Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 088C Tafsir Al-Araf 8-12

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The weight and accuracy of weight and weight in the Day of Judgment will be recognized on the Day of Judgment, with deeds and actions measured on scale. The weight is not a faulty or perfect, but rather a combination of physical and cultural weight. The importance of learning the history of Islam and reciting the book of Allah will be emphasized, as well as the importance of respecting people and not giving up on one's success. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's actions and not to pretend to be the person they are.
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This is why Allah says well was new, and the weighing Yo Ma, even that day held the truth, meaning the weighing on that day is true. In other words, weighing will definitely take place on the Day of Judgment wasn't, wasn't through letters are obvious well ze noon, it means to weigh to wear something. And wasn't is also used for that thing, which is weird. So for example, if you have a bag of fruit, and you put it on the scale, this action is called what wasn't? Because you're weighing the fruit, how much? How many pounds? Is it? How many kilos? Is it whatever you want to know, and wasn't meaning the fruit itself is also called wasn't. So two things are called wasn't, first of

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all, the act of weighing. And secondly, the object that is being weighed. So Allah says over here, there will was new Yeoman, Eden and Hawk, meaning the weighing is true, it will definitely take place have no doubt about this. Don't be uncertain about this. Remember, your actions will be weighed, your actions will definitely be weighed on the scale on the Day of Judgment, we might wonder how is it possible? If I say a word to someone, or if I recite a sutra? How can this be weighed on the Day of Judgment? It doesn't have any physical form, if somebody gives some sadaqa. So for example, a bag of food okay that can be weighed on the Day of Judgment because it has a physical

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form. But words like we learned that a good word is charity, smiling is a charity. This is a good deed and action. So it will be waived on the Day of Judgment. But how Allah Who Arnhem, but what we learn is that deeds will be given a physical form on the Day of Judgment. For example, we learn that the prophets are a lot of Saddam said, recite Surah Baqarah. And sort of earlier Imran, why, because these soldiers will come on the day of judgment in the form off birds or in the form of clouds, right, Giving shade to the person on the Day of Judgment. So the recitation, the action, okay, that will take a physical form on the Day of Judgment. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here

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well, was new Yoma eternal health, that weighing will definitely definitely take place. It is true, never be in doubt about it. And this also means that it will be accurate and help true meaning accurate. In this world, what happens you stand on one scale, it gives you one result, you go stand on a different scale, and it gives you another result. Typically, this happens when you're traveling, you weigh at home, your suitcase, it weighs perfectly fine, underweight you get to the airport, and you find out it's overweight. But the scales that Allah subhanaw taala has the means and that Allah has it is not faulty. It is not faulty at all, it will produce results that are a

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help that are 100% accurate. So what was new Yoma even ill health, it is certain on the day of judgment. And remember that on the Day of Judgment, the deeds that will be weird, that will have some weight, that will carry some weight, meaning that will bring some benefit to a person or which one's health deeds, meaning right deeds, correct deeds, they will have weight on the Day of Judgment, not badly leads, because the person does good. And he also does bad, right? And he also performs actions that are neutral, meaning they're neither good nor are they bad. So on the Day of Judgment, what will have value? What will have worth on the Day of Judgment, only the hawk deeds,

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only the correct righteous deeds, because we learn about the actions of the disbelievers that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will turn them into ashes that are blown away Fajr Allahu hubba Aman surah. Just imagine a person was nice, they were charitable, they were good towards other people. They supported good causes, they will bring all this on the day of judgment or they stood, you know, in worship of idols. They sacrificed so much for them, they will bring all this on the day of judgment and it will be worth what blown ashes they will have no worth no weight on the Day of Judgment. Because Allah subhanaw taala says Villa no pemula homeo Mulkey Amity was now we will not

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give any weight to them. It's

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like you think something is so heavy, but when you actually pick it up, it's so light, it's empty inside, it's hollow inside, it doesn't carry any weight whatsoever. So imagine on the Day of Judgment, people are bringing with them heaps and heaps of deeds, heaps, loads and loads of deeds. And as they're put on the scale, what happens? A person finds out this big, big sadaqa that I gave, it means nothing today. Why? Because I was showing off, I didn't do it for the sake of Allah. So right now, it has no worth.

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I was driving for two hours, trying to help someone. And today that deed has no value. Why? Because I reminded the person of the favor that I showed to them afterwards. So today, that good deed has absolutely no value. So what do we learn over here what was new Yoma eternal health, it will definitely take place, it will be accurate, but only those deeds will have wait which are held, which are done for the sake of Allah, which are done according to the requirements that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed, which are acceptable to Allah, and all other deeds, they will carry no weight,

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they will carry no weight.

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Think about it. Every day of your life, you get 24 hours.

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Take every hour, as a box that you've been given, fill it with anything that you want, anything that you want, or leave it empty, it's up to you. But after the hour is over, that box is sealed, it is closed, and it is shipped. It is shipped. And when you get to your destination, you open up all your boxes. As you're opening up your boxes, some boxes, you find them full of goodies, other boxes, you open them and you find them full of snakes, other boxes you open and you find them completely empty, completely empty. What a waste.

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What a waste.

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It always happens at whenever we're packing.

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To in order to travel, we find that everything we're putting is so valuable, or it's so much or it's a lot. But when you get to your destination, you open up your bags, you're like that's it. That's all that I brought its own little is that everything that I bought is that everything that I brought as gifts, that's it.

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So in this world, we also experienced this imagine on the Day of Judgment, as you unpack your boxes, what will you find? Are they going to be empty? Are they going to be full of trash? Or are they going to be full of something that's really worth it, that's going to have some worth on the Day of Judgment. While was new Yoma it didn't help. And remember that it's not just the beads that will be weighed on the Day of Judgment. It's also something else that will be weighed, what will be weighed on the day of judgment we learn. For instance, people will be weighed as well. To for example, a person his deeds are weighed, his actions are weighed, and then that person himself will be weighed

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he will be put on the scale. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, on the Day of Resurrection, a huge man will be brought forth a version of the wheel to all Akula showroom, someone who used to eat a lot, drink a lot. So you're talking about someone who stole huge obese, he will be placed on the scale and will not wear even the wing of a mosquito.

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Meaning you have no value in the sight of Allah. No value, he'll be worth nothing. Because he didn't bring Eman

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because he didn't bring with him. Anything that Allah likes.

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Anything that Allah likes. On the other hand, we learn that a righteous person, he will have a lot of worth. For example, we learned about our belovedness rules a little longer and he was someone who had very skinny legs. And once the Companions is saw his skinny legs and the left that oh how skinny he is the profits of a lot of Senator, are you amazed at the skinniness of his legs by He in Whose Hand is my soul? They are heavier on the balance than the mount or even if you were to put in the mountain of overhead Yes, it would be heavy. But you know what the legs of this man they're heavier, meaning he has more worth more worth near Allah because of his Iman be

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Because of His righteousness. So when was new Yoma is in ill health, a person will be weighed his deeds will be weighed the scrolls on which the deeds are written, you know, we learn that the angels are writing, recording everything, even that will be weighed. And imagine

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what kind of scrolls are going to be ours, those that are filled with useless words, endless conversations, long useless conversations, because sometimes we talk a lot about useless things about irrelevant things, things that have nothing to do with this just commenting on people just discussing other people. And in that there's backbiting in that there's pride in that there's showing off in those conversations where, you know, putting other people down. What is all this about? Imagine our scrolls are going to be weighed on the Day of Judgment. We learn in certain what we known is 62. Well, a Dana keytab on young couple healthy for whom lejos Ramon with us as a

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record, which speaks with the truth, and they will not be wronged at all.

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In Toto. Jessie, I have 49 We learn how their Kitab guna young people alikhan will help in consistency who my content karma loon. This is our record which will speak about you in truth. Indeed, we were having transcribed everything that you used to do. Everything that you used to do, it was being written it was being transcribed. So all those registers all those scrolls, they will be brought on the Day of Judgment, put on the scale, and they're worse will be determined. What are they worth? Allah subhanaw taala says well was new Yoma in ill health, weighing of deeds will be certain it will be accurate it will definitely take place. So who will be successful then from and

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so whoever suppose that it was heavy from sell cough lamb, what was heavy MOBA Xenu his skills was implore love MISA and resign is the scale meaning the scales are heavy, or magazine is a Florida Mazoon and Mo Zun is that which is weird, meaning the deeds which are placed, and they have wet, they're heavy for hula Iike. So those home they're a lovely home the successful ones, they will be successful on the Day of Judgment, meaning if someone's actions are placed on the scales, he is placed on the scales, his scrolls are placed on the scales. And yes, the scales become heavy, meaning they show some result, then yes, that person will be successful. And on the other hand,

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woman and whoever have fat it was light coffee for coffee to be like, what was like was Xena who has skills, whoever scales or light or whoever's deeds or light. Because remember my was in again over here, it also means Mazoon mean that which is weird. So the deeds, they're weird, and they're light, meaning they hardly produce any results. They're not worth a pound even nothing at all. So such people for hula Iike. So those Alladhina are those who has the rule they lost and Fusa home themselves, they will lose themselves, they will have no authority over themselves, no control over themselves. They will lose all rights. They will lose all rights because you unfold they will lose

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all rights in this world. What happens if a person is in prison he at least has a right to sleep a right to say anything, even if you know it's not going to be covered by the media but still he has a right to speak he has the right to do something maybe appeal. However, hospital and foster home on the day of judgment if someone's scaled or light they will lose themselves. Why the man because of what can oh they were big now with our horses yielded the moon. They were doing wrong. Meaning they were being unfair towards our horses, our verses in the dunya how are they being unfair? They didn't recite them.

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For example, the Quran? What's the hack of the Quran? What's the right of the Quran? Yet Luna who had potty levity, they should recite it as a rite of reciting. But if a person does not recite the book of Allah, is he not doing alone with the book of Allah? Yes. If a person learns, but he doesn't apply, is he not doing loan with the book of Allah? If he learns any forgets is that not loan? So because of this loan on the Day of Judgment, what will happen? Their scales will be light, and as a result, they will lose themselves. So it's only their fault. It's not anybody else's fault. So they cannot blame anyone at all.

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Who can they blame? Only themselves in total Ambia I have already said

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When we learn, we're not really my wife Zeno. Pista Leo mill piano. And we will place the scales of justice notice scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection, Fela Tula moon of Sun che. So no soul will be treated unjustly at all.

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Meaning, it will not be that a person, he performed an action for the sake of Allah in the best manner that he could. And Allah subhanaw taala does not give any reward to him. There's not ascribe any weight to that deep know, Allah is not unfair if a person brings the heat. If a person brings righteousness on the day of judgment that is acceptable to Allah, then he will not be treated unfairly at all. Allah says we're in Cana with Allah, headbutt him in Hordaland. A tiny bit, even if there's something as small and as light as a mustard seed. Imagine as small and as light as a mustard seed, Allah who will produce that waka Fabien or has he been And sufficient is Allah as the

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one who takes account. And this is why we learn in a hadith, that eventually from the hellfire, even that person will be taken out who has a man in his heart, how much Iman, even the weight of a mustard seed. So imagine if there's a good deed, which is as small as a mustard seed, so small, so insignificant, you're walking, and all of a sudden you see, you know, a thread on the mustard carpet. And you think that somebody's going to stand and pray here and put their head on the ground, and they might not want to see this thread. So what do you do you pick it up? How small is it? It's so small, right? So small, it's a small deed. However, it can save a person on the Day of Judgment.

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It can save a person on the Day of Judgment. Many times we spend, you know our time when we're waiting for someone or something quietly. And we could say at that time, Subhan Allah, we could say at that time Alhamdulillah we could say at that time, La ilaha illa Allah because these words, they're very, very small, very light on the tongue but they're very heavy on the scale. What do we learn Subhan Allah he will be handy Subhan Allah hin Alim Kadima, tan Javi Fatah, Isla, listen, hobby button Illa silky la tan, Phil Misa heavy on the scale. So even if there's a deed that is very small, it can be very heavy on the scale. So what lesson does is give us don't belittle any good

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deed. Any good deed no matter how small it is, it is not small. In reality, it is big. In reality, it is very, very big.

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Let me share Hadees with you. We learn that a man will be brought on the day of judgment and 99 scrolls, how many scrolls how many records 99 scrolls along with him containing his sins.

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Imagine there are 99 scrolls just full of sins they will be brought and they will be placed on one side of the balance of the scale.

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And each scroll will be as long as the site can reach

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the Think about it. Each scroll is as long as the site can reach and 99 scrolls are full of what the sins of that person

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the sins of that person.

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And then a card will be brought a bit Volca a card will be brought a small card not a huge squirrel but a card and on that card will be written La Ilaha illa Allah

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when the man will see that this card has been brought, and it's going to be put on the other side of the scale. He will say Oh Lord, what would this card weigh against these scrolls? mean these are my sins and here you bring one card I'm doomed.

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This card how can it help me? Allah who will say you will not be wronged. So the card will be placed on the other side of the balance and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for Tasha to CG led to with Sakura. TILBY taka behold the 99 scrolls will go up and the card will become high

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To be, the card will become heavy, because La ilaha illa. Allah is heavier, heavier than any good deed or any sin of a person.

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This is why it is so important to believe in Allah with full conviction in your heart. Because if you bring to hate on the Day of Judgment, inshallah you're saved, inshallah you're saved. Remember that man who committed 99 murders, and then he ended up committing the 100th murder as well. But what happened in his heart he was sincere to Allah in his heart. He wanted to please Allah. He wanted forgiveness from Allah. He believed in Allah He had faith in Allah. He trusted Allah. So then what happened? He was forgiven for those 100 murders. Even he was a serial killer, serial killer. Today, you will find out about many killers, but I'm sure they've killed 16 Or maybe 30, maybe

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50 100. There's something that you won't hear off today. But imagine this man had killed 100 people. Yes, there were great crimes. But at the end of the day, he believed in a lot the One who created him, the one who made him. So yes, a person who has committed crimes, he will suffer for them. But eventually, there is forgiveness for him. So when was new yoga is in ill health, weighing will definitely take place from an Sakurajima Xenu. Formula ecoman waffly home, they will be successful, and what is it that will cause the scales to become heavy? It's La Ilaha illa Allah, it's the good deeds that you do. No matter how small they may be, it's the good word that you say, because words

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also will be weighed on the Day of Judgment, the vicar of Allah, the recitation of the Quran, the good words of advice, the good comforting words that you say to someone, they will have a weight on the day of judgment. And imagine if the words that are good, are less than the words that are nasty, think about it, your language, every sentence that you say every conversation that you have, how much of it is really good? And how much of it is bad grade yourself, be honest with yourself? And question yourself that really, what am I taking with me on the day of judgment, because on that day, weighing will take place and whoever's scales are light, then whose fault is it? It is only his

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fault. We also learn from various Hadith, that anything that a person uses in the way of Allah, even that will be weighed on the Day of Judgment. So it's not just your deeds, not just your words, not just you, yourself, but also something that you use in the way of Allah. So for example, if a person has a horse, that he keeps, why, so that he can use it for jihad in Allah's Cause, okay, and he looks after that horse, he feeds that horse, that we learned that even his dung, imagine the dung of that horse, even that will be weird, on the day of judgment in the favor of the person, the food that he fed him, the water that he gave him, that will be weighed in the favor of that person on the

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Day of Judgment. How can you relate this with yourself today? Sometimes it happens that every time you're filling gas in your car, you're like, here goes another $80? Here goes another $150. And why am I going crazy? Driving from Toronto, every weekend to Mississauga 40 minutes one way, why am I wasting all this money? I couldn't be listening to this for free online.

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Right? You might, you know, say this to yourself or other people may say this to you. Likewise, those of you who are mothers over here who may be driving your children back and forth from the masjid from Islamic school, from a Quran class from a halacha. And you might start doubting yourself and why am I spending so much money on gas? Why it's a waste, but remember, that every litre of gas that you put into your car, even that will be weighed in sha Allah in your favor on the Day of Judgment? Because Allah He is a shoo called the One who is very, very appreciative.

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We also learned that the ink of the scholars, meaning the pen with which a person writes something good, and then that good thing other people read it, they benefit from it, they change. That ink will also be weighed in the favor of the author on the Day of Judgment. So think about it. How many pens have you used how many highlighters I've used every time you go to Staples to buy pens

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Don't tell yourself oh, I'm wasting so much money. No, you're gathering more reward for yourself. When was new Yoma even ill health all these things will be weighed on the day of judgment.

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And finally, one last thing, it will miss a little blower and who he said that a person would enter Jannah just because of one good deed that will dip his scale and a person will go to hellfire just because of one sin that will dip his scale

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he can enter Jannah because of what one good deed that will dip his scale and he could be going to * fire because of one sin that will dip his scale

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many times it happens that when we have to pray Salah we're like yeah, I prayed my fault my so now you know it's okay. I'm too tired. Especially at Orisha time. Like I've said my fault. So nines, Allah, Allah will forgive, it's okay, I pray every day it's okay. Recently I heard a hadith which really shook me that once a man he passed away and he was being buried and the prophets of Allah Islam, he was mentioning the events that will happen after death. And he said that this dead person

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he would find to have a cart more valuable than everything that you have in this world. Meaning if he was offered two things, do the car or anything of this world, everything of this world, what would he take? What would he take those two records, because he knows the value of those two records now and everything of the world what has happened, it will stay behind. So what is more precious to him is what to record. And today while we're on the earth, what do we do? We prefer everything but the to record. And the sad reality is that everything will stay here. Your clothes, your shoes, your food, because sometimes what happens, we're going out to eat quickly, quickly in prayer so that

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leave the Sunnah. It's okay, Ron, we have to go for dinner. Everybody's waiting, we have to go. The food is waiting, I'm hungry. I want to have fun. I want to talk to my friends. And we leave those to record. But you know what, the food will stay here. The restaurant will stay here. The friends will stay here, the clothes will stay here. But if you had prayed those two records, they would have gone with you.

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And you never know. It could be because of those two records that you could be entering Jana. And imagine if you're missing it just because you don't have a little bit more.

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A little bit more. In this world what happens if you're ever shopping? Then you're like, let me see here. Let me see here. What if what if I find a good deal here? What if I find a good deal there? We want to go to every rack every role because we don't want to miss out on anything. But with regards to the matters of the Hereafter which are far more serious, far more serious. We are careless towards them and we neglect good deeds. Big deeds small deeds we neglect them. Forgetting that will was new Yoma Eden ill health weighing will definitely take place on the Day of Judgment. It could really take us to Jannah or the privacy agenda

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was it was New Year Wuma Avi Neil help Verma

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for all

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woman of Melodien for all

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you can

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can be

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while others can.

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While you are John

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what occurred uncertainly Mackinac home, we established you McKenna from meme calf noon. McKenna, you Makino Tamkeen, is to establish firmly to provide a home to provide stability and firmness and authority. So we have provided all of this to you where Phil early in the earth meeting, Allah has provided us residents on this planet, and not just residents, but also authority that we can do so many things we can use the resources that Allah subhanaw taala has created for us in this earth. So he created us here he populated us on this earth. He prayed

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I did us all the resources that we need what your honor and we made love come for you. We have in it my yesh means of livelihood. My issue is a plural of Maria from iron yer sheen, and Orisha Maria is basically anything on which life depends. So for example, food or water, anything that you can say is a facility for us. You know it's a facility for living, whether it is air, or rain, or snow or trees, the food that we eat the animals that we benefit from the different things that Allah subhanaw taala has created. So what are another comfy her Mara yesh, we established you on the earth gave you freedom here, gave you a home a residence with authority, and provided you all the

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resources that you need in order to live comfortably. But look at you, Paulina math has grown. How little is it that you show gratitude? Very little gratitude, you show how that you complain so much. A little bit of snow falls for the first time and you start complaining, it's so cold, and I'm really not looking forward. Paulina matters. Quran How ungrateful you are, very little it is that you show gratitude. Just think about it. Look at your life. Look at yourself, look at your home, how many things Allah has provided for you.

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Your car, your home, your furniture, the food that you eat, what you're another convenient by use different types of wood, just open your spice cupboard, and look at all the different colors and flavors and aromas you have combined in just one place in one place. But still, how ungrateful we are, how that we think about what we don't have, we list the things that we don't have. And we ignore the things that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. The reality is that we're interested do Niramit Allah He not there so you can never enumerate the blessings that Allah has given to you. But what do we do we enumerate the problems that we have in our lives, I don't have this I have this

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problem. I'm suffering from this Aldila mash Kuru. If we spent our entire lives just thanking Allah, even that would be insufficient. Because every second of your life, you are consuming so much of what Allah has given you. Think about the very oxygen that you're breathing. The very air that you're benefiting from the food that you eat, you think it's one simple food, no, it has so many other things in it. So many spices, right? So many different things that are combined in it. But what do we say? So plain? It's so dry, so bland, it's too spicy, it's too This It's Too that we complain? like there's no tomorrow or Lila mash Quran how little it is that you are grateful. While

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Akkad uncertainly Hello canal can we created you some mud and so we're gonna come we gave you a shape of form. So what are you so we will the Swede is to shape to form something to mold to make an appearance. So someone after meeting we gave you a unique appearance, we shaped you we molded you just look at how smooth your skin is. There's no bumps.

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If you compare your body with that of a doll, you see that? You know a nose is fixed and an arm is fixed and the head is fixed and the kid is playing with it and pops the head off. It doesn't happen with you. Your limbs don't just snap off. No. So what now come and look at the amazing the beautiful appearance that he's given you. But again, we're not grateful for that. What do we say? My skin is too much like this and my hair is too much like this and my nose is too much like this, my lips are too much like this, my cheek is too much like my Jawbone is too much like this, my forehead is too much like this. Right?

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Just noticing the imperfections and so called imperfections are actually perfections because they have been made by the greatest creator. External quality. Some muscle will now come we shaped you we gave you a human form a beautiful form a unique form. And when Allah created our father Adam, what happened after Allah subhanaw taala gave him a form some will now come after he gave me human form some other cool now we certainly Mala Iike to the angels was Do all of you prostrate Lee Adam to Adam.

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Allah created Adam, and to all the angels all of you prostrate to Adam. So what happened for sogetsu? So they're all frustrated. Why? Because it was Allah's command. except Iblees. He was not an angel, but he was present amongst the angels.

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When the group of the angels were commanded, he was also given that instruction to he was also supposed to prostrate but he refused. Allah said lum not yet gone he was mean from a surgery Dean those who prostrate he was not of those who prostrate. Everybody was frustrating, except for Iblees. Everyone was praying except for her. You see the relation over here?

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Everyone was frustrating except for a bliss. And many times what happens? Everyone is praying except for this one person. Could be you and I. Why? Just because we're being lazy. Just because we don't feel like let me a communist Sajid in a bliss refused to prostrate everyone was frustrating, but he wasn't. And how ashamed we should be of ourselves when everyone is praying, and we're just sitting back, relaxing. Fala he said Allah subhanaw taala asked ma what Menaka it stopped you What prevented you Allah that not? That's Judah, you prostrate is when among Toka I commanded you. When I commanded you, then why didn't you prostrate, you shouldn't have been looking at who I told you to prostrate

00:36:18 --> 00:37:01

to, you should have been thinking about the fact that I gave you the command to prostrate. And this is something that we need to remember as well. Many times, we have to do things with other people which we find difficult to do. For instance, talking to a relative when we do not get along with forgiving someone who was older to us, right, respecting someone whom we are angry with, whether it is the husband or the parents. But at that time, don't look at that person. Look at the fact that Allah is the One who has told you to respect your husband. Allah is the One who has commanded you to obey your parents to show respect to them. Allah asked IBLEES mammon, Erica alert us Judah, in a

00:37:01 --> 00:37:08

monotone when I commanded you, Allah, He said, I know, I know you don't better men who than him, I'm better than him.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:42

He became stubborn on his wrong action. And he justified it. How did he justify it? He said, I am better than them. And since I am better than Adam, I am not going to prostrate to him. Adam can frustrate to me but I'm not going to frustrate to Adam. And how am I better than him? Because Hello, Kotani, You created me monad in from fire will have Lakota who and you created him methylene from clay. I'm not going into details of all these words, because you're familiar at 100.

00:37:43 --> 00:38:30

He said that you made me from fire and you made him from clay. This is why I am better than him. And I am never going to frustrate to Adam. And it doesn't matter whether you commanded me but still, I'm not going to frustrate you, Adam. Because Holika Tony Minassian will HELOC the woman lead. Many times this happens with us as well. There's something we have to do, but we don't do it. Why? Because our ego comes in ego. We have to make ourselves small. If I talk to someone with respect, I'm humiliating myself. No, you're not. But this is what chip on puts into our heart that stand confidently speak loudly. They don't tell them that you have a mouth as well. Show them that you can

00:38:30 --> 00:38:55

also talk a lot show them that you can also prove them wrong. Why should you suffer in silence? Speak up? Right? This is how Shavon prompts us. But over there, we need to realize that if Allah has commanded me to do something, it doesn't matter who I am. Or Monica on whom such a great companion he was. But when he was told fear Allah He put his cheek on the ground.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:18

When a woman objected to the decision that he had made, he said yes, the woman is right. And Omar is wrong. In public, he said that he had no, you know, pride that prevented him from confessing his mistake, because he realized that he was human, and he is prone to

00:39:19 --> 00:39:28

IBLEES What did he do over here he made a mistake and then he justified it. He said I am better than him. This is why I'm not frustrating to Adam.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:35

And look at the logic that he presented. What's that logic? I am made from fire and he's made from clay.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:44

But I want you to think about this logic that IBLEES presented. Is this true? That fire is better than clay?

00:39:46 --> 00:39:54

Is it true that fire is better than clay even claim has put a whole comparison together that how this is not true? Yes.

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

Yes, the thing about

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

If you have fire burning, okay, and it's close to clay or it's on clay on mud, okay, let's say there's wood and it's burning and it's sitting on the ground,

00:40:12 --> 00:40:19

the Earth is not going to be burnt. Okay, it can withstand the heat, yes, it will become black, but it won't finish.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:29

But if there's fire, and you put mud on it, what's gonna happen to the fire? What's gonna happen? It's gonna finish.

00:40:30 --> 00:41:14

Right? Fire by nature is destructive. And earth soil. By nature, it is peaceful and calm. So when you go to a spa, and you think about having mud or some kind of mud put on your face and your hands, people do that stuff, right. Because it's some kind of special mud, which is really good for your skin, it will exfoliate, and it will do this and this, right. So it's peaceful and calm by nature, fire is destructive. And Earth is such that if you put something in it, it will bring so much more to you. You put a seed in the ground in the earth and what will happen, it will grow a plant that will give you so many more seeds, right. And if you put a seed in the fire, what's going to happen,

00:41:14 --> 00:41:34

it's just going to finish that seed. So this logic that he presented that I am better than him, you made me from fire and you made him from clay, fire is better than clay. This is wrong. And many times it happens, that pride, it blinds your brain, your logic, so you don't even think rationally anymore.

00:41:36 --> 00:42:22

People who are very arrogant, who act or who speak based on their whims and their desires, and their Eagle, then what happens is that they don't think rationally anymore. They don't even use their mind anymore. You raise your hand over here. It's not like I was just remembering. I probably learned it in school. When farmers want to make their soil more fertile. They burn it, and it makes it easier for things to grow in the soil. So fire can actually help the earth be more productive. Yeah, but the earth it will only finish the fire. So Chapin, he justified his wrong action, and he persisted on his rock. So those people who are driven by their pride and their Eagle, there is no place for

00:42:22 --> 00:42:37

them, in the presence of Allah. Such people cannot draw close to Allah. They cannot be near Allah. If you want to be close to Allah, you have to sacrifice your ego you have to slaughter your ego.

00:42:38 --> 00:42:46

Only then you can attain nearness to Allah. This is why shaitan was expelled from the presence of Allah as we will read in the later verses in sha Allah

00:42:47 --> 00:42:49

will listen to the recitation

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while others can

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we will John goofy

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Judah is no joke. All earner for you. Mean Mukalla attorney in

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