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Ibrahim 35-52 Word Analysis and Tafsir 42-44

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Are we gonna be laying the sheath on your James Miller? for him?

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That's number 131. So what Abraham will begin from number 42

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what are the seven the LA Hoff Elan, Yamato volley moon and never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do never think that Allah is unaware that he has no idea about what these people are doing

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in them or indeed not but you are a hero whom he delays them meaning he delays their punishment for when Leo min for a day, dash hustle v Hill ever saw when eyes will stare in horror, meaning the Day of Judgment.

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What are the seven that seven from the veterans have seen ba

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and letter seven? Never, ever think like this, never assume? Never suppose.

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And this address is first of all to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam why in order to comfort him that do not think like this. Do not think that Allah is often one who is unaware I'm Yamato la de mon from what the wrongdoers are doing never think that he is unaware of their activities.

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And secondly, this address is also do the loyalty moon indirectly This is basically a threat to them. Those people who think like this that Allah does not have any idea about the evil actions that the volley moon the oppressors the unjust people are doing.

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Now what kind of actions are the lightning moon committing various types first of all of your middles early moon

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but now the question is, what is volume over here?

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As you know that loan is used for shake in a shaker, Laguna v. So those people who are doing *, you wonder how come they're not punished? If we learn that or uninstall that medium, that is the kalama just a statement that Allah subhanaw taala has a child is such a huge it's such a big deal that it could cause the skies to rupture it could cause the entire earth to break asunder to split apart it's such a big statement it's such an atrocious crime, then how come the people who are saying such statements all of the time they're not punished? So never think that allies unaware so loon refers to Shrek

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similarly, loon also refers to their opposition, their oppression against the believers. So don't think that allies unaware then why does he not punish them? Because he is you assume he is delaying them from the roof letters Hamza hora, Leo min for a day, Tasha Sophie Hill before that she also from the newsletters, Sheen, call sloughed.

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And Schuerholz is to continue to stare at something without blinking.

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What does it mean? To continue to stare at something to continue to look at something without even blinking one's eyes.

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And in particular, it is to stare at something that is distant, that is far in the distance. And if a person is staring at it without blinking his eyes, what's going to happen? His eyes, they will widen, they will open up even more. And generally, this is the state of a person when he is fearful when he is scared, because when a person is frightened, then he's not able to close his eyes even he's not able to blink his eyes even.

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So touch her so it will stare in horror, forgetting to blink fi in it meaning during that day, I'll absorb the site. upside is the plural of bustle, meaning the eyes of people will stare in horror on that day. Why? Because of what they will witness because of the horrors of that day.

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In this ayah primarily the prophets are along the center is being confronted

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the prophets that a lot of sudden was going through such a time in Makkah, where he and his followers were weak. They were being oppressed, and the enemy, the witch Sikkim. They were strong. And at the same time, they were very oppressive. We have heard about the stories of how the Sahaba were persecuted in Makkah, not just as a habit, but even the profits a lot, isn't it physically persecuted, physically abused, socially, emotionally, mentally, there was so much torture that was going on.

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Now at these times, when a person is being oppressed by another when a person is suffering from so much at the hands of the other, and he's unable to defend himself

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and at the same time your own brothers and sisters are being oppressed because of their faith.

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Just imagine the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, not just him. But the rest of the believers, we have heard about the family of our mount Ebony acid, how they were persecuted, how they were tortured, how they were killed. so in this situation, where you feel you cannot defend yourself, and at the same time, you cannot even go and help out the rest of the believers, you feel as though your hands are tied, you're not in a situation to help one another. you're unable to bring a change to the current situation. What do you feel? You begin to wonder, where is the help of Allah? How can these oppressors are allowed to do whatever they can whatever they want to? How come a Lost Planet Allah

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has given them so much stress by a person begins to wonder.

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But Allah subhanaw taala comfort His Messenger over here, and the believer as well when he is in a similar situation, that Allah knows exactly what is going on. Don't think that he is unaware. He knows exactly what is going on. And he is only delaying the punishment of these people, when they will not be able to escape.

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Now the question is, why does Allah subhanaw taala delay the punishment? Why doesn't he punish them right now? Why does he punish them immediately? Because this life is a test.

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If you think about it, in this dunya there's so much violence, so much oppression, so many innocent people are being killed, or being persecuted, or being tortured, in the most horrendous of ways. If you ever hear about how people are being killed, how people are being tortured in prisons outside, it's shocking. You cannot even hear those stories, let alone going through these incidents. So just imagine at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, the believers are going through a similar situation, people begin to wonder how come there is violence in this world? How come Allah allows poverty and oppression to exist in this world? How come there are natural disasters? How come

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there's this and there's that people wonder. But what does the law say? This life is a test. The same as a test. And every person is given the freedom of choice, you choose what you want to do. Go ahead, do whatever you want to do. Tomorrow, you'll find out the consequences of your actions.

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And the punishment is delayed. Because the punishment that is given that day, no one will be able to escape it.

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Because on that day when their eyes will stare in horror, at the horrible scene of punishment, what's going to happen?

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McLaren racing ahead, makani will see him there hands raised up.

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arena is the plural of MMA there from the fighters have taught him how to train.

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And a bar is basically israr which is to run fast to walk fast.

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When a person is walking fast when a person is trying to run fast, what happens? His neck is outstretched, he's protruding his neck out.

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Generally when a person is trying to walk fast, or run fast, his neck is outstretched it is protruding out.

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So it's far more there is used for a person who is walking or running fast with his neck outstretched

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with his neck outstretched.

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Similarly, motor is also used for a person who is racing ahead with his sight raised with humility and shame and embarrassment.

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The person who was running who was walking with his eyes lifted up how with humility and shame, embarrassment

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so much clarina ones who will be racing ahead, but how will they be racing ahead? McCleary mcnary is a plural of mocha

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and mocha near his from newsletters off noon rain from the word Panera, which is to be satisfied. But the word coonoor is to raise What does it mean to raise because when a person is satisfied, his spirits are always raised and they're high. So owner is to raise and moko near is some foreign one who raises one who lifts up

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and over here What are they lifting up? loose rules is a Florida frogs. AKA narrow so who is when a person lift his head up? Why in order to run fast?

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So move clear ina ones who are racing ahead. McCleary, ones who are raising their heads, roofs, their heads, they have raised them up.

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What are they racing ahead to where are they headed to? Where are they running towards? Towards the color

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because we know that on the

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They have judgment, the caller will call out, the Trumpet will be blown. So when the Trumpet will be blown, everyone is going to rush towards where that sound is coming from. So mostly arena illidari they'll be running towards the collar.

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And they'll be running out of fear towards the sound of the trumpet, just like a stampede. lejos de la him for for whom their glands will not return to them. You have to do from the root letters, rather than from the word what Android is to return to send something back. So they're tough, their glands, their look, their sight, their gaze, it's not going to return to them. What does it mean?

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They will not blink their eyes, their eyes will not return to them, their glands will not return to them, meaning they will not even blink their eyes. They will remain staring unblinkingly staring in horror, staring in confusion, trying not to blink because of the extreme horror that they will be experiencing. Sometimes it happens that when a person is terrified, he's not even able to blink his eyes. He's not able to blink his eyes, he's just continuously looking staring. So this is going to be the state of the people on the Day of Judgment.

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And what's going to be the state of their hearts will have either to whom and their hearts, they will be how're empty, void.

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Everybody, during your cell phones off, put them on silent immediately.

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I don't want to hear any more cell phones in the classroom, please. And now we should change our ringtones I mean, music? How can we have that on our phones?

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If we have a beep? Or if we have a ring just like normal phone ring? Is that not enough? Is that not sufficient? Why do we have to have music playing all the time earnings in listening to heroin, especially in the case of gun This is not acceptable. So please change your ringtones keep them moderate, keep them simple. And during class, keep your phones off, keep them on silent.

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So now you gotta do a lay him perform on their glands will not return to them, meaning they will not even blink their eyes will have either to home, however, and their hearts will be empty. They will be void, however, is from the root letters hair. Well, yeah. And Hawaii is basically the empty space that is between the sky and the earth, the empty space between sky and earth. And from this Hawa is used for a void, empty space in something and full moon. However, an empty heart is used for a person who is extremely cowardly, who is extremely fearful, who does not have any confidence.

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So either to whom their hearts will be empty, meaning they'll be void of any thought they will not be able to think about anything, they will not be able to remember anything, they will not be able to retain anything, they will not be able to keep themselves calm or comfortable. No their hearts will be void empty.

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And sometimes when a person is going through extreme fear and shock, what happens, he feels as though he cannot think anymore.

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Sometimes people say I feel numb, I can't think properly. I don't know what to think I don't know what to say people become speechless. So on seeing the horrors of the Day of Judgment, the hearts of people will become empty. Why? Because all of this is going to be so sudden, so unexpected, and so scary, that it's going to frighten them. And it's going to take every thought away from their heart.

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Normally you think about it, the heart is never empty. Never at all. You're always thinking about something or the other. Even when you're lying down, nobody's talking to you. Perhaps your eyes are even closed, still, your heart something or the other is going on, you're feeling something you're thinking about something. But this is a state of extreme fear, when the heart will be completely void of any thought. Any thought at all.

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A person will not remember his children, a person will not remember his wife, a person will not remember his wealth. He will not remember any of the strategies that he had taught on the Day of Judgment, no, nothing is going to come to him.

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Either to him however, and what will they do? They will just proceed to the sound that is calling them. They will go towards the color.

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We learn in sort of Taha I 108 Yama, Eden yet Avi Runa Daria Larry what are the who that day everyone will follow the call of the caller with no deviation there from no one will be able to deviate from going towards the caller.

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And all voices will be stilled. Well, Harsha tell us where to live, man. All voices will be still

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They will be humbled for the Most Merciful for the customer in their home, sir. So you will not hear except the whisper of footsteps. The whisper of footsteps no one will utter a sound even all that you will be able to hear is the sound of footsteps.

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Similarly, instead of Oh come on, I number eight we learned move the arena in a diary. All of them will be hastening towards the collar. So what do we see that everyone will experience some horror of that they have that great day.

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Which is why Allah subhanaw taala says what ended in NASA and warn the people, all people, whether believers or non believers, all people warn them, because everyone is going to experience this day, no one is going to be absent, no one will be able to escape that day. And it's a tremendous day, when each person will experience some horror. So unbidden NASA warn the people off what Yama D him of a day when it will come to them, what will come to them and the punishment the day when the punishment will come to them. What is this day it could refer to the day of death and could also refer to the Day of Judgment

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for your colon, Medina varnamo. Then the wrongdoers will say, what long have they committed Shaikh Cofer and remember Islam also includes Mercia, acts of disobedience, oppression, injustice.

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So those people who have done one, they will say or not banner, Oh our Lord, a hidden illa ajilon corrib delay us till a near term give us some more time a hidden a hidden from Hamza hora, that lead which is to defer to delay. So Athena, give us more time delay our punishment delay our sub delay our death in our agile inquiry until a time that is Korea that is near meaning for a short time for just some time. Not very long. Just give me a few more hours. Just give me a few more days, a few more weeks, a few more years ajilon query just some time give me and this time, what will I do? What will we do Najib darwaza we will respond to your call give us some more time and we will respond to

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your call your call What is your call meaning your comments your instructions. We will respond to them. We will accept them we will observe them like we learned earlier that bloodiness dejavu European what is an invite is the Jabu lira beam, they believe and they accept the commands they observe them.

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So we will respond to your call when a Toby or lucilla. And we will also follow the messengers, because following one messenger is like following all of the messengers. So we will follow the messengers. Give us some more time send us back. Don't make us die right now. Give us some more time. So we can respond to your call, we will obey you and we will follow the messengers. But what is the response that will be given to them that LLM tokunbo aka Santa? Did you not used to swear Main Avenue from before? aka Santa from the roof letters of the name?

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Did you not use to swear before men are blue from before that Malecon not for you menza? Well, any decline? Did you not swear off before that you were never going to suffer a decline?

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The words away is from the roof letters they well.

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And the while is basically when something begins to descend begins to come down from its peak. Like for example, the sun as it rises in the morning, it reaches the peak, it reaches the height. And then from that point onwards, it begins to decline. So the well is decline, disappearance cessation, the setting of something, the coming to an end of something.

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So did you not use to swear before that you were never going to suffer any decline? You were never going to cease to exist. What does it mean by this?

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Meaning, did you not have such plans in your worldly life? for many, many years that you were going to do this and you were going to do that and you are going to do something for a few years. And then another thing for another few years. You had all of these long plants thinking as though you were never going to die, thinking as if death was never going to approach you.

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You made the dunya your eternal home thinking that you were never going to leave that home. Which is why all of your priorities were for the dunya you never thought about the hereafter. Never for a moment that you think but what if I die before that?

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What if that comes to me before that?

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Oh lm takuna assumpta min fabuleux Mela comienza well, that you are never going to have any decline, or that you were never going to face the Hereafter, that there is no aphylla that there is no agenda that there is no Johanna. Did you not used to swear that before?

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We see the people in general, are so unaware of their end, especially about their death. They're so negligent. They're so heedless about it. They're so heedless of the Hereafter, that in their life plan, there is nothing that accommodate something that they have to do for the sake of their effort.

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If you think about it in this dunya, what are we told, study, go to school, and then go to school again. And then go to university, and then apply here and then apply there work for these many years and then buy a house in this whole life plan that people give you that people present to you? Is there any room for preparation for the asset, oh, nothing at all. People overall are very negligent, very heedless towards the day that they will die. And the day that they will face their end result.

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Generally, this is the way of common people.

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But the fact is that when death comes to a person, whatever that he has attained, is going to be left behind. And it's going to be left behind for him, for his heirs. And the only thing that is going to go with him is what he prepared for the

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This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that confit dunya and maccaferri over RBT. So these

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are the live in our model, the learner he narrates that once the prophets are allowed him to call that my shoulder, and he said, Be in this world, as if you were a stranger, or a traveler.

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Because a stranger when he's in a particular land, when he's visiting a particular city, does he consider that to be his own house? No, he will keep a limited amount of stuff with him. seminar if a person is traveling, what will they keep with himself, the bare minimum, the basic necessities without which he cannot survive, that's all that he will keep, he will not take a lot with him. Why? Because he knows it's not his destination, he is in a transitory state.

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And if he were to take a lot of stuff with him, it would make his travel very difficult. And he might not be able to achieve the reason as to why he was traveling.

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Just imagine if a person is traveling with a lot of stuff. How can you travel, it will make it so difficult for him. For example, if a person goes to spend a week in the house of his relatives, then what happens if he's taking everything with him half the time is going to spend in setting up and then backing up. How much time is he going to get in really meeting people and talking to them, he won't be able to.

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So a traveler always traveled light with the basic necessities. And this is the advice that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave to us that live in this world as if you're a traveler, live in this world as if you're a stranger, as if you have nothing to do in this dunya you're only passing from here. Because this life is temporary. And anything that a person has attained in this dunya, it's going to be left behind except for the deeds that he's taking with himself for the hereafter. Therefore, a person should not make this dunya his home, whatever plans that he is making any plans that he makes, he must accommodate preparation for the aphylla in it, that should be his highest

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Many times people are thinking about their marriage about their children, they will make a plan. This is when we will get married. This is when we will have children This is when we will move. This is when we will do this. But there should be a solid plan with regards to the author as well. Because the children will remain behind the marriage will be finished. But what's going to remain are the deeds, which is why we see that many people, every single person will wish at the time of death that he had more time. We learned incidental monasticon is number 10 for your cooler B loaner a hotel in an agile inquiry for us sadaqa. We're coming in and he says My Lord, if only you would

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delay me for a brief term,

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if only you would give me some more time, so that I would give charity I would give sadaqa and I would be among those who are righteous

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many times what happens people generally say that when we are done with this, then I will do such and such when I'm done with the course when I made when my children are older, when I have grown older, then I will do such and such. But the fact is that how do you know you will reach that stage? How do you know there will be a time when you will

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Be older and you will not have anything to do. As you go through life, you only get busier and busier. Remember that

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today, you think you have children and they're occupying you. Tomorrow you will have your children and their spouses and their children who will occupy you even more. Today, you think you are too busy with something or the other. Tomorrow you'll have a spouse, and then you'll have children to look after. So never at all, should a person make excuses for not doing good. Never should a person delay for a later stage because you never know when and if you will get that stage you will reach that stage. And if you do reach that stage, how do you think that automatically you will change and automatically you'll be inclined to reciting more Quran and automatically, you will be inclined to

00:25:46--> 00:26:03

memorize the Quran. How is it possible? If you haven't done something for years and years? How do you think that automatically you will change within days, within moments, the change has to come from within and it has to start from the beginning. You cannot expect a complete change just one day.

00:26:04--> 00:26:52

Similarly, we learn in sort of what we know and I and 89 and 100 that had either had a homerun moto ball or a big rune until when that comes to one of them he says My Lord send me back, Laura Lee or Medusa, the Han female talked so that I can do righteous deeds, which I left behind. I delayed performing those righteous deeds, send me back so that I can do them. What does Allah say, color in Kalamata waka ne, it's only a statement that he's saying. It's only a statement that he's saying he doesn't mean it. Because if you were to be returned to dunya, then he is going to return to his same habits. Again, he will have no time to worship Allah. Again, he will have no time to give sadaqa he

00:26:52--> 00:26:55

will be busy doing something else or the other occupied with other things.

00:26:57--> 00:27:11

The fact is that if something is important to you, you have to make time for it. No, you have to make time for it. Now, you cannot think that later, you'll be able to do it. You cannot defer it for a later stage.

00:27:12--> 00:27:28

Because if you defer it for a later stage, what's going to happen? Perhaps you'll forget to do it. Perhaps you won't even remember how to do it. Or you might not even get a chance to do it. So do it now. Don't delay it and later, do it now.

00:27:29--> 00:27:39

And if we think that we are too busy, that we don't have time to accomplish our goals, then this is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

00:27:40--> 00:27:41

What is that bigger problem?

00:27:42--> 00:27:45

that a person is not doing enough Riba?

00:27:46--> 00:27:57

How do we know that? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah soprano data says that Yeah, you have an Adam or son of Adam, the father of liberty.

00:27:58--> 00:28:08

Set aside time for my worship. Make time so that you can worship me make sure you take some time out to worship a lot of planetary

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because if you do that, um levels hatanaka leenane What so do Fuck, I will fill your heart with contentment, and I will remove your poverty. If you make time for worshiping me, then I'm going to fill your heart with contentment and satisfaction, that even if you have very little you'll be happy and your poverty I will remove it. But if you do not do so, if you do not take time out for worshipping Allah subhanaw taala then I will keep both your hands busy in work. I will keep both your hands busy in work and I will not remove your poverty. I will not remove your poverty you will feel poor you will never have any contentment. You perhaps will have a lot but you will never feel

00:28:57--> 00:28:58

that it is enough.

00:28:59--> 00:29:09

So if we find ourselves too busy to recite the Quran, too busy to pray Our son too busy to fulfill our responsibilities, then what does it mean?

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We are not taking out enough time for worshipping Allah soprano.

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Because it's the promise of Allah. If you take time out for a better he will enable you to complete your tasks to fulfill your tasks he will give you contentment he will give you satisfaction and when does a person truly have contentment and satisfaction when he has achieved his goals?

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So we should not delay our work and do it right now. And if you want help in doing it, then take time out for worshipping Allah subhanaw taala.

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If you find it difficult to memorize your lesson, you feel there's no time. take time out to recite the Quran. If you find it difficult to complete the work that has been assigned to you check yourself check yourself. Check your fasting, check your liquor. Is that sufficient or not? Is that enough? Or are you barely doing the bare minimum

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What is the level? If you want help in your other work, then you must increase in your EBITDA