Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L279A

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Al-Hadid 1-15 Translation 1-15

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala Sunni Hill Karim am about for the Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for visually surgery where silly mg

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Tata melissani Yakubu Kohli openers either in

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less than number 279. So total headed is number one to 15. Translation said, he did this be the law he for Allah, Ma, whatever, for some are worth in the heavens, while out and the earth whatever and he is under Aziz the always almighty. And Hakeem, they always always know how for him manku kingdom, a semi wet of the heavens

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and the earth, you he he gives life where you need to and he gives that Warhola and He is Allah upon condition in everything or do your own always all evil.

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He is an old one, the first one and the last was the head and the manifest or the baton and the hidden one and he became only with every shame thing I leave on always all knowing

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who he is a lady The one who Hanukkah he created a semi with the heavens and the earth fee in Sector six a year this summer. Then you stole our heroes armor upon and off the throne. Yeah, no, he knows more. Whatever you only do, it enters in the earth warmer and whatever you're gonna do, it comes out men her from it warmer, and whatever, young Zulu, it presents Mina summer from the sky,

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warmer, and whatever your will do, it ascends Fie her in it will her and he Marco is with you.

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Wherever quantum, you will, will know who and Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna, you will do the seed on all resulting

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now who for him manku kingdom

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of the heavens and the earth, what a love And to Allah,

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it is returned,

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all matters, you really do, he makes to enter and Lola the night from the house in the day where you made you and he makes to enter

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the day for late in the night.

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And he is our Lehman owners all knowing the that with possessor

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of the chests. And I know you all believe the law he in Allah wa rasuluh he and his messenger Well, amphu annual spend mimma from whatever gyla con He made you, Mr. holophane successors fee in it

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for levina so those who are Manu, they believed men come from you will enfocado and they spent the home for them. eduroam a reward can be your own great

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and what local is for you learn not took me No, no, you will believe the law he in a law well rasuluh while the messenger here the income he calls you, let me know so that you all believe there are become in your workload. And in fact, a further he took me sakurako your covenant in contempt, if you will, meaning ones who believe who he is and know the the one who you know zero he sends down upon of that he his servant

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versus the humanity once clear.

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So that he takes you out winners limit from the darknesses in a no to delight in America and indeed become with you all know often surely most kind.

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And what local is for you alert that not 10 photo you will spend fee in Sevilla law we have a law when a law and for a law, mirrors inheritance a similar set of the heavens and the earth.

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Not yesterday we he is equal men come from you man who am soccer he spent men from Abu before the victory or Colton and he fought America those are women are greater than 10 in blank Miller Lavina from those who and for whom they spent money from Baidu after Waterloo, and they fought what Coleman and to each other he promised Allahu Allah and her Smith the best. We'll know who and Ulla dinner with whichever Dr. Molina you know do hobbies don't always all aware men who there is that amedy the one who you can do he learns of Allah alone has been beautiful for you Barry for who? So he multiplies it. The who for him. One a who and for him, Edgerton every word karimun generous. Young

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en de terre you will see a name they believe in men

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and believing women. Yes, it grounds daylight banner ad him before them will be a money him and by their right hand.

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good news for you and your woman today. Jonathan gardens, perjury, it flows men from dirty hair under it and have the reverse Harley dealer ones abiding eternally free her in it. Veronica that horror it shows the success of the great Yona on de Jacobo he will say

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the hypocrite man

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and the hypocrite women Lynn Levine and for those who are new they believed

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wait for us market Ibis. We take light men from naughty comb your light killer, it was said if you turn back or come behind you from Tony soon Don't seek more light for the Rebbe, then it was struck then it was put

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between them this year in with a wall now who for it bourbon adore Bethany who inside it fee in it of the mercy was all here the room and outside of it. Men from diva Lee direction have it either boo, the punishment unit they will call them alone did not know when we were marking with you know, they said banner Why not? When I can recall that you all fit into your trial and full circle yourselves. What are our best and you awaited work? And you all doubted

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and deceived you and the false hopes have until it came under order Allah of Allah was overcome and it deceived you then know about Allah, Allah, The Great Deceiver. polyoma So today, not you, it will be taken from you philia to any ransom winner and no, Nina levina from those who

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disbelieved not welcome your abode. A male is the Hellfire here it may lurk on your guardian

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and how bad a mislead the destination.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Frankie love

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z Dominus

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una una

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