Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #09 – Woe To This Person

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of sharing tweets and not blaming people for their actions. They stress the need for humor to be rooted in the truth and not just based on what is true. The speaker also warns of the danger of causing dangerous situations if one talks about things that are not true.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Woe to the person who lives to make people laugh. And then he repeatedly says, Woe to him. And well to him. This is an important Hadith for us to consider, especially in the days of social media, where we hit share on this video, or that media video, or this meme or that meme and are concerned, and everybody likes to have fun. And I like to share memes. And I think that they're funny and you know, things of that nature. But we need to make sure that our humor is rooted in the truth. And in fact, you know, that should give us more than enough material, because often the things that are the funniest or the things that are true, right?

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It's funny because it's true, right? We say we say these sorts of things, but to what's the spiritual problem going on, if somebody is lying to make people laugh, or someone's humor is based off of a lie, is that it demonstrates that this person is more concerned with the reactions of other people than they are about the truth. And so now they are tailoring what they say. And not just what they say, but the truthfulness of what they say to the reaction of the audience. And obviously, anybody who's involved in entertainment, this is probably the biggest thing you have to worry about other than showing off and your ego. You know, basically lying or doing these things in order to get

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people to laugh, is a sin, and it's a big sin. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW I said, I'm warned about it because Muslims should be the source of truth in the world we should be adding, we've already got enough falsehood and lies and distortions and mysteries out there. While some should be sources of truth, and it's significant that the Prophet Muhammad SAW some didn't blame the laughter and he didn't blame the humor. He blamed the idea that it could be based off of falsehood, right, which shows shows us through indication and implication that humor is fine, but humor has to be based on the truth and if we are going to prioritize humor over what's truthful, then we're going to end up

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in a very dangerous situation.

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