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Hud 50-83 Word Analysis and Tafsir 73-83

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phenomena the habit. Then when it went on Ibrahima from Ibrahim or an s&m of Rotorua, the fear, the fright,

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what fright had overcome him When the angels did not accept the food, so he became afraid that Who are these people?

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And then when the angels gave the good news,

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when the angels told them why they had come to destroy the people of Lutheranism, and upon that, the wife of Ibrahim, Alice, and I'm laughed out that relief, the angels gave her good news. And upon receiving that good news, you were surprised? How was it possible to say that no, it is possible? Why are you wondering?

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So going here it is, um, he's watching all of this. Now the conversation is taken between Who? The angels and his wife. So now when eventually when fear left him a lower lower is from their newsletters roaring, and it's used for alarm, panic, fear.

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So when fright left him with jack, a two and it came to him, I'll bushrod the good news, which good news, the good news of the birth of his son? What did he do?

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Did he become overjoyed with the news that he had received? Very happy, the fact that he was going to be given a son, and he got lost in that blessing, and he forgot about everything in the world. No, yuja de Luna, he began disputing with us, he called me Luke concerning the people that do not punish them.

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Do not punish them.

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Look at the waiver by him or listen.

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Generally, what happens when we are given a blessing we get so involved in we get so immersed in it, that we forget about everyone else. We forget about the problems that other people are suffering from. We forget to call them we forgot to see how they were doing. But if when I hear an s&m, he receives the good news, and then he worries about the people, he begins to argue with the angels with regards to the people of Lutheranism.

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Sorry, the urban debate. He said that when jabril and the other angels who were with him came to blow him, right. He said, um, they said, in Monaco, he had the idea that we are going to destroy the people of that time.

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So if I said to them, will you destroy a town that has 300 believers in it?

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Would you do that?

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A town in which there are 300 believers? They said no. So He then said, will you destroy a town that has 200 believers in it? They said, No. So he said, will you destroy a town that has 40 believers in it? They said no. So he said, 30? And again, they replied, No. This continued until he's at five. And they said, No. So then he said, What do you think if there is one Muslim man in that town, would you destroy it? They said, No.

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So with this, Ibrahim arrested, I'm sad, but there is a loop in it.

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Lutheranism is still in that down. Don't destroy that down.

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Don't inflict the punishment over there right now. But they said, We know better as to who is there, but we will save him and his family except his wife.

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The punishment is going to come upon them.

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What does this show to us?

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The soft heartedness of liberal humanism.

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Again, the compassion that the dairy must have the well wishes the sincerity that he must have.

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That he must not hate the people. What should he hate? The crime that they're committing?

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Generally what happens because of what the other person is doing, we begin to hate them, we begin to dislike them. And when this happens, we cannot convey the message to them.

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In a Ibrahima indeed Ibrahim alayhis salaam he was the Halim on surely forbearing Halim is one was very tolerant.

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He was very tolerant, and he was also aware when one was very grieving away from the real letters Hamza? Well, her as we have read this word earlier into the Toba as well. That aware is one who sighs a lot. One who feels very sorrowful over his mistakes and the mistakes of other people.

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One was very sorrowful over his mistakes and also the mistakes of other people. He's always saying

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grieving one was very submissive in his application. One who prays a lot Ibrahim our listener was aware and he was ultimately who is money. Noon well the

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one who turns

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one who turns a lot.

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So many one who turns to Allah

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Ibrahim are listening was like this. This is why he was arguing in the favor of who the people of Lutheranism that he was aware he would say over his mistakes over the mistakes.

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of others, he was tolerant and he would turn to a loss of

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praying to Him seeking forgiveness for himself and also for others.

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Generally what happens?

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people, when they find out about the command of a law against someone against some people, then we begin to take their side, isn't it so

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that they should not be punished? They should be forgiven?

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Everyone here listen, I'm in a way is also taking the sight of all the criminal people.

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But he is not doing this with arrogance. He is not doing this objecting at the decision of Obama.

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There is a difference.

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Because he was very tender hearted, because he was very compassionate because he would turn to a lot a lot because he would seek forgiveness for his mistakes for the mistakes of other people repeatedly. This is why he wanted more time for the people of Luther. Listen.

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He wanted more time.

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So what was it all? Yeah, Ibrahim Ibrahim argued on her that this turn away from this mean? There's no point in arguing about this. There is no point in doing that.

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There is no point at all, because God forbid the command of your Lord has come which command for the destruction of the people of Luther SNM were in the home and indeed the atty. him it was one that comes to them or that one punishment being the punishment is going to come to them. And this punishment is right Omar dude not to be repelled. Model defender attackers are that

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which literally means to avert do resist, to ward off. So this punishment is not going to be warded off by anything.

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No, there are no argument, nothing. This punishment is definitely going to come upon these people.

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So what do we learn from this?

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Earlier we learned about the story of new artists and him that he prayed for his son. But was the Dora have no further slam? accepted for his son?

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No. Over here, Ibrahim Hassan is praying for the people of Luther Ellison, but is it accepted? No. What does it show? What's the lesson in this? That unless and until a person does something himself, then the prayers of others cannot benefit you?

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That's why, instead of asking other people to make their offers all the time, what should we do? We should ultimately offer ourselves once in a while. We should also do something ourselves.

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One of my favorite and when it came who came Rasulullah Our Messengers to who Luton Luthor listener

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what was his reaction see a be him, he was anguished for them see from their electricity while Hamza, so,

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which is evil, and evil causes a person to become sad.

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So see him he was anguished. He was saddened by him because of them. Why was he said that they're coming?

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He did not know at this point, that they were the angels. Why was he sad? Because the angels came in the form of young, beautiful men.

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And the people of Lutheran Islam, they were homosexual.

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And they did not care if you know, the person who they were fulfilling their sexual desire with was someone whom they were, you know, well acquainted with, or it was a stranger or it was a guest, they did not care.

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So Luther Hassan was very sad that these people have come, I will not be able to protect them. What's going to happen My people are going to harm them.

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See Obi Wan Kenobi him and he felt tight for them in strength, Baka they to be tight, and be him for them meaning for the angels that are on in history. That R is from the root vectors that are and that are is basically used for the distance that is between the elbow and the end of the middle finger, the tip of the middle finger. So just imagine from the finger all the way to the elbow. This is what the

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you may have heard hand spent arm's length. There are different units of measuring length. One of them is the so we'll talk about him that are that are in over here gives meaning of strength, because Where's your strength in your hand in your arm. So he felt tight in his ability

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in his strength.

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He didn't feel that he could protect them, that he could save them from his people. He felt it

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extremely uncomfortable.

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We'll call her and he said her they are asleep, this is going to be a very difficult day. Our sleep is wonder who that is I inside the and there is something that is strongly connected. When something is died between two things very strongly.

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From the same notice the word are sob which is used for nerves, because if you look at it, the nerves, they're all connected throughout the body.

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So asleep, very crucial, very critical, very difficult. This is going to be an extremely difficult day for me.

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Why was it going to be a very difficult day for him?

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Because he wouldn't be able to save the people. And he realized that

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what happened was that when the angels came, they came in the form of young men. And they came as guests to Luther SLM, just as a kms guests to Ibrahim.

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But Lutheranism was afraid that if my people find out I will not be able to protect them. And if my guests are dishonored, that means I am being dishonored, isn't it? So, if your guest is dishonored in your house, that means you have been dishonored. If your guest is not protected in your house, that means you know you have fallen short.

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Just imagine a guest comes and stays in your house, and somebody comes in steals their luggage, or their belongings. What will you feel very incompetent. So this was a very difficult day for him.

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But what happened was that his wife, she did piano with loot.

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And what was the Anna what was the treachery? That she was on the side of her people? She was on the side of her people. So what did she do? She went and informed the people, that there are young men who are living in our house who have come as visitors, let the people know. So she is the one who can. So what happened that people found out and wotja who and he came to him, omo his people, you would our owner, la hastening to Him you will not run as Andrew letters who are in power, and how hard is to run quickly to rush.

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And if you look at it, you heard our owner this has specified that they were being hastened, they were being hastened.

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You What are you for Luna, this is module

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you find Luna, this is passive form, which shows that they were uncontrollably running with desire. It was as if that desire that lust had overpowered them, had blinded them and they were being driven by it. It was an external force, driving them

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lie to him to the house of Lutheranism.

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Women kabru and from before meaning before this incident when they came to his house er maluna. They were doing a say at evals. Meeting before they came to his house, they were actually engaged in evil actions.

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What evil actions did these people commit? Many

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amongst them were homosexuality,

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and not in the privacy of their homes of their bedrooms, but rather in public. As we learned elsewhere, in the plan what to do when a FEMA de komen would come, they would perform Moncure in their public gatherings.

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This is the state that these people had reached.

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And this is not a new thing.

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This is not something that we should be laughing about.

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This is a crime. It's a great thing. And if we find this humorous, then there's a problem with us.

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Can we are alone so yet and amongst these so you add there was also highway robbery that they used to come in.

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When people used to pass by their towns, travelers, they would attack them.

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They would rob them. They will create difficulties for people as they will be traveling and they openly send many crimes many crimes without any shame.

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Allah He said Lutheranism said to them yeah, call me all my people. How would I even it these are my daughters. Who Neruda come they're much purer for you.

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What does it mean by this? These are my daughters.

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Barnett's literally means daughters florala.

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What he means by my daughter's is the women of the nation.

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Because the profit of a nation is like a father, to the nation in the way that he takes care of them in the way that he guides them in the way that he leads them in the way that he teaches them in the way that he trains them. He's like a father.

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Just as the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what is their title?

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mahat mothers of believers, right? So the Prophet is like a father. So he said, these are my daughters meaning these are the women of my nation, marry them Hanako come they're much pure for you. Meaning if you wish to fulfill your desire fulfilled in the lawful way, that's much purer for you cleaner for you.

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And this is a thorough both in the physical sense as well as in the intangible sense.

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For Tacoma has a fear Allah will not only feel a fee and do not disgrace me concerning my guests. Do not humiliate me. Do not embarrass me. concerning my guests do not embarrass me before my guests.

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allay some income, is there not amongst you, Rajan Rashid, even one man of reason. Is there not amongst you even ulladulla Rashid one man who is Rashid, who is the Rashid one who has rushed one who does right one who commands right

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one who leads to right.

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So is there not amongst you even one person who would listen to me who would stop other people allay some income, Rajan Rashid. So we see that Luther in a salon was the only believer besides his family.

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And amongst his family was his daughters. And his wife had an piano.

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So just imagine, there was not even one person who would support Lutheranism the entire nation was against it.

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So what happened then? All they said, the people responded to him that law, Linda, you know very well, that murlidhar we do not have phibn, Attica and your daughter has been hacked any rate?

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What does anybody have over here? Any claim any interest, any hajer, we don't have any interest in your women in the women of this town, and your daughters.

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We're not interested in them at all. That's not who we desire.

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What in Colorado, and did you know, manually do what we want? You know very well, that we want to enjoy these men that have come to you as guests, so hand them over to us and get away from here, leave us alone.

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Color he said, low and if only it was leave for me become against you, quwata and some strength, if only I had some strength against you.

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If only I could fight you myself alone as one man, I would do that.

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Just look at the helplessness of Lutheranism alone.

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He didn't even have khumba strength in himself to fight these people, perhaps because of his old age alone.

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But generally what happens if you are alone? And there are so many people against you? How can you resist them? How can you so he says no unruly, become overdone? If only you had some kind of strength? Oh, are we or I could take refuge? Are we from the room veterus Hamza, we are in our local and chedid in a strong support.

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Lucan is from the veterans law capital. And it's used for a support a pillar, something that becomes a means of support for the other, a basis, a base for the other,

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and shaded strong, or I could take refuge in is strong support. What does a strong support refer to some family, some family support.

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Remember that Lutheranism was not a local of these towns, he was sent over there.

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He had come with Ibrahim Hassan from the city of Earth, when they both believed and they did Pedro and Ibrahim alayhis salaam sent Lutheranism to to these people off, so don't do tell them to teach them. However they rejected.

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And Lutheranism did not have any family over there.

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You might wonder what could a family do?

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The fact is that your family, your tribe, they support you regardless of you know whether you're right or you're wrong. Just remember the times the Prophet said a lot is

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that although Abu Talib was not a Muslim, did he not give support the Prophet subtle thought he did, that nobody could dare harm him. So this is what Lutheranism is saying that I wish I had some kind of strength to fight against all of you myself alone as an individual. Or at least I could rely on some family whose support I could take against you. But I have not followed the set who said the angels now spoke up and they said yeah, loot or loot in russophobic Indeed, We are the messengers of your Lord, meaning we are angels. So don't worry about us. lanius Hello, Elijah. They will never reach us.

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Again the word Yes they do.

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Yes, we live in the real life as well.

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left lane, you're sitting in a car, they cannot reach you, they cannot reach you with evil, they cannot inflict any harm upon you nicely.

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They will never reach you

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for asleep. So travel be ethnical with your family, because during the inner portion when a lady of the night, so Luther Listen, I was told to leave the city during the night, as three is from the roof ever seen Elia, and it is used for traveling at night.

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So he was told, leave with your family in a portion of the night.

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Just imagine the scene. Lutheranism has some guests in his house. This Imagine you have some guests in your house.

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And there's a mob of people outside mob literally your owner. And they're demanding that you hand over those guests to you. And you know what they're going to do to them.

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Just imagine, perhaps in the case of men, it's difficult for us to understand, but just imagine if there's a woman and there's a men, and they're saying handover this woman to us that we can rape her. Imagine your state how helpless you would be. And imagine she's your guest. And imagine you don't have any strength you cannot call the police. You cannot defend her yourself. What will you do?

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This was the helplessness of that messenger.

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So the angels say Don't worry, we are the angels of Allah, they cannot harm you, they cannot harm us. So what should you do leave from here?

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Leave from here so that the punishment may descend on these people.

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What does it show to us? Ibrahim Hassan earlier he was arguing that give these people more time but what does this show these people did not deserve any more time not even one more day.

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Because if they were given even one more day, they would only increase in mischief.

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So the angels tell Lutheranism leave in a portion of the night what portion is this? Early morning as we learned in total number 34 that in our sudden narrow lay in house living in a loop net Jaina home bisa how do we save them at sahab early morning

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when I have it and when you have left Do not turn back you have to fit from the roof enters lamb fat that

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he should not look back men come among you. Anyone no one should look back at how these people are being destroyed

00:22:23--> 00:22:28

in lamotta except your wife meaning she's going to go with you which is going to look back

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and when she looks back in no indeed it mostly Baba it is going to reach it what is going to reach her masaba home what reach them the same punishment that will reach these people is also going to reach her Why?

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Because what's the principle? A model Mara man I have a person will be with those whom he loves, with those whom he has his loyalties for enumerator whom indeed their promise time is of supper the morning mean the punishment is going to descend upon them when in the morning and Alisa suburgatory is morning not near meaning it's very near. So go away quickly leave quickly.

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For the manager, I'm gonna then when our command came, which command the commander of punishment john Alia we made its highest part hourly is that which is highest. So we made the top most part of the city. Sevilla its lowest suffer from the letters seen fellow as well as FET. So we made the topmost part of the city, it's lower most part what does it mean? They were turned upside down. We learned earlier in terms of doba, a toughie, cat. Remember the cities that were overturned.

00:23:48--> 00:23:52

They were literally turned upside down because it turned their fifth upside down.

00:23:53--> 00:24:03

So they were turned upside down. What unfolded that and on top of that we rained our lay upon it. Hey Jonathan stones minsi jheel from hard, big clay.

00:24:04--> 00:24:17

On top of the fact that they were turned upside down. A rain was sent upon them and this rain was not of water. It was not of hail. It was not off snow. This rain was off CG.

00:24:19--> 00:24:31

What is the deep sea gene has been understood in several ways. First one It has been said that it is a Persian origin, which is why it does not have a root and it's a combination of sank and Gil.

00:24:32--> 00:24:51

Sang and Gil combined together said Jean sang means rock stone. You may have heard sung a murmur sung is rock stone and Gil is much so said Jean is clay that has been baked on fire clay that has been baked on fire

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

so that it becomes rocky it becomes pointy it becomes hard hard like a rock. So just imagine big clean

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

Is as hard as a rock.

00:25:02--> 00:25:09

And if you look at it if you ever use like a Patrick, you may have seen that if it's broken it's as hard as Iraq.

00:25:10--> 00:25:12

Secondly, they said that said Jean is from

00:25:13--> 00:25:17

sigil. And said Jill, is that which is written,

00:25:19--> 00:25:26

written, so sick deal meaning every rock had on it written, the one it was supposed to strike,

00:25:27--> 00:25:34

the name of every person was decreed was fixed that this rock is supposed to hit, this place it was fixed.

00:25:35--> 00:25:40

And there are other meanings as well which inshallah we will learn as we read this word over and over again in sha Allah in the Quran.

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So I'm torn Are they here? Hey, Jonathan Min Soo Ji. And this sigil was monk boo, mondo, dysentery, lepers, no, but that Another is to layer something to arrange something in. There's it is that there now what that is, is Nan, that when the teeth are arranged very well. straight teeth basically.

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

None of us none.

00:26:08--> 00:26:18

So mambu is one that is arranged in layers. What does it mean by that? That in their form, these rocks were layered.

00:26:20--> 00:26:39

It wasn't that it was a ball of mud that was baked and made hard. No, it was one layer on top of another layer on top of another layer that was baked and then another layer and that was baked another layer and that was big. Just imagine how solid how strong, how hard these rocks must have been. Man boot, layered.

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And secondly, mandola is understood as in their sand in how they were sent. They were sent layers upon layers without any files that were sent upon these people. And these two g 11 was a woman they were written marked was a woman from the roof as well see me

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do mark. So all of these rocks that were marked are in Arabic from your Lord. Woman here and it is not mineral oil Amina from the wrongdoers be buried at all for

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and this is a great threat due to the volume The one who does

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what is this?

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What injustice is this similar injustice that the people of Luke artists were committing

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that a person who does

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a crime such as the crime the people of Lutheranism committed of facade of a lot of homosexuality, then this punishment is not far. It is not far at all. So in this ayah is a threat

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because sometimes we think okay, this punish will descend upon those people.

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Times have changed, things have changed, do whatever you want. This error is a freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, do whatever you want, without any consequences. But what does Allah say?

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What does the law say over here, that this punishment is not far. So be careful about the choices that you make?

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on top of

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de Luna Miu

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yo nifi

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Kumar Jo washy on Ola.

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Come in.

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Shadi Paul

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come in

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ooh boo.