Musleh Khan – The Amazing Reason Why Imam Ahmed Spent 11 Years in Isolation

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker describes the essence of the culture of Islam, including the ability to connect dots and spend time alone. They also criticize the actions of Showman and Showid, who are thought leaders but do not share their views. The speaker suggests that finding time alone can be a blessing for oneself.
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The essence of dua, the sweetness of dua, the clarity in the response of dua is normally found when you're secluded alone with Allah. That's when you start to see it. Sit there like oh my god,

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I wanted to go to this place but when I hit that traffic light and I call late and and then Subhan Allah. Now I understand why Allah did that. Because had I gotten where I was going, I would have missed this a call that informed me that my son got into an accident here that you start doing that you start connecting dots. You couldn't have seen when other voices are popping in front of you and tell you oh my god, you're so blessed. Oh my god, you're this. This is why the Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah, just before he died, he spent about 11 years isolated and secluded from everyone.

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Stop all of his classes, all of his teachings and spend time alone. It's the Sunnah among scholars that you have alone time. It's a sinner that I argue for the most part is lost in this day and age. Somebody you can say well, you know we're so busy live kids school.

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I'm sorry, man. But with with that many hours in a day, if you can find even like 20 minutes for yourself, even wiser, just driving, that can be your alone time with Allah. What's left? Allah gave you only 24 Because that's all you need. So if you're saying that's not enough, what are you saying to Allah? You don't really understand my daylight you kind of cut me short. You don't want to do that.

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