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Al-Anam 93-110 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 95-97


AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and importance of Islam, including the concept of the " hub" and the concept of the "has van." The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding signs and setting forth one's future plans through clear guidance and guidance from the natural schedule. They also discuss the benefits of the creation of the stars and the importance of clear guidance for future plans.
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In the law, her failure could have been one hour.

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Indeed, Allah is the cleaver of green and they teach

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you how digital hiermit LBGT he brings the living out of the dead. Well mostly you may get a minute Hey, and he brings out the dead from the living then ecoman law that is a law firm for Kuhn. So how are you diluted?

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In this is a loss of Panasonic introduces himself to the people.

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In the previous class, we learned why Mercado wahaca did why because many among people don't even know Allah don't even know who he is, what he does. So, in these is our last panel tells us about what he does, so that we have a better metaphor of him,

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we have a better awareness and knowledge about him.

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So, who is a lot, he is fairly fat is from the roof letters fat lamb off, from the word fell upon

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and fell upon means to split

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felica means to split it means for sofa is for us to separate two things. And basically Fanuc is used for cleaving or breaking or splitting something that is nonliving. You understand something that is not alive, like for example, a rock follicle is to break it into two COVID into two.

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And remember this is different from crushing.

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Because when we think about the word break for us, it doesn't matter how it breaks, whether it cracks into do or it's crushed about it, we don't care. But in Arabic, Final Cut in particular is used for cleaving for separating for breaking, not crushing.

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So Allah is the failure, meaning he is the one who splits one who tears one who cleaves what and have as well as the never

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all of you know about two little fella, why is it called alfalah because it's the daybreak it is when the darkness of the night is broken and the day comes for the light of dawn, it comes forward.

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So, Allah is the founder of the hub, the hub and habitant newsletters habita

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and we have done the word hub before what is hub, a green belt which grain is

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it is that that it is those grains which are eating

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those grains which are eating

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so for example, lentils, beans, wheat grain, spelt,

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those grains in particular that are eating edible breeds.

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And the word hub in the Arabic language it is also used for builds. But over here doesn't mean filled. What does it mean? grains, seeds are grains that are edible. When Noah and Noah is from the room that is known Well yeah. And it is said that it's the plural of the word no at noon, well Elif and Tama Buta at the end, Noah,

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and Noah yen we is literally to resolve to intent and Noah is used for those seeds that are not eating those seeds and grains, which are not eating, do you understand have those grains and seeds which are eaten

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wheat grain, peas, lentils, and now what are those grains and seeds which are not eating too For example, orange, the seeds that are in the orange. Similarly, the pitch that is inside of mango. Similarly, date seeds, so have those grains and seeds that are eaten and now are those grains and seeds which are not eaten dead stone.

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So Allah planetary is the one who splits both of them. And when he splits them, what happens? What happens?

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Plants come for it sprouts, it grows forward, and from it comes a plant. So Allah is the one who splits the grain, as well as the fruit stone as well as the bit. And as a result what happens, plants come forth. Trees come forth, which bear more fruit which bear more grain which they're more produce. And if you look at it where this has happened

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in the darkness under the soil,

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and if we were to do the same thing, we would put it into a grinder and we would only crush it. We can't exactly split it the way a loss of handler splits it open. So Allah is the fabric of the hub and our and when we

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Nothing comes out when we break it nothing comes out but when a lot breaks it when a loss fits it then comes for a plant

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usually do Hagerman late he brings out the living from the dead, for example, a plant from a dead seed from a dead dead stone from that fruit stone.

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Similarly, a lot except the living from the dead, for instance, a bird from an egg,

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the original Haiya midomi.

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And at the same time, one more hurdle may get him in a high end he also takes out the dead from the living.

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So for example, he takes out a seed from a plant

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and look for from a human being an egg from a bird.

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Then he common law that is a law or you people who the phallic, the mockridge the one who does this, he is a law, meaning the one who does all of this is Allah, not anyone else for another spoon, then how are you diluted?

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The word Fukuda's from the infectious Hamza, if and if is to lie.

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It is also literally if is to turn something away from its original direction.

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So how are you turned away? How are you diluted? How are you deceived?

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When the reality is so clear, that if behind all of this is Allah subhanaw taala alone and no one else but him, then how can you worship others besides him? How it doesn't make sense and law to focus on? How are you diluted? Your Lord is Allah, the One who has created everything, the one who is the phallic, the one who is the mockridge

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these things are not happening by themselves. It was the penalties when who is doing this final call. He is the cleaver of daybreak. And his back is from the veterans side, the hat, so and so his morning and his back is to enter into the morning, or to begin the morning to begin the day. So failure is bad. He is the cleaver of daybreak, meaning he tears the night sky and what happens from the darkness, morning light comes through. And if you ever look at it, if you're ever up that early, and if you look at the sky, at that time, you will see literally a white line across the horizon and eventually what happens it begins to increase and light comes forth. So final call is the one who is

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a cleaver of Daybreak wa Jalla Laila and he has made the night second and a means of rest.

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Second is from the fetters seen Caf noon and second, as you know means rest. So, second is first of all, a means of rest, meaning he has made the night such that it is a means of rest for the people. Because just imagine if 24 hours It was like would the people be able to rest the way the rest at nighttime?

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Would the rest of the creation be able to rest? No.

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So he has made the night such meaning dark. Why? So that people can find rest in it.

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in Surat Yunus is number 67 we learn who are lady Darla como Layla Lita spoofy,

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and he has made the night for you. So that you can rest in it when the Hara mobile Scylla and he has made the day seeing meaning you can see during the day.

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Similarly, in total costs, I never 73 we learned why min Rama TV jharna Docomo later when the Hara Lita school fee,

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and it is obvious mercy that he has made for you the night and the day, why

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let us goofy so that you can find rest in it, when during the night and during the day, while it up with the human family. And so that you can seek of his bounty when I look under school, and so that you can be grateful.

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So, he has made the night second meaning a means of rest. Others have said that second means a time for rest,

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a time for rest. So in the first meaning, second refers to how the night is which makes it possible for you to rest during the night.

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The way he has made the night that it's possible for you to rest during it. And the second meaning is that he has made the night a time of taking rest, not a time to be awake and to be working that is the time to rest was shumsa will come around meaning any is made the sun and the moon has been and as a means of calculation.

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He has made the sun and the moon as a means of calculation.

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The word has vanished from the roof Everest has seen, but from the word he said, and what is his I mean, to calculate, to take account, it means reckoning computation and the sun and the moon, they have been made as his van meaning as a means of calculating time

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as a means of calculating time. So, basically, for us a calendar.

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So we see that both the sun and the moon have been made for what, so that people can count and keep track of days of months of weeks of yours, they can figure out dates, both the lunar as well as the solar calendar.

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But remember that, for worship, what is used

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the lunar calendar only But otherwise, a lot of planets are the one who has made the sun as well. And he has made a touch that he's his van. So then we can have a solar calendar as well.

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We don't insult Oh, man, I number five, a sham. So we'll come over because then that the sun and the moon they are because then meaning they are for what they are by precise calculation. And they're also a means of telling time.

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Similarly in select units, and number five, we learn who are lady Darla shrimps over here and we'll come around. It is he who has made the sun a shining light and the moon arrived.

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And through them, what do we determine?

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time the calendar

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and without them, we wouldn't be able to keep track? Yes, today perhaps it's rather difficult. But even without it. In some places people depend on the wound, especially for a better what do we depend on the moon, and people may come up with calculations with studies of years and years. However, still, the moon we cannot calculate the sighting of the moon, except by seeing the moon.

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It is also that the reverse band over here. Because Hispanic literally is also used for punishment.

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Literally the word husband is also used for punishment.

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Like for example, we learned what you said earlier who's been a minister and he could send out a who's banned from the sky, a fireable and from the sun upset that he has made the sun and the moon has been meaning eventually they are going to be a means of punishment at a set time when that those people who worship the sun in the moon, eventually, on the day of judgment, what's going to happen? What do we learn from the Quran that in the como Mater buena, ha sabudana that you and what you worship are the fuel of hellfire.

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So eventually, they're a means of punishment.

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Thirdly, it is also said that his van and his van is to swim to float to move in a set orbit.

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Like I mentioned to you the I have sort of a shame. So we'll come on, be husband.

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So it is to move to swim in a set orbit.

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So the sun and moon, they move according to a set course in time and space.

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It's not like haphazardly one day the moon is early. And one day the sun is leaving early. No, not even by a minute, not even by a second. They have a set routine, both the sun and the moon. So they're like that, what does that equal refer to?

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What does that equal refer to what is mentioned in this ayah becoming of the night of the day that how Allah subhanaw taala splits the darkness of the night emerges the day then what happens? The sun and the moon that how there has been for us? This is the doklady This is the determination of who Allah Zi is the one who is mighty, and he is also allegedly The one who is known.

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Not so

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what does that mean that the so called Daniela and the word Qatar has many meanings. One of them is

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one of them is decree What else? What did we learn today?

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Well Mercado de la casa de What does cottony to assess the value of something.

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Similarly, duck deed is also used for determining for measuring something

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over here there Licata D meaning this is the determination. This is the decree. This is what he has decreed.

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So this is the decree of Allah Aziz and Aladdin.

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Meaning all of this coming of the sun, leaving coming of the moon leaving the sun and the moon being used for time for telling time. All of this is not haphazard.

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It's not happening by itself. It's not happening by itself. It's not possible.

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There is such a perfect system, such a perfect system. And it's happening by itself. No, this is the decree, the final decree, this is the set pattern of who of someone who is very mighty, who is very capable of doing this, that he has a sun in the moon in his control. And at the same time, he's also I mean, he's fully aware he's fully knowledgeable of what of the sun, the moon, the people, the creation on the surface of the year, he's fully aware, only a being who is Aziz and Arlene can come up with his

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own only, this is your law. This is a law.

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We learned in sort of corner number 49, a loss of paint artists in the color shade in California who because indeed, we have created everything according to a set decree. And this is a decree, this is a determination that allows the presenter has fixed for the sun and moon, that they have a particular time in which they can, in which they lead, they have a particular size, they are at a particular distance from one another, as well as from the earth.

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Similarly, they have a particular speed, there are particular orbit, they have a particular routine, all of this is that the fleet of someone who is mighty, and someone who is earning, and who is it, that is Allah, your Lord, the one who created it.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that the sun, the moon, the night the day, all of them, they function, according to the decree of the last panel,

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according to how Allah subhanaw taala has made the schedule for them, how Allah subhanaw taala has determined for them. So don't complain. Otherwise the night like this, or in the winter, the nights are so long and the days are so short, don't complain. This is a decree of Allah, He is our Aziz and he is already he knows better than you.

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Secondly, we also learned from this ayah that the night is four second.

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So what does it mean? Sleep at that time,

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that is the natural schedule.

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You know, all the time people are coming up with schedules, okay, maybe I follow this routine, maybe if I have this schedule, I will function more properly, I will be more productive. If you follow the natural routine that Allah subhanaw taala has set for you that during the day you work, and during the night you sleep, honestly, you'll be very productive.

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We also learn from this idea about the permissibility of using the solar calendar. Because some people think that we should only use the lunar calendar and following the solar calendar is something that is incorrect.

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Remember, for a better you can only use lunar calendar

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for a better for worship, you cannot use a solar calendar. In reality for other authors, sometimes you have to use a solar calendar for when for solar, you have to see where the sun is and according to that, you have to look at the sun and according to that you pray

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but otherwise it is permissible to use the solar calendar. Why? Because that is all for the creation of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala has said

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the sun in the moon both her husband both are a means of cutting the time.

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Well, Helen levy and he is the one who jerilyn Acoma nujoma, who has made for you the stars and you do miss Florida, Nigel.

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Why has he made the stars for you notice Luckily for you,

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if you notice, if there are trees, okay, you can sit under their shade. You can benefit from the fruit, you can benefit from the word. They're very beneficial for us. But the stars that are out there in the sky, Allah says we have made them for you even even those we have made for you.

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For beauty, that when you look at the sky up in the sky, it's not just a dark sheet that we see, but rather we see some beauty that over here in the ayah Allah subhanaw taala tells us as to what is the reason why he created them for us, how are the stars beneficial for us

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Lita do so that you are rightly guided meaning in your travels in your journeys. You are guided by her through it through what through the stars when feel automatically busy while in the darkness of the land and the sea. When you're traveling on land, and when you're traveling, were on the sea. Wherever you are, you can take guidance from what from the stars.

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Now this guidance this hedaya does not mean you look at them to figure out your future or to figure out the guide

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Mistakes of a person No, this guidance is what

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because of loss of parotitis specifies Lita to be here, fi lumerical battery Well,

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this is in a specific context, that you see guidance through them

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or the personnel. Certainly, we have explained clearly the signs for who you call me on the moon for people who know for seneff under veterans fell. So,

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first of all, it literally means to separate and Fazlullah is to elaborate to set forth in detail, why, because something has been detailed something has been explained, elaborated in such a way that each point is distinct from the other.

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So, for some, now, we have elaborated the ayah.

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So, for example, in these if we see that first of all, the last parameter, I mentioned that he is the founder of the hub, one number, that he is the one who takes out the living from the debt and the debt from the living. And then he mentioned another thing and then he mentioned another thing, so literally in point form, in sequence, one after the other, the author mentioned distinct from each other,

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that he is the one behind the food that you eat, behind the coming and going behind the sun and the moon behind the day and the night, behind the stars, he is behind all of this. So certainly we have clarified we have elaborated the ayat which is are these, the clear proofs, the clear proofs that clear evidence, which prove the oneness of a muscle penalty,

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but who will take benefit from them leave call me or the moon for people who know

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only the knowledgeable ones, those people who have knowledge only they will benefit from these iron?

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Which knowledge do they have?

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Which knowledge do they have?

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The knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala as well as the knowledge of the creation, they will benefit from this.

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What do we learn from this ayah

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First of all, we learned that there is a purpose behind every creation of a multiplanetary

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nothing that Allah has created is useless.

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Because we are loss of planetary dimensions, there is a reason behind the stars, even the farthest creation from you.

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Because if we look at it, the sun, there's a very obvious benefit for us in the sun,

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even in the moon, but what about the stars? They're also for you. So we learned that there is a purpose behind everything that a loss penalty has created. And what's the purpose of the stars First of all, is we learn over here so that people can find their way in the dark Cemetery in sort of the natural eye number 16 Allah subhanaw taala says will be named me whom you have to do.

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The second reason behind the creation of the stars is adornment of the sky.

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We don't insult the saw effect I number six in ASEAN last summer at dunia busy Nathanael coworking

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Indeed, we have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment of stars.

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The third reason behind the creation of the stars is so that they are used to belt away the shale team, the devils who go up to the skies in order to listen to the conversations of the angels. We learned in total book number five, what is a nsms dunia be masabi How would your

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crew do militia?

00:23:32--> 00:23:37

Secondly, we also learn from this ayah about the importance of looking at all of the earth

00:23:38--> 00:23:54

over the importance of looking at all of the because Allah subhanaw taala says that we have for sun or the sun and if we have elaborated how by mentioning one after the other. So it shows us that we must look at all of the is that a las panatela has mentioned to us.

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We also don't from this either those people who have knowledge only they will benefit from the

00:24:01--> 00:24:19

those people who have knowledge, correct knowledge correct understanding. They're the ones who will benefit from the because those people who are ignorant. They don't care to even look at them. They don't care to even reflect on them. But those people who have knowledge they look at them they reflect on them and thus they benefit from the