Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 254B Tafsir Al-Zukhruf 1-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various topics related to the Arabic language, including the book " morality," the title "by the way," and the use of "by the way" and "by the way" in English. The importance of "by the way" and "by the way" in Arabic is emphasized, along with the need to avoid embarrassment and avoid causing embarrassment. The speakers also discuss the history of Islam and the use of the word "the earth" to describe the Earth, as well as the importance of remembering and thanking Allah for allowing people to travel.
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Surah zakura of Surah Zuko is a Maki surah and it has 89 verses. The word Zoho comes in is number 35 of the surah and Zoho roof means ornaments, adornment, glitter, and the surah discusses exactly Zakharov as in the reality of Sahara. And what is that this dunya what appears to be beautiful, but in reality is temporary. And unless and until a person realizes the value the worth of this dunya he cannot really strive for the

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim ha Meem while kita bill moving homies who have more Katara while kita will more been by the book, meaning the Quran that has been that is clear, clear, as in direct in its message unambiguous, and unapologetically explicit, meaning its message is not hidden, because people might not like to hear it. No, it is clear in its message. And mobian also means that which clarifies. So this book also clarifies the path of guidance for misguidance it clarifies the truth from falsehood, in general now, who, what's the job of the cousin because while keytab an oath is being taken, what's the response of this oath, that in Nirjala, who, indeed we have rendered it,

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meaning the Quran, this Kitab we have rendered it as if Anna neurobion as a Quran, that is our OB, that is Arabic, meaning we have sent it in the Arabic language, the word Jhala. Many people think that the word gyla means colloca. Jharna means to create, but gyla does not mean create only Yes, sometimes it gives the meaning of Calaca. But not always. The word gyla is a general verb and it can actually apply to all verbs, all actions, all right, just as the word make in English, it can apply to cooking, who made the cookies I made the cookies, it can apply to accounting right I made the reports it can apply to setting up here bedsheets I made the bed, it can apply to so many things the

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word make is a very general verb. Likewise, in the Arabic language, the word gyla is a general Ferren and it applies to many many verbs many actions. So over here gyla gives the meaning off, that we have rendered it not that we have created a color code note that we have rendered it meaning we have sent it as we have composed it as it will on an auto begin an Arabic Quran. Why Lala, come talk alone so that you or people can understand you can understand its message, meaning Allah has chosen the Arabic language because of its clarity, because of its understandability, especially to the people that were present at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in sort of the

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sharara i 195. Allah says Billy sang in our OB GYN McBean in the language that is Arabic which is clear, meaning in Arabic also, it's in the most clear and eloquent form. So there is no difficulty in comprehending its meaning. What in the who, and indeed it meaning the Quran is fee it is in meaning the original Quran is recorded were in a milky tab in the mother of the book on milky tab is another name for low Hallmark fools. And why is it called own multitap? Because the mother is the source mean children come from their mother, right? She's the source. So omega keytab the low Hallmark fools the preserve tablet is called omega because it's the source it's the hustle. Right?

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Why because in low heard muffled everything is written. So in no fee or milky tab, the original is recorded were in the preserve tablet and lead Aina the Quran bloodiness near us. How is it? What is it status? Ludhiana near us meaning near Allah, the status of the Quran is that Lolly Yun, surely it is early exalted

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And near Allah. This Quran is Hakeem full of wisdom, meaning the Quran has a very special status near Allah. It is our elite and Hakeem Isley meaning that which is above another. So it has a position of honor over all other scriptures. It has it position of honor, a very high position near Allah subhanaw taala. And it is Hakeem full of wisdom. Hakeem also means more come meaning one that is protected, strong, solidified, so that none can alter it, none can change it. So it is Hakeem full of wise instruction, and also such that no one can alter the spoke or abrogate it

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in truth worker is 77 to 81. Also, something similar is mentioned that in the whole Quran, Kareem fie keytab in Maknoon, that the original Quran is where fee Kitabi Maknoon in a preserved record, la Yama, su Il Mata Harun, none can touch that, except the purified ones meaning none can reach the original low homophone except to the purified angels instead of Java I number 11. Also we learn color inherited kill from insha Allah the color feel so Hooven mocha Rama Maru for a tin Mata Hara. So why is this mentioned that recognize the value of this book, and if you don't, then realize that this book is still exalted, it is still perfect EFA no reboot. A should for then not reboot. We do

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Bob and come away from you. Baba means to hips to strike. And as you know, the word Baba has many other meanings also, right? of them is to present like verbal muscle to present an example to mention something and blah blah, blah, I'm on as an away, what would it mean? It means do not do something meaning to stop to cease? Do not do it anymore.

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So if I know Bree Braun come comm should we then turn away from you? What a vicar the message what message the Quran? Should we turn it away from you? Meaning Should we stop sending it to you? Should we stop revealing it? Soft hand, while disregarding slough hon. From the root letters sloughed fat Ha, soft and soft, is used for the side of the neck and also for the palm?

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Over here soft hand as soft meaning while turning away from you, because when you when you shoulder, the side of your neck to somebody, what does it mean? What does it mean? I'm not facing you? I'm turning away from you. Right when you show your palm to someone, what does it mean? What does it mean? Stop? I'm not interested. Right? So soft hand while disregarding meaning Should we turn the message away from you? while disregarding you? Because I'm that meaning because quantum you are common of people who are Mazuri Fein ones who are extravagant floral of the word Massif, one who does a Seraph extravagant meaning extreme that because you are a people who are extreme in your

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denial, in your wrong actions, extreme in your argumentation, and refusal, and mockery and opposition, and you are extreme in your bad manners. Should we stop sending the message to you? What does it mean? No, we're not going to stop. No matter how much you turn away. No matter how much you misbehave, no matter how much you oppose and deny and refuse. The revelation of the Quran is not going to cease. The Quran is still going to be sent no matter how much you resist it, no matter how much you oppose it. This idea, it's in a way very, very loving.

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You see, sometimes a person is giving something very good, something very useful to another.

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And the person whom he's giving it to he doesn't want it. Like for example, you could be at a party. There's delicious

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Just food and you're not eating. And somebody says eat and you said no, no, thank you. No, no eat. Where's your plate? Like, I don't have it. I don't want any food. No, no, I'll get to the plate they get you the plate. That No, no, just please put very, very little. What are you talking about? I want to give you the key point food, despite your refusal. Why? Why are they insisting that you eat that you take? And not just a little bit, but more. Why? Because of their love for you? Because of their concern for you? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he conveyed the Quran to the people Correct? What was the reaction of the people for our own Allah accountable home majority of them

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turned away. They said we don't want to hear. We don't want to know. They put their hands on their ears and they went away the prophets of Allah sunnah would come to them and they would disperse. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite and they would make noise. So what happened? Generally, if you think about it, if somebody is opposing you in this way, avoiding you in this way, what would you do? You'd say, Okay, suit yourself. You're not interested. Fine. That's okay. You're not interested. It's okay. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say? It's not okay. You don't want it will still give it to you. You don't want to hear the Quran. You don't want to know the Quran. You don't

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want to have the Quran you want us to stop this revelation. Well do bad. You're still getting it because you know what you need it. And right now, you don't understand. But soon you will understand. A fashionably blonde come with the croissants, Han and Kontum Alma Mazuri Fein and you see most ravine you know caffeine has not been set Mazuri Fein has been set because really the people of Makkah, were behaving in an extreme way with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If someone is very ill mannered with you. Right? They're very rough with you very crude with you very harsh with you. They stoop to a very low level in opposing you. Right? They say the most harshest of

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things you would think, Okay? I think that's enough. I get it. They don't want it. So I should stop. Right? But what does Allah subhanaw taala say? No, no stopping a fair nobody born come with the crucifixion and continue OMA Mazuri Fein, should we not advise you? Because you don't want to hear? No, we will tell you, even if you don't want to know, we're not going to stop. Now what happens is that generally, a person gets offended, right when he is received with such harshness and disregard. And then what does he do? He stops

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you are talking to somebody about the importance of Salah, right? You're telling them about the heat, you're telling them about the Quran? And they just say, I'm not interested? Or this is something really harsh to you.

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What would we do? If you don't say anything? Don't even try next time? Because we have been hurt we have been offended. But what does this ayah teach us? That the mobile lil the one who is conveying the one who is conveying the Quran? When he's received with such harshness, with such refusal, such extreme denial? Should he get offended and stop and give up? Is that what he's supposed to do? No, he cannot give up. Because think about it. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave up? Then what would happen?

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If he gave up then what would happen? You see, it's very natural when people hear something for the first time. And it just doesn't click what happens? They refuse.

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But then you have to keep trying. You have to keep trying. Why? Because you care about them,

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isn't it? So your desire to benefit them should not be dictated by their desire to receive? You understand that just because they're not interested? I should not offer no, even if they're not interested, you will still offer and you must offer because they need it.

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You know, children, little children when you're trying to feed them vegetables and you know, good stuff. What's their initial response?

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I don't want it right. What is that thing? They don't even want to look at it. They look at the dinner and they say no, I'm not eating that. I'm not eating that green thing that spinach I'm not eating it. I remember somebody told me once or under maybe I read it in an article I don't remember long time ago I read this or somebody told me Allahu Allah, that you must try 18 times before deciding that your child does not like a particular fruit. Yes, you

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Give it 18 tries 18 separate, what happens is, we offer the broccoli,

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and the child says

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he doesn't even touch it.

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But then what happens? If we think, Oh, my son doesn't like broccoli, I'll never buy broccoli, and I will never cook it, and I will never even offer it. You're actually depriving your child, you need to make at least 18 attempts.

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And believe me, this is speaking from experience. It works. By the fifth, sixth seventh, maybe

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there'll be munching on broccoli happily, eventually. But you know, who has to try very hard? We have to. And why would you try to feed vegetables to your children anyway?

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Because they need them.

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I mean, okay, you could do such things also blended, hide it in the food. But some kids are just too smart, they will taste it, they will find the green specks. And they will say, what's that? And besides, you want them to see things as they are, and appreciate them as they are. So the point I'm making over here is that if in worldly matters, we have to try so many times to get something across. Why is it that with the Quran we give up on the first try?

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Why? Don't give up, try. If it didn't work for the first time, try again. And then after some time, try again and then after some time, try again. And you will see in sha Allah eventually, it will work. didn't this happen in the time of the Prophet sallallahu sudden, weren't there people who didn't want to hear the Quran and then later on they became reciters of the Quran? Didn't have the low iron who go out of his house to kill the Prophet sallallahu where he was.

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And what happened then? He accepted, isn't it? So FYI, nobly? Brian come with Decra Soph Han, and quantum karma Mazuri. Fein? No we're not going to stop even if you don't like it, because we care about you too much.

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So what's the lesson over here? In the eye? Oh, what's the lesson? Keep trying.

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Keep trying.

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No matter how many times you've tried before, keep trying. And by keep trying, I don't mean you nag and harass somebody.

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Because that's something that we are forbidden from, but rather that you don't give up. You try? Let them forget about it. And then you try again. Just like the broccoli you offer the broccoli? If you offer it for lunch, the child refused you offered for dinner? No, no, it's not gonna work. Give it a few days, and then offer again, give it a few days and then offer again, give time in the middle.

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I don't know if you read to the use of his father. He accepted Islam days before he passed away. And I remember listening to a lecture long time ago, in which he had mentioned about his father that he had given him the Quran to read and he asked him what is it that interested you or amazed you about the Quran? And he said a few things but you know nothing really about the hate or inclination to accept Islam. But that's the thing you don't give up. You keep trying to keep trying. Didn't the Prophet salallahu Salam try? When Abu Talib was on his deathbed? Wasn't he trying even at that time? He was. You see, we want vegetables for our children because it's healthy for their bodies, you know

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what's even more essential for them?

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What's more essential Quran, Eman and not just for our children but for everybody. So if we really care about humanity,

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if we really say that we are sincere and loving people and concerned people, then we better want to hug for them, the Quran for them,

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because that is what will bring them eternal success. And for that, we have to keep trying. What come and how many are will sell now. We have sent Mina begin of profit meaning so many prophets we sent Phil a welline fee in meeting amongst a welline The first ones meaning the former people, the first generations the earlier people. How many prophets did Allah sent? Many many? So Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not the first prophet before Him. Many prophets were sent in fact, he's the last prophet. Why am I T him? Wama and not yet T him he comes to them. Mina begin any prophet, meaning to the previous people. No Prophet came in that except can no be cannot they were

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be with Him meaning to him or at him. Yes Does he own de mark, meaning no prophet came, except that he was mocked at ba

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by his people he was ridiculed by his people into the Arsenio 30. Also Allah says Mayor Tegan, middle of Sunon Illa, can OBE Yes Does he own

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for Lucknow. So we destroyed a shed the greater mightier men home than them, then who, then the people of Makkah, who are right now denying the Prophet salallahu Salam at the time when these verses were revealed, obviously, who were denying him and mocking at him and ridiculing him. Allah says, We destroyed those who were stronger than them back to share in striking power. Bucks bow thought sheen. What does it mean? Goolwa force toughness, strength, the ability to strike to hit back to attack. So these previous people were much stronger than them in terms of physical power and force. But what happened? They were destroyed Wilma law and it has passed it has preceded Mullah

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mean blood Yeah, from the same root is the word mildly. What does mildly mean? Fast. So medulla. It has proceeded Muthu example of who a welline of the former peoples, meaning the description of their destruction has already been mentioned to you, meaning no need to repeat all those stories over here because it's well known, you know, you know exactly what happened. And muffle over here can be understood as description. And it can also be understood as an example as an a lesson. Meaning they are a lesson what happened with them is a lesson intro to Zuko via 56. We learned Fajr Allah himself often were methylene Lille herein, we made them an example for the later generations. So what's the

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lesson here that no matter how strong they were, those who mocked and made fun of their profits were ultimately ruined. So what is it that prevented the people of Makkah from believing in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from accepting this Quran?

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It was though hate, they love their idols too much because idolatry was a part of their culture, their tradition, their business, their whole lives revolved around idolatry. Everything was related to idolatry. They didn't want to give it up. So while at INSA of the home if you were to ask them, man holla Osama what you will up who is it that created the skies in the earth layer? coluna surely they would definitely say hello Kahuna, he created them who created them, the one who is Allah Aziz and Allah Arlene, the one who is Exalted in Might and the one who is knowing because these mighty skies and mighty mountains and earth and everything, only the one who is Exalted in Might could have

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created this an ally leave the knowing one. You see the people of Makati believed in the Rubia of Allah subhanaw taala What does Ruby I mean, Lordship, the fact that Allah is the rub rub as an harlech Malik moudaber creator owner, they believed in Allah subhanaw taala in that way, but when it came to Oulu here, and what is Alou? Here? Are you here to believe in the fact that he is ILA meaning worshipping only him

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believing that all worship is exclusively for him. This is where they had a problem.

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They dedicated their worship to others besides Allah also. So the belief in Oulu here is being emphasized over here, that if he's the one who created everything, then why shouldn't he be the one who is worshipped? Why not?

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Allah the the one who Jaren hola como Allah, the One who has made for you the earth? And how has he made the earth for you, man than a cradle, Abed, math meme her that when you think of a bed, what comes to your mind, sleep, rest, comfort,

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and especially mud, what is prepared for a child for a baby that is more cozy and comfy and relaxing? So he has made the earth for you as a mad as in a peaceful, secure abode.

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You can actually live on this planet.

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This despite the fact that inside this planet is what fire right? And lava or whatever and spewing out from so many different places. So many things could go wrong. So many things could literally wipe out human populations. However, Allah has made the earth habitable for human beings. So Allah the gerund hola como herba Madden Otto we see that the Earth is constantly moving

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so fast but do we feel that movement do we know what Darla calm and he has made for you fee her in it meaning in the earth he has made for you so bulan paths ways plural of the word Seville meaning roads natural pathways, Lala contact the dune so that you may be guided meaning you can be guided to your destinations wherever you want to go, you journey on these roads on these paths and then you reach your intended your desired destinations.

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And what does this mean that Allah has created the earth not just as a secure a book for you, but also such that you can fulfill your needs over here

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and for the fulfillment of needs, what is necessary travel, you have to go from one place to the other. So that also Allah has facilitated for you with gyla Comfy has sabula la isla Contacta dune so to stabilize the earth what is it that Allah subhanaw taala has placed on the earth mountains all right, but despite those mountains it's not that travel is impossible no from within the mountains from between the mountains there are natural pathways also. In total MBI a 31 Allah says what you're gonna fill out of the rwasa antamina be him what your honor if you have Fijian Sulan la Lomita dune intro to that yet I have 48 When Allah for rush na we spread it for Nirmal Mahi Dune, how excellent

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we have prepared it in total number is six and seven alumna Geralyn Aldo me had Have We not made the earth as a as a cradle as a bed as a peaceful abode secure a boat while G Bala o Tada and the mountains as bags to stabilize the earth. Well Levy and the one who Nasrallah he has sent down Mina sama II from the sky man water. How big cada in in measured amounts of dal rock, certain quantity not haphazardly. Allah sends rain down according to a certain measure. Meaning it was intended for a place that at a certain time, a certain amount of rain should fall not more, not less. Not before, not after, rain does not fall at random. That's basically what this is teaching us. It doesn't fall

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at random. It doesn't fall haphazardly. It's all intended it's decided by Allah.

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For unshown now, then we revive and shoulda known sheen, rock Alhamdulillah Hilah, the Piano Bar dama Americana Iligan new shoes, no sugar from the same root. Now Shala has multiple meanings. It gives the meaning of reviving something as in bringing it to life. And this is why resurrection is also called new shooter where you lay in new shoes bring to life secondly means to rise to cause something to rise. And then thirdly, it also means to scatter or to spread it because that's what happens a person is asleep wakes up gets up and then

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all over the place. So for unshot Ana over here gives a meaning of a hyena that we revive we bring back to life, meaning by that rain and shall not be be he hasn't with that rain, we revive build the 10 meter, a dead land, dead land as in barren, empty of any vegetation, unproductive nothing was growing on it. But it was brought back to life because of rain. Karnataka taharah June, just like that you will be brought out you have difficulty believing in resurrection. Well look at how dead land is brought to life after rain. So in the same way, that Allah revives dead land, he will also revive dead people he will bring them back to life on the day of judgment. And by the way, Gallica

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Tokara Jun, remember that at the time of resurrection, there will actually be a rain that will cause bodies to grow, emerge and resurrect, we learned this from a hadith and Behati. So one of the Halacha as wotja and he is the one who has created as much as watch plural of the word xojo. And what does it mean? pairs, male and female in living beings in living things? And in nonliving things, one of the bearers and one that completes a set. So he has created the pairs which bears Kula ha all of them, meaning all bears that exist who created them,

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who created them. Allah created them as well as Zote Oh,

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means type are kind.

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So species. So he is the one who has created different types of creatures Kula all of them meaning all the different types of creatures that exist. Allah created them were gyla calm and he has made for you meaningful key from the ship's well an army and the grazing livestock, what has he made from these metal Qaboun that which you embark?

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Why, in order to travel from one place to the other, Falk ships meaning at sea. You travel through ships on ships while around grazing livestock, meaning these animals that you use for travel on land, might or Qaboun, insert the Arsenio 36 also Allah says Subhanallah the Halacha as Roger Kula perfect is the one who has created all pairs. Right? And then he has also created the means of transportation for you instead of the natural I ate, Allah says, well, Hyla will Behala Well, HUMIRA little Kabuga was ina that Heil, Bivol Hamid, what are they? horses, mules, donkeys. He has created them such that you can ride on them and journey from one place to the other. And they're also Xena.

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Well, hello Comala tharla Moon and he creates that which you don't know, meaning you don't know yet about those creatures, but Allah has created them. So in this aisle at the end of the aisle, what blessing is mentioned the blessing of, of transportation, lead us the Whoo, so that you may settle.

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That's the whoo scene. Well, yeah. So what the SOA mean, same, right, is stowa What does it mean to rise, but remember that when the word is the word is followed by Isla, like over here, Lita, stir, whoo Isla, then it also gives the meaning of rising and settling, becoming stable and balanced.

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Like for example, if you were to sit on a horse, okay, maybe many of us won't do that. But when you would sit on your bike, how would you sit?

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How would you sit before writing that you sit in a way that you are stable and well balanced? Not that you're leaning on one side, or leaning on the other side? No. Lita Stonewall, I love the Hootie hoo hoo hoo * of the word love and what does Allah mean back meaning on the backs of these animals, you sit and you become comfortable and secure and well balanced. And then when you do that, then you begin your journey, then you start writing, right? But when you do that, some method guru, then you remember and this is an encouragement, a command a Come on, you should remember near Matala become the blessing of your Lord, which blessing the blessing of transportation. Because imagine if

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the only way of getting from one place to the other was walking.

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Just imagine how difficult life would be submitted Kuru near matter have become especially when should you remember this blessing, either stay away to Miley either when is the way to my lady when you have settled yourselves on your vehicle, settled yourself as in you're sitting well balanced. So for example, when you get into the car, you know when you're getting in, you're one foot is in and the other foot is out. Or once you sit in, you get into your seat, you're not really sitting straight. If that's the way to my lane, he means you're settled. You've put your belt on basically, you've got your seatbelt on, then at that time, remember the blessing of your Lord and as you

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remember, what should you say? Allah teaches us what the oluwo and you say, super Hannah Levy, Sahara, Lana, Heather. Womack, Camilla homoclinic.

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So this dryer is actually from the Quran. Right? This dua is from the Quran, Allah has revealed this there are Allah has taught us this door, how important this door is Subhan Allah the Exalted is the one who perfect is the one who has sought Allah now who has subjected for us. What has he subjected for us had that this and what does have that refer to what you're sitting on? Whether it's a bike, or a plane, or a car, or a bus, or anything else or train, even a horse, any vehicle USHIP anything you're sitting on any vehicle

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This is what Allah has subjected it for us. Because if Allah had not subjected it for us, we wouldn't be able to use it for transportation. Isn't it? If Allah had not subjected oil for us, or electricity for us or metal for us, then could we have made these cars and different modes or forms of transportation or different vehicles? Could we have invented them? Could we have made them at all? No, Allah subjected these means for us? And it's because of that, that we can use them for transportation. Walmart, calm Kona, low mccreaney. Warmer and not cool. Now we were low for it, meaning for this vehicle that we're sitting on, we could never have on our own mockery, Nene wants

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to subdue it. We could never have done that ourselves. What do you mean plural of the word Muppet in McLean is basically one who does it cron a Cron is to connect one thing with the other Quran. Alright, to connect one thing with the other. And the word is also used for putting a yoke on an animal. And what does that mean? That it's been captured, in, it's going to be tamed, it's going to be trained, and that means it's under control. So when Matt Canalla humo cleaning, if Allah did not allow, we could never have subjected this creature ourselves and tame it, and make it in this way so that we can travel. What in and indeed we the dog continues in our abena to our Lord, lemon

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collarbone, surely ones who returned meaning definitely, we are going back to Allah. Now this dua, Allah subhanaw taala himself has taught us that we should say every time we journey, every time, we are sitting on a vehicle, whether that's an animal or anything else. Now, what happens is that this is an excellent way of making your journey, your travel as everybody.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:17

Because what happens is that your typical car trip or bus trip, or whatever it is that you take to go from one place to the other on a regular basis, that time turns into what

00:37:18 --> 00:37:43

that you're basically trying to kill that time. You know, it takes 10 minutes, you're just waiting for those 10 minutes to get over so that you can get off the bus. But when you sit and you say this dog, those 10 minutes or what, and everybody, because you are acknowledging that this is a blessing from Allah, you are praising him, you're thanking him, you are acknowledging your need for Allah. And the whole journey turns into an array bada.

00:37:45 --> 00:38:33

And what this is also teaching us that whatever vehicle we have, whatever means of transportation we have it has been subjected for us by who, by Allah, meaning Allah gave the ability. And if Allah did not give the ability, you wouldn't be able to even ride a bike. You wouldn't be able to even drive a car, you wouldn't be able to get on a bus, you wouldn't be able to. And, you know, it's very easy to start feeling proud that I'm sitting in a plane, business class, luxury and so lucky. And so whatever I'm sitting in this car, I got the best seat on the bus. At this time, it's necessary that we humble ourselves. So what does this dog do? It teaches us what does it teach us? Humility, that

00:38:33 --> 00:38:38

this is a last favor on me, not my own accomplishment.

00:38:39 --> 00:39:27

And what in that era have been Allah Monica Lee Boone, every journey should remind us that we are going to return to Allah. Just as I'm sitting in the car. I'm going to school and when I get to school, the journey is going to end. Right. Similarly, I'm living and one day my life is going to come to an end. We're in that Elon Urbina lagoon Caliban every time you sit on a vehicle, you have an intended destination. As we're living through this life, there is a destination and what is that destination? Where does this journey end? In Albina? Do our Lord Lamont honeymoon. This is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that confit dunya, aka Anika, or even Oh argues that live in the

00:39:27 --> 00:39:33

world as if you were a stranger or a traveler? Because his life is a journey.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:45

We learned that once our little DeLorean who, when he was a Khalifa, an animal was brought to that he could write on it and as he put his foot in the stirrup to climb onto that animal, he said Bismillah

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

so when he put his foot on the stairs to climb, what did he say? Bismillah. So for example, you open the door of the car, what do you say Bismillah. And then when he hits

00:40:00 --> 00:40:25

settled himself on its back. Then he recited this Thrace Subhanallah the sakura Linda Wilma Cannella homoclinic were in Isla Robina, lemon Kalamoon and then three times he said Alhamdulillah What did he say after the DUA? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah and then, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar.

00:40:27 --> 00:40:40

And then he said, super Hanukkah, La ilaha illa, under God, welcome to nap, see, fell fairly. He basically sought forgiveness he did so far. And then he smiled.

00:40:42 --> 00:41:11

So somebody was watching him and they said, what's going on? Why are you smiling? And why so much? You know, so many doors and liquor? And he replied, that I saw the Messenger of Allah salAllahu Salam do, as I have done, that once an animal was brought to him, and as he was getting on top of it, he said, Bismillah when he settled, this is what he said. And then he smiled. And when I asked him, he said, that your Lord is pleased when his servant seeks his forgiveness.

00:41:12 --> 00:41:25

When the servant says stuff with Allah, Oh Allah forgive me. Allah is pleased. Why is Allah pleased because the servant has firm faith that none but Allah can forgive sins.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:47

So as we sit in the car and start our usual trip, or any other bus or whatever, what is that we need to do? Also is the FAR and liquid when boarding a ship, what's the DUA Bismillahi mudgeeraba One Musa in Nabila Fuhrer, Rahim.

00:41:49 --> 00:41:51

Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Bismillah here Walkman you're watching Hammy.

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While kita Mubi in John

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we're in De Mille kita Villa de

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Wan Ilene Wehmeyer de him in been in movie Z

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abortion for my mom

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in Walla

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la-z is

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a lady Gianna Obama

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so bola

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well leadin Zan Amina sama

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shall be

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to fraud you

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will lead the follow up on

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meaningful key one and

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nice these

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near metal become either stairway to

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water Portals will be

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the source for all

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