Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L120A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © A group of cowboys cowboys use language and actions to describe their actions, including drinking alcohol and using drugs. They plan to destroy their culture and neighbors, using cutting and calling as revenge. The group also discusses a model and a woman named Luma, as well as a warmer environment and a possible destruction. They mention a model and a gift given to someone.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Frobisher, le slithery were Sidley, under the rock bottom melissani of koko de probenecid

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lesson number 120 suta hood is number 84 to 101

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what ILA and to Medina by the end of a house home their brother sure arriba Sharif early

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on he said yeah oh homie My people are boo you all worship Allah Allah ma not la come for you main from LA in any god by rule other than Him Waller and do not done console you all reduce al michaella the measure one reason and the way in me indeed I are all comb I see you behind him with good or with well

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we're in need and indeed I a harmful I fear or they come upon you are they ever punishment yo of de Maria twin one encompassing where and oh only my people Oh fu you all give in full

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and makiya the measure will be done and the weight builders with the Justice Waller and do not double hustle you all reduce a NASA the people or share a home their things weather and do not dare so you all commit abuse

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or you all act wickedly fee in a lovely the Earth moves to Dean as ones who make mischief

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but a year or two remaining or remainder ally of Allah hi Ron is better Luckily for you in a quantum you were meaning believers wanna and not enter I RNA come upon you be happy at all a guardian although they said yeah oh sure illusionary Bernice alum does solar to get your solar, your prayers, that Moonraker it orders you undead networker, we leave man what the Buddha he worships ever owner our forefathers or undead Nirvana we do see in a marlina our worlds man what Misha we will in Mecca indeed you learn surely you are an Helene the forbearing of Rashid the rightly guided

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Allah He said yeah oh me My people are I don't have you considered in if it goes to I was either upon by unit in a clear proof main from Robbie, Myra, what are the honey and he provided me men who from himself that is under provision has done and good mama and not only do I want and that Mohali for whom I oppose you,

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Ella to my ward and hair comb I forbade you are in who from it in not only do I want Illa except an Islamic reformation man what is the bar to I am able warmer and not to feel the my ability Illa except biller with Allah Allah He upon him to go to I have trusted where he lay he and to him only when I return repeatedly

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what end year Oh call me my people learn not yejide man knuckle it inside you for it definitely inside you shikakai my dissension and that usually become a breaches you miss Lou like or similar do math that which asaba A breached oma people notion of no la silla or coma people who didn't have root or insula or government people's oily of soil a listener warmer and not all people looping of loot on a salon main confirm you be buried at all one farm was still true and you all seek forgiveness or back home from Europe. So more than to boo you all return lie to him. In indeed, Robbie, my rub. Rafi was most merciful were the most loving.

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Although they said yeah, or should our evolutionary

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man not know who we comprehend? We understand. Garcia much mimma from what Taku you say? We're in there and indeed we learn arrakis surely we see you feanor in us very first week

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while Ola and if not Ross token

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Your family, your clan, Laura jamnagar surely restored you. Warmer and not under you, Elena upon us there are Z's at all mighty at all powerful

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color he said. Yeah. Oh me my people is probably my family. Arzu more mighty la come upon you men then Allah Allah. Wa end or while it's the hospital Whoo hoo. You all have taken him or a comb behind you. Were here a year neglected. forgotten. In indeed, rugby Mayra Bhima with what Dharma Luna you will do more help on one encompassing

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one end? Yeah. Oh, tell me my people. It Malou you all do Allah upon maganda de comb your place in me indeed. I armel one who works one who does? Sofer soon Darla Muna you all will know man who yet he it comes to him or double a punishment. z it will humiliate him woman and who who are he caribou Elia water people and you all wait you all watch in me indeed I Marco with you? That only been one who is

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one of my and when it came a Muna our command Medina we saved your Avon journey Sara Wanda Dina and those who are Manu they believed Mara who within the rush Martin with mercy minutes from us well and aha that it seized and Medina those who wanna move they did wrong of slay her. The piercing cry for us Bahu so they became fee in the area of their homes Jessie mean ones line face down.

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And as if lamb not young, no dead world see her in it

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and unquestionably burden away with Lima Deanna for my dear Grandma, just as very that it was a cursed, it was done away some mood symbols

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all across and certainly also know we sent Musa Musa renesola the ayah Tina with our signs was so funny, and an authority or an evidence moving one clear either to fit our own fit our own formula he and his cheats festival. So they followed our model command that our owner of fit our own, warmer and not a model command fit our owner of fit our own Villa sheet at all rightly guided

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yaku he will proceed coma who his people Yama en de LTM the standing for over the home so he will lead them and now to the fire. What bits and how bad I'll wave to the place of arrival. And my route of the one who was LED will be true. And they were followed fee in her the Lois Lerner dunkers way oma and on day LTM the standing bitser how bad a riff do the gift or the assistance, animal food of the one who was given a gift

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there Lika that main from amber news. Elko of the town's naku we relate it or later upon you may have from it or a moment when standing work and hustling doing one harvested or more than

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one Ma and not one of them now home we round them while I can but when I move the round and foster home themselves from us, so not only is it availed on home from them earlier to home their gods allottee which you're the owner they invoke men from dooney other than Allah Allah, main from Shay in anything llama when it came to command or big of Europe, warmer and not do home they increase them later. Other than that, leaving complete destruction. That's this is the recitation of these verses.

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in me, Ronnie Kumar

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the move CD

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Me was a funny man Horace.

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meet Luma

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oma who

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to LA in

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Fallujah, shuaibu, Nana

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Dr. z.

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baby mama, Luna moochie

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lamona, ma

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otaku in Lima

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Luna Jane ashwani

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Hud 84-101 Translation 84-101

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