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Juz’ 30: An-Naba’ – An-Nas

An-Naba’ – ‘Abasa


AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a culture where men are required to be aware of the culture's elements and the importance of avoiding false accusations and committing suicide. The speakers emphasize the need for men to be mindful of their actions and consider the potential consequences of their actions. The stress of the Day of Judgment is emphasized, as it is impossible to control one's actions and behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of recognizing the "we" aspects of the situation and not just trying to convince others to do something out of one's comfort zone. The speakers stress the need to be aware of one's own worth and consider the value of being a person with value.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How y'all doing?

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Kareem amudha wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem ob schlafly suddenly aware Sidley, MD White Rock data melissani UFO Callie. Along the Colby was said that listen, he was slowly Salima to Colby.

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Just number 30 solar to Nevada. This means

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man you're walking

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in love

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim I'm

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alone and in other elohim Allah The whom Fimo telefoon about what are they asking one another about the great news meaning the Day of Judgment, that over which they are in disagreement, they differ amongst themselves about the Day of Judgment. Each one says something different, some say there is no resurrection. Other thing it will be like a dream. Some have a completely different conception, unless as Kela sailormoon know they are going to know so McCullough Sailor Moon, then no, they are going to know that time is not far, when it will come before them as a reality and all their assumptions will fizzle away before them. Now, a lot mentioned different signs of his creation as

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proofs of resurrection, that the Lord who has made this once this creation once he can also recreate the creation whenever he wants. alumna journal or Domi Heather. Well gee Bella Oh tada wahala kanakam as well Have We not made the earth a resting place. And the mountains are stakes as pegs holding the earth in place. And we created you in pairs and made your sleep a means for rest and made the night as clothing and made the day for livelihood and constructed above you seven strong skies and made they're in a burning lamp the sun and sent down from the rain clouds pouring water that we may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation and gardens of entwined growth. There was a

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time when none of this existed. The sun didn't exist. The sky didn't exist. The earth didn't exist. We didn't exist. Where did all of this come from? along made it. Allah created it. So when he created it once, can he not recreated? Yes he can in a Yeoman economy kata. Indeed the Day of Judgment is an appointed time, that is when the entire creation will be resurrected. How will this resurrection begin the day the horn is blown, and you will come forth in multitudes and the heaven is opened and will become gateways and the mountains are removed and will be better mirage. Indeed, hell has been lying in wait

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for the transgressors, a place of return in which they will remain for ages unending jahannam is waiting, seeking the criminals that when they will be within its reach, so it can take them in and once it takes them in. They're coming out is impossible. They will not taste in any coolness or drink except scalding water and foul purlins and appropriate recompense jezza and we falcor Why is it an account a recommends that is appropriate? How is it befitting because indeed they were not expecting an account and denied our versus without

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phatic denial with absolute denial, but all things we have enumerated in writing. So taste the penalty, and never will we increase you except in torment. But in a little motel a nama faza indeed for the righteous is attainment, that day they shall attain, what is it that they will attain? whatever they want, whatever they desire, had our

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Gardens and grapevines and full breasted companions of equal age and a full cup, no ill speech will they hear they're in or any false hood. This is why, whoever wishes to go to gender, then what is it that he needs to avoid law and kids lying and useless things? Because lying is something that prevents a person from truthfulness. It leads a person to sin and sin leads a person to hell, and lovable, useless, vain speech. All of this is something that destroys the precious moments of life that Allah has given to a person so that he may earn Jenna. So a person who wants to go to gender, then he must abstain from level and give the just a mirror because and he Saba as reward from your

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Lord, a generous gift made you by account, meaning Yes, they brought deeds and yes, they were held accountable. And yes, Allah rewarded them with more than they deserved a generous gift from the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between them. A rock man, the Most Merciful Liam licona men who

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they possess not from him authority for speech, meaning none can speak in his presence without his permission. ilmiah como hawala mela, eager to suffer the day that the Spirit meaning the angel debris, and the rest of the angels also will stand in roles, they will not speak except for one home the Most Merciful permits, and he will say what is correct, meaning none will intercede for another, no person will make a request for another person, no angel even can do that, except with the permission of Allah. And also we see here lay ethical

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people will not even speak to each other, they will not even comfort each other verbally, they will not even help each other in any way.

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We learned in the Hadith even or model or narrative, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, on the Day of Resurrection, people will proceed in groups, and they will fall on their knees. And when we think about there, let's picture us in the people on the Day of Judgment, because we will also be there, they will fall on their knees, and every nation will follow their profits. And we'll say also and so meaning all profit of ours, intercede for us with Allah, meaning do something for us, until intercession shall be given to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that will be the day when Allah will raise him into a station of praise and glory. mahkamah Mahmoud. So he will follow

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prostrate, glorifying and praising Allah, and then he will be granted permission to intercede and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam shall intercede only after a lost permission.

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What we learned from this is that no one can intercede himself, no one can speak himself. No one can advocate anything for himself nobody at all. This is why all of us should be concerned about ourselves today. We need to worry about our actions today. Because sometimes we think so and so will help us on the Day of Judgment. But the reality is that no one will help you if a law does not allow, if Allah is not happy with us. So our entire effort in life should be to please Allah because even the prophets of Allah what will they say? Robbie, Selim, Selim, Oh Allah protect a service service. No person will be concerned about another. We need to do our best to please Allah so Allah

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who will rescue us that day, the likkle yo Mohawk, that is the true day from insha. Allah Allah Allah be Hema, so he who will may take to his Lord away of return. Whoever wants he can choose the path that will take him to Allah. Indeed, we have warned you of a near punishment on the day when a man will absorb

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What his hands have put forth. And the disbeliever will say, Oh, I wish that I were dust, because when he will see his deeds, he will see nothing that is worth any weight on the Day of Judgment, and he will wish that I had been turned to dust after death and never resurrected. But the fact is that Allah will resurrect everyone, and everyone will be recompensed for what he has done. Sugata Nazir out

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Bismillah mern you're walking.

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she bought in asheboro was the hat he said

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as being 47 or

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Yo, Moto

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G. That was

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Hulu movie.

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g fan bill song

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. When is the article call when she thought he

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was the hottie Sabha for Serbia call it several call for moldability Umrah Yamato jufa, Raja tutbury Harada kulu Yama Jeeva.

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by those angels who extract with violence, meaning the soul of a human being, they pull out the soul from every hair and every nerve of the body. And by those who remove with ease, meaning other souls they take out so smoothly that those nearby do not even know that the soul of the deceased has already departed. And by those who glide as if swimming, meaning the angels, they move so swiftly, and those who wish each other in a race, the angels race in obeying a law as if competing with one another and those who arrange each matter, meaning the angels who according to Allah orders, they precisely do what they have been commanded. Yo moto g4 Raja, Allah says on the day, the blast of the

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horn will convulse the creation, but this will not be just one convulsion that Barrow Harada they will follow it the subsequent one, one blast, one blowing of the trumpet will be followed by another blowing of the trumpet. Call obioma eating word UEFA hearts that day will tremble. Anytime we hear a loud noise. It frightens us. But the blowing of the trumpet is a sound that we cannot even imagine right now. Others who have Harsha their eyes will be humbled, meaning people will be extremely scared because of their bad outcome. On the contrary, a lost friends will be under his throne. Under his shed, peaceful, secure, fear free worryfree fearless, Yoko Luna inala Maradona, Phil half euro,

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but right now those who deny what do they say? They say? Will we indeed be returned to our former state of life? How was that possible? Even if we should be declared bonds, when our bonds have become brittle and hollow? Still we will be resurrected, they say that then would be a losing return. Meaning what a big loss that would be indeed it will be but one shout and suddenly they will be alert upon the earth surface. One shall they will here and everyone will arrive at the place that they are supposed to. Hell attacca howdy samosa has they reached you the story of Musa when his Lord called to him in the sacred valley of Buddha, saying go to fit around. Indeed he has transgressed

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and say to him, would you be willing to purify yourself and let me guide you to your Lord, so you would fear him? This is the way of conveying Allah's religion, filling the hearts of Allah servants with fear of Allah His are so that the servant is directly connected to to his Lord. And on this we must analyze ourselves also, what I do, Ella Baker, Natasha. The sign of accepting guidance is that a person develops Asha Asha of Allah azza wa jal. So here we need to check ourselves that on reading the Quran, and reflecting on the meanings of the Quran have we developed the fear of Allah

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If we have not, and if we are the way we were before, then the purpose has not been fulfilled, then this would have been a useless effort, because the intended result is Natasha. It should be that a person develops fear of Allah. But as long as we are alive, we have a chance that we strive to develop a less fear. And we ask Allah also to grant us his Russia, his home, his taqwa. And the purpose of Ramadan is also the development of the Aqua

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Sophia around Musa alayhis salam showed him the greatest signs, but found denied and disobeyed. Then he turned his back striving, plotting to conspire against Musashi salam, because he sensed musar Islam as a threat to himself. And he gathered his people, and he called out he made an announcement to reassure his people so that they don't get affected by masala Salaam. What did he say? frown said, I am your most exalted Lord. So Allah seized him in exemplary punishment for the last and the first transgression, meaning Allah punished him in dunya and in Africa and also in the burbs have we learned that the people of their own, they are put to fire morning and evening and on the Day of

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Judgment, much more awaits them for the leader, and for his followers? Enough, either illegal or a brothel. Lima yoshua? Indeed, and that is a warning for whoever would fear. Who do we consider ourselves as those who fear Allah insha Allah. If we don't then let us fear Allah right now. Allah says enough, either. adicolor a burrata Lima yaksha. There is a lesson in this for he who fears a law. What is that lesson that cast out any pride from your heart, any feeling of self exaltation, because this kind of pride and ego This is what leads to fit are only Yeah. And what is that such pride that a person sees the truth recognizes it, but he doesn't accept it. So we should ask Allah

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to make us humble, and to remove from our hearts any pride, even if it is a little bit because on the Day of Judgment, none can enter agenda with pride Are you are more difficult creation? Or is the heaven a more difficult creation? A lot constructed it meaning the sky that you see above you, who made it, who built it, alone built it, he raised its ceiling and proportion that and he darkened its night and extracted its brightness, how amazing such a massive sky and in nighttime completely dark. And without us even knowing the night turns into day. And after that he spread the earth he extracted from it. It's water and it's pasture and the mountains he sat firmly as provision for you

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meaning for your life and your grazing livestock for either

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metal Cobra, the day of judgment upon Allah says when that will come then when the will come. Tama is such a calamity that does not go away, that cannot be pushed away that cannot be averted. There is absolutely no escape from it. And the terms of the day of judgment will be so widespread that there'll be never ending in escapable for either a metal Cobra, when the greatest bomber when the greatest calamity shall come the day when men will remember that for which he strove. Yo, Maya Tara, currently in Santa Monica. On the day of judgment, each person will remember what he had been striving for you and I will remember and think about what is it that we were running after in this

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world? We will look at what we have done all our lives. Yes, there will be many moments that will cause embarrassment to a person. And this is why it is necessary that we remember our sins now, but forgotten since we remember them now. And the opportunities that we neglect. Let's seize them now. Because yo maya insano Massa, on the day of judgment, a person will not remember the wishes and the goals and the intentions that he made once upon a time, but the effort that he made, and remember it's the effort because it's quite possible that a person is striving, striving, but he doesn't make it till the end. Despite his best efforts. He doesn't make it too

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The end. So what is it that will be looked at? It is the striving? How much is it that a person strove? How much effort did he put in for the sake of a loan? We're both visited Jackie Molly mejorar. And Hellfire will be exposed for all those who see. So as for he who transgressed and preferred the life of the world, but indeed Hellfire will be his refuge. What am man hoffa mahkamah be one 100 of Sir Anil Hawa for in Janata el Ma, but as for he who feared the position of his Lord, the one who fears standing before his Lord, meaning this, this thought makes them anxious, that I have to stand before Allah, how can I face him? When he will ask me about my sins? How can I stand

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before Him? And this fear, he doesn't just have these moments when he's afraid. And then he goes back to how he was, but one 100

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and he prevented the soul from inclination, meaning from the desire. This is the key point, you see, our greatest enemy is sitting inside of us. It's not outside of us. It's sitting inside of us. It is the knobs, controlling the knobs, stopping the knifes from wrong is the most difficult thing. Just think about it. How difficult is it for you these days to wake up for Sahil? How difficult is it? Don't you have to push yourself and throw yourself out of bed? Don't you have to do that? You want to sleep? Isn't it so difficult to control your sleep at that time and force yourself to get up? Leave your sleep and go and eat? Because you know that if you don't eat? How will you survive the

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day? This is just one example of how difficult it is to control the nerves. And a person who's able to control the nerves, then yes, he is victorious. He is successful, because it's very easy to advise other people to convince them to tell them what is most difficult is to advise oneself to tell oneself to convince oneself because you tell yourself do something or not do something and the knifes will present 100 excuses. This is why while we are afraid of shavon meeting the threat of shape on and we realize the threat of misleading people, we must also realize the biggest facts of the knifes this enemy which is inside of us are becoming shattered enough See, the prophets of Allah

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made this morning and evening or law, I seek your protection from the evil of my soul. Because it's very, very important that we recognize the tricks of the nuts, you know, the knifes also deceives us it's necessary that we understand the deception of the nuts how it deceives us how it leads us astray. You remember the story of use of renesola how his brothers why we conversation in which they expressed their jealousy of their brother. And then they also criticized the priorities of their father. And that one lever led to what so many cents? And what is it that led them to that it was their knifes slowly and gradually, because you know what many times the nafs finds pleasure in doing

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wrong things mean when we're talking bad about somebody else? Why is it that we do it, we like to we like to gossip we enjoy we like talking about the faults of other people so that we appear to be very nice and very righteous, the nuts begins to find pleasure in sin and then one thing leads to another which leads to another and the person goes astray like that. So what a madman ha from a comma b he was

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the one who stops prevents the soul from however, from desire for in the genital helma This is the person for whom is Jenna. Indeed paradise will be his refuge. They ask you or profit about the hour. When is its arrival. In that position Are you that you should mention it? Meaning Who are you to know when the Day of Judgment is to come? To your Lord is its finality, its final knowledge. its final decision rests with who Allah alone. You are only a warner for those who fear it. It will be on the day they see it as though they had not remained in the world except for an afternoon or a morning they're off. This is how short life is but right now

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The moments that we're finding pleasure in disobeying or lost power, those moments, they seem to be so long. These days, these nights, they seem to be so long. But if you look at your entire existence from the beginning, from when Allah subhanaw taala, extracted the soul from other martyrs Salaam, until today, when we are alive, and then when we die, and then so many years in the grave, and then eventually the Day of Judgment, the length of which is 50,000 years, and then inshallah going into Jannah in sha Allah. I mean, look at this, what is this life, then? 40 5060 years? What is this? It's nothing. But right now, what happens to us? We want to enjoy the long days of fasting, they

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seem so burdensome, time seems to go by so slowly. A difficulty a trial in life does not seem to end day after day we thinking, when is this going to be over? But just remember, that no difficulty of this world is like the difficulty of the era. a life full of problems, full of difficulties of 100 years is nothing compared to the 50,000 years of the Day of Judgment alone, and then the eternity that follows it. Therefore, remember that the worries of this life, they're not real worries.

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They're not real problems.

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What is the real problem that we need to worry about that we really need to be concerned about? It's the worry it's the problem of the saving ourselves over there, protecting ourselves on that day

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subrata Vasa Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Iver savato Allah

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wanna you Derek, Allah, Allah who is

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a we as the CO photographer with the car, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam found, and he turned away, because there came to him, the blind man interrupting him. These verses were revealed about the famous Companion of the love and omec to who was a relative of Khadija to belong more on her. He was a cousin of hers, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he was in Makkah, this is in the early years. He was once conversing with the elite of Makkah, the chiefs, the wealthy, influential people, and he was deeply engaged in doing Dharma to them. When even when McCune came, and he began asking the prophets a lot of questions that were completely off the topic. The Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam felt that he had been interrupted. So he ignored Abdullah Al Maktoum, he found a little bit because he was upset. He got a little irritated and annoyed. So he found and he ignored the login homework too. And he continued his conversation with the Chiefs who were sitting over there.

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This is understandable. But Allah did not approve of this behavior in his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was meant to have the most excellent character, what? Allah Allah, Allah canali. And this is something that we need to reflect over as well. We need to analyze ourselves as well. Because sometimes we frown over little, little things. Just because somebody is saying something that we do not agree with. We frown, we bring such a huge power in our face. And this is something that we need to pay attention to. And many times it happens that we don't realize these mistakes you see over here, who told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about

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his from Allah Zoda because sometimes we were founding we don't even realize. So as people who are closest to you, who are your most sincere well wishers Tell me where I slept? Tell me where I earn. Woman You did? ecola Allah who Yes. But what would make you perceive a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that perhaps he might be purifying? Meaning he is asking you I believe in luck to him. If you were to teach him, he would be purified. You never know he might benefit from the knowledge that you teach him? Or he may be reminded, and the remembrance would benefit him. In other words, why did you ignore him? Why did you not like him asking you questions? You should have answered him, you should

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have talked him because he was worthy of your attention. You see, over here, Allah azza wa jal, he is advocating for the London omac tomb. Because the real value of a person near Allah subhanaw taala is of who which person, the person who may be wearing old and tattered clothes, who may have a disability because our beloved omachron was actually blind. Allah mentions over here they came to him a blind man, he may be disabled, he may be poor, but if he believes in Allah and loves Allah, and wants to know about how he can please Allah, then this person is worth more attention than who then those who may be

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Be very rich and wealthy and influential, but who don't have faith in Allah, a minister wanna ask for he who thinks himself without need to him you give attention and not upon you is any blame if he will not be purified? meaning those people who don't want to learn, you're still paying attention to them. If they don't learn what's the big deal? It's not gonna harm you leave them, but those who are eager to learn, why should they be neglected? But as for you who came to your striving, while he fears a law, from him, you are distracted? Don't be distracted from him. Such a person has value near Allah. Now look at yourself, analyze yourself in these ayah. Who is it that has value near

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Allah? The one who

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the one who goes running hastening, eager to learn, eager to find out to improve his condition, and he fears a law such a person has value near a law, but the person who turns away thinking he doesn't need a law he doesn't need a last book in his life, then why should you waste your time running after such people pay attention to those who are eager to learn can in the heart of Kira know indeed these verses are a reminder. So whoever wills may remember, he may accept this reminder. It is recorded in honor cheats, Exalted and purified, carried by the hands of messenger angels, noble and beautiful hotel in Santa Monica, cursed his man how disbelieving is he? How very, very ungrateful he

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is? What gives them the right to be ungrateful. For what substance did Allah create him from a sperm drop, He created him and destined for him, meaning at least look at your origin, what makes you so arrogant, then he is the way for him, meaning Allah gave man strength, the ability to move around, to walk around, to eat and drink, to learn, to communicate, to travel, and like this, he goes through life, but all of these strengths and abilities came from Allah, then he causes his death and provides a grave for him, meaning eventually this person will die and where is it that he will be buried? A Kabbalah Allah will select a grave for him.

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Meaning what Allah has decreed where a person should be buried, that is where he will be buried. Kola, lumea, Colima Amara, no man has not yet accomplished what Allah commanded him. You see, our freedom is only for a few days, just as long as we are alive once we die, then that is it. We cannot move. We cannot get out of the grave. No one can break through the jail of Aqaba of the grave, and only when Allah intense will people be resurrected. So in this life, kala Lama Colima Amara What is man doing? Allah says he has not accomplished what Allah commanded him you know this is something we need to remember. Because you know sometimes when we accomplish a good deed we think we have done

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really well. We have kept these many fasts and inshallah this many Korans we have recited and another complete reading of the Quran. Allah says Allah Maya, Kadima, Amara, no matter how much we have done, we have never done enough because remember that if a person were to live his life his entire life from the moment his mother gave birth to him, until extreme old age, in which he's not even able to move much his entire life on Earth, if he spent it, dragging his face on the ground, pursuing the pleasure of Allah, on the day of judgment, a person will look at this deed and he will say nothing. Not enough should have done more should have done better. Color. Lamia, Colima, Amara,

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we have never done enough. We have never accomplished enough folium lauryl insurnace Isla Tommy, then let mankind Look at his food. I mean, just think about it, how much food we've eaten, and how many deeds we have performed. Is there any match? Really is there? No, there isn't. Left mankind Look at his food, how we pour down water in Torrance. Then we broke open the earth splitting it with sprouts and calls to grow within it green and grapes and herbage and olives and palm trees and gardens of dense shrubbery and fruit and grass as enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock for either your saw but when there comes the deafening blast of the trumpet, deafening blast it will

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overpower every sound

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On the day, a man will flee from his brother and his mother and his father and his wife and his children. So if today they ask us to do something wrong. What should we do?

00:35:13--> 00:36:04

disobey Allah for their sake. Today they call you to sin. They might call you and tomorrow, they will for sure. Run away from you. For every man that day will be a matter adequate for him. Each person will be worried about himself. So he won't have that capacity to worry about anyone else. But some faces that day will be bright. Would you agree? Oh, my Aiden was Fira ba Hakata, Mr. Schirra laughing, rejoicing at good news and other faces that they will have upon them dust, blackness, gloom will cover them. Those are the disbelievers, the wicked ones. Those who have spent their lives in disobedience to Allah