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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © Ali, a woman with a beautiful beast, was invited to a debate with the Your Party and was recognized by the emperor of Rome. She meets various Guinea monks and monks, leading to a debate where the queen gives him a drink and shaves the low tide into the queen's ear, leaving his ear damaged. The ruckus that took place in the wedding of the Queen and the rest of the world is also discussed, including the loss of women and the importance of not having a partner.
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Santa Monica Moroccans live in a castle do brothers and sisters Welcome back to people of color on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor. And so I know I kind of left you guys on a cliffhanger last time, if you're wondering what happened to the young man and having done a little bit I mean, he was freed by his scholarly mother who we still don't know who recognize something beautiful about the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now today, we're actually going to talk about a recognized scholar and someone that that also was very literate in the field and that was able to use it to really bring a sense of

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glory to the soul in a sense of pride to this ummah, the man that we're going to talk about today, his name is Ali, I will Becca Alba Kalani Rahim Allah to Allah from Baghdad, the great Judge of Baghdad in Iraq. And literally what I'm about to share with you is from the year 1000, and in the year 1000, Alia, Wilbekin ibaka learning was invited to, to a debate. And, you know, he was invited to basically you know, to meet with the Byzantines and to meet with some of the Roman monks and the priests and to debate with them about Islam versus Christianity. And pound a lot the the Emperor recognized that, you know, I'll call the Abu Bakr Al Bakr, Lani, this isn't a man that's going to

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come in and bow because it was known that the Muslims, they don't bow. And he realized that, you know, if he comes in and he doesn't bow, then that's going to give the rest of the people in the kingdom, you know, an opportunity or an opening to say, you know, what, if the Muslim guy didn't bow then we don't have to bow. So he said, You know, we've got to find a way to make him bow. So he actually, you know, constructed this, this structure, right, so that whenever he walks in, he'd have to duck in to get into meet with the emperor of Rome. So he basically bow in voluntarily as he's walking into meet with him. So all the people that could have been Kalani, he shows up, you know, to

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this palace, and he sees this structure, and he and he catches it right away. He was a brilliant man, he recognizes right away what the Emperor was trying to do. So he actually turned around, and he entered in backwards, so that he could show him that, you know, what, I'm not gonna fall for this. And he walks in and right away, this started off in a very unpleasant way. Right. But, you know, they greeted him and, and they told him to have a seat. And he met with various priests and various monks. And suddenly, Rebecca Dr. Learning as he was sitting there, you know, the, you know, some of the monks and start, some of the priests started to walk in with candles, and they had the

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Bible and they had, you know, they had this really lavish display, as the head priests. Now, the narration says, the head priest, Allah, Allah knows best that could be the Pope of the time or what it may be, but the head priest walks in, and this is the man that have a bucket of about the land he is going to debate with. So I want you to imagine the scene, you know, here you have the Muslim guy that came from far away, and he's sitting down and you basically got an entrance, like when a boxer comes in, or a wrestler comes in, right? And he's gonna debate with this man. So he walks in and out the back of the buckle, and he's sitting there, and he's completely unimpressed by this display, and

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by his theme song, or whatever it may be. And as he walks in, he says to him, you know, as he greets him, he says, so how are the wife and the kids doing?

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And when he says, How are the wife and the kids doing? Everyone just blew up? Everyone was like, wait, what did you just say? And they were, you know, there was it just caused this entire ruckus in the palace, like, how dare you say that the man has a wife and kids, you know, don't you recognize that, that that our priests are above that and that this man is above that? How could you say that he has a wife and kids? And he responds brilliantly, he says, But Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and this isn't suited nadiem verse 88, what can we talk about why Manuela and they say that the Most Merciful has taken for himself a son, not to cheat. And if you've done an atrocious thing, you've

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brought forth an atrocious claim. Allah says tech had to somehow to get the football men who attend chapel, liberal zhiban, who had lost pants I says that the heavens almost ruptured, they're from and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation. And

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that they they're a tribute to the Most Merciful a son. He said, Subhanallah you guys are up in arms. And you know, your this whole ruckus took place because I asked one of the priests about his wife and kids, but you're willing to attribute that to a loss of Hannah hoods. So obviously, the debate went sour from that moment, you know, luckily, Kalani had the upper hand. And when that happened, one of them chimed in and he turned and he wanted to basically insult the Muslims. So he said to him, tell us what happened to the wife of the prophets lie Selim, the wife of the Prophet Mohammed that committed adultery and he meant by that, he shall be alone. And so he brought forth

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the slander against the Isha and listen to what our bucket avallone said. He said that he shoveled the low tide and he was it was slandered and Allah subhanho wa Taala absorbed her the same way that Maria Maria Salaam was slandered Mary

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He was slandered. And Allah absolved her of that slander. Except that money on money his salon had a child and a law still absolved her Isha had no child. So if you're going to say that there is no way that a law could absolve a woman from above the seven heavens, then what do you say about money um, it his setup. So he said, Verily, Allah subhana wa tada declared the purity of both of these great women. And when he said that, they realize there is no way to beat this man and debate. So the Emperor, he summoned his priests and he said, you know, what gives the men a bunch of bags of gold, tell them to go back to Iraq and never come back. So back at Kalani, he walks out of the palace,

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he's got these bags of gold. And he goes back above that. And he and he drops this into intubated mat into the Treasury. And somehow a lot we find from that again, the lesson that we take from that is that truly Subhan Allah to attribute you know, to attribute a wife or partners to a loss of Hannah two hours of the most grievious things and this is what a lot of hands on it says that the earth almost splits the skies almost split that the mountains are devastated by someone you know, attributing a child or attributing a wife to a loss of habitat a loss of habitat is pure from all of that, and there is no one as allies or just as they could see. And the other nostril account you

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understood that there is no one more deserving of not having a partner attributed to him than me no one more deserving than me. So we declared the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada and we asked Allah subhana wa tada to join us with our mother Imodium it has Salaam and it shall be alone and with the prophets will allow it was for them and those who were purified from the prophets and the companions and the great predecessors and the highest level agenda for the dose Allah I mean, does that mean low height and inshallah tada I'll see you next time was to them I think I'm gonna have to lie over the cat

This episode is about a verse numbered 88 from Surah Maryam, where Allah SWT informs us about the conditions of sky, earth and mountains when disbelievers associate son with Allah. A smart debate between one of the knowledgeable scholars of Islam, Al Qari Abu Bakr Al Baqillani Rahemallahu Ta’ala from Baghdad and a Christian priest about not associating partners with Allah SWT.

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