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Yunus 1-20 Translation 1-20

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National Indiana sued him Kareem, Am I bad for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim

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o beshara. Please further away safely Andrey,

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determinedly Sani acabo Cody, open and sydnor

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lesson number 112 surah Yunus is number one to 20

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Translation and if lamb ra le flambeaux tilka that two verses l keytab. of the book, Al Hakim the wise,

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a cannon was it Lindner see for the people are jobin strange, amazing.

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And that, oh hayner We inspired Ella to Roger Lin, MN main home from them. And that and that you weren't and NASA, the people?

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Well, bat* and you give good news and levina to those who knew they believed and that indeed, the home for them by the position, precedence seduction of truth of honor. In the near Robbie him they rub, Father He said, I'll carefully Runa the disbelievers in indeed, Heather this lesser heroine, surely a magician would been one clear, one obvious

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in indeed, Bob Burke of Europe, Allah who is Allah, Allah de who Hanukkah he created a similar word the heavens will up and the earth fee in synthetic six a year men days. So much then is the word heroes. Allah upon allows the throne you the bureau he directs he regulates Umrah, the matter the affair, man not men from shaffir in any intercessor except men from Barbie after me he has permission

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then equal that are you all Allah who is Allah? When I become your fire boo hoo. So you all worship Him? a fella do they're not that karoon you all take him

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in a to him Magiera comb your return Jimmy are all together. What are the promise Allah He of Allah hopper in truth in the who indeed he Yarbrough he initiates a lot of the creation. Some then you're either who he repeats it. Lead Xia so that he recompenses and Medina those who I knew they believed what I may do, and they did a song they had the righteous deeds when faced with the Justice when Lavina and those who cafaro they disbelieved the home for them. Shara been a drink men from him even boiling water. Where are they born and a punishment element painful Beamer because of what can they were yakun they disbelieve

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he led the one who geralyn he made a shumsa the sun Bria and a shining light or a source of radiant light.

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While camera and the moon neuron a derived light

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will cut the row and he determined for it. miasma stages literally removed so that you all know either the number a sin of the years when he said and the calculation, the reckoning

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may not Holocaust he created Allahu Allah vaniqa that in there except will help with the truth. You fall asleep he explains in detail.

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The vs Lycoming for a people here on the moon, they know

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in indeed fi in ft Laffy alternation and layli of the night when the how and the day warmer and what Harlequin he created, Allahu Allah. Fie in a semi word the heavens will up and the earth

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surely signs the government for a people yet the goon the fear of law.

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In Indeed, Allah Dena, those who learn not your June they expect or they fear

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Luca enter our meeting. What are blue and they were content, then hayati with the life attorney

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After World War Two, my new and they were satisfied. Be happy with it when levena and those who home they earn from a Latina our versus Rafi loon are ones who are heedless

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on our eco tours of their abode, and now is the fire be mad because of what can oh they were the xe boon they earn

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in the indeed alladhina those who am a no they believe what they do and they did a smiley happy the righteous deeds, yeah the him He guides them or boom they rub be emailing him because of their email and thirdly it flows men from him underneath them and how the rivers fee in genetic gardens and Noreen have the blessings

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that were there called fee her in it subhanak Your glory Allahumma Allah wa and the here to whom their greeting fee her in it cinnamon is Salam is peace. Well acid and last that were home their call and that Alhamdulillah all praise the Mahi for a law or be an either mean of the world's

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well no and if you're a Jew he hisense Allahu Allah lenez for the people of Shimla the evil is their agenda whom as their hastening the higher with the good nakaba surely it was decreed in a him to them a judge to whom they're appointed term. Further, so we leave a novena, those who lead not your June, they expect or they fear they enter our meeting fee in torriani him their rebellion Yama hoon. They wonder blindly

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what either and when muscle attached insan the human being of the harm, the adversity, the honor, he called us Legion be on his side. Oh our car ridden one sitting or how a man wants to standing for Anima then when Krishna we removed on who from him bura who his harm Mandala he passed on as if lamb not yet the owner. He invokes us Illa to burden a harm Messiah who it touched him. Guernica, likewise, Xena it was adorned in Missouri Faena for the extravagant ones man that guy knew they were here Maroon they do

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what are called uncertainly at LACMA we destroyed an Corona the towns the generations, men from family come before you llama when they wronged

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at home and it came to them but also to whom they're messengers they'll be hunted with the clear proofs warmer and not can they weren't leave me know that they believe gallica likewise madjozi we recommend and count the people allegedly mean the criminals.

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So more than jalna we made you holla if successors fee in the earth, men from the him after them, linen Torah. So we look for how Dr. Malone you all do

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well either and when total it was recited or lay him upon them I AtuNa our verses, but you know once clear, father he said and Medina those who lead not your Juna, they expect or they fear Lika Anna our meeting at you come in with a Quran at the Quran you bring a Quran with it other than have this oh or but then you change it and say man not yakun it is leave for me and that Uber dealer who I change it men from telco accord enough see of myself in not atterberry ifollow in there except ma what you have is inspired in a year to me in me indeed I a horrible I fear in if I say to I disobeyed Robbie my Rob addabbo punishment young of a day of him great

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good say no if Shara he won't Allahu Allah man not allowed to who I recited it or lay come upon you. Whether and nor at Oracle. I informed you be with it. For that in fact, lobbies to I remained fecal in you are moron a lifetime and age men from double e before it FLR do the not therapy alone. you all understand

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From and so who is more unjust man than who if the law he fabricated on a law he upon Allah gave he been alive or dead rubber he belie Be it with His signs with his verses in the who indeed he led not you flee who he succeeds, allegedly moon the criminals.

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Why are we doing it and they worship men from Dhoni other than Allah Allah, ma what law not yerba Rome it harms them when and nor young Pharaoh whom it benefits them. Were colonna and they say hola EDS schufa una our intercessors in the near Allah He Allah don't say a tuna be owner. Do you all inform Allah Allah Bhima with what land not urine mo he knows fi in a similar way the heavens wanna and nor fi in the earth Subhana who Glorified is He? What are Allah and he is exalted Amar from what usually call the associate partners

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Wilma and not Ghana was a NASA the people in LA except a mutton a community a nation why that and single factor foods so they differed whenever and if not, Kelly mutton a word subaqua a proceeded men from obika Europe la cobia surely it was decreed buying a home between them FEMA in what fee in it yesterday phone they all different

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way akona and they say Lola why not own Zilla it was revealed or lay upon him a atone assign main firm or be his rub photons. So say a NEMA indeed not but a label the unseen lilla he is only for Allah. Fontainebleau so you will wait in me indeed I mark home with you. Men from elementary those who wait.

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That's let's listen to the recitation.

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e mama Jochen, Jamie.

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Adam law he have for

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me lusardi has he been

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one lady.

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One lady.

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aim aim

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aim there

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you are

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Mia Dona

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in me

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tolu in the American

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