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Al-Araf 8-154 Translation 138-154


AI: Summary © The cowboys discuss a potential trial and emphasize the importance of staying true to their values, reform, and staying true to their values in politics. They also talk about a recent storm and a woman named Lennar, as well as their frustration with actions of a coworker and their upcoming return to the past. The group also discusses a woman named Linda Vina and her relationship with a man named Jojo de Bracken.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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saliendo Salim Karim Ummah Bharath for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbish roughly suddenly we said the empty wash loads of data and when discerning who totally open as a

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lesson number 94 suited to a Roth IRA number 138 to 154 Translation where Joe was there and we made to cross b Bernie children is either of Israel in Alba the sea, for toe, then they came, Allah upon comin a people yaku funa they were devoted, or they are devoted, Allah upon us nermeen idles the home for them

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falou they said, Yeah, Musa Musa, a German you make Lennar for us in a hunt a god. Gamma just as the home for them. Le Hutton God's Allah He said in acoem indeed you are one of people that Hello You all are ignorant in indeed How old are these Buddha bourbon are one that is destroyed or is destroyed. Math word home de fi in it. What about the loon and nullified math what can do they were yamalube they do? pilot he said should Viola besides Allah Allah I will equal I seek for you in a hand of God or whoever while he for Polycom he preferred you Allah upon Allah Allah mean the world what if and when angina come we saved you men from early people fear honor, a fear own the asuna

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comb they afflict you super evil and either be of the punishment. You got the Luna they brutally killed for the massacre. Urbana acoem your son's work and yes the he owner they keep alive. Lisa acoem your women Wi Fi and in that he can do that for you all banner on a trial main from or become Europe or women great. what and where are dinner we promised Musa Musa is an answer Athena 30 later night war and atmananda we completed it we are shooting with Gen. Fetterman. So it was fulfilled it was completed me call to appointment or appointed time for a biggie of his robe or Bernina 14 late at night wirkkala and he said Moosa Musashi Salaam, the E to his brother how Luna hell don't have

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love me. you succeed me or you become my deputy fi in me. My people were asleep and you reform one and do not that the beer you follow Sabina way and we've seen of those who spread mischief when a man and when he came Musa Musa Salaam mimiko Tina for our appointment what can lemahieu any spoke to him or boo his color? He said Robbie O'Meara areni usually a look. I look a Laker towards you Carla, he said learn never thought Ronnie you see me when I can but over look Illa to algebra the mountain For instance, if it's the cover it remained firm McKenna who plays for Salford then will soon Ronnie you will see me fellow muscle when the agenda He manifested. He cast his light for boo his rock lil

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Jubilee to the mountain gyla who he made it that gap dust wahala and he fell down. Musa Musa Elisa Lam sorry. thunderstruck, or unconscious. Circle unconscious, fellow man so when

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he recovered, he regained consciousness color he said, super Hannukah glorified Are you or your glory doobadoo I repented alayka to you were under and i uh when you first look the name of the believers. Allah He said yeah Musa Musa in me indeed a is perfect. I chose you. Allah upon a nasty people virasana tea with my messages where we can me and with my speech

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For what so you take math what it took I gave you rakuen and you be made from a shark eating those who are grateful work aterna and we wrote the who for him fee in an hour the tablets main from Cali every shading thing, more evidence and advice and admonition what the fleenor and a detail liquidly for every shame thing for hood have so you take it before with him with strength. What more and you order tomeka your people who do they should take the axe anyhow with its best. So Lee come soon I will show you demo and faceting of those who disagree of those across limits. So soon I will turn away I'm from IIT my verses and levina those who get a balloon, they act arrogantly fee in an

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earthly the earth the lady without and have the right we're in and if you're oh they see color every is inside learn not you know they will believe we have with it. We're in and if you're oh they see Sabina we have rusty of the rectitude of the guidance layer not yet.

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They take it sebelah away. We're in and if you're oh they see Sabina way and the hygiene of the deviation yet

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they will take it Sabina away vaniqa that be unknown because indeed they get the Buddha belied by Athena with our vs. volcano and they were unhappy from it or feeling ones were heedless when levina and those who get the Boo they realized Be it now with our vs what end before meeting a hero of the hereafter have you put it was wasted or murder whom their needs how not you rizona they will be recompensed in there except man what can do they were young balloon they do what the other and he made or he took home people Musa Musa SNM main from BB D after him main from holy you him their jewelry originalen a calf just sudden a body level for it whoever won a moving sound

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and um did not euro they see and the who that indeed it learned not you can remove them it speaks to them while and nor yeah the him It guides them sebelah do away it how do they made it or they took it What can I do and they were volley mean once you do wrong

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when a man and when socata it was made to fall fee in AD him their hands or oh and they saw a new home in the bay. But in fact Balu they went astray kalu they said let in Surely if Lang not your Hamner, He bestows mercy on us, or buena our up welfare and he forgives Lennar for us. Lennar coonan. Surely we will definitely be men from a hospital those who are losers. When a man and when Roger he returned Musa Musa lisanna in Laconia, to his people have been extremely angry, furiously, as sefa, sorrowfully, Allah He said, big summer How bad is that witch hunt after Mooney you all succeeded me men from birdie after me. Did I do Don't you all hastened Umbra order command Rob Begum

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of Europe will uncover and he threw he cast Alleluia the tablets were a hoarder and he took sick with had a fee of his brother he had to remove he drags him in a heat towards him color he said even or some of my mother in indeed a coma the people is that are fully they made me weak. What can I do and they were near Jaco to Luna Lee they kill me further so do not to Schmidt you let rejoice be upon me over me.

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The enemies wanna and do not only You make me Morrow with alone the people avoiding me those who do wrong.

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Allah He said Robbie O'Meara if you forgive leave for me when the earthly and for my brother, were a cleaner and you admit us fee in aromatica. Your mercy will enter and you are humble or most Merciful of Rahimi of those who show mercy indeed and loving those who enter the data

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Originally the calf say anana home, soon it will reach them rather than anger or punishment. Men from what became their work and the Latin humiliation fee in a hierarchy the life adonia of the world worker their liquor and likewise ledger z we will recommend or we recompense a mystery those who fabricate

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one levena and those who are me know they did a CLT the evils so more than double they repented main from bardia after it was new and they believed in indeed Rebecca Europe may borrow the hair from after it local foreign, surely most forgiving for Haman always All Merciful.

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When a man and when second it subsided and from Musa Musa alayhis salam, a lot of the anger a herder he took

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the tablets, Wolfie and in. No, Swati her it's inscription who then a guidance What are hammer and immersi Linda Vina for those who whom they became for their Lord Johan de fear.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Why jawas nadie Benny is

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be Avebury Nana Isla

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Boer Gina

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in algebra.

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Boo Boo la

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meanie meaning on

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of the BYU

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he said enough bush Deena

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Deena Walker,

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Feeny one lady

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in our info

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just said

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it took

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me a while

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you mean

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