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Al-Maidah 41-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 45-46


AI: Summary © The law of life provides protection for individuals and their loved ones, regardless of their personal and family history. The act of killing a person for a deadly crime is accounted for, while the victim's actions are recognized as goddamn acts. The use of goddamn words like " Garland" and "offering" in relation to actions of the criminal is also discussed, and the importance of Islam is emphasized. The history of forgiveness is also discussed, including the implementation of Islam subhanaw taala and the use of the book of a lot to guide people.
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I'm gonna be laying the shadow energy investment over him.

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Lesson number 72 So tonight, I am number 45

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woke up and I lay him Fie her and enough seven nuptse will lie in a bit of irony while unfamiliar and fee, while una Bill ooni was sin be Sydney and we had ordained for them there in meaning we had ordained Waka taberna from Keith Abba, meaning this was an obligation upon who upon them, who was mentioned in the previous ayah. The bunny is not you, who was mentioned in the previous slide, the bunny is for you that they were given the Torah and who were judged according to the Torah, the prophets, and after the profits that are Benny Yoon, and the above, and they were supposed to judge by the Torah and ensure that people are implementing the Torah as well.

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So Waka taberner, la him, we had ordained for them, fee her in it meaning in the Torah, for who for the Bani Israel, this was a command that was given to them, that a nap seven naps, that indeed, a naps, meaning a person is going to be killed, by enough see for the person whom he killed.

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So basically, the party is going to be killed for the quarter that he performed. So basically, we gave them the law of life for a life. This was the law that they were given.

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And we learned that there were several tribes of the hood that were living in Medina, two of them were Banu and Elise. And when Korea, if a person was killed from banana leaves by a man from binuclear Rayleigh,

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then the sauce would be taken, meaning that the person of the binocular Eva who had killed the person from burning the lead, that person would be killed, the consoles would be carried out. However, if a person was killed from binocular Rayleigh by a person from Bernoulli, then in that case, Blood Money was taken from Bernoulli. And the murder, the quarter would not be killed, because sauce would not be taken rather what would be done the blood money would be taken. So basically, they considered banana leaf to be more prestigious, and bonagura to be lesser. Therefore, if somebody from Berlin Alito was killed, then kasasa would be taken. However, if banana lead killed

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someone, then in that case, they would only pay blood money.

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So basically, depending on the status of the person, they had changed some laws, they had altered some laws. What does Allah say that we had given them the law, that the person who has killed he is the one who's going to be killed in return?

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Just as we learned earlier in North America that bill Henry will do bill RBD will answer will answer, meaning whoever the killer is, he is going to be punished he or she is going to be killed in return.

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And we also learned from a hadith which was mentioned in say that the man is killed for the woman whom he kills. In that case, a woman is not going to be killed, the same man who killed the woman is going to be killed. So basically, the law was given to the Bani Israel that whoever the cartel is, he is going to be killed. Regardless of his family, regardless of his gender, regardless of the status of his position, no matter who he is, he is going to be held accountable, he is going to be punished.

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What else was given to them what other law was given to them?

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What do I know the meaning and the eye for that I meaning that if a person hurts the eye of the other such that he blinds him, then in that case, what's going to be done, the same act is going to be done to him,

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while unfair will and fee and the nose for the nose. So if a person cuts off the nose of the other, or he breaks the nose of the other than the exact same thing is going to be done to him.

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Well una below the knee and the ear for the ear. So if somebody cuts off the ear of the other, or he screams at him in such a way that he makes him deaf, then the same thing is going to be done to him

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was sent never Sydney and the tooth for the tooth. So if a person breaks the tooth of the other bulls out the tooth of the other than the exact same thing is going to be done to him.

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So basically the law that the Bani Israel were given was of justice, meaning whatever the perpetrator has done, the exact same thing is going to be done to him, regardless of his status, gender position whatsoever. The exact same thing is going to be done to him.

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However, what did they do? They altered the law, they change the law.

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Why did you do hacker sauce and for all injuries, there is going to be kasasa

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Judo is a foreigner. And what does that mean wound an injury. So any other injury on any other parts of the body because over here, only a few parts of the body are mentioned? Correct. So if there is an injury that a person gives to the other on any other parts of the body, let's say the hand or the foot, the mouth, any part of the body, any kind of wounded is the exact same thing is going to be done to him. Why? Because the sauce the life kasasa has given of equal retribution, that the exact same thing will be done to the criminal, what he inflicted on the victim and not more than that.

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famine, so whoever the South Dakota, he he gave charitably with it to him. The South Dakota is better saw that.

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And the South Dakota, what does it mean, to donate to give a charity to give sadaqa. So over here, what does it mean by charity, meaning he forgoes He forgives the other graciously, despite having the right to take the sauce.

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So basically, the law that was given to the Bani Israel was after sauce.

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And if the victim if he wished to forgive the criminal,

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if the victim if he wish to forgive the criminal, then that was also permissible.

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For Manta SATA copy, then whoever gave charitably for who was so it is a fella to level it is an expiation for him. kafala is from the roof address GAF Allah What does capital literally mean to cover something?

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And cassava is the shuttering removal of a sin.

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It's the shuttering removal of a sin, the guilt of the sin.

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That when a person commits a sin, when a person commits a crime, then there is a head that has to be implemented that has to be carried out there is some punishment, some consequences. casada is something that a person does because of which the head cannot be carried out on him. You understand? casada is a shutter II removal off the head of the sin.

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Why is it called Kapha because it removes the head away from him and it hides it covers the sin of the person.

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So for Hookah flotilla, that is going to be an expiation for him. For who who does him refer to him over here refers to the aggressor, the criminal, the aggressor, meaning the criminal, the one from whom casaus was to be taken.

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So if he is forgiven by the victim, then that is his kafala.

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You understand, if the criminal is forgiven by the victim, then that forgiveness is the kafala for the criminal meaning that no harm is going to be carried out on him. He is now forgiven, because the victim forgive him.

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It is also said that farehawker fell to LA who him over here refers to the one who forgives the other, meaning the victim who forgives the criminal, you understand? How is it a pharaoh for him for what this act of forgiving the criminal is going to be a means of forgiveness for his other since

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He forgive the criminal. He's doing some of the injury that was caused to him the harm that he suffered the loss that he suffered, because of that, He forgive him and because of that reason, Allah will forgive him his sins. Do you understand?

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Allah will forgive him his sins, why? Because he forgave the other.

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So the pain or the hurt that he suffered will be a source of reward for him on the Day of Judgment,

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even our best of the learn who said that if one bargains by way of charity, it will result in expiation for the aggressor and reward for the victim.

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So it's an expiation for the aggressor, and it's also reward for the victim.

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And we also learned that at the time of the prophets are a lot of Southern California man his father got killed at the Battle of boyhood by mistake. You know, how the Battle of war for there was a lot of chaos. The Muslims, they were retreating. And at one point, by mistake they began attacking their own Muslim brothers and sisters, because they didn't realize it was coming before us. So by mistake, are they even even your man his father, got killed by other Muslims? By mistake, but he forgave them. Why? Because it was a mistake. Yes, the law of causes could be applied over there, but he forgave them. So if a person forgives the other for the wrong that he has done him, that will be a

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source of forgiveness for his sins on the Day of Judgment.

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Well, my Lamia come and whoever does not judge Bhima under Allah according to what Allah has revealed, for Allah eccomas only more than it is

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Who are the wrongdoers? It is such who are doing zone upon who upon themselves. How by not implementing the command of a law, they're not giving a law, his Heck, they're committing such people as lolly moon. Previously we read that such people are caffeine. And now we read that such people are lolly moon.

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Well, Athena Allah fit him, and we sent following in their footsteps, who be Risa reciting.

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Athena is from the roof letters for farewell of one is to follow someone's tracks and effect is to send someone behind the other, you send someone following the preceding ones footsteps, the one who went before him. So basically it is to send someone after another

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a for example, you send one person to something and then you send another person to do the same task and then you send another person to the same desk. So it is one after the other in succession. You understand? So a Faina meaning Allah sent in succession. Allah fit him upon their footsteps. Who does their refer to? Their refers to the prophets? then it'd be Yun alladhina assalamu, who came after musasa

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the ayah before what did we learn that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the Torah and who does recording to it? And there'll be you alladhina assalamu who was judged according to it, the Rabbani Yun and the bar.

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So basically Allah subhanaw taala center toto and the people they lived by the total.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala, sent Isa de Sena after the

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look of Fina, him, after them who did a loss and resign insulin who was the receptionist to them if pneumonia

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and when he came, what did he do? Did he bring a new shirt here? He was Mossad Deacon, he confirmed he confirmed what Lima, Albania de Minato, he confirmed that which was before him of the total. So he confirmed the truthfulness of the total. However, he was not to judge according to the total. Why?

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Because we're at a now who's in jail, and we gave him the engine.

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So the total was applicable until when,

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until he started Sam came, when he started, Sam came he brought the NGO and in the NGO fee, who then went in it was guidance and light. Previously, we read that in the Torah, there was who there were no, then Allah sent in jail and in the India was Buddha and No.

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And the engineer, one will suddenly Kalima Bay in a minute or even the Injeel confirm the truthfulness of what was before meaning that Allah

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wa who then and the Injeel was a guidance, women were in Latin, and it was also an advice, they look the pain for those who are the core.

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So what do we learn from this? i?

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First of all, we see that a lot of panel data center toto and why did he send it out so that people would live by it, people would judge according to it, the scholars as well as the profits as well.

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And the total was a source of light and guidance for the people. Light and guidance means that it's to be followed, it's to be observed, not that it should be just kept in the bookshelf.

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After that, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala sent the Injeel when the NGO came what was supposed to be practiced by the people, the Injeel, because that was a law now that Allah Subhana Allah sent, that had knew and who the Mozilla for who for those people who adopt Aqua.

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And then in the following, I add, we will learn that Allah Subhana Allah sent the Quran. So basically, this teaches us that in each era, Allah subhanaw taala sent a particular scripture, which was to be followed at that particular time. It was to be followed and observed at that particular time, what Allah sent the new scripture, then that previous scripture was not to be followed, the new scripture was to be followed. So similarly, now, Orion has been sent, what should we follow what should be observed the Koran.

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We also learned from this idea that the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala, sent they all confirmed one another.

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They were all supporters of one another. Because he started he said, he was who was out there.

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And this should also be the way of the followers of the prophets, that they must also support one another. They must also confirm one another. Not that they should cut off one another. Not that you should refute one another, but rather support one another in the work that you're doing.

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We also are in the

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The Book of a lot the scripture that allows the Pantheon reveals it is new as it guides people.

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Otherwise, without the book without the Scripture, people are in darkness, which darkness of comfort of misguidance doubts, confusion, problems, depression. So it's the book of Allah that takes the people out of darkness into the light. This is why Allah subhanaw taala sent the scripture in each time in each era, which was to be followed by people