Ahmad Saleem – Quranic Stories #011

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The importance of bringing children to a family event is emphasized, including bringing rockets and young people back to homes. The God is the source of power and power of Islam, and understanding one's intentions is crucial. door installations, such as a new garden or a new house, are discussed, along with various types of door installations, including a variety of door panels.
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Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina

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long don't listen to them

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don't get influenced by an

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soon as this Brothers is done all move them here I want to move over

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you guys want to move over so we're gonna open that

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no they will

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they'll do it

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Rosabella administrate rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hobart.

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Welcome to those new faces that are here. Some of you know a few of the faces, I see our new faces over here. And let's try to bless you for coming. Some of them are really old faces. They've been here before the msgid They're still here. May Allah bless you, keep you here in sha Allah. Right.

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Just a quick recap

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as to our general edit Kate's or adapt of the Mejlis. So we had mentioned this before, we appreciate every single person that is bringing their kids mashallah, we want this to be a family event. We also want to you if you have seniors or elders in your home, bring them because there'll be everything for everyone in this helicopter. The only thing we request or ask is if you have rocked your child that they're sitting next to you, unless they are capable of sitting quietly, wherever they are. And if they happen to cry in the middle of the Halacha. There's absolutely no problem if you decide and I would recommend that you pick them up, take them outside, calm them down and bring

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them back. This is an entire process of therapy. That's number one.

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On number two for all the young people, most of the young sisters that are all lined up on the wall as if there's some issues with your your backs. That's not from the adverb of modulus. This includes my daughter in there too. Anyways. So the adverb of the modulus is you sit and you get off the if you have to sit and if you're a young person and you have a back problem, no problem. We'll accept you. But all the other younger sisters you should be sitting straight with all the empty spots in the front here, move up, let's go. Let's go, just basic educates.

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Inshallah, today, we're going to end the story of Ibraheem Alehissalaam I hope that I get to the end of it. And if towards the end, if we have some life time left over, then we will also begin the story of Adam and we'll set the preamble I don't think we will have time. But in any case, if there is some time left and we do that, as for the sisters, if we can ask them to move up there are three rows in the front here that are behind the partition, you can still fill them up because as the sisters walking at the back, they don't crowd and the same thing with the brothers. We have space in the brothers, we're fine.

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Our wounds will be Lahaina shape on the alloggi team Bismillah here Walkman Ilahi what color Ibrahim or a B or any k Virto he'll Mota Bala while I'm talking in Bala Bala Allah Kinley up Oma.

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Napoli will be called Alpha Jose, our robot minute by URI Phelps or one in a week. So I'm majha Lila. collegia Valley. mean one Jews

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from Maduro one nya de nakka Sarnia wa salam M la Havas ease on hockey game.

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So, at this smart Hala or this stage of Ibrahim Ali, he said, um

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we had talked about the entire story last week, and we had mentioned or not last week, it's been two weeks before that. So we had mentioned about Ibrahim Elisa landed in his state. This is the stage of Ibrahim Ali Salam where you know, he has now moved and he is with Hotjar sorry with Zara and the angels come

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and they said we have been sent to to Alma loop. And he is exclaimed enough em lota there's no How are you going to destroy? I mean, there's a solid person in there. Right and the entire discussion we had about Ibrahim Ali salaam, being hospitable to his guests, and then them giving the good news of his heart Alayhis Salam, okay. When

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Wabasha know who is helped, we give him the glad tidings of his heart bunnies. Then

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Ibrahim Ali Salam was commanded by Allah subhanaw taala to take Hotjar and his marine because Surah could not live with them. They were they were having some disputes. And they said take care Sahaja and ismail and go to Makkah,

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go to Makkah. So he goes to Makkah and we've already covered the entire story of Ismail Ali salaam during the Hajj period. We brought that scene earlier so we can understand that. Now he's on his way back.

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And on his way back, he has these questions. And there's absolutely nothing wrong in asking questions in Islam. Rather, it is recommended if you happen to have certain type of questions about Islam, things are not making sense. You should ask.

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You should ask you should not say oh, I'll just shove it underneath the rug and no problem because what happens is when you do that, the minute

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you have a calamity in life,

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the minute

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you lose your job, you have a financial constraint. You lose someone

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what happens? The first thing we say is it didn't give us that clarity. We worshipped you so much. Oh Allah, this is the reward.

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You're not complaining to Allah, what there is, is there subtle issues that you haven't rectified with Allah, there are things that are bothering you. We had just placed them underneath our rug and said, Holly only it's okay. So these curly only, only only leave it It's okay. We don't worry about it. But then you have to worry about it when the matters become difficult for you. When the emotional storm takes place, you're riled up all of those things that you said Holy, holy, and you put them under the rug they come out. So in this particular case, Ibrahim Ali Salam is he's going and he asks this question is Carla Ibrahim Ibrahim, it said

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them he asked Allah subhanaw taala rugby Oh my Rob

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areni can refer to heal motor.

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Show me how you are going to resurrect the dead from how are you going to resurrect to heal motor something that is dead? How are they going to get back life? How are you going to resurrect them?

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In the question, I want you to ponder about this on this.

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What is he affirming subtly in the question?

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Yeah, so he has an affirmation that Oh Allah, I haven't no doubt about the about the fact a dahil Mota, are you going to be able to resurrect a dead from life? What I just want to know is how is that process going to take place? It's not about the principle of resurrection, but rather the fundamentals of how this resurrection is going to take place. Okay, he wants to see it. Then Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, well, I'm told me, he already has the mind but he says yes, no, no, I have you might have Allah while I can the Ultima in Nickleby. I just want contentment, I believe in this I have a fundamental belief that Allah is going to be able to resurrect every single one of us, but

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I just want

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a full contentment in my heart.

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Now, let's say most of you have seen like if I'm in the in the,

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in the masala and we have a dud, I can't lift the chair alone. Right? I try it and sometimes you help last time or somebody else somebody helps. So for example, I want to lift the chair, I have a weakness in me lifting that chair. So somebody else helps me to lift that chair. So now that person has helped me with the power the tea has for the chair and the need that I have with the chair.

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala

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in the case of Ibrahim Ali salaam, he could have said

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cut these words into two pieces and watch how I will resurrect them. The power was with me, but the epitome of power is you're able to intern Goa

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Minh, Aslan is

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the source of this power of resurrection is Allah subhanaw taala. But how do we know that he is an absolute power and he is the controller of this that he's able to give this power to somebody else?

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So he gave it to Abraham it said he didn't say I will resurrect the birds. So he let him have the entire thing. He said go and find some birds for sort of Hoonah really make sure you bring them close to you they get accustomed to you they become a cultured acclimatized to now they are what are the column and animals become there are not tamed as civilized? No. Domesticated who said that? Yes. MashAllah domesticated, right? So now they know you, you cut all of them. And it is mentioned that there were four, you cut all of them and go and put on all of them. And then oh, Ibrahim, I want you to call them

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Yeah, Tina casa, they're all are going to come running back to you into one piece back. Alive.

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And this is the power of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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That's why in the case of

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bizarrely said, um, he used to make those dummies he would make a bird for unfold goofy, he would do, he would blow into that, then what would happen? It would become * rhombi isn't the law, it would become a bird by the even of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah had given ECI they said, I'm the power, he was not the source of higher, but the power was through him that he was able to do that.

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And this is the power of Allah subhanaw taala. So over here, Ibrahim Ali Salam questions, and we all can question. There are two things that we need to worry about when we question number one is you can question about anything and everything in Islam and there is an answer for it.

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But your intentions have to be right.

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Your intentions have to be right. Because if you ask with the right intention, you shall find

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but if you ask with the intention of contempt, you have already made the decision that this is wrong.

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I'm just going to ask the question, so my state or my position that I have taken, I just want to affirm that with this question, then in that case, you shall not find guidance.

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Sadly, most of the people, the younger generation when they question they come with contempt towards Allah

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They come towards contempt towards Shetty. Ah, how can Shediac it starts off like that? How can Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhan Allah the other. So it's the idea of that matters. Nobody's ever going to tell you don't ask.

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In our last session,

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today, sessions ago,

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somebody sent me a question, but in a very, very, very, very utmost respectful manner. And they said, I believe in Allah, I believe in the resurrection, I believe in all of these things. I just cannot reconcile the fact between why Allah subhanaw taala is going to judge us for 6070 years. And if we fail, in that judgment of a test of 60 years, Allah would punish it for punish us for eternity.

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Beautiful question, right? And there's an answer for that this is not the spot for the answer. There's an answer for that. And I had a conversation with that sister and I give the answer.

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Then the next part, so this was a scene that happens and then Allah subhanaw taala. He says, In the end, why LM No. Ibrahim Ali said I'm

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an Allaha Aziz on hacking Allah subhanaw taala. He has a disease. Now, the word disease, what are we translated as usually

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might, okay, as ease mind, but actually, the word Aziz is that it's a mind of a nature that no one else can overpower.

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Hence, you become also Aziz I II, respect like you gain respect because of this mind that you have. And not only that Allah has absolute might, but he's also Hakeem, he is wise. So this was another scene that happens. Then

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Ibrahim Ali, Sam goes back to his house, and Zara, and then he comes back and the famous story of him coming back he misses his smile Ali salaam on the strip, he misses his smile I Salam is my lesson, um, comes home. He can smell that his father had been here.

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Right and Nambia. They said that the scholars they said the reason he was able to smell is because I'm Dr. Ali hemos Salam have a special scent.

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As was the case with our Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it is mentioned that he would walk in the streets, and you could smell if he had walked on that street in Fudger. You could smell it at the ratio that Rasulullah had walked the street. Subhan Allah, right. And as was the case for all of them. Yeah, because they are the pinnacle of beauty and everything of their time. So he could smell and he says, Did someone come?

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And he said, Yes, there was an old man that came

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Zarina shaken. Mother oil, what did he say? A year atleta Barbic. Change the, the wood panel of your door.

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As soon as he heard he recognized that this was my father Ibrahim Ali Salaam. And he says you're divorced. She's like, What? How was that? He said, Uh, no, Ibrahim, this was Ibrahim Ali Salam that came. And he asked me to change you to divorce. So he divorced her and he married somebody else. Then Ibrahim Ali said I'm comes. And this time he wants to hold on. He wants to meet this night. But it's night Ali Salam is gone again. So he stays back. And this time he says if you meet him tonight, tell him submit data butta verbeke. Make sure you don't change the foot panel of your door. Keep it as is then Ibrahim Ali Salam.

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He comes and this is this is a very interesting thing. He comes to a

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he comes to ignite at Esalen. And it is mentioned Yeah, it's Mary. This is in Behati.

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Yeah, this is in Bali, and even basadi Allahu and he says yeah, it's Marine in Allahu Amma Ronneby Omran. Can you imagine the shock of this son? The last time my father came to me and asked me that Allah commanded me for something he slaughtered me almost.

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Right. Can you imagine the shock of the son is like, Oh, wow, you come back to me after 20 years, and now you're telling me imagine if it was one of us would be like, Man, after 20 years, the only thing you can think of is the command of Allah and now what are you gonna do next? You know, do something else with me. Subhan Allah like to imagine what he's going through his mind. So, but this tells you his submission because he was unabIe He says, Yeah, it's Marine.

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In Allaha, I'm irony. Be a Marine. Allah has commanded me and I have a command from Allah.

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Allah is nine

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fastener Mark America book. Do what your Rob has commanded you. Oprah Oh my father

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paella way to earn money.

00:20:12 --> 00:20:14

Are you going to help me in that command?

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Allah or Enoch I will definitely help you fall over in Allaha Amma Ronnie an ebony AHA Hoonah the DA Allah commanded me to build a house right here at this spot. Allah has commanded me to make a house.

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So he says

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well as sha Allah, a committed more tougher there was like a dust pile that was raised. There was no there was not no sick like special markers. It was just a imagine like a hill of dust. That was a Kuma morphia it was like there and he says that spot that you see, that's where I'm going to build GABA. mozzafiato Hollier

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for indica, Rafa Alcoa, are the mineral bait for Jalla Isma Aliette, in hedger, what Ebrahim ebene ha. And the entire story the Hadith will read about that. So Ibrahim Ali Salam was commended for that Allah subhanaw taala says about this in the Quran that I was given a shaytani R Rajim What is your only bone or him or your power you don't mean anything What are you know Rob BANA taka mean?

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Ibrahim it said I'm he began the process of making the Kaabah it's my Eli the Salem would bring the Lebanon Lavina is basically something that is my flow. If you're from Riyadh, you know what I'm talking about. It's a very it's still used, you can sometimes drive on highways and you will see the Arabs still forming Lebanon because it has some special characteristics of being cold in the summer and hot. In the winter. It provides in its natural and it's mixed with some straw and some you know, in order we say Hasid you know, the Darina that we have do we pray on Haseen they use that straw of the palm trees and they mix it with soil and red clay and stuff and they dry it in the sand. So

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those are Lavina so that's what the initial kava was formed from Ibrahim Ali said, um, he had this, you know, he had this mountain he would go up on and he would try to sometimes you know, when we're building something, you want to move back if you're putting a frame, you're like, Okay, let me move back and see if the frame is like tilted and stuff. So that's what he would do. He would move back is Gibreel Ali salaam saw that. And he says this is getting tiring for you, Brian. So he said he brought a stone and by the will of Allah subhanaw taala that stone would move.

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That stone would move kind of like a jack lift for Ibrahim Ali salaam back then.

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The mortgagees or that the old man said is when was the last time you saw a stone? If you stood on that your feet would sink in a stone.

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If you ever go to Hydra password, this defeat the footmarks of Hydra. Nakamura, I'm sorry if you go to my Tommy Brahim. The footmarks of Ibrahim are embedded into that stone. And this was for two reasons. One was the Marchesa second was if you're climbing high, you need some stability on so he was you would stand on it and it would sink in so he could have firm grip and he would not fall off. This is something we don't think of every time we see Maqam Ibrahim think about it next time you see it's like caved in it's not you know carved in it was caved in by not naturally. So Abraham it said I'm used that stone and he builds the Kaaba now a little bit of a history of Kava a lot of people

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you know me It may or may not know it you know what let's do it as a trivia there'll be better idea. So who was the first one to build the Kava?

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Mala Inca

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on the goal of melodica there is a photograph, but yes, the if you go and read in the books, yeah. So the the sequence that I'm going to present first, that sequence is no killer. Okay, consensus, Ibrahim Ali Sudan Quraysh, Abdullah ibn Zubayr. Hegemony Yousef and then after that the contemporary history and we have all of that history. These there is no Aquila one now the matter is that have I acquired on for example, you will see Shin TT saying one thing you've been confused saying one thing or to be saying one thing in total, I will culminate everything so we can understand. So the first winner Binya was made by Mala ICA or angels then after angels this was Kabul Adam. This was before

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Adam it salaam then Adam it Saddam was the one who built it again. Then after Adam who

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guess it's trivia you guys guess

00:25:00 --> 00:25:16

She's even Adam. Okay? She's even had them. Okay. Then afterwards, the flood King passed the flood. One of the the sons. Again, there's lots of names mentioned about that what it was.

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Family are different different names. One of the sons of Adam then it was a Saudi new highly center. Then it was Ibrahim Ali Salam. And then after Ibrahim Ali Salam, it has mentioned that it was Quraysh. from Croatia it is also mentioned that before price per se even Kira was the one who also built it. There's a code that you find out about that. And then also it is mentioned that Abdullah Abdullah Talib also was involved with Qusay in that preparation, the grandfather of Rasulullah Salaam in that building.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:58

So that's the total times the Kaaba was built. After Ibrahim Ali Salam has done building the garba what's the first thing he asks

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Robina Tarble Mina

00:26:04 --> 00:26:33

and this is the state of a believer. We never ever think Masha Allah, masha Allah I prayed further today in the masjid Allahu Akbar. MashAllah Badaga solace. I read some Quran after that too. And the next thing you do is you put it on your story on Instagram, right? Morning vibes in the mosque. Something like that hashtag peaceful, like you do something. All of it Subhan Allah, their number one concern of the MBR Ali him Salam the prophets was

00:26:35 --> 00:26:50

Oh ALLAH. I mean, he has just been asked by Allah to build the Kaaba. It's not that randomly, he just woke up one day and said, I'll just make the god but Allah is like, go and build the GABA. Now he builds a GABA, the first concern he has,

00:26:51 --> 00:27:21

oh Allah accept this from me. On a banana Taco Bell Mina, both the father and son are making the DUA. In a contest simulator. I mean, this dua of ours, you are the one who is worthy of accepting and such as the state of a Muslim that after every good deed or good thing that you do, you never are haughty. You never you never boast about it, you feel humbled. And you ask Allah, Oh Allah, this was a little effort that I put for your sake. And we ask Allah that Allah accepts it from us.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:37

Then Ibrahim Ali Salam, and all of the dollars that you find dinners, no Nabhi, that you're going to find that Allah has encapsulated more of his dollars than Ibrahim Ali Salam in the entire

00:27:39 --> 00:27:49

Quran. As a matter of fact, people have written book on the fly of the isles of Ibrahim Ali Salam. What did he teach us through the DUA?

00:27:51 --> 00:28:16

I mean, imagine like, how am I going to Neverland nobody's going to learn anything from our dogs like seriously. It's not going to be encapsulated for anything but Ibrahim Ali Salaam is da are moments of learning for every community. And if you were to take all the dramas I think around 48 or 49 of them, they will be categorized because we don't have time to go all of them, you would be able to generally categorize them in three categories.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:19

They will fall under three primary categories.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:56

The first one, I don't have names for these categories. These are the types of doors you will get the sense of it. One of them is a banana Koppelman, it's this humbleness of Ibrahim Ali Salam in front of Allah and his feeling that he is not enough. And he's asking Allah to fulfill everything that he has done. That have been at Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta, Samuel ideen. This is the first type of door that you're going to get and variety of these that exist. Now I Thani. He's concerned about being a Muslim. And he's concerned about his generation being a Muslim. What's up ah, Robin, our Jana

00:28:57 --> 00:29:07

mostly mainly laka. Woman Zuri attina. He's not just Oh Allah, make both of us, muslims for You.

00:29:09 --> 00:29:11

And woman Zuri attina.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:16

If he had said, warming a banana, it would have meant

00:29:18 --> 00:29:31

that just the two children and their immediate generation, but when Ibrahim it said I'm used the word as Gouri attina This means after me until piano whoever comes make them Muslim.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:43

So his concern is that when I leave this world, Oh Allah, want to make sure that you know, our children's are Muslim. I was listening to

00:29:44 --> 00:29:45

when I was in the ISNA convention.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:51

I was sitting with check out the libraries, and we're having conversation.

00:29:52 --> 00:30:00

And somebody came, and here again, this is interesting because you get to learn from these legends. And I'm just sitting there nobody in

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

owes me he's sitting there the person comes and asks him. Oh, shall I have this question? I have five children, two of them have left Islam.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:16

I have three more left. One of them is 19. One of them is 16 and one of them is 11. What do I do?

00:30:19 --> 00:30:20

So he says

00:30:21 --> 00:30:26

how what at what percentage are you in terms of guaranteeing that you will be able to keep them a Muslim?

00:30:28 --> 00:30:39

And he said this currently with my job and divorce and everything, I don't think there's a very high percentage. He said then at this point, it is waiting for you to pick up your kids and leave.

00:30:40 --> 00:30:52

Save the other three you have to leave if you cannot guarantee their Iman, at any point, you feel that the next generation they are on their path of losing their faith it becomes wajib

00:30:53 --> 00:31:07

for the saving of because on the Day of Judgment first excuse all I could not lie her job does this Allah is going to say that the earth of Allah was was here for to hide you roofie Ha, why did you not move?

00:31:09 --> 00:31:29

You might have to change your state. You might have to change a lid city, you might have to go into a smaller city. I mean, you will look at the best possible options to save your kids. But if you cannot guarantee that your next generation with the current indications that you see that they're going to be on Islam than you are you have a serious problem.

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