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Al-Kahf 27-44 Translation 27-44

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem Amma bars fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly acidity away acidity emri. Washington melissani Yakubu Cody openers opener in

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Lesson number 152 suta Taka is number 27 to 44

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what Lu and recite math? What ocea it was revealed it was inspired. Elijah Do you mean from kitabi book, Rob Baker of your left not morbid dealer. Anyone who changes the Karima T for his words, one and never Vegeta you will find men from dooney he besides Him, Malta Heather, any place of refuge

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waspish and restream

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wa and his spirit restrain that sucker seka yourself Mara with alladhina those who yet the owner they invoke rob the home their beloved daddy in the morning while our she and the evening. Yuri dooner. They want watch her who his face Weller and should not do it overlooked.

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Do it overlooked.

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Are you NACA, your two eyes on home from them? today do you want you desire, Zenith adornment and higher of the life adonia of the world weather and do not tilt there you will be man who have fun we made heedless Allah who his heart on from the cleaner our remembrance whatever and he followed however who is desire? What can and it was Andrew who his affair photo one extremely excessive

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will call and say I'll have the truth main from Rob become your finance so whoever share a he will value then he should believe woman and whoever shall uh he will Falak for then he should display

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in there indeed we are dead now we have prepared live while Amina for the wrongdoers now on a fire a helper encompass. Be him with them. So Roku has its walls. It's curtains.

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So Radhika it's walls. It's curtains. Were in and if yesterday so they seek relief. You've asked to they will be relieved Bhima in with water gulmohar like the molten metal? Yes, we It was cold. Allah would you the faces bit sir how bad a shut off the drink was and how bad it is. Motor fall as a resting place.

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In the Indeed, Allah Vina those who are Manu they believe what our middle and they did a solid healthy the righteous deeds in indeed we learn not nuclear we waste a joint reward. One of whom our center he did good. Our mana indeed. In work.

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Ola echo those the home for them. Jeannette gardens are the name of eternity of Eden. Density it flows men from tatty him underneath them and how the rivers you how lonely they will be adorned. See her in it men from a cellular bracelets, bangles men from the hubin Gold well the sooner and they will wear the urban garments, clothes odhran green men from sun the same fine silk wa and establish thick silk brocade Mata Ki Ada once reclining Fie her in it. Allah upon Allah raised couches near me how good so worth the reward what has done and how beautiful it is. Motorcycle as a resting place.

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What grip and strike law home for them. My salon example for julaine of two men jalna we made Leah habima for one of them do Jenna Danny do gardens men from an urban grapevines will have fastener Houma and we surrounded them to or we bordered them to

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be nice clean with dead farms. What your honor and we made bainer humor between them.

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them to zebra fields or crops

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killed the board. Agenda attain the two gardens added it gave Okuda its fruit wollam and did not tell him it reduce men who from it Shea anything wafaa Jonah, and we gushed forth Sarah Houma amidst them to know her Ah, river.

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Well, Canada and it was level for him feminine fruit for color. So he said this washi to his companion will work while he you How will he converses with him? I know I echo more Minka than you melon in World War and arzoo, stronger, mightier, Navara in number in men.

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What 100 and he entered janitor who his garden while he was while he, while he was one who is unjust, Lena See, he do his self do his soul. Color he said, Man, not a winner, I think and that to be the IT WILL PERISH heavy he this Aveda Ever

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wondered and not alone No I think a soft our car imagine one that stands one that will be established. Whether in and surely, through day two, I was returned in a to rugby my rub leji done. Surely I will definitely find kyron better men have done it. One pallava as a place of returning

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Allah He said Lahu to him sociable his companion. Well while he you have to who he converses with him. Do you disbelieve or have you disbelieved below the with the one who color aka He created you men from Robin dust? So more than men from no to fighting a sperm drop? So much then so worker he shaped you? He leveled you radula into a man

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Lakin. But I who he is Allahu Allah. Robbie my route wanna and not wish Riku I associate bilby with my Arab a header anyone?

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When Ola and why not? is when the halter you entered genetica your garden. Fulton you said man what chair he will Allahu Allah. Let's not put any power in that except biLlahi with Allah if dharani you see me an eye upon lesser minca than you melon in wealth work and while other in children

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for ourselves so perhaps Robbie my rub on that youth DNA he will give me higher and better men than genetica your garden while you see her and he will send or lay her upon it for span and a thunderbolt men from a summer the sky for two speaker so it will become sir either a plane a ground zelicah once slippery.

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I used to be here it will become man who had its water load or deep sunken fallen. So we'll never does step three or you will be able to level for it for another seeking pursuit.

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Well, and OSHA it was encompassed by summary he with its route for us but then he became

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you unable, he turns he turns about cafe he is to boms Allah upon man what unstoppered is spent fee her in it. What here while it was how we are doing one fallen down? Allah upon arushi her its roots were kulu and he says or he was saying yeah or later and he would that I learned not wish luck. I associate with Robbie with my rub a header anyone while I'm in North Dakota, it was level for him fear to any group, em soluna who they help him main from duni besides Allah He Allah wa and not Ghana, he was one does the law want to help himself want to avenge?

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hoonah Lika it was there and then Allah to all authority for all victory. Health lilla he for Allah. Allah shock the two who were he hired on his best weapon in reward, war hyaluron and Best Rock

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to bear in outcome in consequence.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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was with nepsac.

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well as soon as he

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emergency imagine

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una foto

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de Molina.