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Al-Maidah 41-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 41-a

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Lesson number 72. So tonight is number 41 to 50.

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Yeah, you have a Zulu or messenger, Larry Zonca Latina You said your own effin cough. Let them not grieve you who hasten interdiscip believe, meaner lady in a car Lou manavi of where he came, when I'm took me in kulu boom of those people who say we believe with their mouths, but their hearts do not believe. So such people, their hastening into Cofer, it should not review, you should not become sad, because they're rushing into COVID.

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We know the total memory that is another disorder. And it was revealed towards the end of the profits out of artisans life, as we learned earlier, that in the solar is the ayah. That was the last one to be revealed.

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And Medina, there were Muslims, there were the hood. And along with the Muslims in the hood, there was a third category of people and who were they, then when Africa

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and initially at the beginning, these women African they had not become Muslim.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had migrated to Medina, they did not become Muslim. at the Battle of birth, when the Muslims were victorious, that is when these people, they became Muslim. Why? For political benefits, for worldly benefits in their hearts, they were not actually believers.

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And in the Battle of our head, their hypocrisy was revealed. How many were they? Around 300 the companions of Abdullah even obey. So they were on 300.

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And towards the end of the prophets are a lot of times life, about the names of 60. hypocrites, were revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he shared those names with her they felt even human.

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So what does it show? That initially there were around 300? And towards the end of the profits on a lot of some slides, how many were they?

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Around 60? So where did the rest 250 go? It's possible that they died. It's possible that they did, though, but it's possible that they became sincere believers.

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However, there were among African when the prophets or a lot of sudden passed away, and they were still going after Hoon, after he died. And if they were present at that time, they're more likely to be present today as well.

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It's possible.

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Who is the one I feel?

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Remember, there are two types of money.

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The first type is the erotica demon, meaning the monastic who has an effect in his Eman in his belief that in his heart, he actually has copper. He's not a believer. He knows he's not a believer. But he is only showing him and

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why is he showing he managed to get the benefits of being a believer?

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Which is why when there is a conflict between Eman and Crawford, who does decide with Who does he support,

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he doesn't come and support him and he doesn't come and support Islam.

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If there is a place where you know something about Islam has to be introduced. It is such people who come and stand against it and say that no, no, don't introduce this. Don't let this happen. They're the ones who side with kafir. And they don't side with Islam. Why?

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Because in their heart they have conferred on the apparent they're showing even

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this kind of nefarious of erotic called

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The second type of nefarious of armor. Meaning a person is a believer in his heart, but in his actions, sometimes he performs those actions that are inactive.

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Like for example, breaking a promise, speaking, faltered, speaking alive, doing piano. So if a person commits such an action once or twice, it doesn't mean that he's become a monastic. No. What does it mean that he has resemblance to the monastic meaning he has an effect in his actions?

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So over here, we're talking about the monastic who is monastic in his arcada. Who are you have your own Aloha, we're Latina, and when they try to deceive Allah, and those people who believe by showing Eman and hiding

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so it was these 15 who said the kalama apparently, who would pray Salah even who even gives other people, but they were more loyal to gopher than to Islam. They sympathized with the cover, instead of sympathizing with Islam. And if there was any conflict between Islam and COVID, more to the side with COVID. So they claim to be Muslim

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But all their loyalties were with who, with the disbelievers. Their friendship was with the distributors.

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Now, anyone would be sad if they come across such people, especially if you're dealing with such people,

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that somebody claims to be your friend, somebody claims to be your supporter, somebody claims to be one of you to be like you. But when it comes to action, he goes against you. He says that he will do something to help you. But when it comes to helping you, he doesn't help you. He deserts you.

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Just imagine, at the Battle of 100, when the Muslims were fewer number, and the enemy was very strong.

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Just imagine 300 people who claim to be Muslim, what are they doing? They're leaving.

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They're leaving. If somebody tells you, they're going to support you, and right when you need their help they leave you. Are you going to be sad? Are you going to feel hurt? Definitely, if you're going to be sad.

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala is addressing the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that Yeah, you have a soul, or messenger, lay.

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It should not grieve you, you should not be sad, about what From who?

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And Medina use it.

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Don't be sad by the activities of those people who rush into coffee, who are hastening into disbelief.

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Why should you not be sad?

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Because if a person is sad over such things, then First of all, it's going to affect his health. People who are sad all the time who get hurt by what other people do to them by what other people say to them, yes, it does hurt you. But if you stay in that state of sadness, it's going to affect your health, you're not going to want to eat, you're not going to want to sleep, you're going to feel miserable. And secondly, it's going to consume a person so much, then he will not be able to do that what is important, he will not be able to focus on his work. Now, if somebody says something rude to you, and you're so hurt, and you're thinking about the whole day, are you going to be able

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to do any work properly? No. So this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been gone layer hasn't gone, it is natural to be sad, it is natural to get hurt. But don't dwell in that sadness. Don't stay in that state, get over it. And instead, keep doing what you're supposed to do. Don't let this grief stop you.

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And many times, why do we become set in such a situation because we're expecting something from the other person. We expect their help we expect their support, we expect that they will listen to us. But when they don't listen to us, then we become sad. So don't get sad. Instead, focus on what you're supposed to do and don't expect anything from these people. Don't expect anything in return from these people because as a locum or a human. That is what every prophet said that I do not ask any reward from you. I'm doing this only for the sake of Allah. So if you're doing this only for the sake of Allah, then these people, their activities, their actions should not grieve you. Because

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your focus should be Linda, that you're doing this for the sake of Allah, He will reward you people cannot benefit you. They cannot protect you. They cannot save you at all.

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So now you can Latina You said your own ethical for

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now we're here what has been said is that these people, they are you sad your own? You saw your earnings from the rooms that are seen

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in the last study are very sad what the city or mean? Swift. So Sora CLR is to be quick, to rush into something to be hasty to hurry.

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And Massara. You Sadie aroona. You see that and if you said your own a time use your minutes you said Your Honor, just like uj Duna. You are de Luna? What does it indicate? competition. It indicates competition and moussaka that more than one person is involved.

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So you said Your Honor, that they are rushing in competition. They are rushing in competition, meaning they are so active in cover. They rush towards gopher as if they are competing, as if they are competing as if there is a competition that let's see who wins.

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Because generally what happens if there's a competition, then people become very quick and speedy and hasty in what they're doing. And if there is no competition, then people slow down. It's the fact that they are so quick in indulging in coffee. What does it show? What does

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indicate what does it reflect? It is as though they are competing, that who wins the race? Who can do more?

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Who can beat the other? So Alina use it around Africa.

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The question is, how are they listening, how they're rushing into

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that, first of all, they fall into covered hastily, that they choke off. Whenever there's an opportunity whenever there is a chance, whenever there's any test, any conflict between Islam and COVID, what do they show, it's called immediately, it circle for that is revealed. Like, for example, at the Battle of an artist at the Battle of Aqua, even at the Battle of Honda, and all of these battles, at every occasion, what was reflected the cover of these people.

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Second, you said your own ff COVID. This shows that how they commit one action after the other,

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and how they're accelerating in their comfort, that they're only improving in their comfort increasing in their coverage.

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You see, one is that a person makes a mistake once and then he repents. He realizes he doesn't do it again. But this is that they're only going further in their coffers, they're only accelerating in there. They're only increasing in there.

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So instead of increasing in their Eman in good deeds, in supporting the profits or losses, in supporting Islam, they're increasing and what in their coffers and support for

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you said your own ethical.

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And remember that cover is of several types as well.

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A person who commits an act of gopher does not necessarily become a catfish.

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A person who commits an act of gopher does not necessarily become a cafe, meaning you're not going to call someone a Catholic just because he is committed an action of COVID. Just like if a person has committed an action of nofap. Like, for example, if a person broke a promise once Are you going to call him when

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are you know, he has resemblance to munafo? He has a characteristic of nifa. But he's not really a monastic.

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And gopher is of several types. The first type of coffee is a stick bar. And what does that mean? arrogance that a person knows what the truth is. But still he rejects it. He denies it. He doesn't accept it. Like for example, he believes he knew what the truth was. He saw it. He knew what the command of Allah subhanaw taala was he believed in it? But yet, what did he do? He rejected it.

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The second type of conference of income, of denial of denial. And this is like that of the machine that they didn't even believe. Is that valid is that you believe but you reject out of arrogance encounter is that you don't even believe like, for example, a person says I don't believe this person is from of law.

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And there are other types as well.

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So over here, alladhina use it Runa Franco, who are these people who rush into COVID

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they are, first of all, mina levena carlu an IVF where he him when I'm putting in kulu. There from those people who say we have believed and they say this from where we fly him just what their mounts of what is the plural off from and what this family mount.

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So they only make this verbal statement that we are believers. This is just on the surface, and in reality their hearts do not believe. Who is he? And when ff wichman

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called him when I feel

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that he is only showing a man in his heart. He's not really a believer.

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As we learned earlier in sort of the record a woman a nassima, Nicola and belay you will bill young will acid women who move money. So first of all the hypocrites who at every incident at every occasion, they rush towards coffee. They committed an act of coffee.

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they pretended to be believers they gave sort of what they even prayed Sala in congregation but every time there is a conflict between Islam and perfect decided with.

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Secondly, there are those people who wamena Latina head and there are those people who became Jews. How are they handling into cover? Then these people they are who they knew who the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was, they recognized him. They were waiting for him. They believed in Allah. They believed in the prophets of Allah. They believe in the scriptures. They believe in the Day of Judgment, but still, instead of believing in the profits, or of all the sudden what were they doing? They were rejecting Him. So this was there. He is turning into coffee.

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You know, when

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Somebody is rushing into something. What is he doing? As if he's not even thinking about his action. So similarly these people, they believe, but still they reject the profits or a lot of seller. They believe in musala Center, but they're rejecting Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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instead of believing their deny.

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So Who are they? Woman and Latina What? What are these people do? Some are owner. There are ones who eagerly listen to what little caddy be to the line.

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They're avid listeners eager listeners defaulter meaning they listen to faltered with a lot of interest.

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Notes on their own is a plural of summer and summer is from the reflect received me marine. What the semi army to listen to hear. However, the word Samira give several meanings.

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First of all, as you know, it means to hear to listen to.

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So what the summer mean? One who eagerly listens. One who lends a ready ear, an avid listener, summer because summer, this is mobile number one who listens a lot, one who listens eagerly. So basically, some are on Al Qaeda, meaning they have a great interest in listening to fonts, what they're very interested in listening to lies, fiction. They love listening to it. Things that are baseless, completely unreal, they love listening to it. So they love listening to and watching things that are completely untrue. And when it comes to listening to the Quran, when it comes to attending a matchless in which the truth is being spoken about that becomes very difficult for them.

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They can listen to something that is complete falsehood for three hours, or four hours, and it's not a burden. But when it comes to listen to the Quran for half an hour, for two hours, it's a huge burden. It's a big burden.

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Some rune lil KDB, eager listeners, they listen a lot to faltered. And, in particular, this is that that you would, especially their followers, meaning the common people, they would listen to the lies that their scholars had invented falsehood that their scholars had invented,

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whether it wasn't the Scripture, whether it was about the prophets, whether it was some stories that they had fabricated, they would listen to them eagerly.

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Secondly, some error means do accept and respond to what a person is listening to what a person is hearing, that a person accepts willingly, he responds to. So basically it gives a sense of kobu. So summer, who is summer, one who readily accepts and believes everything that he hears? What's the first meaning? That they listen a lot, eagerly, to what to falter. What the second meaning? That they readily accept and believe all the falsehood that they hear that they listen to. So basically, some merit gives the meaning of Meteor meaning one who is obedient.

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So the listen accepting Li while agreeing,

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like for example, their scholars, they would say that this men meaning Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he is not really a prophet of Allah, or he's a prophet, but not for us. He's only for the Arabs, this was a false to the people they would listen and they would accept they would agree to understand the meaning of some minor second meaning multi meaning one who obeys one who accepts one who believes every falsehood that he hears, He doesn't question.

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Like, for example, some people you know, sometimes I wonder, how many emails do people followed in one day? Literally, sometimes I open my inbox and I have to literally, Mark like 20 emails, and hit delete, all forwards. All forwards are a complete waste of time. And I'm wondering, this person probably sat for an hour to reading through all these emails and forwarding them. You don't even know if that information is correct. You just believing it and passing it on. Some are only in credit mophir anyone who is believing and accepting every fault that he's listening to, that he hears off, and he passes it on?

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Thirdly, the word summer is used for a spy. The wet summer is used for a spy. Why? Because what does this guy do? He listens to whatever He hears very carefully, very attentively.

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he conveys it, he passes it on.

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But over here unless has some our own a little KDB. Now, these people, they would come in emergencies of the profits out of our center, especially the followers of the common people, they would come to the motors of the profits out of all the selling and they would listen to what he would say. And then they would give that information to who to their leaders.

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But over here, let's have some marijuana. Okay, that doesn't mean that what the prophet sallallahu wasallam was saying was false it? No, no, that's not what the meaning is some our own a little caveat, what this means is for the purpose of adding lies,

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they would go to his matchless listen to what he was saying. And then they would add their own information to his own lies to it, and then they would pass it on to the people. And this happens till today that people go to particular mantras, they pick only one piece of information that was said, they add their own lives to it, and then they pass it on some maroon and incredible ones who eagerly listen to falsehood, they have a lot of interest. They will not just listen to faltered once or twice, but they will listen to it over and over again. They will watch it over and over again. And if there's help that is being spoken about, they can't even sit there for two hours. It's

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burdensome. And here we need to ask ourselves, when it comes to watching a movie that is based on other faults, if it's three hours long, we don't mind. But when it comes to setting in the Quran class, if it's two hours long, two and a half hours long, we say we need a break. We say this is getting too much. This is a characteristic of those people who have luck. It's not like somebody's own and they've got it they have so much interest in listening to the carrot. And when it comes to the prophets are a lot isn't as much as they don't wish to come their summer owner dedicated summer owner ones who eagerly Listen, leave them in a hurry for other people, which other people lemmya

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Touka, who have not come to you,

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summer owner, meaning the same people, they hold them in Africa when they come to your majlis, the most of the profits are loaded salon. And they're listening very attentively to his speech. Why in order to pass his speech on to Lee calm in a hurry to other people. And you might think that if other people have not come, and if there is somebody else who's listening, in the gathering of the profit sort of all of a sudden when he's passing on that information to other people is that something good?

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is not something good.

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Like for example, you can attend a lecture and your friend can come when you go home, you tell your friend about it. Isn't that something good? It is. But then what is being said over here somewhere I wanted to come in a hurry. Over here some Mark gives me enough spy that they're spying. They're spies. They come to your madness, to spy not to learn about how not to pass on what they have learned. But rather they come in order to spy in order to find some faults in order to get the hoonah religion in order to find some early Tim crookedness. And then they mix it up with their lies, and then they pass it on to other people.

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Who are these omens are hurting?

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It refers to the Jewish scholars, the Jewish leaders,

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because these Jewish scholars, these Jewish leaders, they would not come to the marches of the prophets or a lot of them themselves. Instead, they would send their spies they would send their people that you go in, see what he's saying, what he's preaching.

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Why, so that they could find out about what he was saying. And then they could mock up the verses of Allah, or they could deny somehow the verses of Allah, they could plot against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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Secondly, common ATHLEAN refers to the leaders of the hypocrites, the leaders of the hypocrites, who would also not attend the measures of the prophets of Allah Islam. Instead, they would send their people why,

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let me do they will not come to you. Why? First of all out of arrogance.

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They're too proud to attend that gathering.

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Why should I go and listen? Why should I go and listen? I'm not going to go and listen and waste my time. You go listen, and if there's really something that's worth it, then don't worry about it. I'm not gonna waste my time sitting over there. Do proud to come.

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And secondly, they wouldn't come. Why? Because of their Adela, because of their enmity against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whether it was a Jewish leaders, or the leaders of the hypocrites.

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30 deceptively common are hurrying other people. It refers to those ignorant people who had not yet believed

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it refers to those

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ignorant people, innocent people who had not yet believed.

00:25:03--> 00:25:23

So these people, meaning the yahoos and then when African they would come to the masses of the prophets are allowed us and they would listen to what he was saying. They would add their lives to it, they would distort it, they would miss interpret it and pass it on to ignorant people so that they would have an incorrect understanding about the dean.

00:25:24--> 00:25:34

They would have a wrong understanding about the theme. So basically, they would come spy, listen, and spread false propaganda against the prophets.

00:25:36--> 00:25:40

And we think it's only at this time this even happened at the time of the Prophet sativida, salah

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and these leaders lamea toka they don't come to you themselves, meaning they don't come to you to believe to submit or to take your judgment.