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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala thumbay will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He while he was I will send up the seamen Cathedral Cathedral from ababu mighty brother sisters, the issue of I want to, to some extent, maybe touch again on what we spoke about in the last lesson. And that is the importance of Easter far and Toba.

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Because without that nothing else is possible Stefan and Dawa are the things that clean the slate and not just clean the slate Allah subhanaw taala promise to replace our sins with good deeds. So it's, it leads us late and it loads it in our favor. But that is provided we do it. Allah, Tara said Bama Salma Mira, soline, Illa Liotta, Ibiza, Nila, while our gnome is Allah and

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Luca, first of all, first of all, Allah was double fara. lahoma rasuluh la vida de la ha a Weber Rahim.

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Allah as I said remains, we sent no messenger but to be obeyed by Allah subhanho wa Taala as leave and Allah will,

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if they mean the hypocrites, when when they had to be unjust when they had been unjust to themselves, which is what whatever they were planning and plotting and so on,

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had come to you or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and begged the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa tada and the messenger that is also beg forgiveness for them. Indeed they would have found Allah subhanho wa Taala all forgiving and most merciful. This shows that Allah subhanaw taala is encouraging us to make our and it's tougher and less wanton is saying do it and Allah will forgive you inshallah. So when we make a step it will do it with this in sha Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive us there is no doubt about that inshallah. But the important thing is to do it, not just

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talk about it or not, never to lose hope that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive us inshallah.

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There are two steps and as I said was tough. roho first of vero sama to LA in Nairobi, areevo. Mujib, Allah said then ask forgiveness of him and turn to Him in repentance. Certainly, Myra is near and he is responsive. So, is the fire and Toba are both used interchangeably and the main tower when you say Toba, it also means the path but specifically if you look at the two words is to acquire means to be

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repentant and to be contrite and to be ashamed of what we did and to seek the forgiveness of Allah Subhana. When the person is in is the farmer is making so far, he is addressing Allah subhanho wa Taala and he is saying yada banana mean Oh Allah, oh my rub all over the universe, forgive me because there is no one who forgives except you for fairly for in a whole layout for a little while and please forgive me because there is nobody who forgives other than you. With this understanding and with his intention, the person is begging and seek seeking forgiveness. Now having done that, and inshallah as I mentioned, with the complete and complete and total certainty, that Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah Who forgives after doing that,

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then what must you do? We have to change our ways. Because if I was going on a path where I was disobeying Allah subhanaw, taala. And then Alhamdulillah, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave me the trophy, I got this realization that what I was doing was wrong. And now I want to change myself. So what is the first step, the first step is to own up and accept that I need change and I am seeking the forgiveness of Allah. What is the second step? The second step is to change the path. Because if I was going on one road, which was leading to disaster, obviously I was changed the road. It makes no sense for me to continue on the same road and say, I'm sorry to be here. I'm sorry to be here.

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I'm sorry to be here. And the end of it is disaster. Whether you are sorry or not sorry, if you unless you change the road unless you turn around unless you take the exit unless you get off that highway, which is the highway to Jannah you will end up in the same place. Whether you are sorry or you're not sorry, makes a different second point is that it is a lie to yourself and to Allah subhanaw taala to say that you are sorry, and refuse to leave the path.

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It makes no sense. Because if I am actually sorry, then why don't I change my ways because I'm saying I had to get

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Having done this and then I still do the same thing. So that is very important for us to ensure that we do these two things, first of all filmer to really make, seek forgiveness of Allah and then turn towards Allah meaning change. You always

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take the road, the Seattle Wooster theme, take the road of his car, but take the road off. steadfastness which leads to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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about seeking

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forgiveness. In surah, Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, well, Lavina is a loofah he schatten I was Allah mu and fussa home Zakat, Allah faststart for row leagoo be him bermeja illallah wa Lemieux silverwork Allah for Allah whom

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Allah sorry that I said and those who when they have committed

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for heisha, when they have committed especially things of a shameless nature which is you know, which is

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which is adultery

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which is promiscuity of any kind, which is pornography, which is all kinds of shameless things are the wrong themselves with evil, which is any other kind of sin. They remember Allah and asked forgiveness for their sins and man can forgive sins but Allah and do not persist in what wrong they have done while they know. So the point here it is, again, the same thing that no matter what you did, irrespective of that I lost rather than mentioning specifically, some very serious matters, yet Allah say, despite that, once you realize that you have been doing wrong, do two things. Number one, own up to that seek the repent and seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and the second one

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is change your ways get out of that way of life. Right if you are selling around, stop selling Hara, if you are if you are dealing in an interest based business, get out of that interest based business, make the NEA and get out of it. If you had a house or something on a mortgage and you were paying that you didn't realize it at the time you got it. You didn't realize this was around now you know, what must you do? Same thing. Mega stefarr seek Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven us because there is no one who can forgive except Allah subhanho wa Taala and then get out of that take your name out of the list of the enemies of Allah put it back where it was originally, which is in the

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list of the earlier of Allah by everyone just to remind myself in you, that Toba is our need. This is not Allah subhanho wa Taala is need Allah subhanho wa Taala has no need. Allah Subhana Allah is some of these free from all needs. Allah Subhana Allah is telling us to make the work for our benefit. Right? So the state of repentance is at the this is from Mr. MLK well, Josie as book, Medallia's, Mr. Murray asylee kin Wait, he says three things. Number one, he says the state of repentance of Dawa is at the beginning the middle and the end of all states of submission to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The second sub bead means that Toba is not something that you just do one day and that's it and you have arrived No, this is something that regard instantly keep monitoring ourselves is Stefan Toba is something we continuously do all our lives, because this is this is the nature of our lives. We are constantly committing some sin or the other whether it is a serious sin

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deliberately done or done by mistake or something or it is something which is not a sin as in the car as in the context of something that attracts punishment, but it is still a sin as in the for example health law for example, a state a state of

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heedlessness a state where we live as if a lot of our data does not exist in our lives, where we where we indulge in various things which may not be haram but at the same time, it we waste our time we we talk all kinds of you know

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useless stuff, not necessarily haram stuff because again if you really buttons on that is haram. But even if it is not that it is just pointless arguments and pointless discussions like most of the political discussions that we have absolutely zero value or worth in any of that. But we we do now at the same time. Having done that we are human these things happen. So if it happens I What must we do continuously as soon as I become aware of that instantly.

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Seek Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven us, make us that far and turn towards Allah swatara get out from that company. Stop doing

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Those things so it's a state of repentance. I repeat what if the images are actually

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said, the state of repentance is at the beginning, the middle and the end of all states of submission to the will of Allah. Second thing is it is the slave who seeks the pleasure of Allah never abandoned Stover. He remains in the state of Toba until his death. Whatever his State of Belief, the slave makes Toba his constant companion that to this something that he does the whatever state of believing even when you are feeling very strong in your deen and he man, still you make the right decision there is no time that we do not make the far and they will not make the why number three. Toba therefore is at the beginning and the end of his servitude to his creator, his need for

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Dawa at the end, just as at the beginning, overrides and supersedes all other needs. So the need for Toba is more important than the need for food or shelter or wealth of family and children and whatnot. Because all of those things, all the other needs that we have, number one, transitory and number two, they are temporary. So, we have this need and and it goes away, but all and irrespective of what it is, even if we get it, there will come a time when we will give it up when we will lose it when we leave it.

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And therefore, that need cannot be more important than the need for a lot of outsiders forgiveness, which we need constantly in this life and in the in the night life to come thereafter. If we do not have the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala then that is the greatest calamity so therefore, we must continuously seek the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah rodelinda to Nora Lhasa to Illallah Hey Jimmy, can you help me known Allah Allah come to the whole lesson and turn to Allah subhanaw taala together and make our oh you who believe so that you may succeed. Now if you think of this, if again, nobody will judge us is that the ayat above is contained in a Medina surah which is sort of

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the North which was revealed revealed in after Medina after this migration to Medina, in which Allah subhanaw taala addresses the people of Eman Allah saying here, turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala you who believe what omo Illallah Hey, Jamie and I you mean all lecanto if you want success, Allah here is addressing the believers, the Sahaba of our soldiers and Salah who are the best of his creation.

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Right after the Gambia, the Sahaba of Rosa Salam have the highest status among all human beings, till the end of time. Yet for them Allah, Allah saying, seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't words a lot of anatella and make over two it shows us how important over is now unless the law ordered us to make our key calls upon them to make our he or the Sahaba and therefore by reference to us, turn in repentance to him, after they had already believed, gone through hardship, trials of faith, executed patience migrated, and they had fought in Jihad to remember

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that these people, the Sahaba was also developed. They had gone through all the stages they had, they had suffered in the name of Islam. They had stood steadfast and firm in the face of all kinds of opposition. They had suffered loss they had invested their time and their money and their energy in the propagation of Islam in the protection of Islam. Despite all of that Allah Samaritan is saying to them make Toma make Toba Allah, Allah made success conditional on perfecting such as the effect is often conditional on the cause. No one can hope for success, except those who make though

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melasma Allah bless and reward member Mr. Kamal Joseph Talalay for this beautiful advice. He continues, and he calls the I have

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my lamea to Formula equals musala Moon and those who do not make Toba Indeed, the valley moon they are indeed their transgressors, the oppressors and the wrongdoers. Now unless you know him I'm not even

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allowed to divide his slaves into two categories only the repentant and the wrongdoers. There is no third category. Allah calls those who do not make Toba xylophone, he calls and people who are doing zubaan themselves. So wrongdoers, transgressive, and no one is more of a wrongdoer and a transgressive than a person who does not

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repent for his or her evil actions right there also Rosa Sallam said that all the children of Adam alayhis salaam, they are all of them are our own there are people who may who do Hata there are people who do

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who are who are who sin or make mistakes recovered since, and he said the best of them are the top one. The best of them are those who make Toba. So if you commit a sin, I don't mean here to say that it's okay it is not okay as soon as can sin can never be okay. So we are not trying to discount

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the seriousness of a sin we are not trying to discount the seriousness of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. But we are saying that it is not the end of the world. It is not something that will destroy you, except if you want it to destroy. And how do you say you wanted to destroy because after committing the sin, you do not make Toba, you do not make as far after committing the sin. We still insist on it. We still can't, you know, we say no, no, I did not sin and this is not by mistake. And somebody has made me do that or what not what won't be justified wrong action. And we insist on the wrong action. And we repeat the wrong action. When we do that, then we are destroying ourselves. So

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it's not the sin that is destroying me. It is my attitude towards that sin. It is what I do with that sin, which is destroying destroying me. There is a lesson of zero people make Toba to Allah By Allah, he made up to get all these and by Allah, I make our to him more than 70 times a day. And this is the Hadees in Bukhari, his companions is our

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main use to count for him. In each congregation. He's saying 100 times is Zim irob, forgive me and accept my repentance for you on the web. And for I was a wrestler was to make this big this tower.

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Also Lazarus is also reported to have said, no one will be rescued, no one will be saved on the Day of Judgment by his deeds. And this is I've asked him jasola even you and this is also says I should say follow the law. She asked him, even you also Allah, he said, even I, unless Allah grants me His mercy and grace, I think about that. The two beautiful lessons here first and foremost is the humbleness and the humility of also was also somebody who Allah subhanho wa Taala assured somebody who Allah declared that I have forgiven you, everything that you have done or will do,

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everything is forgiven for you. Right? And then again, this is when we say, whatever you have done, and we'll do it, it's not as if characters are major since this is the this is these people are the people of our great status for them even to blink their eye, and then maybe a question associated with that, whereas for us, it is nothing. So as soon as Allah subhanaw taala is saying that whatever it was, whether it was, you know, an instant of Laplace somewhere or something Allah has already forgiven despite that, and also and he had this assurance from a loss manager directly. This is the ayat of the Quran, which we recite. Now, despite that, and also lasala Salim said, I will not be

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saved by my deeds, I will be saved only if my ROM has mercy on me. So this shows the

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the humility of the NaVi Allah, he set up the lesson viruses, how much more humble? Do we need to be because he had the guarantee? Still, he says or which got it? Which guarantee do I have? What guarantee do you have? Like we were no guarantees. And we walk around as if forgiveness is our birthright.

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Believe me, it is not. Allah subhanho wa Taala holds that control. If he wants to forgive, he will forgive if he doesn't want to forgive, he won't forgive when there is nobody to question him about that. So that is the reason why we need to keep on seeking forgiveness of Allah. So the first lesson is the humility of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the second lesson is that therefore it is something that we should do which is to make as the foreign Dawa you for a certain period one at a time to 70 times in a day, imagine how many times you and I need to do it. Again, it's not a matter of counting beats. We have to consciously do this with full entrenched full intent and with a

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firm intention, that that we are seeking the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala

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even Okay, well Joseph also said that's one of the Fatiha is Toba.

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I remember I have recorded a whole series of reminders on that I advise also as well as Walter give us it off you too.

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To implement that in our lives, a Toba is the return of the slave to Allah. It is also his turning away from the path of those with whom Allah subhanho wa Taala is angry, and those who are straight, we asked the Lord to die we said Robin was the theme, Sarah Levine Aram tally, Lady rated mobile bearing Dolly. So therefore I must look at my path I was looking at my life, and I will see what signs do I have in my life? Does my life have signs of identity? Or do I have signs of wearing multivariable?

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Do I have signs of bow to belly and the only people on whom Allah or people who are lower angry with and people who are straight? What signs are there in my life? This returning ignoramus, right, he continues, this returning cannot be done except by Allah's guidance to the straight path. This they will not attain guidance except through Allah's help and his own submission through the heat

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through the vada explains this concept in the most complete an eloquent manner to therefore the thing to understand here is that if Allah Subhana Allah gives us the trophy to turn towards him. For example, if you find that you are praying in the masjid, you find that you are listening to some beneficial lecture if you find that you get the tofield to wake up in the night for the agile, you find that you your thoughts throughout the day constantly revolve around doctrine towards Allah subhanaw taala anytime you see something good and beautiful is as well see the see the creation and Barack Barack and so on and so forth. If there is any difficulty, you don't find you find that you

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are not moaning and groaning and complaining, but you are you have suffered you, you you you behave with dignity and you seek Allah Subhana Allah has helped you find all of these things happening in your life. He was very, very happy it was at Shangri La, my Arab della della Lu wants to guide me and therefore work even harder for that guidance. Right don't don't disregard that guidance. Always listen to the heart in this context. If there is a good thought in the heart, always do that good thought for example, you went to the bathroom, you came out and the thought is let me wait. Then the counter thought comes or but you know I just the whole time is another four hours to answer.

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Maybe my will break again. Maybe I want to have a nap and the wizard will go again. And so on and so on. I will make was what the time was.

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Right now think about this.

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Make wudu was one thought now what is woozy bother. So if you make what you are doing and by that you are getting reward from Allah subhanaw taala This is going into your account on the Day of Judgment it will be there for you. Right well if it breaks again make okay so some more reward and some more

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benefit in your book of accounts. On the other hand, if you did not make which is not a sin it is not held up so you didn't make at the time it was only made will do and you went for us. However, supposing it was decreed that you are going to die before us.

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So now what happens if you had widow you would have died in a state of Ohio and there was somebody who died in the state of Ohio inshallah Allah will forgive me when you have done so you would have died in a state of will but if you did not have although you still died at the same time, but you died without now which is better. That's why I always asked my I always do this to myself and everyone and reminding you also to do it, which is any time you get a good thought follow the Woodstock don't don't fight it. Do not fight it if you get a bad thought by it. But if you get a good thought and then you get this other within course delille

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from China that

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don't follow the lead. Follow the heart. I just read a beautiful thing of Mufti Shafi sobre to Lally the father of most people's money and don't use money down mercato mostly self sufficient reserve says that his father, one day he said it was raining very heavily. So he said I prayed South whether it was at the time of whether it was raining really heavily. So I prayed.

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He said when my father went to the masjid,

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he said after he came back from the masjid, he said, my father said to me, that I know you will give me the fatwa to say that praying at home because of the heavy rain is permissible. But he said of all the act only according to the fatwa, who will act according to taqwa.

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Right? I think the thing about this, this is such a beautiful thing with Egypt. Moses, Shabbir Abdullah. He was

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Well one of the greatest aroma of the Indian subcontinent. So he says my father gave me this visit my father said to me, that if all the Allah will act only according to fatwas, then who will act according to taqwa, right where is the love of Allah? Then I want to go to the house of Allah it is raining electrically and hamdulillah This is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah to protect me and I will go to the masjid and I will pray in the masjid.

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Now, again we are not saved somebody is praying at home We are not saying he is doing Hara we know there is a there is a roxor but if we if we look for only the rocks if we look for only the conveniences and only the you know ways to to do the least this minimal is thinking we will end up with no deal at all. This is one of the one of the opinions the the one of the collective opinions on which all the all ama of all the Muslims, the Hanafi Shafi amberley Maliki all the all the automatic are agreed upon that if a person seeks conveniences seeks Rosa from each mother, he takes something from here you take something from there you take something from that he's only looking to

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find shortcuts and loopholes then this person will have no dean at all right? He's not a he's not following any mother. He has no dean at all he's lost his Dean because he is simply looking for loopholes and if somebody's looking for loopholes, where is the where is it because if you really believe in Allah subhanaw taala think about any issue in this life. If we have a minimalist stance towards it,

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it can only lead one way and that is down it It cannot be beneficial because anything which comes with a minimalist stance cannot bring about any goodness that is why we must look for the for the best for the most the The amazing thing is that we do this in everything in our lives in our in, in academics, which to whether a student studies or not, which tour and will say you know, it's okay, I don't want to have first class I don't want a university rank. third class like I get it, okay. Nobody will say that he may get he may end up getting that because he didn't study that's a different issue. But he won't that is not what he's aiming for. That if somebody gets a job in a

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company, nobody will say you know, I don't care. Let me let me get a job as a sweeper. Let me get a job as a doorman and my whole life I will spend opening and shutting doors. And the whole my whole life is by courier will be sweeping streets. Nobody. Anyone who joins joins in the in the smallest of jobs, his goal will be to become the CEO of the company. Even that may never happen. Obviously that doesn't have to do with the vast majority of people. But that is what he's aiming for. I want the best job. I want the best car the best that I can afford.

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The best I can afford over as long as it is for Winslow.

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For everything in life. We want the best spouse I want the best spouse that I can that I can get. Right? Children I want the best children I mean you think about this for everything in life we want the best when it comes to but when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala you want the least what does it say about our demon? What does it say about anyone?

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Well I'm praying while I'm using a god What more do you want? Allah doesn't even want that. To Lord He will give that if you think you are doing an excellent but please don't. This is not required.

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So very important for us to take stock and to make sincere is the final.

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The final thing we all which I want to end today's classes were about total vodka milk flavor. Angela Lee said we're appreciate sorting fattier and gives it

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its right

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estimate through knowledge, contemplation and reflection upon its facts, and by living its directives will realize that one cannot recite it with a true recitation of a slave unless one mix sincere is the far and tower.

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So sort of the vibe here is called the surah of his defier what what our ulama

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do reflect on total Vata and see how salt and fattier is the surah of Toba and it's the quad it's a very beautiful thought with which I want to leave you today. May Allah subhanaw taala guide you and me

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to a state which pleases him jealous. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to always live a life which is pleasing to Him. We are

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ask Allah Subhana Allah terribly pleased with us, and never to be displeased. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us to do what he likes, and to save us from that which he does not like. or salon ohana will carry while he was away and maybe he was allowed to level one