Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L140A

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An-Nahl 114-128 Translation 114-128

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother ruinous aliotta sweetie Hill Karim I'm about to be lahemaa shavonda Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Baba Shirley's father you will see the MG. Washington Dr. Melissa Nichols. coli probenecid Mary

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that's the number 140 pseudo to metal is number 114 to 128.

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for kulu so you all eat mingma from what Rosa hokum he provided you Allahu Allah halonen as lawful for even pure wash guru and you will be grateful near matter for blessing Allah he have a lot in his control you were a year who only terrible Do you all worship

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in Allah indeed not but have Rama he made unlawful la come upon you alma mater the dead work and I've done the blood work and lasma flesh lcmc of this wine warmer and that which oh he left it was pronounced Lady for other than ally Allah be with it ferment so whoever October he was compelled of IRA other than Berlin one who rebelled wala and nor are then one who transgressive for England then Indeed, Allah Allah reformed on most forgiving for Haywood, Most Merciful.

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Weller and do not Taku you all say Lima for what does it asserts a sinner to comb your tongues? AlkaViva the lie? Heather this hallelujah is lawful. Well Heather and this Hara mon is unlawful. Let us through. So you all fabricate Allah upon Allah He Allah AlkaViva the life

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in indeed alladhina those who yesterday una de fabricut Allah upon Allah He Allah and kariba lai la noche you flew home, they succeed mobtown a benefit a temporary enjoyment by nealon little while at home and for them either been a punishment and even painful where Allah and upon Allah Vina those who hairdo they became Jews. However now we made unlawful murder that which kozma we narrated our Laika upon you? main from kapu before warmer and not while I'm now home we wronged them while I can but can oh they were and foster home themselves. They have removed the wrong so Medan in the indeed Rebecca Europe, Linda Dina for those who are milou dated as soon as the evil beat your hair lesson

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with ignorance so more than double they repented main from body after Delica that was a flu and they reformed in the indeed Rebecca Europe main from bardiya after it level four on surely most forgiving for Haman most merciful

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in the indeed Ibrahim Ibrahim or his son of Ghana he was omitted a nation a leader on a gun one obedient lilla he for Allah honey fun upright unswerving while I'm and not Jaco he was made from a music in the polity is

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Shakira grateful Leon aroma he for his favorite age who he chose him or her there who and he guided him era to circling above was the theme one straight Where are they now who and we gave him fee in adonia. The world has an attempt good we're in the who and indeed he fee in the hereafter lemon surely from a Salim the righteous.

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So more than a hyena we revealed eleiko to you. And that if you follow me letter religion, Ibrahima of Ibrahim are they sort of hanifin upright, unswerving? warmer and not Ghana he was made from a wish the game the policies

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in number indeed not but gorilla it was made a survey to the Sabbath, Allah upon and levena those who Easter lefou de different fee concerning it in it will enter and indeed Rebecca Europe layers como Surely He will judge surely he will decide but in a home between them. Yo ma en de LTM the standing FEMA in what can oh they were fee in it yesterday for

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They differ. oder invite ala to Serbia we are bigger of your bill hikma with the wisdom well more Illa and the admonition, Allah has center the good word jardel home and debate with them. Bill it with that which here it is best in indeed Rebecca Europe, whoever he or level is most knowing women with who Berlin he strayed. And from Sevilla he is we were who were and he is our animal most knowing will most studied with the rightly guided ones

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were in and if our club don't you punish, you retaliate for our cable, then you will punish you retaliate validly would like that which roquet brutal. You were victimized, you were harmed, be with it. Whether in and surely if sabato your patient level will surely it higher on his best list already. For those who are patient was with NB patient, warmer and not saarbruecken your patients in LA except biLlahi with Allah,

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Allah and do not have done you grieve or lay him upon them. Whether or not the coup be fee in biokleen any distress member from what young karoun they conspire, they brought in the Indeed Allah Allah ma with alladhina those who ate the how they feared Allah they adopted the one Medina and those who home they mercy known ones who do utmost good ones who do

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not listen to the recitation

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daddy daddy

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daddy Hello,

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auto dealers

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the movie

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