Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 16 – L162B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam and its implementation by Iran's government have been discussed, including the removal of slavery and the use of deadly force. The transcript describes various actions taken, including shooting at neighbor soldiers and leaving weapons behind, and touches on the use of words like "has he" and "has he" to describe situations. The segment also discusses the confusion surrounding leaders during the pandemic and the importance of following guidance. The segment also touches on the history of Islam in Egypt and its impact on the region's culture.
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Either below him in a shared language Jean Bismillah Rahim lesson number 162 Surah Taha Ayah number 77 what are the Oh hyena either Moosa and we had inspired to mozzarella, mozzarella, Sam was commanded by who? By Allah soprano tada To do what? An s3, that you travel by night with who very badly with my servants.

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We learned that when Messiah Salam he went to fit our own he said to him that sent the Bani Israel with me. Freedom from slavery from imprisonment and let them go home. Let them go back to their home country, but for their own refused,

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instead of releasing the Bani Israel, what did he do?

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He increased the torture against them. He increased the punishment on them. He began killing their sons again.

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And for many years Musa Hassan stayed in Egypt. And the signs the miracles that fair on demanded. They were shown to him and instead of believing in them, he called them magic. And we have learned earlier that because of their constant denial, Allah subhanaw taala sent against them several punishments.

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Like for instance, the frogs, the locusts, the lice, etc, etc. So many punishments were sent upon them.

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And every time a punishment was sent on the people of their own for their own would come up to Masada salon and he would say that you pray to your Lord to remove this from us. And if this affliction is removed, you and Bani Israel, you all can go

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but what would happen? Every time the affection was removed, he would go back on his word he wouldn't fulfill it. So therefore, Allah subhanaw taala he freed the Bani Israel by his own power now.

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Pharaoh was not letting them go. He was not releasing them. So Allah commanded Messiah Salah that you take Bani Israel and leave with them. Just leave you don't need to see what your own says. You don't need to seek His permission. You don't have to, you know abide by his rules anymore. No, just leave. So what are called the O hanaa illa Musa. Allah commanded Musashi Salah, and sdb reberty

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and s3 is from the reflectors scene. Yeah, from the word is Surah which is to travel by night.

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So musasa was commanded to take the Bani Israel by night. Why? Because it was supposed to be a secret exit.

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They were supposed to leave secretly, if they were to leave during the day, then fill it out and his people would never allow them to. And it was the entire nation the entire people of Bani Israel that had to go, therefore, they left by night.

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And everybody refers to the bunnies slay

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for dribbler whom then you strike for them. But you can a bat were filled in the sea

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because when the bunny Israeli left from Egypt, and they headed towards Sham on their way, they came across a sea and obviously they weren't ready they didn't have boats they didn't have ships with them. And even if they could make one or two it was the entire nation of Bani Israel that had to cross so what happened Allah subhanaw taala committed musasa now that

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you strike for them meaning strike your stuff into the sea, and as a result make for them fill in the sea. Yes and dry. Meaning Aquarius aware of that a road that is going to be a person so yeah button over here is a slip off, buddy. Okay.

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So to configure battery yeah buzzer and what does he mean? Yeah, this is from the newsletters Yeah, the scene and it literally means that which is dry that which does not have any moisture in it that which lacks any kind of moisture. We have done this word earlier, that when I was in elaphiti diving will be there is nothing wet or dry, except that it is in a clear record so that you can fill bahariya Basin

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without any water.

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Think about it if a place is covered in water completely covered. And let's say you somehow managed to remove that water from that soil.

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Isn't the ground still going to be wet?

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At least it will be damp or it will be slippery. Right? If you set your foot on it, perhaps it will sink perhaps your foot will slip. But we see that this fat that was made through the ocean through the sea. How was it

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It was dry Yabba sun

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and this enable the Bani Israel to travel across the sea very easily.

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latter half of the Pelican, you will not fear any overtaking meaning you will not have this fear of being overtaken by fitting our own and his armies while at Daksha, nor will you fear, meaning nor will you have fear of drowning. The word delicate is from the root letters that are calf any other word from the same root.

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Iraq right, which is to perceive led to very cool a bizarre

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vision does not perceive him.

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So, the rock literally is the rope which is tied with another rope. So that one is able to reach the depths of the water.

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a rope that is tied with another rope so that the diver he can reach the depths of the water. Like for example, imagine if a diver goes into the water to find something to collect something.

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But he has tied himself up with a rope and that rope is somewhere on the shore somebody is holding on to him so that he does not drown.

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Imagine as he goes down, he feels that he needs to go more deep. But the rope is not long enough. So what will you do, he will take another rope tied to the rope that he's tied with and then this way extended. And with their Oh being extended, he will be able to go deeper.

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So doc is what something through which you can reach another it helps you reach your destination.

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So it helps you catch up with something attain something. So let the half of the rock and you will not have this fear of being caught up by Fiona and his armies. They will not catch up with you. What are Daksha nor will you have fear

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Daksha is from the word Russia and Russia is what kind of fear that is due to the magnitude of something to the greatness of something and it's also based on knowledge because you are aware of how great it is. This is why you are afraid

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so you will not have any fear of drowning.

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Now remember that this villa is a Maki soda and through the story of Masada Suleiman Bani Israel, who was being reassured the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions. And as I mentioned to you earlier, it was revealed in the early part of the meccan ear.

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So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been reassured that even though you were surrounded by your enemy, your enemy is very strong. That every step you take, you feel that your enemy is going to harm you. But remember that Allah is protecting you.

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And if Allah is protecting you, your enemy cannot do anything. Just as musar Islam and Bernie is like you when they left their own. Yes, he did come after them. But was he able to catch up with them? Not at all. was he able to harm them at all? No way. Why? Because Allah had protected musala salah and Bani Israel. Therefore if you are under the protection of Allah Do not fear the enemy at all. In through the Shara. We learn about this account in detail.

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We learn what oh hanaa illa Moosa an SD very badly in a coma. And we inspire to Masada Salaam that travel by night and you are going to be followed. So musasa was told already that leave by but remember that you're going to be followed by further on in his people. For our Salah fit our own film today in hashing one fifth, our own found out that Moosa and Bani Israel had left he sent in the different cities, people to gather others. So in other words, he sent messages to all the towns all the cities that everybody come, we have to go and catch up with the Bani Israel.

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In the hair Buddha illustrate the modern balloon, he said indeed those are but a small band was in the home Lennar aloha his own and indeed they are enraging us. These people, Bani Israel, a small group of people look they have left without our permission, and they're engaging us what in their ledger Mirren had the rune And indeed We are a cautious society. So we're not going to let them go like this. We're going to catch up with them and we're going to bring them back

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for a generic home in genetic what Yun so Allah says we took them out from their gardens and their strings were canoes and one more Parliament Kareem and treasures and honorable stations. Calico Ola Sneha Bunny is for you. Thus and we cause to inherited the children of a slight you

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for over machine. So when did fit our knees people follow the money Israel early morning. They pursued them at sunrise.

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So the leftist

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The morning at night. Most artists run left in the morning for their own game.

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And then what happened? fellow metal and germani color of harbor Moosa in Nanaimo dracoon. And when the two companies saw one another, when the Bani Israel saw the people of Iran approaching the companions of Masada ceram said, Indeed we are to be overtaken

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because you can imagine they were a slave nation, right? And for their own and his people were their masters, and now they're coming after them with all their power. So they're like, that's it, we're done. We are going to be overtaken but musasa What did he say? He said color in America ob say the no way they can never catch up with us, because indeed with me is my Lord, and He will guide me, he will tell me what to do for our hyena Illa Moosa Anita Rivera circle verhaal fun fella fellow of acana kulu Philippine Catalina Aleem.

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Then we inspire to musala salaam that strike with your staff, the sea, and the sea parted and each portion was like a great towering mountain. So the sea parted. And what happened. It parted into two and both the sides were like two huge towering mountains. And then what happened was left NASA thummell hareem

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and we advanced there to the pursuers meaning the people who are following the bunny is like you fit around, even they came into the middle of the sea, in pursuit of Abu Musab and Bani Israel. What Angelina musella Mara, who as your marine and we saved Musa and those who are with him all together, some luck in a hurry, and then we drowned the other ones. So musasa Bani Israel, they cross the sea safely through the dry path that was made for them.

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But for their own and his people as they came pursuing them what happened, the seat closed in on them.

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For at Barrow home theater owner, Sophia our own followed them. Just as a last panel, Darla said that in the con matava own. So for our own he followed them

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VG nu d with his soldiers. He sent her shooting into all of the various cities and he said, Come, we have to go on this mission. So he pursued the Bani Israel with all of his armies with all of his forces.

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Remember at the Battle of who name

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how the tribes that came to fight against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Muslims, what did they do?

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They didn't just bring their soldiers who else did they bring? Their women, their children, their animals, all of their wealth, even

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Why? To make sure that they were going to win. Right? Because the crying of the children, the women being helpless, it motivated their men that we have to win. We cannot let ourselves lose this battle. So similarly fit around. What did he do? It wasn't just him and his soldiers who went they took everyone along with them. Even their treasures, everything they took along with them to make sure that they were going to bring the money back and also fit everything along with him. Why? In order to show his power to the Bani Israel, that you dare escape from me? Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten who we are? We can catch up with you and we'll take you back as slaves.

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So for at vero home theater OBJ new de felisha home but what happened it covered them last year from the roof Tetris lynchin Well, arranging yet Lucia from the same route, so it covered them what covered them. Meanwhile, yummy from the sea. Young from the rotators Yeah, me me.

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So for Russia homina Liam me if you notice it's only men from only some part. It wasn't that the entire sea covered them only a part of the sea that covered

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only a few waves the entire sea was not required. Yes, he had brought all of his junoon but a few waves were enough to drown all of his soldiers for Russia who mineralia me melva Shia whom back which covered them.

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So what is it that covered them? malattia home What does it refer to the water

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the waves, so it covered them it drowned them. And this expression for Hershey Omen and yummy malattia. This shows that first of all, the water covered them as it should have covered them. Meaning they were drowned completely. With not even one of them surviving with not even anything of theirs surviving. Every single one of them. Every single thing that they have brought, it was covered with water. It was drowned in

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The water completely with nothing that was left untouched. And also for her she Amina Liam me malattia when it shows mobile, it shows the hoof that how frightening that scene was the imagine the waves falling down on them. Imagine the waves closing in on them. Mel washy.

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So it shows the magnitude of what covered.

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And it also gives the meaning of certainty have gone that certainly they were covered. Certainly they were drowned. So musasa and buddy Israel, they cross the sea and feel our own. He also followed them

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onto the dry path, but what happened? The waves they closed in on your own and him and his people and everything that he had brought, it was all drowned. So Allah subhanaw taala says about fit our own, what have been left in our own okoma who and fit our own lead his people astray.

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abunda he led them astray, warmer, hotter, and he did not guide

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fit our own in reality. What did he do to his people? He misled them. He did not guide them.

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lala land can be understood in two ways. That first of all, when in terms of religion, in terms of Deen he misled them.

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He did not guide them. We learned into the prophet Isaiah 29 that we had our own said or fit our own mouth. Come Elana, our woman decom illa Sabina Rashard

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for onset to his people, that Oh, my people, I do not show you except what I see. I'm only telling you what I believe. And you believe that I am, right. So I'm only telling you what I see. And I do not guide you except to the way of right conduct. This is what he said to the people. But what does Allah say in reality, he misled them. In reality, he misguided them, he did not actually guide them.

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Because if you were truly guiding them, what would he do? He would tell them to obey musasa to believe in Him,

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and also a boil of your own karma. Who am I hada. This can be understood in another way as well.

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That literally, he took them to the wrong destination.

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They were living in their houses. They were living in their palaces, amongst their treasures, in their gardens. In all that luxury. What did he do? He took them out of their homes, he sent his machine in the medallion.

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And what did he do? He took them when I heard that he did not guide them, but rather he took them into the middle of the sea, making every single one of them drown.

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What does it show to us

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that he drowned himself in misguidance and he also drowned others in misguidance because those who followed him, did not use their mind.

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They followed him blindly. They did not see where their leader was taking them.

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They just fell for his words. They didn't analyze what he was calling them to.

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Institute and 96 to 98 we learn one or the other Salah Mousavi Ayah Tina was so funny movie in it after omada II photographer I'm one of your owner, woman theater owner below she

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that certainly we sent Masada salon with our signs, and also a clear authority clear evidence to defend our own and his chiefs, his elite, but what happened they followed the command of our own, but the command of it our own was not at all rightly guided.

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And because they followed him blindly in this dunya what will happen on the day of judgment? Yakubu mukalla who yarmulke Mati for a rather human now we're bit Sal will do the route that he will lead his people on the Day of Judgment into what into the Hellfire and wretched is the place to which they are LED.

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So, they reach this end the entire civilization. Just imagine the entire Egyptian civilization.

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It came to an end it was finished. Why? Because the people they followed their leader blindly.

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They did not see as to where he was taking them.

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And just imagine if you reach the shore of the sea, and all of a sudden you see the sea split into two.

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Isn't that enough of a sign for you to believe in the person who caused the sea to split into two?

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Just imagine, but still he did not accept and still his people. They did not believe the truth was obvious before them. But still they did not open their eyes they blindly follow their leader. So what is this? I showed

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to us that we have to see, who is it that we are following?

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Who is it that we're following? Do we follow others blindly? Or do we analyze what they're calling us do?

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Do we check that what they're calling us do does it conform with the Quran and Sunnah or not?

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So we see that the people have their own, they did not analyze the call of it or they just follow them blindly.

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So we have to be extremely careful.

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Yeah, Bani Israel already Israel, a las panatela addresses the children of Israel, but which buddy Israel is this. This can refer to the Bani Israel of that time. Those who were saved from the torture of

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that after saving them, Allah subhanaw taala addressed them.

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Others have said that he evany is right you can also refer to the bunny is right of the title of the profit side alone isn't

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because the favorite that was bestowed on their forefathers is automatically a favor on them. Isn't it? Whatever good your parents have enjoyed. You automatically benefit from that.

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And others have said that Bani Israel refers to the Bani Israel of all times.

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Since that time, it refers to all of the generations of any Israeli because their forefathers were saved. And hence no matter how many years have passed by still, they are benefiting.

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So yeah, but he is what you call the angina come in fact, we saved you. We rescued you. How from where men or do we come from your enemy? Your enemy found was not letting you go. We saved you. We took you out of there. If you try to fight your way out of Egypt, you wouldn't have been able to

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if you try to overthrow the federal he would not have been able to. We saved you. We took you out of Egypt. We sent musala salah and then we made our own come after you and we made him drown over there. We saved you. We don't insert a backhoe I have 49 what isn't a generic? I'm an elevator owner, so Muna come soon and either you either be owner of an ACO Why is the human Anissa acoem wolfy Valley Kampala O'Meara become?

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So we are the ones who saved you.

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And why is this being said the other angina come in or the window? Why is being set over here to raise the feelings of gratitude in buddies

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to make them feel the great favours of Allah?

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Allah has recorded that even our best of the learn who said that when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam came to Medina, he found the yahood fasting on the day of Ashura. So he asked them about it and they said, this is the day that Allah gave Musa victory over film. Therefore, we fast on this day. So yes, you are grateful for it. And don't forget that Allah soprano is the one who saved you from your enemy.

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Well, where are they now? Come and we made an appointment with you. Where janee book tour on the side of the mount to which side amen the right one.

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What does it mean by this? Well, where are they now come janitorial, amen. We learned that after masala Salman Bani Israel, they safely cross the sea.

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They entered the plane of the

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remember they entered the plane of wilderness and Allah subhanaw taala called Musa al Islam to mount Tov. Why?

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In order to give him that Allah because now the Bani Israel were free. So they were supposed to learn as to how they were to worship Allah.

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In Egypt, they were oppressed. Even if they were given a lot, they wouldn't be able to follow it. Right? So all of the rules when were they given them after they were freed from fit? Oh, just as the prophet SAW the Lord Solomon the Sahaba. in Makkah, what were they taught?

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beliefs, right? Amen. And when they migrated to Medina, then all the laws game laws about divorce laws about you know, buying and selling haram Hillel, all of these laws inheritance. When did they come in Medina, but in Makkah, they were taught Amen.

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Similarly, the Bani Israel, they were supposed to be given the law after they became free from Iran. So in order to give the law to them, a lot of penalties are called Masada some amount

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we learned in our life I 142. Well, where are they now Moosa Latino a Latin word Atma Madhavi Ashlyn Futterman Mercado de Albertina later and we made an appointment with musala salon for 30 nights.

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So musala was called over there for how long 30 nights, and he perfected them by the addition of 10. So he stayed for how long then 40. So the term of his Lord was completed as 40 nights. And then finally, he was given the total.

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In total bacala iF 51 also we learned what is were either Moosa or Marina Laila. And recall when we made an appointment with Musa al Islam for 14 minutes. So where are the Nakhon Geneva? poodle a mini

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now we see that it was only Mossad Islam who went to mental isn't it? But why is it said well, why are they now come? We promised all of you. We made an appointment with all of you over nice lady. Whereas it was only mozzarella Sarah who went there?

00:25:46 --> 00:26:06

Exactly. Because when musallam went there, he was given the Torah and that Torah was for who only for him to follow know for the entire Bani Israel. So when Messiah Salam went to Mount to, he didn't just go for his own sake. He went for the sake of Bani Israel. He went on behalf of his entire nation.

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And it's also said that some people from the Bani Israel there were 70 men who were supposed to go with him.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:21

They were supposed to go with him. But Mousavi hastened and he went quickly. First himself, he left the people behind.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:39

So where are they now come janitorial. Amen. And the word amen from the roof that was yummy moon yoga, which means right? unite as a feminine and a man is the masculine. Okay? So an Amen. It doesn't just mean right. But it also means bless it.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:51

Right? It doesn't just mean right? Right isn't the opposite of left cannot right as an opposite of wrong, okay. But even also means blessing.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:55

That which is full of hate that which is full of Baraka.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:04

My moon from the same root is used for that which is blessed. My Moon is a feminine of that.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:10

And it is used for such blessing or such hate that is naturally a part of something.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:24

It's naturally like that it's naturally blessed. It's naturally full of hate. It's not that you put the height in it, it's just like that. So the right side of the mound, what does that mean by this?

00:27:25 --> 00:27:41

Meaning the right side of the mount in the sense that for a person who's traveling from Egypt to a sham, the side of the mountain which would be on his right, that is the site where musasa is gone.

00:27:42 --> 00:27:49

So janitorial a man, when is the NA NA como el mundo salah and we sat down upon you, the man and Salwa.

00:27:50 --> 00:27:53

Why? Because when Bani Israel left Egypt,

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just imagine the trip from Egypt to a sham would be a long one, isn't it?

00:28:01 --> 00:28:23

And especially when they had so many people, when there were so many people who were supposed to travel together. If it's just a few people, you can take some food with you, perhaps you can survive on that little bit of food. But if it's a huge group of people, then you need a lot of food. Like remember how the Sahaba they went all the way to the book,

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all the way to the book, how much food was required, how many resources were required that people brought everything they had Rebecca Dillard who brought everything he had was manual, the manual he brought so much, but still it was less because the more people in the journey in the trip, the more supplies you need. Now imagine money is fine, the left in the middle of the night. Right? And there were slaves, how much could they take with them?

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How much it wouldn't be possible. Okay, now perhaps on your way you can chop on your way you can pick something up, but they were traveling through the desert where there is no water where there are no trees, you can't find any food.

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So the bunny is right alongside the panel data supplied food and shelter to them.

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He sent upon the man and Salwa food and he sent a cloud on them to shade them from the sun in the middle of the desert. And when they were in the desert also, he supplied them with water as well. The musasa was told to strike the staff onto the rock and then 12 Springs gushed forth

Ta-Ha 77-104 Word Analysis and Tafsir 77-80

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