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An-Nahl 80-95 Translation 80-95


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Madhu and Sally allowed us to do Kareem Amma Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, rubbishy lashley Sabri were Sidley Emery wash Luna letter Melissa Nia kahuku Ali Baba NAS ignoramus lesson number 138 suited to national IRA number 8295.

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well now who and Allah jharna he made Lacan for you. Men from Beauty calm your home's second, a place of rest.

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And he made Luckily for you, men from God skins hides an arm of the girls in livestock. Gluten homes. Just as a foreigner her, you all find it light. Yo ma en de la nichrome your journey where yoma and en de la cama de con your stay women and from a Swathi her it's worth

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it her and its first well as you already heard, and it's here assassin furnishing Ramadan and a benefit in a pain in a time when Allahu and Allah, Allah He made macoun for you mimma from what Hanukkah he created Weller learn shadows or jurmala and he made Luckily for you main from algebra the mountains a canal and shelters or drama and he made like home for you Sarah Bella garments that become a protects you and her for the heat was there are bees and garments that the comb a protects you but second your war your might go there Lika likewise you can move he completes near Mata who his blessing and they come upon you learn the comb so that you just remove you also made for in but

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if thurlow they turned away for in Noma, then indeed not but our Laika upon you albula the conveying and moving the one clear URI foreigner they recognize near Mata blessing favor and now he of Allah. So my then Yun Kiruna her they deny it, or Xsara home and most of them are careful on the disbelievers.

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aroma and on day never so we will raise main from Cali every omitted nation shaden a witness summer then they're not you know he will be given permission. Then Medina for those who care for who they disbelieved whether and nor home day you start a boon they will be allowed to appease, they will be allowed to remove any displeasure

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either and when he saw a novena, those who when they wronged either the punishment fellas or not, you have fulfilled it will be lightened on home from them. Whether or not they your own they will be given respect.

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What either and when he saw a novena, those who are Shaku David ship, they associated partners, Shoraka whom their partners or Lou they said Rob banner or our Rep. Her Ola ABS Shoraka owner, our partners and novena those who could not we were Nether we invoke main from bhumika other than you for uncle so they cast in a him to them and cola the word in the comb indeed you look at the burned surely liars

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well Elko and they will impart either to Allahu Allah Yama even bad day, a sentiment the submission or burn and it was lost on home from them, man, what can oh they were yesterday. They fabricate Allah Xena, those who go through their disbelief or subdue and they prevented they stopped and from sabini way Allah He of Allah zetonna whom we will increase them are there been punishment above an either the punishment be mad because of what can do they were UFC don't they make mischief

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Wilma and on day never thought we will raise fee in Cali every Muslim nation shahidan a witness or lay him upon them main from unfussy him themselves wodgina and we came back with you shahidan as a witness Allah upon her Ola ABS when Zilla and we have sent down our Laika upon you Al Kitab the book TBN and as clarification liquidly for every che in thing or whoever

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And guidance or rush mutton and mercy or bush law and good news muslimeen for those who submit

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in the law her indeed of law, yet Moodle, he orders the lively with the Justice well if sun and the good conduct or eternity and giving the possessive or corba of the close relation when her and he forbids and from other Sasha the indecency

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and the bad conduct the recognize drunk

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and the oppression

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area welcome he admonishes you now are local so that you target Karun you take heed

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and you also feel very happy with covenant Allahu of Allah, either when

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you made a promise whether and do not done kobu your break la Myrna the odds bother after therapy via its confirmation for quite a while in fact, Geraldo you made a law a law I may come upon you, Gosselin a guarantee

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in the Lucha indeed a last year animal kinos male whatever they are doing, y'all do weather and do not Taku y'all be karate like she who knockabout she untwisted her hair, her spawn thread, men from body after all within firmness and Catherine shreds that definitely when you are take a man across

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the hall and as excuses as a means of deceit bainer come between you bet the corner it is

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a community that people hear it

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more increased, more plentiful men then Metin a community in them are indeed not but you have an outcome he tests you. Allahu Allah be with it. And may you begin and surely he will definitely explain clearly. Luckily for you Yama en de al qiyamah the standing mount what quantum you will see in it the fairly phone you all differ

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when Oh, and if she uh he will Allahu Allah La Jolla calm surely he made you on more than a nation, a community where he didn't single when I came but he causes us to stray man whoever Yeshua he will be and he guides mine whoever you share he will one or two alone and surely you will definitely be questioned about what quantum you were taught Milan you all do.

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honor and do not that does he do you all take a nine year olds the Holland as an excuse by nichrome between you all

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left it will slip or consequently it will slip by the foot by the after the booty has its firmness.

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And you all taste as soon as the evil Bhima because of what sordid to you all stopped you are diverted and from civilian their way of Allah when a comb and for you are there been a punishment or Raman great

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wanna and do not touch total y'all barter we are having with covenant Allahu of Allah feminine a price per Leland, little in number indeed. All that in the Ummah indeed all that in the law he with Allah, whoever it is highroad is better luck home for you. In quantum you were down the moon, you are no

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let's listen to the recitation of all of these

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