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Ta-Ha 105-135 Translation 105-135


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Whether windows Sunday or lotto soudal Kareem Barrett feroze Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r him. Rubbish Riley's surgery were Sidley and the owner of that Emily saniya Kuru Holy probenecid.

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That's the number 163 pseudo Taha is number 105 to 135 Translation

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with aluna and they ask you about LG Bell the mountains for cold so say yen Cebu hair, he will blow it away or he will shatter and scatter it. Robbie my rub nust with a blast

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further to her, then he will leave it on as a barren plain, sub suffer, leveled smooth

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lair not Tara you will see fee her in it or a virgin. Any depression.

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Any crookedness Wallah and nor under an elevation

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yoma even that day yet to be aroona they will follow a Daria the color law not

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any deviation. logo for it will harsh art and it became humbled. It became Lord.

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I swear to the voices no rush man for the Most Merciful, fella so not that smart. You will hear in there except him sir. Uh hum. A muttering

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Yes, yo ma even that de la not 10 Pharaoh, it will benefit a shefa the intercession in the except man of whom Edina, he gave permission level for him of rushman the Most Merciful. What are the and he was pleased Lahu for him, Ola in Word.

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Yala mo he knows ma whichever bainer is between a V him their two hands, Alma and what halifa whom is behind them? Whether and not you halona they encompass be with him in knowledge. We're honored and it will be humbled. And would you the faces little hygiene for the EverLiving Alka yom the ever sustaining?

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Walk out and in fact, harbor he has failed. He was miserably disappointed. Man Who? Hamelin he carried Wilma and injustice

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woman and whoever yeah man he does. Men from asylee had the righteous deeds wahoo while he is may not a believer, fellas are not your Harpo he will fear willman any injustice whether and nor helped man, any deprivation,

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worker their liquor and thus einzelner who we have sent it down an echo an Albion in Arabic was a Ruffner and we have explained differently. fee in it men from a worried the warning Allah home so that they get the cone, they fear Allah or they avoid

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or Yoshi de su it generates it causes the home for them. They cry, a reminder

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Fatah Allah, so he is Hi, Allahu Allah, Allah maliko the sovereign and help the truth while and do not tarjan uasin bellcore and with the Quran, men from corbally before and that Yoda it is completed in a car to you. Watch you who it's revelation. We're all and say Rob be Oh my Rob zaidan he increased me in knowledge

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while our uncertainly our head dinner we took a promise

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Illa to Adam, Adam alayhis salaam min Pablo from before fantasy but he forgot. While I'm not magic we find Lahu for him. Asthma, resolution, firmness. What is and when? For now we said ludmilla akin to the angels with you Do you all prostrate Lee Adam for Adam are the Center for surgery. So they're all frustrated in that

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Except he believes that he believes ever he refused for color so we said yeah Adam, Adam, in indeed had this or the woman enemy lacquer for you while his outfit and for your wife fella so not your region nakoma he definitely expel you two men from Elgin, the paradise Fidesz call. Consequently, you will be in difficulty

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in the indeed, lack of for you, unless that not that you are you will be hungry, see her in it, whether and nor that you will be unclothed, you will be naked,

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or unlucky and that indeed you learn not who you will be thirsty, see her in it whether and nor dealt her, you will suffer from sun's heat,

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where you will be hot from the sun.

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First wasa then he whispered lie to him a shavon shavon Allah He said, Yeah, Adam or Adam, how shall I do look, I direct you.

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Allah upon shutter rotten, a tree, a hold of the eternity while Malkin and a kingdom possession

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lair, not yabla it will become old

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for Akela so they're both eight men have from it feber that then it became apparent lahoma for them to so at the Houma private parts of them do what have you call and they both began ERC Fannie they both cover they both fasten

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or lay Hema upon them to

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men from work leaves agenda of the paradise where I saw and he disobeyed Adam Adam proper, who his robe fell away, then he fell into error.

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Somewhere then aged about who he chose him proper who his father but then he turned in mercy or lay upon him or her there and he guided color he said a bill for both of you descend main her from it Jamia altogether bout to come some of you liberal then for others are the one enemy for Imagine if yet the end knuckle it definitely comes to you mainly from me who then guidance someone then whoever it Tabare he followed who they are my guidance further than not your lilu he goes astray, wala and nor Yasha he will suffer.

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Woman and whoever out although he turned away I'm from victory, my remembrance my reminder, for in then indeed Lahu for him, Marie schatten a livelihood

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onecare confined, depressed

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when a shuru and we will gather him yoma en de LTM the standing armor one who is blind.

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Allah He said Robbie Oh my rub Lima Why? hasher Tony, you raised me You brought me

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armor as blind were called while in fact going to I was basura one who is seeing

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Allah He said gallica thus attacker it came to you i a tuna hour versus fantasy. But you forgot it waka Delica and thus polyoma today don't say you will be forgotten worker there Annika and thus New Jersey we will recompense man who Asafa he transgressed. While I'm not human, he believes be as with signs versus or be of Israel. While our other insurance the punishment of the hereafter I shall do is more severe, whatever call and more lasting

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Flm did the not yet the it guides the home for them. Come how many elect now we have destroyed. I built a home before then men from all around the generations. Em Shona. They walk fee in masakan em their dwellings indeed fee in Delica. That show designs li li for possessors a new head of the intelligence

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while Ola and if not Carrie Merton a word Subbu it proceeded men from Rebecca your Lacan and surely was lism and a necessity

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examine a necessity and obligation

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or urge alone and a term muslimah when fixed first there so be patient Allah upon male whatever your coluna they say was a big and exalt behind the with praise or bigger off Europe popular before to do rising a champs of the sun a cappella and before hora be here it's setting woman and from an periods a lady of the night for sub Bish, then exalt will appear off and at ends and a half of the de la laka. So, that you terrible, you may be pleased you may be satisfied

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well and do not demo then you definitely extend you at all extend.

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Are you naked your two eyes, either to man that which materna we have given enjoyment be here with it as virgin groups. Men home from them, the hotter splendor

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glitter hired of the life adonia of the world. Lina Steena home so we may test them, fee in it. What is and provision are bigger off your rub higher on is better, whatever call and more lasting.

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What more and enjoying your family besotted with the Salah was furbish and be steadfast, remain steadfast

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or lay her upon it. Learn not necess Luka we ask you that is for any provision nationally known as a cooker, we provide you

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well our october two and the outcome

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lithoco for the righteousness.

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The taqwa for the righteousness

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will call you and they said Lola Why not? Yet Tina he comes to us, bi attained with a sign mirabai from his rub our landed and not the him it comes to them. But you know to an evidence. Man what fee is in a search the Scriptures alula the former ones

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well, and if And indeed We Alekna who we destroyed them. They are they have been with a punishment, monopoly from before it la kalu shortly they said or banner or our Rabb. Lola. Why not? Oh, CELTA you sent Elena to us. rosulip a messenger fenetre Baron so we could follow Attica your vs. Men from probably before and that Nadella. We were humiliated. When Elsa and we were disgraced.

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Say kulu all Mata Robison, one who waits Fatah bustle, so you all wait for us at our Ala Moana. Then soon you will know man who us have our companions of Surat of the bat acyl D. The proper the sound woman and who is that? He is guided.

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min and

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v two v

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equals four

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what are the

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me a heavy lucam

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Kenny him in

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what is for speaker how you

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National Zoo

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Shall we