Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L140B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of gratitude for Islam's blessings is highlighted, including the use of Hillel and play in gratitude for others. The concept of worship is being used to indicate gratitude and that people should not be discouraged by actions of others. The discussion also touches on addiction and the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, as well as the importance of caution and understanding the negative consequences of certain words and phrases. The segment emphasizes the need for caution and awareness of negative consequences of "byproductive" and "byproductive" words.
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Are the relationship genius over him?

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lesson number 140 pseudo to natural. I am number 114 to 128

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Falco, Lumi malwa, como la who Helen for yerba, then eat of what Allah has provided you, which is lawful and good. And after eating, wash guru near Amata law II, and be grateful for the favor of Allah, for the blessing of Allah, in kuntum, Yehuda boon, if it is indeed him, that you worship,

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if you really worship Him, that after using the blessings be grateful to him, because part of the bad part of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is being grateful.

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Over here, lots of palaces for kulu. So eat this addresses to, to the believers that enjoy, eat, eat what mymail as of a common law, out of what Allah has provided you.

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It hasn't been said eat everything, but what has been said, eat, mimic some of that which why some of meaning according to your personal preference, your choice, and also according to what is available to you, whatever is in front of you, whatever that you desire, whatever that you like, whatever that you prefer, eat that, but just make sure it meets two requirements. And what are they that first of all, it should be Hillel, it should be lawful. And remember that all foods are lawful, with the exception of just a few which we have studied in detail in the previous service.

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And secondly, it should also be

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It should also be clean, it should be nutritious, it should be beneficial. It should be good. And then after eating, wash kurunegala Matala be grateful for the blessing of Allah.

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Which blessing is referring to

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this blessing? Yes, it refers to the blessing of food, the blessing of good food, halal food, but it also refers to other worldly blessings. Meaning when you enjoy a blessing, be grateful for not just that blessing, but also other blessings. You understand. Because when you enjoy something, it makes you happy. It makes you grateful. But at that time, don't just be grateful for the fact that you got to eat that particular food, but be grateful for the other blessings as well.

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Like for example, after we eat what do we say? Alhamdulillah he lady after Amina was a corner. What do your island I'm assuming we also thank him for giving us the blessing of Islam. You understand? So why school near amatola and near amatola altar refers to the blessing of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the blessing of ADA, the blessing of guidance in kuntum iya hooter boon if it is only him that you worship.

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So we see that gratitude, after enjoying the blessing is what a bird, it is a part of worshipping Allah soprano.

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And if you look at it, so now, in the sort of various blessings are mentioned, and at the conclusion of the surah, a major blessing as mentioned, and what blessing is that the blessing of food and drink something that we need every single day. And so over here, we're reminded that even the food that you eat is a blessing of Allah. And when you eat, don't forget to offer gratitude.

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And each time you eat, each time you be grateful, you are worshipping Allah soprano.

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So we see that part of worship is that a person enjoys a blessing and he is grateful. And part of gratitude is that a person uses Hillel and play you. Because over here what has been said eat anything and everything that you like, no Hillel and play.

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So this shows that a person if he eats into you, that would be gratitude. And if a person does not use holiday and play it, instead, he goes for her arm and hobbies, then what would that be? in gratitude? That when Allah has given you so much, why are you going for how long? Why are you going for hobbies? Or when Allah has given your heart out in play? Why are you not enjoying it? Because sometimes, out of extreme piety, people will refrain from even Hillel and

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other extreme piety. Whereas we see over here, that part of piety is that a person enjoys the blessings that Allah has given him

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Because when a person eats when a person enjoys, then he has the opportunity to be grateful. And if a person does not use a blessing, then what will he be grateful for?

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You understand?

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Because generally we think urba is worship is being religious says that you stay away from the blessings that Allah has given you. That's okay, you're doing Sabbath. But at the same time, if a person is enjoying the blessings and he is grateful, that is altered.

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In the Mahabharata, Aleykum Indeed, he is only forbidden upon you, meaning the only foods that he is forbidden upon you are what animated the dead.

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And what does the dead include? That animal which has not been slaughtered, according to the requirements of the shittier whether it has died itself, or it has been killed by another animal, or it has not been slaughtered, according to the laws of the shittier. And later, what is excluded from this fish. So in them, I have llama la comida everything is handled upon you, except for only the dead animals was dumb, and the blood what kind of blood is this? Must for him flowing blood, spilled blood, well, animal frenzied and the flesh of swine. And over here, the prohibition applies to every part of the animal, not just the flesh, but every part of the animal. Because meat over here has

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been used for the animal as a whole.

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What else is unlawful upon you? Well, my lady, lady lady, and that which was pronounced for other than Allah, he left from the rotators her leg, lamb lamb, any other word from the same word? halal and what is that? Crescent? What happens when the crescent is sighted people announce it. Why because it begins the ending of the month and the beginning of a new month.

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So from this, the word lol is to raise one's voice

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refers to raise one's voice from the same root, a headless Wabi Sabi is

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a child, hello, meeting when the child was born. And when he started crying, then it is said hello. He has announced his arrival, he has announced his arrival. Whereas if a child when he is born, if he does not cry, then what does that show that he's not breathing properly or there's something wrong. So the child has to cry in order to announce his safe and sound arrival from the store Tally. delille is what the hollyland duckweed to say that will be to say la ilaha illAllah hamdulillah to say la ilaha illAllah or to say that out loud.

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So, a plan is to raise one's voice in order to announce something in order to declare something.

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So my meeting the animal which he left, it was pronounced on, meaning when it was slaughtered, whose name was announced, Live ID law, other than Allah,

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other than Allah means any idol, any saint, any person. And other than Allah also includes no one

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other than Allah means either someone or no one delighted to be with it, meaning at the time of slaughtering that animal. So in other words, if an animal was slaughtered for other than Allah, at the time of slaughtering somebody else's name was mentioned the animal was dedicated to that being that idle, then the meat of that animal is not lawful. Even if the jugular vein was cut properly and the blood was made to drain the entire body, if the procedure the physical procedure was okay, but the name of Allah subhanaw taala was not pronounced then what does that show that even that meat is not permissible for us to eat?

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familia Torah, then whoever was compelled October from newsletters, blah, blah, and if there are is to force someone to do something, but it is to force someone to do something that is harmful, that they dislike, and this could be due to two reasons.

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First of all, it could be because of external causes. Like for example, a person is being threatened by another, do this or else I will kill you. This is what

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an external cause external pressure, external force

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similarly, the second causes

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Internal cause, which could be, for instance, extreme hunger, extreme hunger if a person does not eat of the how long he is going to die, it's internal pressure.

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Similarly, extreme illness, extreme in this. So, if he does not consume that particular food, he is going to die.

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So, feminine Torah, whoever was forced into a situation, where he is being compelled by external or internal causes to eat of that, which is how long then in that case, Allah subhanaw taala will forgive him, but, there is a condition, that even when he is compelled, he should not be liable even in that condition, even in that state where he is compelled by internal or external forces, there is a condition and what is that, that he eats of the herlong labelling, whether I think that he is not desiring the heroine, nor is he eating the harem out of defiance? What does it mean by Belgian ballerinas from through letters belvane. Yeah, buddy. And buddy is desire literally body's desire,

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because when a person desires something, then what does he want to do? He wants to fulfill that desire

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and sometimes he will cross limits, he will commit transgression, he will oppress others, he will disobey in order to fulfill that desire.

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So, bhavin literally is one who designs So, they are battling meaning he should not be desiring the heroin, he should not be designing the heroin, he should not eat it out of desire, but out of extreme necessity,

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when are added and others from the rotators I ended well, either one and the other one literally is to cross the limits from the same route or do is an enemy either is enmity.

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So, then again, this is Tim Farron, Who is he, one who crosses the limits. What does it mean by Arden, meaning one who eats the heroin, out of defiance, out of sin, that he does not care about the limited Allah subhanaw taala has said, he doesn't care about them, and he just eats it.

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And are then also means that when a person is eating the Haram out of extreme necessity, he should only eat as much as it's necessary. He should not be excessive in consuming the heroin.

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Like for example, if two or three morsels they can do, they're sufficient for a person, that he should not go on eating an entire plate full of heroin, they understand. So while battling badly, meaning you should not be desiring the heroin, you should not do it out of desire. When are I then he should not do it out of sin, He should not do it while consuming the heroin excessively beyond the necessity.

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So if a person eats the *, I'm in this situation, then what does Allah say for in the love of food over him that Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, door to door is the person who is more towards the person who is compelled. The person who takes only for the purpose of need, not out of desire or defiance,

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that I've seen of this token, we have discussed it earlier, in sort of the bacala i 173. So to know that I am number three, and sort of an arm I have 145

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so if you want to clarify some more things, you can go back and refer to these Ayah then revise what you learned over there.

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But basically, the essence of this ayah is that everything is lawful, except for certain things which have been prohibited upon us to consume.

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And those prohibited things Allah subhanaw taala has told us in detail about them, not only in this ayah but also elsewhere in the Quran. Because a person might says look, Hummer is not mentioned over here. So that means Hummer is lawful, alcohol is lawful. No, it's not because it's mentioned elsewhere.

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But the main objective of this ayah is that everything is lawful except for just a few which Allah subhanaw taala has told you.

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And even in that, if out of necessity, out of an extreme situation, a person must consume how long then if he does so badly when they're either then Allah will be forgiving and merciful towards him, because he knows that that person is just eating in order to save his life. He's not eating to fulfill his desire.

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What is this I show the blessing of a loss of Hunter, the kindness of a loss of hunter

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That he didn't say everything is unlawful except for just these things. Unfortunately, this is how we look at our religion today. We have declared everything as unlawful and only a few things as lawful. Whereas it's the other way around. Everything is lawful except for certain unlawful things which Allah has told us about. What does that show the kindness of a loss of penalty?

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Similarly, in the fact that those things that are unlawful, even those you can consume when you are in a state of extreme necessity, what does that show again? the kindness of Allah subhanaw taala, the great blessing of Allah soprano.

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So for this blessing as well, we should be grateful.

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While at the kulu and do not say Lima does evil elsina to komolika diva about what your tongues assert of untruth, letter kulu, Lima, Lima, meaning for that which about what meaning about the food or about the animal or about the product that people consume? Do not say about it, that deceitful elsina to comun Khadija deceitful from the root letter as well. So, what was and what does was me description whether it is positive or negative, whether it is praise or deformation of someone. And alsina is a plural of Lisa.

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And AlkaViva lie, a statement that is untrue. And uncanny is the rule of deceitful because the AlkaViva This is mine, so it has a fatality and this means it's an object. What is it an object of of the word deceitful, so deceitful Khadija, and who is a file of deceitful? who is doing the action of deceitful alsina to elsina to come al Qaeda? You're familiar with these words, right? You've done my four months open module. So don't say about what your tongues assert about what your tongues claim. Your tongues describe

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what I'll call a lie. Meaning you claim that such and such thing is halal and such such thing is haram. Whereas in reality, you're saying this is actually a cousin? It is actually a lie, because there is no evidence for it.

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So what is the lie? Heather, Helen, this is lawful. Rahman and this is unlawful. So what is the lie? How the * no, we had a hat on. So do not claim based on your whims and desires, do not assert without any evidence, lies, such as such and such thing as lawful and such and such thing as unlawful. Don't make up the religion yourself. Don't declare whatever you desire to be lawful and whatever you desire to be unlawful, because if you do so, then that statement of yours is a lie. It's a cabinet, there is no evidence to it.

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And when you fabricate that lie, what are you doing in reality, Lita Theroux, so that you fabricate, lamb over here is of consequence October, that as a result, you all will be inventing and Allahu upon Allah and Khadija the lie. Because when you will say that such thing as Hannah, what are people going to think that Allah has made it hella? When you say that something is wrong, people are going to think that Allah has made it happen.

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Specifically, when you use the words halal and haram, what do people think it's a part of their religion. That's what people think it's a part of their religion. Whereas in reality, there is no evidence for it. So your statement would be a lie. And in reality, you're fabricating that lie and you're ascribing it to Allah soprano Don't. Don't do that.

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Because in alladhina, indeed, those people who have taruna and Allahu katiba, those people who fabricate lies against Allah, what is their consequence? They're usually whom they cannot be successful were neither in this dunya nor in the hereafter. They can never be successful, they can never be saved from the punishment of a loss penalty. And this is not something that is ordinary. This is like putting yourself into destruction.

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What do we learn from this is

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that the authority to declare something as lawful or unlawful belongs only to a loss of friends.

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And this authority was not even given to the profits or loss.

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Are you

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interested to him? I have one we learned. Yeah, you wanna be you limit to have removed my handlebar hulak? Why do you make unlawful what Allah has made lawful for you. So if the profits are allowed or certain was not given the permission to make such decisions, then other people who are much lesser than him in their position in their rank, they are certainly not allowed to issue a fatwa declaring something lawful to be unlawful and declaring something unlawful to be lawful. We do not have this authority to change the laws have a loss of power, to change the Sharia according to our desires, whatever Allah has declared as lawful, that is to be kept as lawful. And if Allah has said something

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as unlawful, that is to be taken as unlawful, we cannot alter the law. We have to take it as it is.

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We see that the mushrikeen of maca, what are they done? Because remember, this is a monkey. So

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the machine omaka they had made certain things unlawful, which were in reality lawful. And they're detailed we have studied in Solana that how they had made certain types of animals like the behera beside Ava, there was Lila, the harm all of these animals they had declared them to be unlawful. But all of these things were what they were self mean. They were self invented. There was no evidence behind that in the religion. Ibrahima Listen, I've never taught them that is my eagerness. And I've never taught them that. No other Prophet came to them, teaching them that the healer said Abraham, etc, etc. They're unlawful upon you. These were all self made laws. And by making such laws, what

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are they doing in reality? Nine

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and they were inventing lies about to Allah soprano.

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So what does it show to us?

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that a person who changes the law of Allah, what is it doing in reality?

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What is he doing? He's uttering lies. And if a person is lying with regards to the shittier, then he is ascribing an eye to Allah. Because he is saying that Allah commanded something, whereas in reality, he never commanded that.

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And this teaches us that when it comes to religion, we cannot invent anything. When it comes to religion, we cannot declare anything to be lawful or unlawful based on our desires.

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This is the reason why innovations are completely forbidden. Without innovations, they're completely forbidden. Why? Because when there is no evidence behind something, how can you ascribe reward or punishment to it? How can you do that there is no evidence behind it.

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Similarly, this shows to us that we cannot base our religion on superstitions, and based on those superstitions make the wearing of certain colors unlawful, or make the eating of certain foods unlawful, just because of our superstitions. Just because we say that if a person wears black to a wedding, and they're going to bring bad luck, if a woman wears white on her wedding day, then she's going to die or something like that her husband's going to die, her marriage is gonna fall apart. People have these weird superstitious beliefs. And because of them, they literally make certain things how long on themselves, or they make certain things, how long on others, they will make the

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wearing of certain colors, how long they will make the eating of certain foods, how long they say that, oh, this food women can ever have. And this food men can ever have. Because if they do, it's going to affect them.

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So making things lawful or unlawful based on superstitions, this is not permissible in our religion.

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Sometimes, you know, it's possible that a person does not like a particular food, it does not suit him. And if he's offered that food, he just stays away from it, which is perfectly fine, which is okay as long as a person does not talk about it in the negative sense. But every person out there no genuine reason he stays away from certain foods. And he is a person who has knowledge. He is known to be someone who is religious, he stays away from it, then what will happen, other people will think that Oh, such food is not good. And they will take it to the level of haram even sometimes. So we should be extremely careful when it comes to food even because we're very quick to pass judgments

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This is lawful, this is not lawful, and people follow blindly, and we could be a means of leading other people astray.

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This also shows to us that a person cannot go on declaring everything is lawful or declaring everything is unlawful. One cannot declare things as harm upon himself or harm upon others. Like for example, people say chocolate is haram upon you

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A mother will say to her child, I'm making chocolate haram on you. You are not allowed to have it. Don't use the word Hold on, don't use it. Because if you use the word how long you are making it as a part of shittier if you say you're not allowed to have it that's different. If you say I don't allow you that's different. But if you say, I'm making it hard on you, or it is hard on you, or if you say that soda is haram on me, don't use these words. Because when you use these terms, then you're making it a part of religion. But if the word Harlem is understood as manure as something that is not allowed, that's different. If the word harm is understood as manure and not really a

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part of the shear that's different. And if you look at it, many times people will go on declaring things to be unlawful. Why because it shows their piety. It shows their righteousness, it shows that they have some kind of authority in religion. And unfortunately, even today, people have bound their religion to just halal and haram food. That is all that their religion is about. As much emphasis is not played on reciting the Quran, or memorizing the Hadees or studying the euro. All that people emphasize on when it comes to denas. What halal food, haram food and when they are told that all those things that you had been thinking to be haram are not actually Haram. They find it extremely

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difficult to accept. Very difficult Why? Because they religion is all about. Don't eat this food, don't eat that food, don't eat this ingredient. Don't eat that sub ingredient, because it has heroin. And when they're told this has no basis to it, this has no evidence to it, it is halal, then they find it very difficult to accept because their whole religious structure falls apart.

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It falls apart completely. And we see that the Michigan of Makkah they had the exact same problem. When it came to religion. What did they think by it was? It wasn't making something lawful, unlawful upon yourself making a certain animal unlawfully making it How long do you consume? This is not what religion is all about. Religion is more than satisfying your tank satisfying your planet. There is more to already

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so bigger than wished Aquino primarily told that do not claim that something is lawful and something is unlawful based on your desires. But in this is also a very important lesson for us that we must get out of this box that we think that religiosity is only measured by the halal and haram food. Yes, it's very, very important. But this is not all that our Deen is about. There is more to it. So focus on other aspects as well. And sometimes people have this problem that whenever they see something they say oh it's hard on maternal maternal and children they get offended everything is how nothing is handled.

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Instead of showing to them that okay this is all to Hello this is also hilarious stay away from this Hello. What do we do we make them see that everything is unlawful where's that is not the case. So by this we are turning people off from the religion. We're making the life of people difficult. And Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden that

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