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I know Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Did you notice something in the listening of these verses? That the muffler hone the motorcade? How many verses are revealed about them? Around five? The caffeine alladhina cafaro. How many to add about 15? How many? So far we have learned in this lesson eight, but the following verses are also about 115. Isn't that amazing? That for believers, those who submit few verses for disbelievers only two but from an African so many, why so many, because the matter of hypocrisy is very complicated, in the sense that people don't get it easily. A person may have the traits of a hypocrite and you may not even realize so Allah subhanaw taala has as

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though Okay, so let's study these verses. And the next style Allah subhanaw taala says what either pinata whom, and when it is said to them, when it is said to who do the hypocrites what is that to them learn to see do fill early do not do facade in the earth. What is their response follow international Muslim whom they say we are but reformers we're actually setting things right. Now this word led to see do do not do facade lead to see do is from the letters fasting that from the word facade and facade is when something goes bad when something decays, like for example you have to is going to be bad. It'll have hungers most probably right, so that is facade. It's gone bad, it

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has decayed. This is what facade is. So when when Afrikaner told, led to FSI do fill up, the question is, what does it mean by a facade fill up? Do not do facade in the earth, facade fill Earth, decay in the earth corruption in the earth disorder in the earth? How is that done? That is done by committing marassi by disobedience to Allah soprano.

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When a person disobeys a lot, then what is he doing? He's doing facade filler. every sin What does it lead to disorder and good deeds? What do they lead to order? For example, like is it a sin? Is it a sin? Yes, it is. What does it lead to? corruption or rectitude, corruption disorder, like for example, if you're lying to a child, you're teaching him it's okay to lie. You're lying to him will lead him to lying many, many times, will lead him to breaking promises, will lead him to say what he doesn't actually mean will lead him to be treacherous to be deceitful. So sins, what do they lead to facade, they lead to disorder. So facade, facade is done how, by committing sins when a person is

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committing sense, and facade fill out lead up to fill in the earth doesn't mean in the earth, doesn't mean in the earth, deep in the earth. Know what it means is amongst the people of the earth or on the physical Earth, there are two means a facade filled up. One is amongst the

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people of the earth, those who live on the earth, for example, by lying, cheating, deceiving others breaking promises. This is what spreading disorder amongst people, because you're encouraging bad behavior. You're encouraging deceit, facade fell off, then people are not able to trust each other families break apart. There are problems between a husband and wife there are problems between parents and children. Where does it start from sitting, lying, cheating? Similarly, people cannot trust the government's people cannot trust those who they're dealing with. So facade fell out first is amongst the dwellers of the earth. And this is done how by disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala.

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The second type of facade fill out is committing facade, meaning physical facade in the earth itself. How, like, for example, when people become very sinful, then Allah Subhana Allah sends his punishment on them. For instance, we learn about the people of your own, the people of Iran were the disobedient to their messenger, Messiah Sena. Yes, they were. They broke their promises with him so many times for our own his people would say to masala Salah, pray to God that he should remove this problem from us and when this will happen, we will believe but when the problem will be lifted, they would not believe and when they would not believe eventually what would happen, another punishment

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would come, another great calamity would come. Allah says and sort of out off I 130 100 Lf in Messina when asimina sama Latina, Allah homea the Quran that we certainly sees the people of her own with years of famine, years and years of famine and a deficiency in fruits that whatever they grew did not produce much that perhaps they would be reminded. So when we see problems like for example, earthquakes or floods

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Sample drought or floods, right physical issues, physical disasters, calamities on the earth, this is a result of what our sins so at these times what should we do repent to Allah do is to fall, facade will others also like for example killing people?

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pollution? What is this inside fill out?

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When we're being selfish that we don't care about the earth, we don't care about the atmosphere, we don't care about the environment and we just want to fulfill our desires, then what are we doing facade fill out.

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So the hypocrites what do they do facade, Phil, they disobey Allah and as a result, they create disorder in the earth, and they create disorder amongst the people of the earth led to FSI to fill up when they're told Don't do this. What do they say? And Muslim? is one who does Islam from the root episod lam Ha. And what is this law is law is to put things right when things have gone bad, solve the problem. So they say in the magnanimous Li hoon. So when they're told, don't lie, don't cheat, don't deceive. Then what do they say? No, no, we're actually spreading peace, for actually doing good things. For example, for Saturday of this one, since

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river, taking river or taking interest, is there any difference of opinion whether it's heroin or heroin?

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No, it's clearly heroin. Because Allah soprano involved in consuming interest, even if they're Muslim, when they're told don't do this, this is wrong. What do they say? We're doing it for a good reason.

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But what's the explanation? We're doing for a good reason? Like for example, you know, why should I spend my money on rent all my life, I'd rather spend it on a mortgage even though I don't need a house. I'd rather spend all this money on a mortgage. When they're told Don't do this. They're told international mostly home, we're doing Islamic. We see that either this statement in the magnanimously home This is because the hypocrites don't get it or they are lying. Why do they say in a manner Muslims don't? Either they are deceived. They don't get it that what they're actually doing is wrong. Or they're lying. Allah subhanaw taala says about them, Allah unquestionably, what is

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Allah this has helped them B, then B is for warning in order to alert the listener, Allah. unquestionably, there's no doubt about this. And Allah, this is also said at the beginning of a sentence to show the authenticity the truthfulness of what is mentioned afterwards. So where does it come at the beginning of a sentence, why? To show to prove the authenticity, the truthfulness of what is mentioned afterwards? So Allah says, Allah unquestionably, there is no doubt about this. This is a sea Dune, it is they who are the corrupters will see Dune florala move said they're the ones who spread corruption, what I can learn early on, but they don't perceive they don't even

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realize what does it mean by a Sharon? Yes, Sharon is from she nine, shrewd and shrewd is to perceive to realize something to understand something. And this is from the workshop shot is used for hair. If you think about it, hair is very fine, very thin. Isn't it's a hair, very fine, very thin. Sometimes it's in your food, and you don't even realize until you actually pick up you know, a spoon or something and you see it dangling down. It's very fine. It's very thin. You don't even see it sometimes. So short route is to understand the fine matters of something to realize to perceive the reality of something. But the hypocrites layer scharoun they don't understand they don't get it.

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They don't realize what I can lie, Sharon, what do we learn from these verses?

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What do we learn from these verses? That nifer hypocrisy? Is it facade filled up? Is it facade filled up? Yes, it is. nofap is a part of facade fill out acts of disobedience to almost panatela Allah says in Surah taka 103, Wilhelmina be open bill ox arena. Allah say, shall we in bad deeds are actually his good deeds. nifa blinds a person so much so that he thinks his bad actions are actually his good actions. He doesn't realize that he's disobeying Allah, he thinks that he's doing something very good. This is something very, very dangerous. Because if a person is doing something bad thinking that he's doing something good, is he gonna end up harming himself? Yes, he is. For

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example, if a person is putting some harmful chemical thinking it to be something very beneficial for health into their food. Are they going to harm them

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Yes, they are, it's a harmful chemical, it can kill you, but you think it's very good for you. And if you put it in your food and you eat it, it's gonna kill you. So it's very, very harmful. Similarly, if a person is doing something bad in this dunya, and he thinks he's doing good, what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment, he's going to have a whole lot of deeds, which he thought were actually very good. But he's going to find out at that time that this was all a waste of time. This was all form you about the worst losers when it comes to deeds, people who are suffering great loss when it comes to their actions, meaning they're doing something but the only thing that they're

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getting out of it is loss. Who are they? And livina? loss? Are you home? Phil hyah. Tanya, it is those people who sorry, whose effort whose endeavor, and they think that whatever they're doing is very good. They think that what they're doing is very good, whereas in reality, what they're doing is evil.

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It's the same, so we have to become very careful that whatever we are doing, what is it? Is it something good? Or is it something bad? And what is good? And what is bad, according to our standards, according to standards of people, is it what is good, what is bad, according to the standards of Allah subhanaw taala, what Allah says is to be good, he doesn't see any benefit in it, he doesn't see any good in it. And whatever Allah is forbidden, he finds good things in it, which is why he wants to do it. So Allah in the home woman of Sedona, what Akela Sharon, did don't even realize.

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Another very important thing that we learned from these verses is that a person who is not a true believer, a person who is not a sincere believer, than his vision, his intelligence is deficient, in the sense that he thinks that something bad is good. Whereas in reality, it is bad. Who Sees bad as bad? A believer? And who sees bad as good? someone other than a believer? Because if you think about it, who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth? Allah subhanaw taala? Who is the one who knows everything about the heavens and the earth? Allah subhanaw taala? Who is the most wise? Allah? Who is the most adjust? Allah? Isn't that very obvious? It is obvious how through the creation that is

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around us. For example, if you look at how Allah subhanaw taala has made out and vegetables that we, if you look at how the water cycle is how the rain comes in how the plants grow out, is that amazing? Doesn't that show justice and balance and knowledge that every creature on the earth there is a means of life for it in this earth? We don't have to go to space to get fresh air. We don't have to go there is their provision, they're able to get it with that ability. They don't have to do something extra in order to get what they need. All of this the creation around us What does that show the justice of Allah the knowledge of Allah the mercy of a lock the greatness of a love the

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supremacy of a line every respect. So think about it a lot. The one who hangs around, it is said in the Arabic language, that marwadi phenomenon. Well, I'm a Ruby, that's one sort is walked by me and I didn't even realize

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not possible. Everything that Allah has commanded to us is in reality, good for us. And everything that Allah has forbidden for us at this in this problem. If you don't consume Riba then you will have this in this problem, list of problems. List of the cons of doing that which Allah has commanded.

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Allah in the home hormone mopsy don't wanna kill a rune. They don't even get it. They don't even perceive that a lot of people have believed

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the word karma is a combination of karma and Ma, and this letter, calf calf, this calf is known as calf or these verses when were they revealed when the prophet SAW a lot of sort of migrated from Mecca to Medina, there were many people who embraced Islam, just to gain the benefits of being a Muslim. They believe just to gain the benefits of being Muslim. So anass refers to the true believers as sincere believers. So the hypocrites, whoever you're also sacrificing kalu they say, No, me No, shall we believe, comma? I'm on a sofa, like these foolish people have believed. You want us to believe as these foolish people have believed. So in other words, the hypocrites call the

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believers foolish. Come on. I'm on a sofa. So, for example, it is that the surfer had the real shadow that the wind caused the trees to bend it caused the trees to sway back and forth. When can that happen to a tree when that tree is not strong and firm. So when something is very light, laden with light and it's firm in his knowledge,

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not strong in his understanding, then who is he? Foolish, isn't it? Because he is easily convinced. For example, if there is a person who is very knowledgeable about, you know, eating healthy eating good stuff, no matter how much you convince them, just have a sip of coke. Come on just one second, will they have it? No matter how much you doesn't matter how much you try to convince them, if they're firm, that they're going to be eating healthy, they're not going to drink it. But If, on the other hand, a person is shaky, that Yeah, I know you're supposed to eat healthy, but you know, doesn't matter. So if you tell him have the soda, he won't mind. It's very easy to convince them.

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It's very easy to uproot them. Why? Because they're light. They're not firm. They're not strong. So who are so fat foolish people who are like them do whatever they want? Foolish? Now, the question is, why is it that the hypocrites called the believer sofa? Why do you think so?

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Why would a hypocrite describe a believer as a foolish person? Have you ever heard somebody saying, if I put a hijab I'm gonna look foolish.

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I don't want to look silly.

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You see, the thing is that this Deen of hours, this religion of ours, it requires us to do something.

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And many times, we have to do something that is different from the rest of the society.

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Many times we have to do something in which we suffer with regards to worldly benefits. Many times it requires us to do something which goes against our desires. For example, if you have to put on the hijab,

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you go to school, nobody else is wearing it, you're the only one wearing it, everybody's showing off their hair. And there you are covering your hair.

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You know, because you want to have enough money to pay for your school, they think you're being foolish, because you are losing out in the dunya you are suffering with regards to your dunya out, you know, for example, you're not going to take interest. And as a result, you're going to perhaps live in a rented property, or perhaps you're gonna wait on going. I remember when I got married, it had been a year or two after we got married. And my husband and I, we were at a particular store and this woman came up to us and she was trying to sell us something. And she thought we were just friends, because we appear to be very young, obviously. So she thought we were just friends. And you

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know, we'd refer to one another as husband and wife or something in the conversations that you guys are married. Seriously, why are you married? You know, you're young, enjoy yourself, why would you tie yourself up in a relationship, you know, like this and be responsible, you're gonna cover your hair? How foolish is that? This is what people think. But is this true? That if a person sacrifices enjoyment in the Hereafter, the foolish is the one who goes for temporary benefit, sacrificing eternal enjoyment? Allah unquestionably, there is no doubt about this, that in the home homos sofa, it is the hypocrites who are the foolish, it's not the believers who are foolish, willing to do

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something good. What do they say? I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do what the foolish people are doing. What does it show that a hypocrite does not benefit from the call to save? What do we learn from this verse? We learned many lessons, the beginning of the EDA feel alone. Um, you know, can I am a nurse when they're invited. And he thinks he will be foolish, therefore, he says, I'm not going to do it. Secondly, we also see that a hypocrite does not like the call to talk about Salah, and Dean, and all of this stuff. He doesn't like it doesn't have any interest in it. He thinks all of this to be foolishness. He thinks all of this to be stupidity, that you've got to be a

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fool, to cover your head. In this country. You've got to be a fool to prey. You've got to be a fool to step considers a deem to be foolish and the people have deemed to be foolish as well. And here we need to check ourselves that if we are asked to do something good. If we are asked to do something good, that you get easily convinced. Just because it's written in the Quran doesn't mean you have to do it. This is what a hypocrite thinks. So what do we learn that a hypocrite is not like the dean head? Like for example, we're sitting on the computer. Somebody reminds us it's time for Salah do we get irritated? Why are you telling me in our heads, mind your own business. He doesn't think if he

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is going to do what Allah subhanaw taala wants him to do. It's going to be a waste of time. No. You know, it's amazing how shaitaan corrupts our thinking so much that we think praying salah and spending 10 minutes on Salah is a waste of time. It's gonna take so much time and spending half an hour just reading other people tweet who is being foolish than who is being foolish. The hypocrite is being foolish, right? Then we also learned

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that a hypocrite thinks very highly of himself.

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He thinks that he is the best and everyone else do not have any intelligence. Everyone else is silly. They're all foolish. He thinks very, very highly of himself. He thinks he's very intelligent. He thinks he's very smart. He's very educated. He's very progressive. And the rest of the people they're so backwards. You know, I am getting a Bachelors of Science and she has a Bachelors of Arts.

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This is what people do, isn't it? Oh, my hijab looks the best over here. Look at her her job and don't even coordinate with each other. This is what looking down on other people. No, me No, come on, I'm gonna sue for her. I am the best and everybody else sofa, the arrogance of hypocrites, where they say a note men will come and a sofa, shall we believe, like the foolish have believed? Who would say this person desire that believers are described as

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so for her by people.

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And this is not something new. So if somebody then don't feel bad, why, because this has been the way from the very beginning, the prophets of Allah, where they appreciate it and does not believe, like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba believed is in fact foolish, because anass refers to the companions of the Prophet sallallahu. So Apollo is foolish. And this leads us to the next point, which is that a person who believes the way the prophets what a lot of them believe the way the companions believed, then that person, Rebekah i 130, there were many more, I'm miletti Ibrahim, Ibrahima 11, Sophie Hannah, who turned away from the religion of Ibrahim Reddy, sir except for the

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one who What if a person is alone, it's not a requirement. But perfectly establishing the Salah means performing the Salah, in congregation, especially when there is a tomorrow

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he will give him a chance. Because we see that there are people you may have experiences with yourself as well, that perhaps a few years ago, a few weeks ago, a few months ago, how because he's making the best choice that even if he suffers, even if you have to sacrifice with regards to his dounia, he has an eternity of enjoyment without establishing the solid. What do they tell us that a person is serious about prayer, he gives importance to prayer meeting him. That's a very clever move. That's a very smart move. You know, for example, when you're playing Scrabble, or you're playing some game, and you take a move that, you know, just brings you temporary benefit, but it

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actually opens the door for the other to take a very good move, like you make a word and then they get to place their letters on a triple word score. You're giving them the opportunity, yes, you gained a double word score, but you know what they gained triple word score because of your move. So you got the immediate benefit, but in the long run, you suffered. So the hippo card also things like this. He wants the benefit of the dunia temporary benefit. And he doesn't care about the suffering for eternity. So who is clever, the one who wants the accurate, who is foolish, the one who wants dounia apply the same principle, a person who just wants to watch you know, YouTube videos one after

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the other, as opposed to someone who is going to take time out from that when the time comes for Salah. And he performs us Allah who is clever, the one who performs the Salah, and always being foolish, the one who's watching one video after the other and hours have gone by useless wasting his time. So we can apply this principle and everything. Then we also learned this ayah that the hypocrites are ignorant. Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, I can lay on a moon, they don't even know. They don't know that they are foolish. They don't know that there is suffering they don't know that there are going to be losers. They don't know what I can lay on the moon. The hypocrite lacks

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knowledge, knowledge of who of himself, knowledge of what of the reality knowledge of what are the consequences of his actions, knowledge of what the dean knowledge of the hereafter he does not have knowledge and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do qualities do not come together in a hypocrite? Do qualities do not come together in a hypocrite? What are they good manners and the understanding of the good manners and the understanding of Deen? They are not part of a hypocrite.

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Which shows that a hypocrite has bad manners and a hypocrite is ignorant of the day. The hypocrite has bad manners, bad manners. What are bad manners, fighting with other people on little issues. screaming, yelling, cursing, talking bad saying bad words. foul language. This is what bad manners, being unjust, being unfair. being rude to those who are older than us is that good manners is

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Is that we think it's very cool. Yeah, I can answer back. See how clever I was. Similarly we think it's cool to not directly lay on the moon but they do not even know