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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of hesitation as a means to assert themselves and prevent attacks, the history of the use of women and men's guidance as protection, and the use of Jesus as a tool to assert their claim to be the only one who can be trusted. The speaker warns that disobeying the message may result in punishment and the lack of submission to Islam. The lack of a trainer among all Muslims is also discussed, and the history of the use of "arogance" to describe the belief that Islam is a Christian, and the history of the use of "arogance" to describe the belief that Islam is a Christian.
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Salam o alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Atiba to the Moto pinata are doing in law the law the mean, or shadow Allah. Allah who the hula Sharika hula hula Valina hola hearing what I should do and then a billionaire Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah Mustafa. I mean, Allah was somebody was selling mobility for Abdi Cora sadaqa Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine and my bad Welcome to another episode of Earthsea page by page and a shout to Allah today, we are on page number 14 of the first Jews Surah to Bukhara and Allah subhanaw taala. In the previous episodes we mentioned Allah azza wa jal is speaking about the tribal

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donation of Bani Israel, and the many fables that Allah has bestowed upon them, and the many ways in which they, in ways rejected those blessings. And the way that they rejected the credits that Allah subhanaw taala gave to them, and the ways in which they twisted and changed the religion of Allah subhanaw taala believing in some parts that suited them, and rejecting the parts that do not suit them.

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Allah subhanaw taala in the previous episode, he concluded by saying that one of the excuses that they gave before Allah azza wa jal is that their hearts were covered and sealed and therefore they could not receive revelation or that they cannot understand revelation, Allah subhanaw taala at the beginning of page number 14, in verse number 89, Allah azza wa jal continues and he says, I will do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Well, M I'm

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home kita boom in the law, he was on the call Lima our home what can Oh mean Cabo is 50 Horner and a Lavina Cafaro for them magic

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are awful kefir will be a natural law here and then caffeine in when the Scripture came to them from Allah azza wa jal confirming that which they already had. And when they had been praying for victory against the disbelievers, even when they came to them something they knew to be true. they disbelieved in it indeed, Allah azza wa jal curses those who disbelieve

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Allah subhanaw taala says And remember, when they came to the scripture from Allah azza wa jal confirming what you already had, meaning that the prophets on Allah what Allah he was sending was sent with the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala sent you a scripture a new Scripture, the book of Allah azza wa jal, the Quran, on the hands or by the hands or with the hands or

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the revelation that was given to our Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah azza wa jal says that this revelation that you received, Musa the POLYMATH, he wrote already attests to and confirms what you already have. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying, that the what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought confirms what you already told within your scriptures, and that is that another prophet would come, and that he would bring revelation, or as Allah azza wa jal mentions in Surah, two soft that the prophet is already installed to slam told his people, and he gave them glad tidings of a prophet that would come after him by the name of Muhammad

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which was as we know, one of the names of our prophets of Allah Allah, He will sell them. So the prophets of Allah while he was selling what he bought in terms of his religion, was not so strange or alien, or unfamiliar to Benny sorry. So for example, if someone was to come with a completely different religion that had no resemblance to the way of Mousavi cinammon, to the way of reciting salatu, salam, and to those other prophets, then perhaps someone could stand up and say that this is something which is completely unknown to us. We don't recognize it at all, as being revelation from Allah, it completely contradicts what we have in our own religion and our own scriptures and what we

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know from our prophets and messengers, but actually what the prophets of Allah while he was sending them came with, confirmed the message of Musa and Isa and Ibrahim and all of the prophets are the human salatu salam that came before our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bought and what the Quran says, is the same as those Prophet said in terms of the Doha, Edom, Allah azza wa jal, in terms of establishing the Salah and giving this occur in terms of being good towards certain people and staying away from those major sins that we know our religion stops us from. That's exactly what the Prophet Musa Ali Salam said to his people, what

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the prophet is already salatu salam said to his people, what the what they know of the other prophets and messengers that Allah azza wa jal sent to them. So therefore, what is so strange and unfamiliar other than the fact that this man who comes from you is not from your people? He's not from Benny Israel. He is an Arab, and he lives in a different country and comes from a different land and speaks a different language.

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If that is the difference that has stopped you from accepting him as one of the prophets and messengers of Allah azza wa jal will can women Pablo is 50 Hoonah, either Lavina Cafaro, even though you're making dua to Allah and asking Allah for victory against the disbelievers, because we know that they had the Jewish tribes of, of Arabia generally and the tribes have been instrumental in Arabia had their problems with the Jahai the Arabs, with Arabs or Jahir meaning of pre Islam before the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so because of their problems because of their skirmishes, because sometimes the battles that they faced, they're calling and asking for

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Allah azza wa jal help.

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Fella Mirja Houma out of Okafor obey so when they came to them something which they knew to be true, as was attested by some of them who accepted Islam, and was attested by a number of them amongst themselves, even though they continue to disbelieve, they rejected it and disbelieved in what Allah subhanaw taala gave to them. So Allah azza wa jal is saying that this was their reality. They came to them revelation at the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam revelation that the new and attested to be true, and they needed a prophet to come and help them just as in the time of musante salatu salam Ministra were being persecuted by feral and then to ask Allah azza wa jal to

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deliver them from the transgression and persecution and oppression by sending to them a prophet and messenger. But then when they came to them, this prophet of Allah meaning the prophets of Allah, why do you send them and the revelation of the Quran and that which they knew to be true? they disbelieved in it and they rejected it. So Allah azza wa jal says, Fela, Anna to Allah who will care for you in Allah's curses upon those who disbelieve and the meaning of the curse of Allah azza wa jal in his wrath is that you are distanced and removed from Allah's mercy and what is worse than to be distanced from Allah's mercy, because there is no good there is no good in any way shape or form,

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except that it comes through and as a result of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. And that is why when the Prophet sets and Allahu alayhi wa sallam, no one will enter into Jannah as a result of their own deeds. They said, Not even you O Messenger of Allah, He said, Not even me, unless Allah azza wa jal showers and envelops me with his mercy. That is the beauty of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala the land of Allah the curse of Allah azza wa jal, his wrath is to be removed from that mercy. So someone who is distanced and removed from that mercy, what guidance can they receive, what goodwill they have, what possible benefit will they attain, when the once they have been removed from Allah

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subhanaw taala has mercy and that mercy and that distancing from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal therefore also the means that they will have the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada Allah azza wa jal invests them and it continues and he says, but so much dar OB foster home a full aubema that Allah OBrien in unison Allah, Bulgarian Jana zero Allah Amin fogli, he are the main Yasha woman Reba the fiber will be hot or been hot. What didn't care if you're in either moving low indeed, is the price for which they have sold their souls by denying the truth that Allah sent out of envy that Allah should send his bounty to any of his servants as he pleases. The disbelievers have ended up

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with the wrath upon worth and humiliate and the humiliating torment awaits them. Allah subhanaw taala as he mentioned in one of the previous verses that we took in the last episode, Allah azza wa jal is speaking about this action of Bani Israel in and the way that they're interacting with the revelation of Allah azza wa jal in the coming of the Prophet sallahu. wa salam Allah frames and describes it as a transaction. And Allah subhanaw taala as you said it as we mentioned in the previous episode, when he spoke about this, in another verse, Allah azza wa jal said, that they have exchanged or they have sold the hereafter for this life. And Allah subhanaw taala. In this verse, he

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says, Lo Bitsa, which means wretched evil low is the price for which they have sold their own souls, meaning they have given away their salvation, the salvation of their souls, the success of this life and the next the reward of Allah subhanaw taala they have sold it for what is a paltry sum. Why? Because they disbelieved in that which Allah azza wa jal sent to them of revelation of the truth belt again, a unit zero Allah Who mean firstly, he Armenia Shadowman everybody, because of their transgression, the evil the arrogance, that Allah should be able to send his bounty to whomsoever He chooses, and whoever he pleases. Do they have the right or do they even have the audacity to say to

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Allah azza wa jal that he must restrict his revelation, his prophethood his guidance to only one group of people, that the messenger must come from Bani Israel, that the revelation must come down upon them and them alone. And that is

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Zalman as mentioned the hadith of Ibn Abbas about the Allahu Anhu. The hadith winnable Sofia McGee, Allah one before he became a Muslim Messiah Buhari when he went to Heraclius, the ruler of bison to Rome, and he was questioned at length by him, I will Sofia responded in the way that he could in the best way and form that he could at that time. And one of the things that directly said to him in response here, Rocco, he said that I knew or we knew generally, that our Prophet of Allah will soon do to appear his time had approached uncom. But I never thought that he would be from amongst you, that he would be from the Arabs, that he thought that he would continue as had been in the long line

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of the prophets and messengers who came before deciding salatu salam that they would be from the Israelites that they would be from the bene Israel. But now Allah azza wa jal chose to place the final messenger upon earth, from the Arabs, that he would be born in Mecca, that he would be from the descendants of is married, are you salatu salam. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying that it is because of your arrogance that you deny this, because you think that you can decide where Allah azza wa jal places his bounty, meaning whomsoever He gives his prophethood to, and this is exactly what the Quraysh said. The Quran used to say, if only Allah azza wa jal were to send this Quran upon the

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two men of these great cities meaning MACOM five, or they would be in saying that it surely if Allah azza wa jal was going to send prophet or amongst us the coalition the Arabs, why would they have given it to why would he have given it to a man like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Why not the likes of Abu Jehan, or Abu Lahab Omiya or wrote back over lead all of these other chieftains of Arabia, chieftains out of Mecca and boorish? Why choose this man who doesn't really have any power or prestige or fame or wealth to his name meaning the prophets of Allah, what are you setting them? They don't have the right to restrict what Allah azza wa jal chooses to do, and where Subhanallah

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where he subhanaw taala chooses to place his prophethood and give his revelation and that is because of the arrogance. And again, look at the you know, the the underlying current the, the pattern that connects this story or the general situation of Bani Israel, with the story that Allah Azza dimensioned towards the beginning of Surah Baqarah of Adam and the bliss, the connection being arrogance. IBLEES refuses to command to obey the command of Allah, straight to Adam, it salatu salam, because of the arrogance that he had. And when he is wrong, he refused to accept that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Messenger of Allah, because of the arrogance that they

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have in their hearts, the first of Allah's prophets and the last of Allah's prophets, the first of them to be sent to the people of the earth, and the last of them to be sent to the people of death, both of them their rejection is due to the arrogance that is found amongst the people of that time.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala says, as a result of this, Ferber will be heard Amin Allah hadham They ended up having Wrath of Allah upon Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala humiliation and punishment in one form or another, or upon one form or another and that is in this life, let alone the trauma that awaits the mutual humiliate them on normal piano and that is the everlasting punishment of the Hellfire. Allah subhanaw taala then continues investment when it one and he says Subhana wa Tada what either the learner whom you know Bhima is and Allah Who gone on meno be mad wounds, you know, Anna, you know yet for ona Bhima whare who will have almost a deacon Lima amerihome on felly

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Matakohe to Luna be Allah HeMan cabelo in meaning when it is said to them believe in Allah's revelations, they say we believe in what was revealed to us, but they do not believe in that which came afterwards, though it is the truth confirming what they already have seen to them. Why then did you kill Allah's prophets in the past, if you are true believers? Allah subhanaw taala says, When the command is given to them believe in all of Allah's revelations. So as Muslims it is part of our Eman that we believe in all of Allah's books, all of Allah's revelations, we must believe in the Torah, you must believe in the gospel, we must believe in the Bible, you must believe in all of the

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revelations that Allah gave to His prophets. Those that we don't know in specific detail will be leaving them in general terms, and those that we have specific information about such as the names of those books, and whom to whom they will revealed. We believe in those specific details as well. And obviously we believe in the Quran, the final revelation of Allah subhana wa Tada. And likewise, we believe in all of the prophets and messengers of Allah Azza wa salatu salam, that is also from the pillars and all aspects of our faith and Eman. So we believe in the details that we have that were given to us in the Quran and the Sunnah. And we believe in general terms that Allah azza wa jal

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sent all of those prophets and messengers even if we don't know them in specific detail, so that is the man that we have as believers. And one of the reasons why we have this in

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And is because each one of those prophets follows in the long line of messengers and prophets of Allah azza wa jal sent to mankind, as is the revelation of Allah azza wa jal in the long line of revelations that Allah azza wa jal sent to mankind. So why then oh how then can you believe in Ibrahim, but not believe in Musa or you believe in Musa you reject No, or you reject the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when you believe in everyone who came before him. And so when they totally believe in all of Allah's revelation,

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they say we believe in that which we have. And they disbelieve in whatever came after that. And so with the Jews, they rejected Rissa and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and with the Christians they rejected, our Prophet some Allahu Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, who will have almost the Lima home, even though what they possess these prophets what they were given, it is the truth of that which came to you. So if you believe in Tauheed of Allah azza wa jal, you believe that Allah azza wa jal has the right to be worshipped alone. You believe in all of these major aspects of your religion in terms of the general commands of Allah in terms of worship, and in terms of staying

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away from prohibitions that Allah azza wa jal made prohibited, then why wouldn't you accept what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam brought, again in the hadith of Abu Sufyan when he went to Heraclius. One of the questions he's asked is what is this prophet come and do with and he says, He tells us to pray. He tells us to be good to our kin. He tells us to be modest. He tells us to stay away from certain things which are haram, those things those aspects are accepted by all of the prophets of Allah Azza wa salatu salam, and that is why when those Muslims when that group of Muslims migrated from Mecca, and they went to Abyssinia and they went to a new Joshi and he asked

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them What is your religion? What is your belief and Jafar ibn Abi polypro, the Allahu and the older brother Valley by the Allahu and recited to him from Surah. Miriam. And he mentioned to him the belief that we have as Muslims, about Maria Marisa the human salatu salam and Zakaria and yeah, and all of these prophets and the Joshua accepted Islam because he recognized that this is an extension of the Mustonen extension but it comes to confirm what Allah azza wa jal has revealed before to those prophets are the human Salatu was Salam. However, they disbelieve and they say we accept what we have, we reject everything else. Allah azza wa jal says that even that statement of this, that

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we're willing to believe in what we have and reject everything that comes after it, even when that statement is false. Why? willfully Matok Toluna MBA Allah human oven in quantum meaning, then why did you kill Allah's prophets that came before if you're truthful? If you truly believed in what you have yourself? Why kill your prophets? Why kill those messengers that Allah azza wa jal sent to you, but this is as a result of them wanting to do as they please and follow their desires. Instead of the commands of Allah azza wa jal and his revelation, Allah subhanaw taala then continues in verse number 92, and he says Subhana wa Tada. One other

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Musa Bill bein United from Tamala G Lamine de Tumba, the moon and Musa Ali salatu salam, indeed he brought to you clear signs, but then whilst you went away, you chose to worship the cough instead, and you were wrong to do so. Allah subhanaw taala saying this is the reason this is the reality that you choose your desires, and the temptations of the dunya over the revelation that was given to the Prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. In the previous verse, Allah azza wa jal says to them, believe in all of Allah's revelation, they respond and they say, We believe in what Allah azza wa jal gave to us. But we're not willing to believe in anything that came after that. Allah subhanaw taala says,

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even that is wrong that claim that assertion of yours is false. Because even amongst your time the prophets that was sent to you, and you are tested to the Prophet what you believed in them in the prophets of Allah, but because of your arrogance, your transgression you even you ended up killing them and justly and let alone that that's one issue anyway, but even when the greatest of those prophets came to you, that you believed in, and that is the Prophet Musa Ali salatu salam with the Torah that Allah azza wa jal gave to him as Revelation, even despite the many signs that Allah azza wa jal had sent him and we've discussed a number of those signs already, because Allah subhanaw

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taala in the previous pages and episodes that we've covered, Allah azza wa jal reminds, but in slot eel of the many blessings that He bestowed upon them, the blessing of how they will save from Pharaoh and his tyranny, the blessing of how they were delivered from him and the armies chasing them, and the sea, the ocean in the sea before them, the blessing of Allah azza wa jal gave them shade and food as they wandering in the desert land, Allah azza wa jal gave to them blessing upon blessing, favor upon favor as the mercy from him subhanaw taala and they saw the signs and the miracles that Mousavi salatu salam brought. They saw how despite them being a population that is

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enslaved in bondage, despite them having no army despite

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and being weak and slaves, how Allah azza wa jal helped the Prophet Mousavi salatu salam, and how he is struggling to overcome and destroy the enemy that they had in Pharaoh and his armies. You saw all of the signs from Allah subhanaw taala but then as soon as Mousavi salatu salam left, a group from amongst you turned to worshiping besides others other than Allah azza wa jal, you made the path with your own hands and you worship to besides Allah subhanaw taala and you were oppressive in doing so wrong to do so. So likewise, now that there is no prophet amongst you, that is when Mousavi salatu salam leaves just for a number of nights, now that the prophet has passed away, and that revelation

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has ceased, then why do you expect that you will be better now? These claims that you make that you believe in that revenue, even when that revelation was coming to you? You were disturbing. Mousavi salatu salam, even when those other prophets were being sent to you, you disobeyed them and you kill them and you harm them. And so Allah azza wa jal says rather, they only believed when they were forced to do so. When they saw the real a near and present punishment of Allah azza wa jal do they choose to believe and that is what Allah subhanaw taala says in the final verse, on this page in verse number 93, what is her name is Paco Miranda fellow Coco Motomura. Tina, come on what you must

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now remember when We took your pledge, making the mountain tower above you? And we said, Hold on firmly, to what we have given to you and listen to what we say, follows me and now Selena, they instead replied, We here but we disobey. What should we move on Ruby himolla Angela, be Kufri him and through their disbelief they were made to drink the love of the cough that was deep in their hearts only be semi Moroccan ve man who come in to meaning say to them, how evil are the things that your email and your belief commands you to do? If indeed you're claiming to be believers? Allah subhanaw taala says remember the reality of the situation of bendy straw in that they only decided

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to accept the pledge once they sold them out in the door above them as if he was going to fall upon them and destroy them. And they were told hold onto firmly seriously, that which we have given to you in terms of commands, and listen to what is what you are being informed of. They said in response, we hear and we disobey meaning they heard the commands of Allah, but did they choose to obey them? Did they choose to adopt them? Did they choose to do as Allah azza wa jal commanded? No. Rather what they chose to do instead was disobey and Allah azza wa jal has given to us already in Surah Baqarah in the previous episodes and verses that we have covered, and it is difficult to keep

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repeating and and mentioning those over and over again, but you can go back to those episodes and listen on and find those verses in the Quran. And look at those relevant episodes of how Allah subhanaw taala despite the many famous bestowed upon Bani Israel in the many prophets sent to them, the much revelation given to them, they would continuously disobey Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the lesson for us as Muslims, because Allah azza wa jal has given to us also, revelation in the Quran, also sent to us a messenger and prophet in the form of the prophets on Allah, how do you sell them? How often do we hear the commands of Allah? And we also choose to disobey? How often do we

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hear the verses of the Quran being recited, or the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being narrated, and we choose to ignore them, we choose to disregard them, we choose to instead follow our own desires and temptations. And that is a sign Yes, of a weakness of Eman, but it is also a sign of a lack of submission to Allah azza wa jal and the lack of fear of Allah subhanaw taala that you are told this is what Allah commands and to disobey that command may bring about the punishment of Allah, and we still choose disobedience over obedience of Allah subhanaw taala likewise, why in Allah azza wa jal is saying that they heard the commands of Allah don't commit

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ship. Don't disobey Allah don't have partners in worship with Allah azza wa jal What did they do? They chose to disobey whoosh li boo, fear Kenobi him Well originally we call for him Allah azza wa jal says it is as if they were made to drink the love of the cough within their hearts, meaning their hearts were engulfed, covered. Just as a drink when you pour something covers that thing in terms of the liquid that has been pulled over it. It is as if their heart was covered with the love or love of worshipping this calf, besides Allah subhanaw taala and so that is what they chose to do. Allah azza wa jal concludes this verse and he says, Only semi mortal can be Eema Nukem if this is

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the faith that you're claiming, if this is what you claim is your religion. If this is what you claim, is the command of Allah azza wa jal, the commands of the prophets and messengers of Allah the Elohim salatu salam, if these are what you are claiming is

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is the revelation and guidance given to you in those scriptures? Then what an evil Eman that is. What are the evil Eema that commanded you to make ship with Allah subhanaw taala? What an evil Eman that commands you what an evil faith that commands you and belief that commands you to disobey your profits to disregard the revelation that is given to you to disobey the commands of Allah subhana wa taala. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying, therefore, to Bani Israel, these claims that you are making on the basis that this is revelation, that this is what Allah wants, that this is what Allah commanded us to do. Those are those are claims are false. Those are assertions that are mistaken.

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Those are assertions that are not true and are not correct. And that is because what Allah azza wa jal actually want you to do is found in the Revelation and found in the guidance and found upon the tongue of those prophets and messengers, or the humans salatu salam, You disregarded them and you chose to disobey Allah subhanaw taala and it is because of the arrogance and because of the disobedience, then when Allah subhanaw taala sent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they rejected Him or many of them rejected him and disbelieved in him also, and Allah azza wa jal in the next passage on the next page inshallah time in the next episode, Allah subhanaw taala will continue

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to speak about but it's in and reality and ask Allah azza wa jal readymix from amongst those people who when we hear Revelation, we accept it, believe in it and follow it accordingly. BarakAllahu li Walakum wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad were under early he or Sufi edge Marin was salam or Aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah you

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