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Hafsah Ibn Sireen

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Are the reliable shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early, he was a big Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Appeal Well,

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from the law. Last night, we completed the discussion on email and even hambo. And with that, we completed the discussion on the for my dad. And there's so many things that, you know, I wish I could have had time to speak about. And unfortunately, because we want to fit as many personalities as we can in the series, we have to move on. But just to summarize a few points, I think it's important for us just to make mentioned, number one, when we look at the format, or when you look at the history of the formats, people might say, why do we have format the hip, and these in this division and this unity, or rather what we find, unlike other religions, we didn't have one group of

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scholars dominating Islam. And everyone had to follow the opinion like a Catholic Church, a clergy who ruled and they determined everything, and they stayed in power. Yesterday, we saw a boy who was an orphan who was a poor, poor child, who had nothing in his life. And he rose up to challenge the halifa. And he beat the halifa anybody can do that. Islam shows that knowledge is does not belong to a group of people, or a color of person. You found some of these ulama were Arab and someone at a summary. Some are poor, some began studying when they were very young. Others like Abu hanifa only started in his 20s. So heinola anybody can reach the status and these young the form imams. They are

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basically like us, they were not Sahaba they didn't have that companionship of the Prophet Mohammed Al Salam. They were made from the same things like us, and the taqwa increased. So what we find that these medallions what is important about the mme it, it's good that we have formaldehyde, that it wasn't just one group of scholars that dominated everything, but independent people researched. And until today, if you find something that doesn't agree with you, you find the Hadeeth and you say it doesn't make sense. You have the right to ask, no one can say no, this is my opinion, keep quiet. That's number one. Number two, you will find the disagreement or the differences that they had was

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in fact, not in Akita meaning they agreed on the fundamentals of Islam. Fit is not fundamental, where you put your hand in Salah whether you wash your entire head or just the front of your head, whether you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, loud or soft, doesn't make you a Muslim are not the things that make you a Muslim, all four of them agreed on that. And that's the beauty of it, that Islam allows us to defer as much as we want on the minor issues on the secondary issues. But on the acleda issues, all four imams had the same opinion. They all agreed on everything. On the fundamentals, the belief, what's inside is what mattered, and that all four imams agreed. That's why we said none of

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these four emails ever say that one is deviant or that one is wrong. In fact, when we said so many statements of how they praise one another, every four of the 40 imams praised one another. I also showed how much they love each other. And what I like to have brought out is the human side of these four times the personalities and not one personality worked. All four of them had their own individual unique personalities. Some of the things that I didn't mention, for example, if I'm a hermit, or rather if I'm Chef, it was a great sportsman, excellent horse rider. And wonderful was a was a was the archer was a perfect Archer. You know, he always hit the target. Mm hmm. And we didn't

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mention this yesterday that we said he's known for his standing up against the halifa. And he's thickness and he staunch character, and you imagine him to be a strict man. But I just want to mention this last point about him when he son got married, and we said he was a lot older than his son because he only had children in his 40s he suddenly gets married, and he tells his son, I want to give you 10 advices. And if you can download those 10 advices search it but just one of the 10 advices I want to share with you, he says my boy, you're going to get married and this girl that you've taken that you love her She's so nice and cute and whatever, know that the time will come in

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the month which is not going to be herself. She's not going to be that same loving girl that she is and you will be frustrated with her and get upset with her. But remember when that time of the month comes along leaves off he's right over Uppsala and fasting. So your rights of a husband don't even count that right why not see the flick of the Imam. So just these are the kind of things of these great ima and the understanding and inshallah, the question is which must have Should I follow? Should I follow a method? I look at these formats to make it you know very simplistic. There are like four, four different airlines taking you from here to Makkah, whichever one you take your

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Indian the same destination. Ultimately, you get to

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The same point, the journey will be a bit different. Man will go this way or that way. But ultimately they all end up in the same spot net is the full mothership. And may Allah subhanaw taala bless us. I mean, today we talk about our first female hero and there are so many great female heroes. In fact, as Islam as the Muslim Ummah expanded, the ladies obviously they made Sala behind the main there was an upstairs or downstairs in the masjid, the ladies stood behind the main and the main main Salah. And in the ladies, obviously, they got pushed further and further back as the JAMA of the men got bigger, to the point where it's one of the ladies mentioned the outsourcer, Salah, we

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can't even hear you anymore when we give by and Can't you give us a special day. And he gave the ladies especially where he taught them personally. And one of the ladies said, we can't see you anymore. Can we have a member built for you? So he said yes. And that's how I got a member, a lady suggested that and he liked the idea. In many of the the great scholars of Islam, you would find that over that most of the scholars, you'd find they had female teachers, some scholars like even Hydra over 80 scholars, female scholars towards him, and just one of the great tabea in the second generation after the Sahaba who are the greatest female scholars from amongst them. We had the story

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before that the Army or the new governor of Iraq, he called the top three shoe of Iraq. This isn't the time of the Sahaba the Tabby rain. So he called the top three tabula rasa, we spoke about them, who was the number one Tabby at that time from Basra has an obesity he called has an obesity and he called a shabby. This is the Imam that bumped into Abu hanifa and said, my boy, I think should study we don't remember him so shabby. And number three, Mohammed bin serien. Also a great so these are the top three scholars in Basra, Mohammed in even sitting also, he had a special gift. He was gifted in dream interpretations. So he's still the master in terms of dream interpretation. So these are

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the top three scholars who the governor of Iraq called and said, give me advice. And we said Mohammed even Syrian and shabby. They gave sort of generic advice for Allah. But Hassan nobody really gave it to him and said, you're gonna go to, you're going to go to the pub one day, and don't fear the halifa fear Allah. So he gave us an old boss at a good price. And as for the other two, he gave them basically small prizes because they gave small advice. But getting to the point, if you ask these scholars, who would you say is the most pious of the 13 and who's the most learned of the Tabby again, they will tell you, Mohammed even Syrian, he has a big sister, he's Titi. She is the

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best of us. And I must have saw even sitting have saw, even sitting in February, in the time of hassanal. Busey, in the time of Muhammad even sitting she was regarded amongst them the most pious and the most knowledgeable of the scholars and who we sit in, but just a little bit extra seating, like so many, how many times have we come across this? He was a slave of a Sahabi and scbd Malik, who was nS? nS is that small boy? When the NaVi system came to Medina, his mother said yes, my boy, he's least six years old, and I want him to be Yo, yo, yo, not student. I want him to be your boy, he must fit your water he must take. He must look after you whatever you want. When you need to fit

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something sent him. The mother brought her son and said Yasuda ns is used to to use as you want. And he learned so many things that he narrates so many ahaadeeth his mother influenced him. So Anna's grows up to be a well known companion, and he's of the law Sahaba to pass away. Now vsas Allah made the dua when he was a young boy when he when he accepted on us. He said, I make sure that this boy will have a big family and a lot of wealth and unless he lived to 90, and he had over 100 children and grandchildren, and he was extremely wealthy. And he said this too often to be so sudden was accepted. So Anna's had a slave sitting, and he told Siri everything he knew. And then Siri was set

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free. Siri married a slave from abubaker. And they had a daughter half sock, they had a daughter half saw, and they had many, many more children and seen himself became wealthy and he took a few more wives. So he had a large family, but he was poor. So I want to give you the perspective of this half song. She's the eldest daughter of two slaves, basically two slaves, and they have many children, a big family and as you can imagine, the Titi of the family. The big sister is looking off the basically she's being like a mummy. There was no place for her to even really make Salah in the house. But she was very intelligent, and she wanted to learn and she didn't allow the circumstances

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you found him to stop her from studying she would find a corner whether the roof or outside of the house or in the yard, and she would study to the point where she memorized Quran at 12 years old on her own, and then reading to Sahaba hafsa. She was younger than her brother when he became happy. Then she wants to learn Hadith and Fiqh. And she went to the college

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opinions. She was born 30 years after the hlr, which means they were a number of mini Sahaba still alive. And she went to go sit with him as a young girl, whenever she got a free chance in go and learn from the Sahaba around, and she learned the interpretation of the Quran. And she learned and she became of the most knowledgeable of people, not just women, the most knowledgeable of women of her time, and the scholars of the Tabby like her brother Mohammed, he became he was born later he also became a scholar. When he needed to know something he would go to his sister hafsa and other male scholars, like hassanal basri, they will go to her for advice and opinions that she had. When

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she became a lot older people asked her how did you amass so much knowledge? How did you memorize the Quran, memorize Hadith know all of this. So she said, Oh, young people take from you yourselves when you are in your youth for certainly I don't see any real action, except in your youth, most of what you learn, what you're going to know, is the only from the ages of 10 to 30. At this these 20 years, you will learn 90% of what you're going to know. After that you only consolidate and learn a few new things. And it was not She didn't say this quote. But another time he said when he lived to over almost 100 years and he was still strong. He said we preserved our limbs from sin when we were

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younger. So Allah preserve them for us in our old age. This is the meaning of the oldest Sahaba they would say this is the secret to youth to long life. So look at his status.

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Look at this female status. We said you have Hassan albasini they and he was regarded as the biggest Tabby were the most knowledgeable of tabin at the time. One Tabby, another scholar says, I did not meet anyone who I thought was better than hafsa. So they asked him what about Hassan Obasi and Mohammed even sitting? So he said, As for me, I tell you, I never made a scholar more brilliant than hafsa. And another this is a different scholar that said, I met Hassan and I met Muhammad and I knew hafsa and she was cleverer than both of them. spatola right, this is hafsa and Mohammed even Syrian would say he could interpret dreams. But if he didn't understand a question, or the Quranic II

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couldn't interpret it, he said, asked my sister hafsa. She knows and I learned from her every single book of Hadith, you would find her name in the Bihar Muslim youth fine and hafsa she narrated the Hadith from the companion. So she was one of the greatest writers of Hadith amongst the terrain.

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She was still a woman.

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We said how the scholars who dedicate their lives to learning and part of us might feel if Abu hanifa is sitting in the masjid from fudger until Isha

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shame. What about his poor wife? What about the kids? Because the main they had that ability or that, let's say luxury, they were fortunate that they had families that allowed them to do that. And that was the sacrifice. But we know the ladies don't have this luxury. She still has to be the mummy. She still has to be the wife when her husband came home, he still expected our wife to be there. So she was still a mother. She had a son who they she had a husband who she took care of she was a good dutiful wife. And she was a wonderful mother. She personally took care of her son and raised him Allah only blessed her with one child per day. And he was the epilogue II and he grew up

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to be a very well mannered, well disciplined, well liked young man. And after her husband had passed away,

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and her son was older, she now devoted herself to full time a vida. So teaching and learning wasn't full time eBuy there for her. And she was of the greatest who had even if you read this the life's works and tafsir of the life of hassanal, bursary and Mohammed even sitting you won't find them. And Allah Allah Allah knows best who are his worshipers that had such a strict routine, like f 17.

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This was a routine everyday she had an apartment by the masjid in Basra and she had a certain area in amongst it where she would come in. She would come into the masjid overtime, and she would stay in the masjid until fudger. The next morning, she would walk to walk to teach she would stay in the masjid after Asia. She felt that she shouldn't be sleeping. This was her own opinion and owns her own sensibility that the night is full evader, and she would make a vida from Asia till fudger till after fudger went to her when she would sleep from salata to her to the her. This was her routine every day and one scholar said it was her routine like this for almost 30 years. And you would come

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to her during the walks for fatawa opinions and people would come and learn from her in the masjid.

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Every day, she would recite half the Quran, this was she had to do this. She would recite off the Quran. And only in the days of aid and the days of the sheikh did she not fast every other day she would fast. This was her own road. This was her own own disease.

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desire for goodness look at this beautiful story. When she became older and she needed someone to assist them. She had a slave girl that worked for her. So they asked the slave girl, what can you tell us about hafsa so they said she's a righteous woman. She's a very good woman, except she must have committed some huge sin because she's making so far and crying the whole night in tober. I don't know what she did. But she did something really bad. She said this was half Simon sitting amongst his wood and her and we said the thing that made Amelie bin Abdulaziz, Abu hanifa and the scholars so great. They believe that they will have the worst of people and they felt that I don't

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lock Allah subhanaw taala I've so much so many sins to repent for. She would make her own she made her own coffin. And when it came to the last 10 nights of Ramadan, she would make Salah in that coffin, and she would make Hajj when she was around, obviously when she was alone and she would cover herself but she would put this cover on her meaning as if though I am making a binder for this. And this is how you should make a binder. As if though this is your last Ramadan. This is your last Hajj This is your last Salah. This is how she made Salah with that Catherine on I'm going to die Allah I'm going to be buried in the shower. And even though she was early, and alima, and she

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told people a muscle tested her. She was not free of any tests. When she became older, a son looked very nicely after. And he would always fish because she would stay up all night she'd get cold, so he would get good for her. And he would put the lamp on for her and the wood would burn and keep a woman and then his son. When he was still in his prime in his youth. He had a young family aliquots that he passed away. And she said that this lifts a deep deep sadness in her heart. Because this was the one thing she really loved of the dunya The one thing that she really loved and was attached to the dunya she didn't care about anything else except her son her they only little boy, Allah

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subhanaw taala took him away. And she said no matter how many times I made the law, and I made it safer. I still felt that lump in my throat and that lump in my chest that sadness until she realized she came across this ayah and she really did she says a lot of policies and sort of

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mind to come in for women in the law he burpin what an SDN alladhina Saba Raja whom he is an American Ramadan, Allah Subhan says whatever you have will ultimately it will disappear, it will become to an end. But what Allah has is for everlasting, it will last forever. And we will surely give those who were patient, very award according to the best of what they used to do. And she said this ayah would bring her comfort. And when she felt that sadness in her heart, she made the silicide to this is a lot and it would listen to sadness. But of course, she would always be sad for her young son. I mean, persistence is she she had a younger sister, who's it's Pinilla our sister,

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there was karma in her karma. But Allah adds this extra, not a miracle. But this extra Baraka to her, I'm the only I have this ability.

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They would say she would make Salah at night, and they would leave, what would they could, but it would obviously run up during the night. Yet even when the wood ran out and the lamp, the fire died, there was still a light that would emanate from her room while she was making salah and making a binder of many accounts narrate this. She lived up until the age of 1790. It's included in the slides, she lived up to the age of 17. And she passed away when she died. Her brother Mohammed even seen this great scholar, he performed the Genesis Allah on her and his friend Hassan Al basri, the two of them and the whole Gemma vasara. They took her and they buried her and this is the life of

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hafsa even sitting in a mother, a sister, a wife, a scholar, Isaiah hit, she achieved everything that the main could achieve and even more and that we said if you ask the tablet, you know that time they looked at her as being the best amongst them. So May Allah grant us to follow in her great footsteps. I mean, as for tonight's questions, with no questions last night, So tonight we have questions for the quiz. Everyone have your cards

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the cards handed out and Are you ready? Okay, and these questions behind Allah I must add this obeyed himself put these questions down. So let's see how good these questions are. Number one, which prophet lift these people in anger before Allah commanded him to do so and was swallowed by a whale? Was it number Eunice a Navy Isa B? Maybe a UPC whenever the okay easy one. Number two, which profit guided the Israelites often I'd be Moosa and hello Elisa, who was the Navy of the moose and how long was it Nevada would was it in Abuja was in Ibiza Korea? Was it gonna be Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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And number three, when Prophet salallahu alayhi salatu was Salam. When the people of Prophet sila had demanded a miracle. Allah granted them a miracle in the form

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Of which an animal which animal appearing out of Iraq, the US for a miracle, so Allah cause that animal to appear out of Iraq, Kazakhstan into an animal. Was this animal a big snake? A golden cow? A she camel was a huge bird,

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which is the answer.

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Very good, very good questions from big machinery. So

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write down your questions and put it in the box, and we continue our quiz. As for tomorrow, a bit of change of pace.

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that Islam is not only to be a hero, doesn't mean you have to be only a majority, or an Islamic scholar or a person who spends the whole day in the masjid. Every bit of knowledge that benefits mankind is also also part of the deen. Tomorrow we talk about the founding father, all of us have suffered this problem. Who of us have not scratched our heads at algebra? and struggled and thought? Yeah, salaam, I have my own problems, math, I don't have time to solve your problems also. Right? So this is the man who invented algebra. And the word algorithm is after his name. He's the man that brought the number system that we use. We know that Romans had a funny system using letters. He

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brought the system from nought to nine, this decimal digital system, he's the man that brought it to the world. And he is the pioneer in algebra and the solving of complex mathematical problems. And from that, we could build from the most basic of things so the computers to space travel, all based on this man's principles. We'll talk about him tomorrow, inshallah Sokoloff he was a little sad now Mohammed, Ali, salaam, serene, well hamdulillah Vladimir Ramallah library cattle