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Al-Isra 40-60 Translation 40-60

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Dr. Sudha Kareem I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Rashi so de wasted the MD wash Lola Dr. Melissa Nico Cody urban as you can see in

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Lesson number 145 soda to slot number 40 to 60 Translation

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did for Dan aspherical he chose for you all. Rob become your rub bill Bernina with the sons what Tada. And he made he took Maine from al-mulla aka the angels in us and female daughters in the comb indeed you letter coluna surely you all say oulun a word or Lima one grade

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one are called uncertainly sub Ruffner. We have diversified

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we have presented in various ways fee in Heather this Al Quran the Quran Lia Kuru, so that they take heed, warmer and not yours either home it increases them Illa except new food or in a version

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all say low if Ghana was Mara who with him? Le Hutton God's command just as Jaco Luna They say he then then lead with of Oh, surely they sought Ella to the possessor of the throne Sevilla away.

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So the Hannah who Exalted is He Glorified is He? What are other and high above Arma from what your coluna they say? Irwin sublimity. Kabira great to serve Bishop exalts Lahu for him as some our the heavens, a suburb the seven while of the endears woman and whoever fee him is in them. We're in and not Maine from Shay in anything in law except you said. It glorifies it exalts behind the he with his praise. Well I can but learn not the Kahuna, you all understand this be her home they are praising. In the who indeed he kinda he is ever halimun forbearing or fooled on forgiving. What either and when are you recited? The Quran jalna we made by NACA between you webinar and between

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alladhina those who are not you may know that they believe Bill ashira in the hereafter. Hey gentlemen, a partition avail mistura one hidden concealed What's Your Honor, and we made Allah upon obey Him their heart Akin Latin coverings and that not you have kahuku they understand it wafi and in any in their ears. What Cora deafness what either and when the kurta you mentioned, Rob Becker, you're up see in the Quran, watch the who only him one low they turned away either upon a devalue their backs new food or in a version national we are alone most knowing Bheema of what the SME owner they listen attentively be with it is when yesterday arena they listened attentively lie to you What

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if and when home they are

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in private conversation is when your own Oh, he says a volume on the wrong doors in knots that that'd be arena you all follow Illa except Roger and a man must hurt all affected by magic. bewitched on the look gave her how vulnerable they struck lacquer for you and the comparisons the examples for Waterloo, but they have strayed Feller. So not yesterday, Your Honor. They are able Sevilla to a we will call you and they said is either when couldna we were element bones. What will fatten and crumble particles are enough indeed we lemma versona surely wants to be resurrected hulten into a creation Jedi the new

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Ponce kuno you all be hedger, rotten stones, or hadda. iron ore collagen a creation member from what Yakubu It is great fee in sudo recon your chests for Saku Luna so soon. They

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We'll say man who you're a donor, he will restore us.

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You're a donor he will restore us. Gold say Allah D The one who for whom he originated you. Allah first Marotta in time. First a unary donor. So soon they will not. They will shake

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lie to you also home their heads were coluna and they will say matter when whoever it is old say ourselves perhaps and that yakun it will be arriba near close yoma on day de yada okra he will call you for the esta Ji buena, then you all will respond behind the heat with his sprays. Water will noona and you all will think in not lobbyists don't use state except for the the little

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will call and say Larry buddy, to my servants to my slaves. Yoku they should say allottee that which here it is a second best in the indeed a shavon shavon Enza who he incites evil, buying a home between them in the indeed a shaitana, the shavon Ghana he has ever been inside for the human being or the one an enemy. Medina, one clear

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book on Europe. Our level is worth knowing, become with you all in if Yeshua He wills your hemcon he will have mercy on you. Oh, or if yes sir. He wills your they will come He will punish you, Wilma and not autosol NACA we have sent you or lay him upon them. What keila a manager Disposer of affairs. Well, and Rob Booker, your argument is most knowing the man with who he is in a similar way the heavens will have and the earth while occurred and certainly for Burleigh, we have preferred barraba some and narrabeen the prophets Allah upon barbin some what Dana and we gave the water that would early Salaam, the Buddha, the Buddha

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all say although you all invoke Allah Vina, those who exam to you all claimed men from dooney other than Him, fellas are not young licona they possess cash for removal of the of the harm and come from you whether or not the Wheeler is transferring,

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or Ecuador's Alevtina or those who hear the owner they invoke. Yeah, but the owner they seek a lawyer to rob him they rub and we'll see the the means of nearness, the means of access at home, which of them Accra is closer, where junuh and they hope Raj Mehta who his mercy will have foreigner and they fear or Dabba who his punishment in the indeed or their punishment or because of Europe, can it is ever mush Buddha want to be feared.

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We're in and not main from Korea in any town, any dwelling in law except national we move legal her once you destroy it, or Bella before yo de LTM the standing Oh or more are the Buddha ones who punish it. Are there been a punishment shanita severe Ghana it was their liquor that fee in El kita the book must Pura inscribed written

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well Ma and not manana. It prevented us and that lucila we sent bill is with the signs Illa except on that cadabra he will be happy with it alone. The first ones the ancients.

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Well, Tina, and we gave the Moodle sammut enough of the she camel mobile skeleton visible for one level so there on behalf with it warmer and not noticeable we send bill is with the signs in the except that we refer to frighten to warn.

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What if and when we said lucky to you in indeed Rebecca Europe, a helper he encompassed vanessi with the people warmer and not jalna we made a route year division, the site allottee which are in Africa we showed you in LA except fitna 10 a trial a test lenez for the people was shut off and the tree elmen owner that occurs fee in the Quran. One hallway for home and we frightened them from us or not us either home it increases them except to Leanna in rebellion Kabira great

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Isla de la isla

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to set

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he is Eli

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ijebu de

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polyfilla wapo

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