as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not bid Amina Rasul. What was the message of Hood Ernie salaam to his people? Allah that not Darboux Do you worship in Allah except Allah, or people do not worship anyone but Allah in the Ahafo Aleikum indeed

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I fear for you are there Biomin are Aleem the punishment. Have a great day. Intro to Daya 50 Also we learn what Allah didn't know who the Kalia comer but Allah mela comin Illa Hina lady, but instead of taking heed, how did they respond? Kalu they said Ajay Tana, have you come to us lead that thickener so that you may delude us that fika Hamza calf is used for a lie but remember literally the word if is to turn something from its original direction. Have you come to divert us an Elisa Tina from our gods you've come to turn us away from our gods. This is what you're doing and we don't want to leave our gods fuck Deena so bring us the monetary Duna of that which you threaten us with that you do

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well i indle worried threatened or what are the promise? So bring us what you threaten us with in contaminate Saudi clean if you are really truthful. You say that if we don't believe you fear God's punishment for us. Well, you know what, bring the punishment because we're not going to believe in you. Allah, He said in the malarial more in the law. Indeed the knowledge is only with Allah which knowledge knowledge about when the punishment is going to be he will decide I don't know my job is what we believe will come I convey to you man or sell to be what I have been sent with. My job is to convey the message to you I'm just conveying when I kidney but I Arauco my see you Omen as a people

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that alone You are behaving ignorantly.

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How are they behaving ignorantly, by hastening for punishment, disregarding the message and asking for trouble. He was calling him to worship Allah alone and leave false gods and they said we're not leaving our earlier.

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You can do whatever you want, but we are firm.

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And the people of Makkah were behaving in similar fashion phelim So when are oh who they saw it, the people of odd when they saw the punishment, how did it come to them? Are you done as an appearing cloud?

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I in law bought from the word

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Ragna to present, right? When something is presented before us we see it, it's in our view, all right. Also, the word is used for the width of something. So audio. What is audible Audible is a huge cloud appearing in the horizon.

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So firstly, it appears suddenly.

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All right, meaning all of a sudden you see, within a few moments, there is a huge cloud covering the entire horizon. The entire horizon. It's huge, it's massive. So they saw it as an ideal as a cloud was stuck biller. It was advancing was stuck biller. One advancing is the cabal of bilang cobble ahead is the Kabbalah to come forward to go ahead. So it was advancing towards our deity him their valleys Florida the word wired in which valleys the valleys which they lived in, meaning where their homes were where their dwellings were. So when they saw this massive cloud approaching ALU they said Ha, they don't this is a cloud well, they don't know it will bring us rain. My little one that

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brings matter what is multiple rain, is that this is a rain cloud Perfect. That's exactly what we wanted. But was it actually a rain cloud? No. Allah says but rather who are it is mad that which is third gen to be you hastened for this is what you were efficient for what you were asking for when you set to your profit bring us what you threaten us with and what is it the Hoon, a wind fee her in it is either a leave a painful punishment, that he it came with a destructive wind which blew as we learned from other places in the Quran for seven nights and eight days into facilita 16 We learned for our Salah laying in Rehan Sauron source of so with the wind was also a massive cloud to the

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middle this wind what did it do to the mirror it was destroying dal meme rotted me is to utterly destroy it is a dumb Mala Ceylon McCann the flood destroyed the building destroyed the house to dumb mural Kula che and it was destroying everything that came in its back. Be unreal of Bihar, at the command of its Lord meeting Allah had ordered the destruction of these people for us but who so they entered the morning how lie Euro nothing was seen in llama sack you know, except their homes Masek implore love Muskan only their dwellings were there, meaning there was no person alive. No survivor, Kedah Alika naturasil Coleman moody mean, thus do We recompense the criminal people into Talca is

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six to eight. It is mentioned that will Amara don't for overly QBD and soft sadhana Altea Sahaba I laid him several alien with a many at the Yemen who Soma federal coma via Solara unknown urges or nutlin Kalia people were laying down their bodies corpses as if they were tree trunks, empty hollow tree trunks for health are Allah Who membaca Do you see any traces of them and these people were a mighty powerful nation. So much of the insert Fajr we learned Allah de la mu clock myth Louisville, Bill add the likes of them did not exist. So here the entire picture is painted of this nation that how are that came to them. It came as a wind bringing what a huge cloud and they thought the cloud

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was going to bring rain. But actually what fell upon them was fired from that cloud. And with that fire was also the wind which destroyed them. And we see that the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, whenever he saw clouds approaching, whenever he saw clouds approaching, he would actually become nervous, he would become afraid.

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And once I showed a blower and asked him that, what's the matter? And he said, Well, I show what gives me safety from the fact that it might contain punishment, or people were punished by the wind. When those people saw the punishment. They said this is a cloud which will give us rain. That is what they thought also, this is a cloud that will bring this rain but what do you know what the cloud will bring? So when the wind blows, make dua Allahumma inni, or other become in charge, right? When there's rain again, make our Allahumma Slaven now Ferran Allahu mostly human, and he

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Allah warns the people of Makkah that will accord them Akane whom certainly we had established them Tamkeen meme calf known is to give firmness stability in the land. We had established a very well people have odd femur in that which in not Mackinac calm. We have established you fi in it. We have empowered them the way we have not empowered you

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We have provided them resources, the way we have not given you resources, we have given them strength, the likes of which have not been given to you or people of Makkah. So if they couldn't survive, what do you think about yourself? What are Allah whom we made for the people of God, someone hearing will absorb and vision were of either and hearts. They had all these faculties with which they could reason and they could understand the truth. But what did they do from our own our own home, but it did not avail them, what did not avail them summer home their hearing will not absorb them nor their vision well, either to whom nor their hearts been shaken anything at all.

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These faculties did not help them at all.

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How, why? It can who, when they were the edge whodunnit be a Atilla when they were denying the verses of Allah. You see, when a person is blindly denying something, and Jehovah Jehovah is to deny, with being a person knows that it's right, but still he rejects it, still, he refuses it. This is your truth. So when a person is denying something, after recognizing it, then he's not really benefiting from his faculties. He's not really benefiting from his seeing and his hearing in his heart, his mind his intellect, he's not using it.

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If you were to use them, then he wouldn't deny them. Well how copy him can will be here yesterday on and that which they marked that surrounded them, because when they said to their Prophet bring the punishment, what were they doing the word they serious?

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Were the serious No, they were ridiculing him.

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So what do we learn in this ayah that these people were extremely strong physically, economically, and this has mentioned over and over again in the Quran? Surah Arafa 69. So sharara 133. It's mentioned about how these people were so strong,

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but they did not use the abilities that Allah had given them to understand Allah as if they used their abilities for what for the dunya to build their houses to make money, but they didn't use it for guidance. We need to see what are we doing? The wish to keen of maca are advised what occurred Alekna we have destroyed my whole look on what is around you mineral Quran of the city's meaning not just the people of odd. Look at all these nations around you and really the Arabs were such they were surrounded with these nations, you know, bearish nations on the one hand, people have odd on the other hand, people have moved to the south there were the people of Sabah then there was muddy

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and then there was a sham, so many nations around them. My Hola, Camino kura was a rational ayat. And we have diversified the signs, meaning again and again, we've mentioned to you I mean, it's not the first time we're learning about the story of the people of God, isn't it? So many times so rough, now, different each time differently. This is what the sleeve is, take something and bring it again in a different way than before La La Miel JRun that perhaps they will return meaning they will return to Allah in repentance, fellow learners or a home so why did it not help them? Who Alladhina tocado those whom they have taken Mindo Nila besides Allah O'Bannon for closeness Ali Hatton as gods

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for ban golf rubber club is closeness, right? Because the people have this set to their profit, we're not going to leave our gods. You have come to turn us away from our gods, we're not leaving them. Allah says overhear those gods whom they clung to.

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Where did they go? Why did they not save them from punishment? And these gods they worship them for Bannon as a means of closeness meaning to draw closer to Allah. But did they really bring them closer to Allah? No, they brought them Allah's wrath bobaloo on home, they did not help them. Rather the Luan home, they got lost from them, they broke with them, they got destroyed with them with Alika if go home, and that was their lie, what was their lie? What was their falsehood? What they invented about these idols that their gods? Why am I can we have our own, and that which they were inventing? Meaning this was something that they had invented, it had no basis. So on the one hand,

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there's the example of the people of God, those who rejected and on the other hand, the example of those who believed let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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was called up ah

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been off you won't bother holla

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