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An-Nisa 148-162 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 150-152

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Number 150.

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In alladhina, Hakuna Villa he was sued he, indeed those people who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, when you redo and you Federico Bane Allah He will do su D

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and they wish to discriminate between Allah and His messengers.

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So first of all they disbelieve in Allah and that is believe in the messengers. How How did the denial last?

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Remember that a man in a loss of painterly means that a person believes in his that his suffered his Zulu here, as well as his Ruby,

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and believing in all of these aspects requires that a person believes in everything that comes to him from a law

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that comes to him from a loss of penalty.

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So, for example, if a loss of penalty is the ILA, believing in his ilaria means believing in his he dye, the dye that he sent the guidance area center, how are you going to worship Allah, the way that he has taught you? How has he taught you how to worship Him, through His messengers, through his books.

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So, this believing in Allah denying Allah Subhana Allah does not just mean that a person says, Oh, I don't believe in God. No. It in a way also includes that a person says, I don't believe that Allah ever sent a messenger that am I ever guided people. Allah is because if a person says that he's denying the fact of Allah, the names and attributes of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who guides he is alleged.

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So in the Latina yoke for una bella he also he they disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, whether it is some messengers or all the messengers were you reading and they wish, what? That au fabrico that they discriminate. They differentiate by Allah what was really between Allah and His messengers?

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What does it mean by this differentiating discriminating between Allah and His messengers?

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Obviously, we know that our last panel data is Whitehead is ahead. Let me echo loco and others none will resemble him later Camus V shape and obviously the messengers are human beings aren't that different? Allah subhanaw taala is in his mark booth. And the messengers are human beings, they are different. Of course they are. So what does it mean by this discriminating between a lion as messengers

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that a person says I believe in Allah, but I don't believe in the messengers.

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So first of all, what is the mean by differentiating between a lion is messengers that a person says I believe in Allah, but I don't believe in the messengers.

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Similarly, it includes that a person says that I believe in Allah. And I believe in some messengers, but I don't believe in reciting to them. I don't believe in Muhammad Sallallahu. So

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you understand.

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So he's not denying all of the messengers, but he's denying only some of them.

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Thirdly, are you familiar Cobain, Allah he was really what this means is that a person says, I'm only going to do what is mentioned in the Book of Allah. I'm not going to do what the messenger has commanded. What the messenger has told us, No, I wasn't going to follow the Quran. I'm only going to follow the scripture nothing else other than that, this is what the

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differentiating between Allah and His messengers.

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Why aku Luna and they say, look, men will be battling. We believe in some meaning we believe in some messengers want to be birthed in and we disbelieve in other messengers, we believe in Moosa, but we don't believe in our Isa, we don't believe in karma.

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We believe in Musa and Risa, but we don't believe in Hamilton a lot. So this is what not many will be about when Oxford will be proud were you reading and they wish and you have definitely do that they should take bainer radica sebelah that they should take between that away.

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Meaning between kafir and Eman between believing in some messengers and denying other messengers, they want to make their own way, meaning their own way through which they think that they will get to the destination which is paradise which has success in the Sahara.

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So basically, they wish to invent their own religion. They wish to pick and choose from the dean that a loss of penalty has given

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that I'm going to do this, I'm going to believe in this. I'm not going to believe in that. I like this. It makes sense to me. I will take it I don't like this. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm going to

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Leave it.

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So when you read una is a no brainer that eco sebelah that they wish to make their own way, a way that is according to their desires according to their wishes. And they wish that that should be the D.

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What do we learn from desire?

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First of all, we see that the amount of a person who does any of the above mentioned, is not acceptable, what? That he denies Allah.

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If a person says I don't believe in God,

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I don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala or he disbelieves in the sufferance of Allah or the UI of Allah, whether it will be of Allah

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or any of those four aspects, that his Eman is unacceptable.

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Similarly, a person who this believes in who the messengers of Allah.

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Similarly, a person who discriminates between Allah and His messengers, that he has allies there, but this person, he's not His messenger that he has, we should only believe in Allah. We don't need to follow the messengers. We don't need to believe in the messengers

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or that he believes in some messengers and he just believes and others and he wants to make his own way his own religion than such a person who is a man is not accepted. His Eman is not valid. His Eman is not a man. Why? Because true a man correct a man is that a person believes in Allah and all of the messengers as well.

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As we learned earlier in North America, I number 285 colon M and A biLlahi omala ekati wakatobi were also d lannoo. For the kobina Haudenosaunee.

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All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and his books and his messengers saying that we make no distinction between any of his messengers we would even all of them, this is what correct email is and this is what acceptable email is. And if a person goes against this way, in any form, that email is not accepted. Because Allah says Allah eco homolka Fiona

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such people, they are disbelievers, how can intrude in reality,

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meaning it is such people who are definitely disbelievers, there is no doubt about them.

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But they claim to believe in a law. However, there are still disbelievers. Why, because they are rejecting the messengers. They're rejecting the messengers, whether it is one messenger or two messengers. Their Eman is not acceptable. What does Allah say? Allah eco homolka hironaka such people are this believers in truth, and the word help and the word help can is actually a master. Meaning it's a stem word. It's a main word.

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And this word is used over here to emphasize the content or to emphasize what is mentioned before it to emphasize what is mentioned before it, so Allah eeka homolka furon those people are disbelievers. Allah says How can what has happened do it emphasizes the statement before meaning? Definitely, certainly in truth, in reality, it is these people who are disbelievers. It is such people who are disbelievers.

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What artisanal cafe Dena and we have prepared for the disbelievers are there but mahina a punishment that is humiliating?

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What do we learn from desire?

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That if a person alters the theme, if a person makes changes to the theme, he believes in whatever he wishes to believe in, and he denies whatever he doesn't agree with, then is he upon did he know he's not upon the deen? Rather, he has invented his own way. And he is clearly committed.

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Clearly, what does Allah say, hola como, una haka. There is no doubt about their COVID that they say no, no, I'm going to believe in God. I'm not going to follow the messenger. That's it. I only need to pray to God I don't need to follow the way of the messenger. I don't need to know what this hadith says no. This is what discriminating between a Lynas messenger and a person who does this then clearly is not on the path of Islam.

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We also learn from this AI that a person who does this he will have a humiliating punishment. Why

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are they ever mahina a humiliating punishment Why?

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Because their attitude such a person, his attitude toward the dean is what? What is he trying to do? What is he doing? He's insulting the dean. He's humiliating the messenger. How by denying the messenger

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you know, for example, if a person is given a good recipe, like for example, your friend gives you a very good recipe to follow to cook something and you alternate

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You change it. And you tell her that you changed it. You didn't do what she did. You modified it? How does she feel?

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You didn't like it. She feels as though her recipe has been insulted. It has been humiliated. Why? Because you altered it, you changed it. Just imagine you give something to someone to follow, and they change it. What does that mean? That the rules that you gave them? They don't agree with? They don't like them. They don't think they're good enough. And because they think they're not good enough. They're altering it to such a person. What is he doing? He's humiliating what you have given them. He is insulting what you have given them. So a person who does go off? What is he doing? He's insulting the religion of Allah. And as a result, he will be insulted, he will be humiliated.

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Similarly, a person who denies the messengers of Allah, even if it's just one messenger, what is he doing? He's trying to humiliate the messenger. Just imagine if a child says to his father, you're not my father. First of all, this is extremely disrespectful. And secondly, it is also humiliating,

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it is also humiliating. So because their behavior towards the dean is a Hana, therefore, their punishment is also going to be humiliating.

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Without insula earlier mind io 112, that he could be unknown can we Karuna bi Attila he, welcome to Luna MBA ability to help. That is because the disbelief in the verses of Allah and kill the prophets without right.

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This is extreme disrespect to a prophet that you're killing him.

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So if a person goes to such an extent, killing the Messenger of Allah, denying the Messenger of Allah, then such a person will get extremely humiliating punishment in the hereafter.

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We also learn that this or that movie, although it has been said what are threatened with caffeine or double mahina we have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment. Yes, this humiliating punishment is in the afternoon. However, such humiliating punishment is also given in the dunya

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as we learn that this behavior was after your hood,

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this behavior was of the hood that they believe in masala Sam they rejected recently Sandra rejected Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Similarly, the nesara What did they do? They believe in or inside Islam, but they rejected Muhammad said about Islam.

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So such people what did we learn about them the loony but I lay him with the left, while Miskin

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that humiliation has been struck upon them, it has been struck upon them. Elsewhere in the Quran, we learn believer starting with the lotto enema so playful, that they have been put under humiliation by Allah wherever they're overtaken.

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Meaning any place they're in, they're humiliated. So yes, this humiliating punishment is in the alpha, but it is also in the dunya.

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On the other hand, one Latina M and OB LA, he will Rosalie but those people who believe in Allah and His messengers, which messengers, all of them

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and this is completely opposite to those people who are mentioned previously.

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While I'm your father, who by No, I hadn't been home, and they do not discriminate between any of them. They believe in all of them, they respect all of them.

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hula iica, so for you to him, would you run home to those people, Allah is going to give them their rewards? What can Allah have a photo rahima and Allah is Forgiving, and he's ultra merciful.

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Notice the word reward that has been used over here is

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and what isn't

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a wage, you do something and you get a wage for that, you get your compensation for that.

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And generally it is given why for some work that a person has done. But if you think about it, no one can go in the Sahara and say, Oh, these are my good deeds, no, give me give me my wage. It doesn't happen like that correct. A person only enters gender, how? By the mercy of Allah, regardless of how many good deeds is performed, regardless of how many or how few. So, why is reward called

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because if you think of it, as is something that is confirmed,

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it is fixed, it is guaranteed, it's under contract, right? That if you do such and such, then you will definitely get this much wage this much recompense, it is fixed it is confirmed. Similarly when the word edit is used, what does it show the promise of Allah. It shows that this is a promise of a loss of panel data, the touch people are definitely going to be rewarded.

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Allah is not going to waste their effort.

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And in this there's also an emphasis on appreciating the

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Action, or the effort of the person because when a person does something, then you give them away to whatever you're doing, you're appreciating the work that they have done. So, when Allah subhanaw taala mentions the word agent, in a way it appreciates the good deeds of the servant.

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So in this ayah, we learn about the obligation of believing in all of the messengers of Allah,

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in all of the messengers of Allah,

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that they believe in Allah and the messengers, and they do not differentiate, do not discriminate between any of the messengers, what does it show us the obligation of believing in all of them.

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And all of the messengers includes those messengers who have been mentioned in the Quran. And those messengers who have not been mentioned in the Quran.

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Those messengers we know about, and those messengers we don't know about, we have no idea about who they were, where they were sent, to, what their names were, what books they brought, which people they went to, we have no idea about them, but still, we believe in the fact that a loss of data centers messengers,

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instead of profit, number 78, we learn one or the other side, narrow Suleiman carbonica min homerun cosna alayka woman whom alumna

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and we have already sent messengers before you among them are those whose stories we have related to you. And among them are those whose stories we have not related to you.

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So, we learn about the obligation of believing in are the messengers

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we also learn a very important lesson from this ayah which is that when a person has the correct belief, when he has the correct a man, because the man over here has been mentioned, right? This is the correct email that Allah subhanaw taala is going to give them their award.

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Then, if a person with the correct email, even if he makes mistakes, with the correct email, if he makes mistakes, then he will be forgiven in childhood. Where do we learn that from?

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Or can Allahu Akbar fool them or Hema such people they will be given their award in the asset of Jenna for word about the wrong things that they have done.

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of Isla furan Rahim. The good Alo will appreciate why because it was done with the man.

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And if they did make some mistakes which human beings do, then Eliza for him.

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Again, it shows us the importance of correct Eman.

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This is something that we should really focus on. Unfortunately, we think it's not a big deal. We just believe in a line that's enough.

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It's important to have the correct amount and if a person has the correct email, even if he makes mistakes, because of his lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, but with correct email, misunderstanding, then inshallah he will be forgiven.

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That's basically the recitation of these verses.

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boo, boo Luna, No, me no me