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Al-Qasas 22-43 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 24-25


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who talks about her desire to become a holy spirit and remembers the words of Allah and Islam. She describes a woman named Missy who talks about her desire to be in a position and talks about shyness in women. The transcript also describes a situation where a man called Leah offered to pay for water and food to cover losses, but the father refused and offered a gift to cover losses. The father later recounts a story about a woman who was offered money and food to cover losses, but the woman refused and offered a gift to cover losses. The transcript describes a situation where a man called Leah offered to pay for water and food to cover losses, but the father refused and offered a gift to cover losses.
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And when he sat there, what did he say? For color? Then he said, I'll be oh my lord, in me Lima and Zelda Elysium in hyden 40s Oh my Lord, indeed I am for whatever good you would send down to me in need. I am extremely needy for any good that you can send my way.

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What do we see over here? That finally Masada Sam gets to sit down?

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Because right when he approached, what did he see? The women and he helped them immediately. He didn't say, Okay, let me just go sit down for 510 minutes and then I'll come and help you know, he helped them immediately. And then he went and sat in the shade. And then what does he do? He remembers his Lord.

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What do we see earlier that when masala Salaam he faced he directed himself towards meridian? Who did he remember? Allah subhanaw taala. And now when he goes and sits in the shed, who does he remember? Allah soprano.

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Because a true believer, he doesn't just remember Allah when he is praying. But he remembers Allah at all times, no matter what he's doing.

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There is a very interesting story, that there was once a man who was very, very righteous, very pious, and you just stay in his house and worship a lot all day long. And he never had any evil thoughts. never had any evil, you know, ideas or anything like that. And he considered himself to be very righteous, because he stayed in the house worshiped all day long. That's it. So one night, he had a dream. And he dreamt that there was a particular shopkeeper in the city who was more righteous than him.

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So he was shocked. How's that possible? I stay in my house. I worship a lot all day long. And here is a shopkeeper selling stuff, buying stuff, interacting with people, perhaps he hardly gets time to pray. And he's more righteous than me. So he goes and looks for that shopkeeper. And finally, he finds him and then he sits by his shop observing him. And what is this man doing? The shopkeeper he's selling the goods, he's making money. He's talking to people. And then in the middle, he goes to pray. And he comes back and he continues to and the shopkeeper you notice this righteous man, he asked him that you need anything? He said, No, no, I'm just here to observe you. And then he tells

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him about his dream. So he said, I'll tell you the interpretation. But just do one thing for me first. He said, Okay, what is it? He gave him this container. And he put some mercury in it. Mercury is like, you know, in the old thermometers, you had that Mercury, that silver ball, right? So he put that in a container. And he said, Okay, take this container,

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and go to this particular place and come back from that place, within half an hour. It was placed, I was very far away, within half an hour, you have to come back. And you should not let this mercury fall.

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Okay, you should not let it fall out of the container.

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So he says, Okay, I'll give it a try. So he goes, he starts running, because he has to make it back within half an hour. He starts running, but then what happens in Mercury's about to fall. Now he slows down, but then he remembers he has to be there within half an hour. So he tries to walk very, very fast. And then he's trying his best to get there, you know, within the half an hour. And finally, when he gets there, he finally makes it. He's out of breath. And he says okay, no, tell me the interpretation. He said, Okay, tell me while you were coming with this mercury in your hand, did you remember a law?

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He said, I remember a law. No, I was busy trying to protect the mercury and trying to make it back within half an hour. And he said, See, this is a difference. I work amongst people. I do work amongst people are buy, I sell, I interact. But all the while I remember.

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And you remember a lot when you're cut off from people in your own sanctuary. And that's it. And the moment you did something different you forgot about Allah. You understand? So who is the truly righteous person? The one who remembers Allah, in his daily life in his daily chores, whether he's running, or he's traveling, or he's sitting under the shade, he wants something, he's hungry, he's tired. Who does he remember? Allah? This is a sign of a righteous man.

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musar escena we see this quality in him that he remembers Allah at all times. When he's needy, when he's lost when he's concerned. When he's worried. He asks Allah for help.

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and here also he says, Rob be in need Lima and delta l am in heightened *ery Oh my lord, any good you send towards me. I am needy of

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Lima. Lima is a combination of Lee and man leave meaning for and my meaning that which

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So, for

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Man Delta Ilia anything that you send towards me, men, Hayden have good. I am *y I am needy of that.

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There's another way of understanding Lima and delta lamb can be understood as Lamb of our lead.

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Lamb of thoroughly that oh my lord indeed I, because of what you have sent down to me of clay,

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I am lucky to you,

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because of all that you've given me

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so far, because it every time of need you responded to me, because you have given me so much this is why I am talking to you.

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You understand? This is a deeper meaning.

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That because you have given me so much I am completely dependent on you. Because you helped me you guide me in every situation, my need has increased, my dependence on you has only increased. I need you even more. I am *y.

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What happens typically, if we have a lot, if we have many blessings, we think we can manage ourselves. We think we don't need to make dua to Allah. But what do we see that because you have given me so much in the past, this is why I am 40 to you.

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Not because I can do everything on my own. No, you have given me everything that I have. You have the stored on me everything that I have, this is why I'm talking to you. The more you have given me, the more needy I have become of your health.

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I'll be in mid Lima and delta ilium and Hayden *y. So what are the two meanings First of all, any good you send my way?

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I am needy for that. And secondly, because you have given me because you have sent to me many blessings before. Therefore I am fulfilled even now.

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You understand? So Lima and delta ilium and Hayden, okay?

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The thing is, that when a person turns to a law, when a person asks Allah, that Allah is happy with him, Allah is pleased with him. And when a person does not turn to Allah does not ask him, then Allah becomes angry with him.

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We see that musala Sam, although he was raised in the palace, in many luxuries, he was exposed to many, many comforts many worldly comforts. But what do we see that he realizes that everything that I've enjoyed as far as from who, from Allah, this is humidity before Allah. This is realizing that I am still a slave, I am still a servant, before Allah. And this is why at the time of need, who does it turn to Allah?

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But many times what happens because we think whatever we have is because of us, is because of our own intelligence, because of our job, because of our family. Whenever we are in need, what do we think about our credit card?

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We think about our uncle, our mom, or dad, so on and so forth. We don't get worried thinking, Oh, they can help me. I have my credit card with me, I can call the credit card company and they can do this and this and this for me, and I'll be perfectly fine. Right? This is what we think. But the reality is that if a person realizes Everything I have is because of a lot and even at times of need, who will return to us

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and look at the humidity. I am *y who is saying this? Someone who was raised in the palace of her own.

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He says I am 42 you are Allah, Who is for someone who has Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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Very, very poor. He doesn't own anything. He doesn't have any source of income. He's completely dependent on others.

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masala Sam says I am feed. Although he was raised in so many luxuries. His mind was not corrupted. His fitrah His Deen his Eman It was not corrupted. He still humbled himself before Allah.

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And if we make to our like this, that Allah I'm affiliated before you.

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Then imagine what kind of dollars we would make. Because a clean How does he ask how does he beg?

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Isn't it with so much humidity? He doesn't leave. He implores he bags. He shows his neediness. He expresses how desperate he is.

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And he does not leave until he finds something

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or be in neelima and delta ilium in Hayden families. So he made the right to Allah.

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notice one thing that when he watered the animals for those two women

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He didn't say okay, now you have to give me one cheap

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because I watered your animals for you. No.

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He didn't say okay, you have to give me food. You have to give me this. After all, there were only two women, what could they say? Right? Their father was an old man, he could have easily exploited them. On top of that musasa was a strong man. And he was from the civilized Egypt, coming from the capital. Imagine how intelligent how clever, he must have been. But what do we see over here? He did it for the sake of Allah.

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And he asked a lot for help as well.

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He did not expect any return from those women. Who did he expect really from, from Allah? But many times what happens even when we're helping others, what do we think? Maybe they'll come in us It's a small world. You never know. I might be needy before them tomorrow. So let me do them a favor so that they can help me tomorrow.

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But what do we see he did it exclusively for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And then he went and asked Allah, that Allah you give me I'm for clean before you, not before people. The thing is, if you go before people asking them for help, what happens? Your faculty becomes exposed to them. And like this, you are degraded in the sight of people. But when you ask Allah, when you show your faculty before Allah, then this is a means of honor for a person.

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Because Allah, He does not humiliate a servant when his servant turns to him.

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So what happened then fauja to say she came to Him, who came to him that Houma, one of the two women,

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so mozzarella, Sam is sitting there in the shade. Those two women, he watered their flock for them, and both of them went away. But now what happens as he's sitting one of the women she comes, and how does she come? them? She or is there here? She came to him walking with shyness?

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Is the here

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is the hair hat. Yeah, yeah. Higher. What does higher mean? shyness? And is there here? Should the to higher?

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extreme shyness.

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So how was she walking?

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She was walking extremely shyly in a very, very shy manner. What does it mean by that?

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Okay, lowering her gaze. What else?

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I'm asking that, what does it mean by walking in extremely shy man?

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How do you imagine that? How do you understand that?

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Okay, in a humble manner, not arrogantly, okay. Covering herself properly, yes.

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Not making herself noticeable, very important.

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Not giggling or jumping or walking everywhere and looking around everywhere. And looking at him staring at him know, how was she walking with shyness?

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With hesitation, right? Basically, we see that in her style of walking in the manner that she approached, she was very shy. And that is reflected by the way a person carries themselves. First of all, the way a person is dressed up. And secondly, the way a person carries themselves.

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One is that you take steps everywhere, randomly, big, large steps, banging your feet, perhaps hitting them on the ground so that your steps can be heard.

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Or not caring how you're walking, so that you're, you know, hijab is flying off to the side and your bag is on the other side, and you're our buyers open, not, not like that. She's walking in a very composed manner.

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So that she's not that noticeable.

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You understand? So that she's not that noticeable in the manner that she carried herself. She was very, very shy. And some scholars they have said that she was very shy in the manner that she carried herself that she covered her face with the sleeve of her shirt that perhaps she wasn't, you know, covering her face before. But now because she was approaching a man directly, what did she do? She covered her face even more with the sleeve of her shirt. You understand? So then she is the here. And this is a very, very noble quality. We think that if we're confident, if we have the guts, if we are bold, then we should walk. You know with our head held up high and you know not caring

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about who we're hitting and who we're rubbing against and where our bag is going and wear hijab is going and how loud our voice is. No, this is not confidence. If a woman wants to be beautiful in the sight of Allah then what does she need?

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To do, she needs to adopt this quality.

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Because Allah is mentioning this quality out of praise, honesty here. This is something that Allah likes. This is why he has mentioned it in particular. So a woman's beauty isn't what? It's in her shyness.

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But it's very, very sad that we cast hire off to the side just to gain appreciation from people, we will perhaps dress up in a manner or walk in a manner in which we may become very much boo to people, we may become very beloved to the people. But we forget that at the same time we could be coming Mahboob in the sight of a loss of planetary

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it's amazing how sometimes people go to an Islamic conference and Islamic class of bizarre which is supposed to have all Islamic stuff and the way people are walking, the way people are just running into one another. There's no shyness. There's no bashfulness

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there's always this desire to be noticed in the way women are walking Unfortunately,

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the way they're talking to one another, the way they're, you know, hanging out out in the open publicly loudly so that other people can notice them. The way we dress up sometimes, so that other people can notice our clothes.

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This is inappropriate. This does not befit a righteous woman.

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This does not fit a woman whom Allah subhanaw taala likes.

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Or model the learn who he described. This part of this is that she came walking shyly putting her garment over her face. She was not of those women who come and go as they please.

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She was not of those women who come and go as they please. What does it mean by that? Walking amongst crowds going here going there? I feel like going over there to check out what's going on over there. And I feel like okay, let me go check out what's going on over there. No, she was not like that.

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She walked to the destination to where she was headed to for a purpose.

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She was not distracted by what was going on around her. She went straight there. She went straight back,

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and are molded on us three words, that she was not the ledger, well, ledger Havasu.

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And they're very interesting words, the ledger, meaning the one who goes everywhere in anywhere.

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Let me go see what's going on under the stairs. I mean, it was he was in the elevator. Maybe we'll see what's on to the side. And what's in that room?

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And what's outside? No, she does not go anywhere and everywhere.

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One ledger, the one who enters every place in every corner.

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One ledger from one ledger.

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Like she doesn't care that this is supposed to be the main section. So I shouldn't be going over there. No, opening the door and very confidently walking amongst the men all the way. No, she was not one ledger, one who enters every place every corner squeezing herself past every opening that she can find. No, she was not like that. Her Raja one who leaves her home unnecessarily. One who leaves her seat unnecessarily going amongst people. She was not like that. She came shyly for a purpose. And this is what makes a woman dignified.

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We think that if we are noticed, then people will be attracted towards us. But can I tell you something? The more noticeable some women are, the more people run away from them. Because I think these women are exposed to everybody there in everyone's eyes. Men, whether they admit it or not. They have the sense of leader, the sense of protectiveness for their women. And they do not like that their women should be exposed to everyone.

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Okay, this is something that is within men and men who don't have this. They are the worst of men. So we see that men, they have this quality, they have this characteristic. And because of that they don't like women who are being exposed to everyone who are going amongst men all the time. No, they don't like it.

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Nobody likes this. So we see that a woman's quality isn't in what? In her higher. So

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for Jana to document them she Alistair here, one of the women came to him, and she was walking with shyness.

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And especially because he was approaching a non macho man, she was more careful over here.

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Similarly, if we ever have to approach let's say, a store, you know, a shop or someone who we have to talk to their non Muharram How should we behave? How should we walk up to them?

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with China's China's doesn't mean you're giggling and lowering your gaze and lifting up your eyes and giggling again. No with this naughtiness in the eyes. No, this is not China's

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This is the exact opposite of shyness.

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shyness is that you keep yourself composed. You keep yourself focused.

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You just properly, you carry yourself properly, no extra movements. Because sometimes in the extra movements also that women make while they're talking, moving their hands and fixing their bag and constantly fixing their hijab. This is not China's.

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When you're shy, what happens? Do you look up? Do you look around everywhere? Do you move unnecessarily? No. Does she stay here?

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The other day, I went to a wedding, and I met the bride. I know her very well. And I'm like, Why are you sitting on the stage, come down,

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get off the stage, go and meet everybody. Because at my wedding, also, I couldn't sit on the stage, it was so difficult for me to sit up there and people are down and you know, you're eating on your own and people are coming. So I just got off the stage after some time, and I went and sat with everybody. So I'm like, you know, get off the stage and walk amongst people and sit with them and talk to them and eat with them. And she's like, No, she was too shy. So what does shyness make? You do? It makes you still isn't it? It makes you quiet. It forces you to not speak. It forces you to not move.

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And that's obviously what is necessary. Right. So for Jan to attend, she is the here.

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Pilot she said in ob indeed my father, either. Okay, he is calling you. My father. The women said that our fathers and old men so my father, he's calling you, Leah to Zika so that he may reward you

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so that he may pay you what I draw the wage for mass appeal Elena mesophytic Elena that you watered for us. He wishes to recompense you he wishes to pay you because you watered our animals for us.

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The most is that?

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He didn't say no, no, no, no, no, it's okay. I did it. You know, I did it for the sake of law, you go home? It's okay. My pleasure. I think like that. He accepted the offer. He accepted the invitation. And he went.

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But there is one question if he really did it for the sake of Allah. Why did he accept this offer?

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Generally, what do we think if you're doing something for the sake of Allah, you should not expect anything in return? Yes, he was not expecting anything in return. But if it came like that, he accepted it, why? He knew that he needed food. Right? He knew that he needed some kind of money or food or water or a place to stay. So this man has some kind of budget for me, let me go and see, you never know.

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Remember that there's a difference in doing some work with the NEA with the intention that you can get some benefit out of the person.

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He didn't show that favor to those women so that he could get some benefit out of them. That was not his intention.

00:23:07--> 00:23:32

He did it exclusively for the sake of Allah. Because if that was his intention, he could have asked the women, right, it was not his intention. But afterwards without his desiring it without his setting it as a condition. If the benefit came, if the reward came, then he accepted it. Because this is like a gift from Allah soprano.

00:23:33--> 00:23:55

And you see, he didn't have any color for the sun or that even though he needed that help. He said, No, no, no, I don't need your help. No, he accepted, he realized what his situation was. He needed help. He needed money, he needed food. And if somebody is offering accepted, if you didn't ask for something and it came your way, then you should accept it. It's like a gift from a muscle.

00:23:57--> 00:24:17

This is a very important point. Because many times it happens that that's a person is working, you know, somewhere for the sake of Allah. And at the end of his work, if he's offered something, then he thinks that oh, this is going against my Nia I did not want to accept anything, so I should not be accepting anything. No, if it has come without you desiring it, then it's a gift from Allah.

00:24:18--> 00:24:33

Unfortunately, many times people you know, might offer us something, we need it, but just out of fake modesty. What do we say? No, no, no, thank you very much. Please keep it to yourself. I didn't do it for this reason. And in our hearts, we wanted really bad.

00:24:34--> 00:24:44

Sometimes it could be just, you know, some chocolate that somebody's offering. You want it you want to try it. But just out of modesty. You say? No, no, thank you, if you want to take it.

00:24:46--> 00:24:51

So Fallon magia, who then when Messiah Sam came to him due to the father of the groom?

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

Well, Casa La Hill cassava, and he narrated to him and of course also the story of us.

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

According to some is the plural of the word bizarre. And according to others alkalosis is a muscle.

00:25:07--> 00:25:23

It's a muscle. And it gives the meaning of muscles that which is narrative. So Casa La Hill kasasa musasa, as you approach the father of the two women, he told him his story with story,

00:25:25--> 00:25:38

his life story, who he was, where he was from, how he, by mistake killed the Egyptian man. And then how he had to run away from Egypt in order to save his life. So he told him the entire story.

00:25:40--> 00:26:08

He said, who the father of the two women, he said, Let the half Don't worry, don't fear the job. I mean, it'll come you slowly mean you have escaped from the wrongdoing people, you are safe from them. Now Jota Why did he say this that now you are saved from the wrongdoing people that you are not in Egypt? Now, you are not in their empire? No, you are safe you are in by the end and for their own does not have any control over here. So you are saved.

00:26:09--> 00:26:13

And the word in the Jota from the root Petrus noon Jean well Naja.

00:26:15--> 00:26:24

What do we see over here that there are that mozzarella made or be in nilima and delta ilium and Hayden fapy it was immediately accepted.

00:26:25--> 00:27:00

Just look at it. He went and sat in the shade. And there came the woman asking him Come my father is calling you he wants to give you a job, because you watered our animals for us. Just imagine he made the door and immediately his door was accepted it was responded to because it is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala that in the lower layer you lira agilon Merci. Allah does not waste the reward of those people who do good. Those who do or sand, Allah definitely, definitely rewards them.

00:27:01--> 00:27:19

I remember somebody, they wish to get married. And they were quite desperate. They're like, What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I speak to? And somebody told them to make the store or be in the diva and delta into Yemen heightened? Because you will notice that very soon after what happens was Allison also gets married.

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So they told him make this the law. And believe it or not, they as a man, they started receiving proposals, and very soon they were married and well settled. And this is what they would say it's that door that I used to make. And I still make it today.

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Because if you show that a lot, I need you. I am happy. I am desperate before you. I have nowhere to go. No one to help me. I cannot rely on anyone. No people can help me. No person can come to my aid. Only you can send someone my way. Only you can send her to me. Anywhere you send to me, I am needy at that.

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And look at how Allah subhanaw taala accepted his.

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So musala Sam, he told the father of the two women, his entire story. He comforted him that it's okay. You're safe now. No one will harm you. You're in my DNA. You're not in Egypt anymore. And you have escaped those people. You are safe.