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An-Nahl 65-79 Translation 65-79

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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now how do you want to solve era Sunil Karim and my birth Pharaoh to be let him initiate honorable Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem? Rubbish. heraclius odd way Sydney emri Washington melissani kuqali probenecid in Lesson number 137 so that is number 65 to 79 Translation

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well Allahu and Allah unzila he sent down men from a summary the Sky Mountain water for our here then he gave life be he with it and the earth the land BARDA after multi her its death indeed fee in their liquid that I attend surely assign the common for a people yes maroondah here what in the end indeed luck home for you fee in an army the grazing livestock Larry bro surely a lesson no speaker we give you to drink Mema from what fee in Guney it stomachs, main from benei between fourth in excretion wa and them in blood. Lebanon milk coil is one pure, sir is one palatable,

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easy to swallow. Sherry bean for those who drink woman and from semara fruits and nuts he'll have the date bonds, while our nerve and the grapevines that the Sedona you all make men who from it saccharin intoxicant or a sweet drink. What is fun and provision has Alan good in the indeed fee in velika that the item surely assign the Coleman for a people you have to learn they understand what oh, her and he inspired. Rob Booker, your rub Ella to a nationally the honeybee and that it led you take men from algebra the mountains, beautiful homes, woman and from a shadow the trees were mimma and from what you already shown there is summer then clearly you eat Maine from Cali every SMR the

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fruits first lucky then follow sabula with Rob beaky of Europe, Lula once made easy once lay down Yahoo juice it comes out main from Butoh Neha expellees charbon a drink most telephony very different and one who its colors fi in it she fell on during the NASS for the people in the indeed fi in Delica that I attend surely assign the common for a people yet for karoun they reflect well Allahu and Allah, Allah hakomi created you so much then yet our furcal he will cause you today, women come and from you, man who euro do he will be returned Illa to urban most abject or move the age lick a saw that learn not Yala he knows bother after your element knowledge che anything. Indeed

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Allah Allah or Lehman or Rizal knowing pudieron always all able or local and of La footballer he preferred he favored valva calm some of you Allah upon barbin some others fee in a risk the provision from us or not alladhina those who fought they knew they were preferred. bureaux de at all ones who hand over

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there is the provision upon Mel Watt Melaka a possessed a man who home their right hands for home so they fee in it so we're saying equal

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do for Dan Pena Murthy with blessing Allah He of Allah he hadn't they severely reject well no and Allah Jalla he made lecan for you mean from an fusi comb your souls yourselves as virgin spouses wives were Jada and he made local for you mean from as well as you come your wives benina sons well, and half a day 10 grandson's, whereas if I come and he provided you men from a pre birth the good things do for them developing with the false hood, you know that they believe would be near Mati and we're guessing a lot of Allah home the Quran, they deny. They are boonah and they worship men from dooney other than Allah He Allah, mouthwash learn not yummly could it possesses the home for them?

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It is

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any provision meant from a seminar the heavens on earth and the earth share anything whether and nor yesterday your own they are able for so do not totally boo. You all strike then there he for Allah and emcell the examples the similarities in the Indeed Allah Allah Yara level he knows what anthem and you all learn not Darla moon y'all know barraba his truck, Allahu Allah method and an example of a slave memerlukan one owned, learn not Yakubu, he is able either upon Shay in anything or mine and who was a canal who we provided him Minda from us risk and provision has been good for who so he unifocal he spent men who from it seven secretly or jahaan and openly How are you still wound their

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equal and handle all praise the lady for Allah Bal rather Actonel most of them learn not yet on the moon they know Roberto and his truck Allahu Allah Motherland and example, Roger lane have two men ahead humor one of them do become dumb, let not yaka do he has power. He is able either upon Shay in anything well, who and he can learn a burden either upon Moeller who his guardian a NEMA wherever you are g who he directs in lead not yet the he comes behind in with any good, how is yesterday we he is equal who he woman and who Yamato he orders with either with the justice or who and he is upon set up in a bath was the theme one street when he learned he and for Allah label and seen a similar

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word of the heavens went up and the earth warmer and not Unruh command, a south of the hour inland except calamity, like a twinkling, like a glance and bustle of the i o or who it is a club closer in aloha Indeed Allah Allah upon Galicia in everything pudieron always all able will know who and Allah a Harajuku he brought you out he took you out men from boonie stomachs bellies on my head the comb of your mother's land not Darla Muna you know Shea and anything with Jeremiah and he may look home for you as summer the hearing will absorb and the sites when either and the heart's not under calm so that you that guru you are grateful.

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And um did not euro they have seen enough to apply the words was a hot one subjective. Ones controlled was the hot ones controlled fee in Joe we atmosphere, a center of the sky.

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Man not UMC Kahuna, he holds them Illa except Allah Allah indeed fee in Delica that potential designs the government for a people.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Nana, can

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you see

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them in Lebanon

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for the

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Luna, Luna,

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Tell me

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