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Yunus 1-20 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 1-4

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim lesson number 112 suta Tunis. I am number one to 20

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what sort of the Toba the sabaragamuwa, the seven long surah of the Quran, they come to an end. And now the soldiers will generally be shorter.

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Generally, the soldiers will be shorter.

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So sort of units compared to the soldiers that we have learned before. It's shorter.

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So that units is a Maki sola. And it was revealed after selected Islam, when was it revealed? After selected Islam,

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and when was sort of revealed

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after the prophet SAW that a lot of Saddam's journey off mayurbhanj

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so this will, it is a Maki surah. And it mainly discusses the oneness of Allah soprano data, the negation of schicke as well as the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Both of these facts are established in the surah which one's the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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and you will notice that these two themes are very common in all of them. Okay, so

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these two major themes are very common in all of them. Okay, so that's the underlying theme of all murky souls. But along with these two themes, there's also one more theme about the soul which is of a man with other words,

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that he man believe in Divine Decree of Allah soprano.

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This order contains 109 verses in total,

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and about 1800 words

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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Alif Lam or houve macatawa Dinka Ayatollah Kitab al Hakim, these are the verses of the wise book, these verses that you are reading, they are not verses of an ordinary book of an ordinary column of an ordinary speech. Rather, these verses are of a book that is Hakeem that is full of wisdom, that is wise.

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DeLuca is Musharraf, and it's the feminine of velyka. And tilaka, is also oneness. And it's also singular. It's why it's muffled and tilka. Is isn't a shadow buried. What does that mean? That is used to point out to that which is far

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Why isn't shallow buried used for two reasons, first of all, to point to something that is really far in distance. And secondly, also to show the great status of something.

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It is also to show the great status of something to show terylene to show on. So tilaka I add these verses that you're about to read meaning of the book, which are very glorious, which are very high in their status, these I add are off the book meaning of the Quran and Al Kitab can also be understood as of this surah in particular, which is Al Hakim.

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So al Hakim is a characteristic of Al Khattab.

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Hakeem is on the roof veteris haircalf mean,

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and Hakeem is from the word hikmah. What does hikmah mean? wisdom. So Hakeem is full of wisdom,

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that which is why is that which is full of wisdom. But Hakeem is also derived from the word hokum, which means judgment decision. So Hakeem is that which is decisive that which decides between what is halal what is hot on that which decides between who is right and who is wrong? what is right and what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, this book besides that, and it tells us what we must do.

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So these ayah that you're about to read, these ayat are not ordinary,

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these Ayat of the Quran, in which there is wisdom.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is introducing the whole onto us over here.

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We learn intellect for selenate I number three keytab en facilite is this is a book whose verses have been detailed.

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They're detailed, they are set forth in detail in terms of language in terms of meaning. So this book is not ordinary.

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seminary Institute is number one, we learn Elif lamb Rokita one or two to so Mufasa let me lead in Hakeem and Javi that Alif Lam ra This is a book whose verses are perfected or document, same route hack f

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verses are perfected, and then presented in detail from one who is wise and also acquainted

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Academy nurse er jabin. Is it amazing for the people have the people been amazed at what an O hanaa illogically mean home that we have revealed to a man from among them, saying that an ended in NASA that warn the people? Is it very strange for the people, again, only NASA or Japan?

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This is Hamza, and it turns out is different.

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And Hamza Estefan could be for different reasons. interrogation could be for different reasons. A question could be for several reasons. First of all, over here it is for the purpose of encounter for denial.

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That a Catalina CR Japan, have the people been amazed, meaning they should not be amazed. There's nothing strange about this. There's nothing weird about this, that a human being has been sent as a messenger to the people. What's so strange about it? There's nothing strange.

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Secondly, this hums isoform can also be understood as there are Jews. Or there'll be

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that it's amazing. Why are they amazed? What's the big deal? Why are they making a big deal out of it? Why are they surprised? Occasionally NASA are given

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an argument is from the root fetters iron gene.

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And our job is such amazement, whose cause is unknown. The cause is unknown. It cannot be understood as to why a person is amazed why he is astonished.

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So do the people find it amazing, it should not be amazing. And a hyena Ilayaraja alien that we have revealed to amen to a human being Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Minh home from among them. Meaning who is a human being? Who is an Arab just like them.

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So there is nothing strange about this, because who else do they want as a messenger? An angel, how will they relate to the angel, a jinn they will be fearful? So this is nothing strange that Allah has sent a human being as a messenger.

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And if you look at it, what is the messenger conveying that under inessa warned the people, the messenger has been told to warn the people warn the people of wat of punishment

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of the consequences of polytheism the consequences of unbelief. The Prophet has been sent to warn the people so that they can improve themselves.

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So anass over here refers to the people in general but specifically those who did not believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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was actually letting me know and give good news to the believers.

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The messenger has been sent to convey warning to those who don't believe and to convey good news to who to those people who believe good news of what offer Ward that another home the reward that indeed for them on the Day of Judgment, they will have called Mr. Slater can

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affirm precedents of truth or in Dharavi him near their Lord.

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Give this good news to the believers that they will have Kadima siloking on the Day of Judgment near their Lord Adam is from the roof address of that me and father literally means what does it mean? step two step forward, aka damn feet. So, Adam is to step forward,

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but the word codon is also used for position or rank a status because that is where a person stands.

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So, Adam is used for step but it is also used for a position a rank macom Manzella martaba, where a person is standing.

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Similarly, the word qaddoum it also gives a sense of precedence of being first or being prior.

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Because other as a person goes ahead, as a person moves forward. What does it mean he's going ahead?

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He's going forward.

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So, Adam is also used for precedence.

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Similarly, the word condom is also used for a man for action.

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It is also used for for action.

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Just as figuratively nirma is also called yet hand. A blessing is also called yet why. Because you have it in your hand, you have it in your possession. Similarly, an action what a person does what a person performs, what is it called

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Adam because you

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move forward with every action that you perform. So you understand the different meanings of the word carbon that the word qaddoum can be used in. Let's look at the meaning of sets. And then we'll look at the meaning of other masukkan. Together. What does it mean? truth that which is in accordance with reality, what's the opposite of

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caddy? And what is kind of that which is contrary to reality. So simple is that which is in accordance with reality, whether it is in Word in action or in belief, but the word set is not just used for truth,

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it is also used for hate for goodness for felina for honor, different things the word is used.

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So, other mostly to bring together it has been understood in various ways. It has been understood in various ways. But the most, you can say simple and straightforward meaning is that the believers will have a position a rank of set of honor, where are in Dharavi him near their Lord when on the Day of Judgment. Why, because of what they are doing.

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They will have a position of honor. They will be honored, they will have a high and respectable position on the day of judgment because of what they have done in the past.

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As we see in Serato common if 55 we learn the muck our idea say the thing or in the Mulligan looked at it over there as well. MacArthur slick has been mentioned that in a seat of honor,

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in a seat of honor sitting over there is also understood as honor.

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So other masetto claim that they will have a high and respectable and honorable position near their Lord on the Day of Judgment, makers on the Day of Judgment, the truth of the truthful will benefit them the only enter a slightly cleaner set.

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And the greatest truth of this universe is what the oneness of Allah.

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So a person who acknowledges that a person who lives by that he will benefit because of his truth on the Day of Judgment.

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And what is that benefit, that he will be given a respectable a higher rank a high position on the Day of Judgment, he will be honored in the hereafter.

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So give good news to the believers. Those people who have believed that they will have a position of honor in the hereafter in order to be near their Lord.

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autograph, Your Honor. That is pretty rare say that had that this is lesser human being surely a magician? That is clear. Meaning clearly he is a magician. Meaning this man who is conveying this message to us who is warning us of punishment giving us good news of reward if we believe this person is a magician. Sackett, who is the

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one who performs and people have always objected. People have always objected to the dairy to the one who is calling them to a loss of gender sometimes they say that how can he be a dairy How can he be the messenger when he's a human being? How can a human being conveyed to us how can he know more than us why out of all people we have to follow him.

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People object a lot then why do we have to follow the messenger? Yes, okay, we can believe in him. But why do we have to follow him? Why do we have to follow his Sunnah? Why him after all? Why not some famous person from history? Why him? People have objected a lot. We learn elsewhere in the Quran as well that our RGB tomb and a convicted murderer become Alhaji remain calm. Do you wonder that there has come to you or reminder from your Lord to a man from among you?

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Similarly insulted Islam I 94 we learn women in our NASA and you may know is gentleman who there Illa and hello America logo by Sharon Rasulullah. And what prevented the people from believing when guidance came to them except that they said has Allah sent a human messenger

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instead of that the hobbit is number six we learned about sharone and Luna. The people objected with a human being guide us. Show me are men, human beings are they going to guide us?

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So people over time have presented various excuses for not believing for not following in the messenger.

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Firstly, they find the concept of a messenger very strange.

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Secondly, they don't look at the message that the messenger is conveyed. If you just analyze the message that the prophet SAW a lot of sudden brought delivering warning and good news. What's so strange about that?

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Nothing strange. And what did the people say? That he is a magician. But if you look at it, there is a clear difference between a messenger of Allah and imitation.

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If you look at it Prophethood can only be given to a person by who, by Allah soprano.

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Whereas the person can become a magician, by how, by learning about magic, from a book from another person, he can become a magician like that.

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Similarly, a Prophet he calls people to who to Allah subhanaw taala. He reminds them of the hereafter. And what is the aim of the magician? What is his goal? To make money to become famous? That's his goal.

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And if you look at it, the messenger his character is well known. He is known for his good character amongst his people. Whereas the magician, He is known for his strangeness and weirdness and strange habits and creepy behavior. And people get worried when they come across a magician, they always get nervous, they always get scared. But a messenger is welcoming his or her luck is good.

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Similarly, the speech of a lot of the messenger brings it benefits people, whereas magic What does it do? It causes harm to people.

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So they call the Quran magic they call the messenger sir hit. And there is no way that the Messenger of Allah could be even near

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Allah subhanaw taala says in our book, indeed your Lord, the one who created you, the one who deserves your worship, Who is he, and Lady Hanukkah, somehow it was the one who sent this messenger is the one who created the heavens and the earth,

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in how long feasts it that the a year and in six days, the heavens and the earth didn't just come into existence by themselves. But Allah is the one who created them. And he created them in six days, he could have created them in just one moment. In one instance. However, he took six days, why, to teach us to show to us the importance that he gave to the creation of the heavens and the earth, that we must also plan, we must also divide the work. And we see that the six days a year was applauded of you, which six days are these Alo arlin the length of these days, we cannot definitely say that it's definitely 24 hours alone, because the word yom is used for length of the day.

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But we learned from sound Hadees that these six days are Saturday to Thursday. I mentioned this to you earlier as well, that allows a penalty that created the dust on Saturday. And he created the mountains on Sunday. And he created the trees on Monday and he created the unpleasant things on Tuesday, and he created the light on Wednesday. And he spread the creatures throughout it on Thursday.

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So from Saturday, to Thursday, six days, he created the heavens and the earth. And then on Friday, who did He create.

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He was the last thing to be created during the last hour of Friday between ourselves and night.

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So Allah subhanaw taala created the heavens and the earth in six days.

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semester, then heroes, another ouch upon the throne, he established himself upon the throne, he settled himself upon the throne, how in a manner that fits in. And we believe in that. And we affirmed that as it is without any description that we innovate by ourselves. So most of our that we accepted as a last penetrator has told us

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you don't build amla he directs the command he directs the affairs, you the bureau from the real factors, then the raw data be doable, what does the woman behind back and that v is to keep the end of something in mind, and then plan accordingly.

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You understand that it is that you keep the goal you keep the end in mind. And according to that you plan.

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So Allah subhanaw taala you don't build a more. He directs he manages, he regulates the affairs, the affairs of what

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of his entire creation. You don't build a more. He manages the affairs he directs the affairs he plans the affairs of his entire creation. Everything that happens in the heavens and the earth with whatever creature who plans it

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of loss.

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So what does it show

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that Allah did not just create everything and leave it

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he didn't just abandon it, but rather he created everything. He's looking after it and he is the one who is managing it.

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According to proper planning, it is not a haphazard New Order function that everything is happening without any order without any proper system.

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A loss of penalty is one who regulates all of this, you'd have Bill aamra He is the one who has control over everyone.

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Ma'am interfering, there is no intercessor shaffir from the roof Petrus sheen fairy, there is no intercessor no advocate 11 bar the evening after his permission, how supreme is his authority that he is the one who created everything. He is the one who manages everything. And on top of that, there is no one who can come and intercede except after his permission. This is a supreme authority that Allah subhanaw taala possesses, no one can intercede for any in this dunya or on the Day of Judgment except with the permission of Allah Valley como la hora bukem. That or people is a lot your Lord far boo hoo so worshipping

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because he is the only one who deserves worship after that to the Quran, don't you take it? Don't you get it that he is the only one who deserves worship, take a lesson and realize that he alone deserves worship.

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So we see that the one whose authority prevails, worship is only for him.

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The one who has the most authority, he is the one who deserves worship.

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We learned that the mushrikeen because remember, the sola is a monkey sir. And the first people who are addressed are Who? The markets. The machine. They used to believe in Allah subhanaw taala, didn't they? They believed in him. But what was a problem that

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they associated partners with Allah.

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Like for example, we learned instead of that aren't Kabuto and number 61 that went into Ulta home mancala customer what he will offer if you ask them who created the heavens and the earth was Sahara shumsa will Kamara and who subjected the sun and the moon, the hecho lunula they will say Allah,

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they believed in Allah. But what was the problem? They worshiped other beings, they associated other beings with a loss of 100 which is exactly what is mentioned in this ayah. There there is no shaffir there is no intercessor except after his permission, no one can intercede before him unless he allows

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the machine what would they say? That we believe in a lot however, we don't ask him directly. We need to please Him first how by pleasing someone else. We need our sila We need someone in between a go between person who if we make him happy, then as a result, what's going to happen, they're going to request on our behalf. This is what they used to think. For example, in sort of the Zoomer is number three, we learned one Latina woman duty only a minor with a woman LR Leo curry, buena Illallah, his whole family and those who have taken protectors besides him. They say we only worship them so that they may bring us closer to Allah in position. We're only worshiping them Why? So that

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they can take us closer to Allah.

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And if you look at it, even today, there are many people who say that we don't go to graves because we worship the graves. We don't go to the people who are dead because we think they can give it to us. We go to them, we sacrifice for their sake, we pray to them. Why? Because we want to make them happy. Because if they're happy, then they will advocate for us. But what does Allah say? No matter who you go to the request that they should advocate for you. Remember, it's not going to be accepted unless Allah wants except after the permission of Allah. mundo la de ashfur in the whole, elaborate, isn't it? None complete, none can request without the permission of Allah. Because Allah is the one

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who has power and authority over a person's ultimate outcome.

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You can go to someone else and request them. Can you please advocate for me? However, their advocacy their request is not going to help unless Allah wants. So why go through the long way? Why? When at the end of the day, it's again the will of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is Karim he is Mooji he is Sameer asked him directly. La Magiera cashmeran. To Him is your return all together? All of you people who are you going back to

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Allah subhanaw taala.

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So if you look at it if we have come from him, he is the one who created us. One lady Hello Coco.

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If he is the one who created us, and at the end, we're also going back to him, then how can we everything that the time in between that we have right now, we don't have to listen to him? How is it possible if we come from him, and then we have to go back to him than the time in between what do we have to do? We have to obey Him. simple formula, la ma geochem gymea. And return to Allah subhanaw taala don't have any doubt about this, don't be doubtful at all. Because this is a fact where the law he has done a promise of Allah in truth. Meaning This is a promise of Allah that He will definitely fulfill that all of you are going to him

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in a way that will help. Indeed, he initiates the creation. You ever heard from the root letters, back dal Hamza butter, which means to begin something, to initiate something, to start something.

00:26:06--> 00:26:18

And it also means to do something, first, to be the first one to do something. Do you understand? One is to start to begin. And the other is to innovate, to be the first one to do it.

00:26:19--> 00:26:34

So indeed, a lot Yabba will halka he initiates the process of creation, he initiated by creating it first by originating it, some of you are either who then he repeats it.

00:26:35--> 00:26:37

Either you're either in well that

00:26:38--> 00:26:42

what does it mean? To cause something to return?

00:26:43--> 00:26:48

Or either your means to return an either to make something return?

00:26:49--> 00:27:11

So so my reader who he causes to repeat, and he causes it to come back? Meaning he restores the creation? When When will he bring it to existence again, on the Day of Judgment at the time of resurrection, that He created us first in this dunya. And then on the Day of Judgment, on the Day of Resurrection again, we will be creating

00:27:12--> 00:27:15

a new Yabba that will help Samira

00:27:16--> 00:27:47

Why has he done all of this? Why will he do this, that he will create this first and then he will recreate this again? What's the purpose? What's the reason behind that? LEAH doozy alladhina amanu so that he may reward those people who have believed what he had, and they also do righteous deeds below with the justice, that he may recompense them with justice. What does it mean by that, that they get what they deserve?

00:27:48--> 00:28:14

Whatever they have done, they get the fruit of their labor, the edges, the alladhina amanu, or our middle solidarity because those people who have spent their lives in obedience to Allah, worshiping Allah, following his commands, they deserve some benefit, they deserve some reward. So he created them and he will recreate them so that they can get that reward.

00:28:15--> 00:28:50

And what does this mean? that each person is given his share, and he is not treated unjustly at all? Because remember, there are different words used for justice, there's also other, what meaning does this to give that justice in which you do your best to avoid when there is no injustice done at all. So each person will be rewarded with justice, nothing other award will be reduced, will be diminished at all. Each person will be given what he deserves not something else.

00:28:51--> 00:29:42

When Medina cafaro and as for those people who have this feeling, what's going to happen to them, let him Shahabuddin Honeyman, for them is a drink of boiling hot water. Why? Because they denied the disbelief they rejected. They didn't do what Allah told them to do. So they will suffer the punishment in the hereafter. And what is that punishment, Shara Birmingham even a drink of boiling hot water homies from the roof address have me me and homies that which is extremely hot, that which has reached its maximum heat boiling point you can see even beyond because the boiling point of this dunya is still less compared to that the hereafter. As we know that the fire of this dunya is only a

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little bit compared to the fire of the hereafter. Salaam Shalom and Hamid a drink of boiling hot water where are the 711 and a painful punishment Why be mad Can we look for rune because the cover that they used to do?

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

So Allah subhanaw taala is addressing all people in this

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Is that oh people, your return is to Allah, your return is the one who created you. And this is similar to the signs that you witness in the universe.

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If you look at it, everything that comes into existence, eventually, it comes to an end. Every spring, we see so many flowers, so many trees, so much grass, so many leaves coming out. But at the end of the season, they're all gone. They're all gone. And then again, they come back. Again, those trees are lush, again, they're full of leaves. But in the winter, you see not even one leaf on those trees, not at all. So Allah subhanaw taala shows this to us, in the creation, that things are created, but eventually they come to an end.

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Likewise, you are here today, and eventually you are also going to come to an end. So remember your end.

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But the difference between you and the rest of the creation is there when the rest of the creation when it finishes, when it perishes, it's not going to be held accountable for what it has done. Whereas you, the human being will be held accountable for everything that you have done.

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If you have done good, you will be rewarded. If you have denied, then there are severe consequences. And of the severe consequences what is mentioned over here is boiling hot water to drink.

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And imagine the fire of hell. What is their fire? And when there is heat, what do you want? Water?

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You want water to drink? But imagine if the water that is given to drink is extremely hot. That's going to add to the punishment which is why it has been said what are the elements of painful punishment? Because boiling hot water makes the punishment even more severe makes the burning makes the therapist even more severe.

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As we learn from so many places in the Quran in surah, Taka number 29 we learn what he is still so you'll also be met in Carl Mosley. Yes, when would you and if they call for relief if they call for water, they will be relieved with water like murky oil, which will scowl their faces which will burn their faces was Sakuma and hum even for Qatar, Mr. Mohammed I have 15 that they'll be given boiling hot water to drink that will sever their intestines

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into the number is 24 to 26. We learned later the owner fee her bottle than what I showed in the honeymoon was

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that they will not taste there in any coolness nor any drink except for boiling hot water. And then Allah says jezza Falco an appropriate recompense this is what they deserve.

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So we see that to deny Allah to deny His messenger to deny His commands. This is not something insignificant. This is not something small. It's a big deal. It's a big deal. So a person should be very careful recitation of these

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which may learn your

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Moore. He has

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is one levena