Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-011B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 61-62

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What if and when meaning also recall this incident when Paul told you outset cotton again cough well lamb is the root you all said yeah Musa or Musa yeah is health NIDA remember? Yeah Musa lameness? Bira we will never be patient. Now lameness below means land gives meaning of never okay and Nashville is the verb from the root letters slot that to be patient. So let us know we will never be patient and when this word is followed by our last one so it is followed by Isla it gives a meaning off to put up with something so southern or Allah something is that so and so put up with something he endured something and when you put up with something you endure something you know you're kind of

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content with the situation you know it's not bothering you so they're saying learn US Bureau we will never put up with we will never remain content with we will never be happy with we will never be patient with farming food farm from the letters fall I mean food were hidden single, we will never be content with a single food. Now why hid as you know means one single what are they referring to London Sunhwa basically what they're saying is we're tired of eating mon and Sanwa feathers so you call upon this is from the IEA the root Euro then i ny was the root and this is fairly common. They're telling Musashi Sam that you call upon Lana for us meaning on our behalf for our sake,

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Rebecca you're Rob Call upon your Rob for our sake on our behalf any we're not going to make ourselves you do that you ask your Lord that you Ridge he brings out from call Jean Faraja the whole job is to go out and a holiday you renew your courage as we can see here is to bring out so he should bring out Lana for us menma from what this has two words min and max min means from and min means what together Min Min from what he should bring out for us from what to metal or do the Earth groups. Now to be two is from the root letters known bat. Now bats from the same root is used for plants, okay, and Mbatha up to cost something or to grow. So the Earth groups so he should bring out

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for us from what the Earth groups and then they gave a whole list of things that they want the earth to grow. And remember that they're actually in the desert, okay, and they're not here to live in the desert they're supposed to pass through the desert to their home. But for now they're asking that the earth should start the desert around us should start growing different things what things the evil holist min Buckley have from its buckle buckle leafy greens and her it Okay, and what is the high referring to

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the earth and this shows us that the word up is feminine. Okay because her is used for feminine. So they said min Buckley had its leafy greens what is that he had its cucumbers or foamy had they give a whole list bucket. Now what is buckle buckle is used for plants that are neither shrubs nor trees. Okay, plants that are neither shrubs, nor treats. So what does it mean? That first of all, they're small, and they're also very tender. They're very delicate. And it is also said that these are plants that are particularly green. So these are plants, leafy greens, or green herbs, which you know, people enjoy a great deal. So you're talking about things like basil, mint, parsley, not just

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herbs, but also leafy greens like spinach, you know, the whole deal. So buckin is not just one particular plant, it's a whole category of plants. So they said we want the leafy greens and then they said we want PISA it's cucumbers. Now PISA you have the sap is cucumbers, and in Hebrew because this word is also mentioned in the Bible. It's called Kisha. So Keisha PISA very similar. What for me her and it's garlic. Okay, now the word full. It is said that it's the same as thaum. Some and form are the same. So through them and form what do they mean garlic. In Hebrew it is shown and in Hebrew the word Shoom basically means to exhale because the fragrance is quite strong fragrance or

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Whatever you want to call it, and because of that a person exhaled and especially if a person exhales with garlic breath, it's upsetting. So soon foam, it's the same, other than with say that soon means wheat. Okay, wheat or other grains, besides wheat also from which hubs bread is made. Okay. So follow me here, we can translate this as garlic and also wheat. Okay, or great. And some have said that it can also mean him most chickpeas. Okay, so all of these meanings are included in the word for garlic, or garlic to season the food grains to make bread with, or chickpeas to make falafel with whatever. So what fool me huh? Where are they see her and it's lentils or this means

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lentils. Okay? And it's from the root letters. Actually, we're not going to look at the root letters here because a lot of these words have Hebrew origin. So lentils well known and bizarrely have onions bustling. In Hebrew, it's Betson. And it literally in Hebrew, it means to peel. So an onion is meant to be peeled. So leafy greens, cucumbers, garlic, bread, lentils, onions. So when they said this to Musa alayhis, salam ala he said, cough Well, lamp Musa alayhis salam said at that stability Luna do you all seek to exchange this is do a question. Festival de Luna you all seek to exchange you see the Cenotaph again, okay, and the meaning of seeking and then the route letters are better

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than lamp but Allah better is to change something. And it's the Buddha is to exchange when you're exchanging This means that you are you know, giving one thing up for another you're giving something up so that you can take something out. So they were getting money and Sunhwa and they're asking for earthly foods. So what are they willing to give up? They're willing to give up man Sanwa and what do they want in exchange they want these earthly foods. So do you want basically underneath that which was a dinner it is lower, okay. Lower in what sense in value other than this is from Dell known well, then I had to know to be low or to come low to come down. So for example, in the Quran, we

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learned about Koto, forehead Danya it's full tooth, meaning fruit bunches are hanging low, because they're so full, so heavy, that the branch it comes down literally. And dunya is from the same groups, why is dunya called dunya? Because it is lower in comparison to what is coming up ahead. Right? So do you want that which is lower? Because it's earthly foods, meaning all of these things buckle form or this person been naughty with that which who are a Titan is better? So what is that which is better? It is men and so forth. Right? A lady who a hide this is Bernard Salwa and a lady who ADINA, this is these foods, earthly foods. Okay, so do you want to exchange this for that? A

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beautiful and high yield, by the way, so the letters Ha, yeah. He said, If you want all of these earthly foods, I don't need to ask Allah for that. You can just go get it yourselves. So what should you do a beautiful you all go down to. And remember, we read this word in the story of Adam or the histogram as well, who will not be able to we said all of you get down. So here, they're being told go down to descend to and any of course, it doesn't mean that you're coming down from above literally over here, but down in terms of rank, because here they're being given special heavenly blessings and they want to go down to getting earthly blessings. So able to and it also gives the

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meaning of settling. So able to assign meaning go down to any big city meaning go and settle in a city just as Adam and Howard were told, calling that beautiful meaning down to the earth in the sense that go and settle in the earth now because when you settled somewhere, you arrive you know you get down from your vehicle your means of transportation, you put down your bags, and you unpack etcetera. So it gives meaning of settling as well. So able to you will go down to or you out settle. And this is also very honored, as you can see. So get down to missin any big city. Now missile, a lot of you you know my thing this is talking about Egypt, but that is

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Is Mississauga okay with just one Fatah okay? Not for Titane when it's attain okay then it's talking about any missile and the word missile meme solid of all, when used for a city it applies to a big city

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so the route letters meme saga muscle is to inhabit a city to build a city so it's not just a small population but Muslim middle Assad any of the cities that are big that are fully inhabited because the more inhabited it is the more variety you will find over there but in there because indeed left home for you all man is what's ultimately all asked for meaning you can go and get over there whatever that you have asked for. And so ultimus from seen Hamza lamb so So Al is question so Allah He asked a tomb you all asked so whatever you want whatever you're asking for you can go get it yourselves well booty bets and it was truck same route blood but I lay him upon them what was struck

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upon them at Villa to wellness Cana to okay both of these things booty but I lay him now that mean that they were physically assaulted with this no love over here Baba Allah means to cover something with something. So for example, it is a booty but clean Oh, I love how it how it is wall. So booty but it clean, clean is clean. So the wall was covered with mud. Okay, covered as in fully covered. So here, there were struck with meaning they were covered with shrouded with the villa and mascara. What is Villa villa is from the root letters that lamb lamb and Mosca is from the root letter seen. Calf note. Now, Villa means submissiveness or humility, now and so on is very humble, okay? And

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they're submissive, it's very easy to control them. Right? It's very easy to for others, to control them. So it is said that villa is a basement or degradation. And this is especially in the sight of others. So people have no respect, people don't have any fear of people don't have any regard for people will assault people will attack they will control they will steal, they will do whatever. Okay, so the left is the state of a basement, meaning when people don't have any regard for someone. So booty better Anakin within a basement was struck on them, they were covered with it. Well, Miss Ghana and the neediness Miss Ghana, as I told you seem to have known is the root. Second a means to

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be still to be motionless. And miskeen from the same route is a person who is you know, because of their poverty, because of their neediness, because they're not able to look after themselves, they're not able to fulfill their needs. They're not as mobile, they're not able to go around easily. They're not able to spend money, they're not able to access different things because of their poverty. So it is said that Myskina is the state of miskeen. Okay, so muscular is a combination of neediness and a basement. So someone is suffering from humiliation and poverty. Yes, Sakina is actually from the same root because that is a state of tranquility and calm and peace,

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that there is no inner turmoil. So this is external. Okay, so let's get to neediness. And others have said that mascara is especially poverty of the mind, where a person thinks of himself as very weak and low and incapable. So vinna is in the sight of others. And mascara is a person self image that is very low. So low self esteem, low self respect. And mascara is also described as dependence on others, is that a person is not able to do anything, you know, on their own. They're miskeen they need others. So Villa and mascara. You know, some linguists have also said that vinna is external state, that others view you as weak and powerless, and abased. And so they abuse you and they

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exploit you and they don't have any regard for you. Okay, so the law is visible. And mascara is basically its internal. So it's the state of their hearts, that they're very weak.

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I am very poor on the inside. So, think about it I mean either of these is a person is suffering from Villa for example very difficult to live like that, but imagine this is Villa and mascara combined so booty better I lay him within that they were covered with a basement and neediness what that oh who the bunny is slightly nwaba Oh and they incurred be a lot of in wrath from Allah Now that oh this is from the root letters ba while Hamza ba literally is to return okay, but that of B you see the B, bet a B together means to come back with meaning to bring upon oneself to earn something. So what did they bring upon themselves what did they earn what did they incur? They

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incurred Allah may Allah anger from Allah and remember the word Mahboob or lay him sort of Fatiha same route blame blocked

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so they incurred wrath from Allah why? So two things happened then the end Myskina are stuck on them and they incurred Wrath of Allah why then he could that so that it is explaining the reason why these two things happened. That be unknown is because indeed they who the money is because indeed they can know they used to now notice over here b is being translated as because, okay, and I mentioned to you earlier, that can give up to 17 different meanings. Not sure if I mentioned in this class or another class, but I did mention it recently somewhere, that just the letter bat itself is so versatile, that it can give up to 17 different meanings, depending on how it's being used. So

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this is why it's not correct to you know, just translate the Quran word by word in the sense that you just look at the dictionary and you apply any meaning no, you have to look at the sentence you have to look at the structure. So because indeed they can they use to get Furuno they disbelieve me up floon As you know, letters Kapha Kapha traditionally, but when the word Kana comes with a verb like yak foo, then it gives the meaning of they used to habitually over an overdue this, this was their habit this was the norm. So they used to disbelieve B I T in verses B is being translated as in and if is the plural of a verse or sign. Okay, so they used to disbelieve in verses or signs of

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Allah versus means I chattery the verses that Allah has revealed, and signs as an ayat call me, okay? The signs that Allah has created all around us the incidents that Allah causes to happen, which teaches different lessons. So they used to deny them all the way up to Luna and they used to kill so well, this is carrying over the candle. So can we actually do now which is why there's used to in the parenthesis, so they used to kill cough, lamb cotton to kill, who did they kill under begin the profits for of the word and be okay. And unabIe is from the root letters. There's a lot of different opinions, some have said this is from the root letters known by Hamza, okay. Because never

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means news, or important, relevant information and the prophets of Allah are sent to deliver important news to their people. Right. So never, some of that is from the letters, Knebworth known, but wow, which is a high position. So the prophets of Allah have a higher status compared to the people around them. So they used to kill the prophets belated help without the right, help is right. It also means truth. When you have the right to do something, it means you are not wrong. If you were to do it, you're not being unfair. So they had no right to kill the prophets of Allah yet they killed them. So they were sinful and unjust in killing the prophets. How dare they kill the prophets

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of Allah? And how could they disbelieve in the verses of Allah and the verses of Allah are so clear, then he got that. So now this that he has pointing to their comfort and their cotton Okay, so then because that Bhima also is because they disobeyed what can we actually don't and they used to transgress. Now are so this is from the root letters I inside. Yeah. Or I installed Well, or is Lian is the root, okay? And it was Lian means disobedience, to disobey the clear commands the clear instructions that are good

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If so, then it could be more so they disobeyed or installed well or I installed the app and I remember the word or saw or the or the staff up Pausanias center that is also from the same root. So there is a connection between a staff and disobedience right a stick and disobedience you know for example a shepherd if you know an animal is not listening they will use the staff to keep their animals in control. So that he can be my assault they disobeyed what can we are doing and they used to transgress you have to do this from Ryan doll Well, okay. Not Arcilla are saw a new breed br saw can HighJump or saw and there is also from the same group, what can we are doing Yeah, to doing this

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from our angle Well, okay. And either Yadu is to overstep limits or you know, a boundary. So I do is from the same root enemy, because an enemy does not care about, you know, any boundaries, any limits whatsoever. So Yatta do they transgress so they used to transgress habitually, the limits that Allah had set the commands that they were given, they used to bind the then in a set in the Latina Emma no indeed those who they have believed me know from the letters Hamza meme noon. So those who believed meaning in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one Medina had who and those who became Jews, meaning those who believed in and followed Musala his center and it is some of the word hairdo is

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from they're saying in now who denied the lake. The bunny is slightly ill at one point they said that we who deny the lake and have the means tava to repent, okay. So we have repented to you. So from that, they were given you know, this term and Alladhina had or your hood and some of some of the words are looking to handle is derived from the name Huda. Okay, which was the name of one of the sons of Jacoba and Houston. So when Medina had one Masada and the Christians and Asana is the plural of nasarawa, ne, the Fulani Christian, the surah Christians meaning those who believed in and followed reciting his sin was sabe, EAN and the sabe. Now the word sabe II, this is a very

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interesting word. It is separated from the root letter solid back Hamza, and Saba, in Arabic means collagen that he left. So the Arabs, if anyone, you know, adopted a different religion, they called him sabe, that he is Saba, he has left us, he has become different, which is why in the CLI, you will notice if you read or if you have heard lectures about the sila, even in reports in a hadith that, you know, report incidents of the zero. At the beginning, the Muslims were actually called sabe by the Masha key by the polytheists, because they said these people have left us they have left our religion. So that's the literal meaning of the word. However, with regard to the sabihin, it is

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said that they are actually the followers of Yeshua and his son. So they are basically found the Christians, but they believed in and followed yeah, here to his son, and they're still present in Iraq today. And in English, they're called mundanes. And in Arabic, they're called sabe. Or saba. Okay. Sabe. Singular, and so but also they use to refer to them. And even now they live in Iraq. I don't know about recent times, the past 1020 years, in English, they're called Mandaeans. And they're not that many, but 60 to 70,000. I don't know about their, you know, how things are currently for them. But that has said that they are a people who read this award, and even Kofi said

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that their followers have Yeah, Haley's Sam and even Abu Hanifa considered them to be people of the book. Okay, because as Muslims, you know, they went all the way, even in Iraq. So as they came across these people that treated them as Jews and Christians as people of the book, and even here we see that they're mentioned along with the people of the Book Alladhina hurdled the Jews and the Salah, the Christians, there are people of the book. Right, so sabihin followers of via Heidegger's Sena John the Baptist so they are considered as the people of the book is how common driveway many scholars consider them to be people of the book. So they believed in yeah hailing sir, and they

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followed him. So any person from among these categories, man or woman or whoever believed and as you know, some of their letters hums me known whoever believed in hola Billahi one yo mil acid and the last day a young is from the root letters Yeah, well being and from the root letters comes up hot rock, acid

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The last so the Day of Judgment is called the last day because there's no day after that, then it's just permanence and Kowloon, where I mean a slightly her and he has done righteous deeds. So anyone from among these groups, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, but then along with that belief, he also does righteous action. Amina from the root letters I name them and saw the hand from the root letter sod lamb have some rain named them and let's work again and slowly hence, lamb. So he does righteous deeds, find a home then for them digital boom is their reward, budget is wage okay? And they reward in the withdrawal behind the above, meaning their efforts have not been

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wasted. Their faith has not been neglected. Their righteous actions have not been ignored. No, they will have the reward with Allah Allah has secured their reward. Well, how often are they him and no fear will be upon them Hall wylfa is the root whatever we are is unknown and they will not grieve has a note and these words we have done earlier remember hope is fear of what might happen in the future and causing is grief or loss over what has already happened. So regret or pain that a person is carrying in their heart so they will be free of these things in June, along with German. Okay, Inshallah, let's listen to the recitation of these verses. And as we listen, please stand up,

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stretch a little bit where you are, and listen quietly, silently to the recitation is what it is. Almost owe me. Rebels organ hijaab.

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