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Al-Anam 93-110 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 98-99

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Well I love you and charcoal and he is the one who produced you. And chair from the roof is known Jean Hamza Nasha which is caused rice to grow to produce. So unshackled he produced you may never have seen were hidden from a single soul. And he was at single soul. Adam a hustler,

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if you look at it, otherwise, if he was the one who lost pounds are created by his own hands. And from other medicine he created who her what Adam or Islam was created from dust from clay, and what was created from from either Marisela. If you think of it, as Mr. Hassan could have been created from dust, and his wife, her work could also have been created by dust. No, isn't it? That was possible as well for a while it's not difficult, but he created how work from Adam or history Why?

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Because human beings are one of another.

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Otherwise from the very beginning, there would be a war between women and between men, literally. That we are from a metrically in Europe is not that good. But Allah subhanaw taala made the origin of all human beings one man, one man so he is the one who created you from Neptune were headed from one person into the room is number 21. We learned woman it and Haleakala coming unfussy come as well. Because kulu Ilya

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and he is the one who was made for you from yourself, your spouse's, so that you may find best in

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for Mr. Carver, then there is a dwelling.

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Meaning, then for each person is a monster cup. And for each person is a one most older. And if depository, the word muster and most older, both them begin with what mean? What does it show they are now but they are in particular, which noun is it? Isn't?

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What does isn't worth me.

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Now of place or time,

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noun of place or time, meaning the time when the action happened, or the place where this action happened.

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You understand? by for example, Mal rib is from guru. What does guru mean? setting. So mother rib is the time of setting of the sun, which is why we pray mother episode at that time. And Muslim is also the place of setting of the sun, which is why it's used for the West, you understand? So it's used for plays, as well as time when a particular action happens.

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Over here, the two that we see are Mr. Cole and Mr. De let's look at Mr. Carr is from the root address of Florida, what does our army to settle down to become still

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and must have is first of all, as I mentioned to you announce off place and secondly, die. So, if it's taken as a noun of place, what does it mean? It means the place of residence the place of dwelling the place of stay the place of habitation.

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Secondly, was the car would mean the time of mean the time of study the time when a particular person is living or staying residing.

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On the other hand most older will still there is another factor as well that whether and whether is to leave something, it is to put down something and if it is taken as first of all isn't life McCann What does it mean? The place of leaving something, the place of delivering something is the there is used for the place of keeping an Amana die for example, somebody gives you something of their sticky for some time.

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example somebody gives you their wallet. Can you please keep this until I come back from the washroom? Where do you put it? You put it in your bag. So st there is what to put an Amana in a particular place, a place where something is placed temporarily

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and for protection for preservation. Because if you don't put it there, what's going to happen to it?

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It's gonna get lost. It's gonna get destroyed. It's gonna get ruined. So muzzleloader is the temporary place of stay for protection. You understand

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the temporary place of stay for protection.

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And secondly, it's the time of staying somewhere temporarily. And why are you there at that time? Why? for protection, because if that time it's not placed over there, it's gonna go waste.

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So for each person there is a monster calm and there's almost Zelda or does it mean?

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It has been said that moussaka refers to the mother's womb, the womb of the mother must occur is the womb of the mother, where the fetus is for how long?

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for nine months, and most older, the temporary place of stay until a certain time, and it's placed over there for security. What is that? That's the grave?

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Understand, it's the green

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because the person is going to be in the grave for how long? for some time, if a person is not put in the grave, what's going to happen to the body?

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Secondly, they said Mr. Carr is the earth where the life where a person lives. Like we learned earlier in total, Bukhara welcome Phil, Mr. Irwin, Amato, neither.

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So in the earth, a person lives he resides, he lives a person resides, and will still there again is the grave where a person will be until the time of resurrection.

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Thirdly, it is that that must occur in time. It refers to worldly life meaning the time of stay in the dunya.

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Earlier, the meaning that I gave you was the place of state in the dunya.

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If for example, a person has a particular house, a person lives in a particular country, and in a second meaning what does it refer to the time of say, for example, a person lives for 30 years a person lives for 40 years,

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and will still there is the time off what

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departure from where? From the earth, the time of departure and there are other meanings as well. But basically, what this shows is that a person is in the dunya for some time.

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Residents, he's staying over there, and then he moves on to the grave for a little while. And then from there, he's moved on to where the

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for the personnel at the company have come certainly we have detail the ayat for who for people who understand notice, previously it was mentioned the economy, Yala mood now it is mentioned the Kami e f kahun. How is different from

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his knowledge, it is to know. But fick is understanding in is to know, but fear is to know how something is and why something is to understand.

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By For example, one is that a person knows how to read with the dream.

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For example, there are children who, from a very early age, they learned how to read the Quran, how to pronounce them a hostage, where to do one were to do if I were to do this, and were to do that, if you ask them the rules, they have no idea.

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Really, I'm one of them. If you ask me the rules, I'm really bad. I cannot explain the rules to you. But if you asked me to read, I can read. But there are other people who know not just, this is what you read. But this is why you're reading like this.

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Because of this letter, because of this hasakah. Because of this word, because of this rule, this is why you're reading like this. Do you understand

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the difference between Ireland and Phil? serene is to just know, and filk is to understand why. And how, What's the reason? What's the evidence? Why is it like that?

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similarity. One is to know that particular food, it tastes like this, it's supposed to look like this. And the other is why is it going to taste like this? Because you put in this spice? Because you cooked it for this long.

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So like how many of those people who have understanding? They're the ones who will notice? They are the ones who will benefit from these if what do we learn from this?

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First of all, we learned that the beginning of humanity was from one man

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and Who was he? Either Madison,

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and believing and this is a part of email. Remember that believing in this is a part of email in what

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in the fact that all humans came from who one person at a time.

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It is humiliating and it is very insulting.

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thing that a person says human beings have descended from some animals.

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Secondly, we learned from this AI that all people are one of another. Because Allah subhanaw taala says He created you from Neptune wahida. Therefore, there is no superiority of one race over the other, all people are from the same origin.

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We also learn from this idea that each person has a beginning and an end, there is a MasterCard and there is a nostalgia, the child comes out of the womb, he lives his life. And then he goes to his grave, there is a beginning and there is an end.

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We talk so much about the beginning. For example, parents, they will tell their children This is when you were born and this is how you were born, they will show them their pictures. But what about the end? If we reflect so much in the beginning, we must also reflect and worry about the end.

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We also learn from this either those people who have understanding they will go into the depths of things and take lessons.

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Well, who are lady Angela minister Emma Emma, and he is the one who sends down green from the sky. in different forms. He sends down water from the sky mat and his water. And mat from the sky comes in different forms. Sometimes the form of rain sometimes slow sometimes here, he is one who sends it down in different forms. For hygena, then we brought out B he threw it through what through the water, that the water that Allah sends down from the sky as a result of that comes out Nevada coalition. The plants have everything, vegetation of every type.

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The word Nevada is on the roof that is known by that Annabeth is used for plants, but it's actually used for vegetation, Earth's produce everything that grows from the earth, everything that grows from the earth, whether it is the branch of something or the leaves on a plant or it is grass or it is a whole plant, basically in the Baptist vegetation, anything that grows. So as a result of the rain, what happens we bring out from the earth, no bet of everything. Meaning different different types of plants, trees, shrubs, grass vines, everything becomes lush and green.

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And if you look at it sometimes you may be watching plants every morning every evening, but you just need one rain shower and completely different completely.

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For five gentlemen who then we bring out from it from what from the earth or from the vegetation. from Tibet, we bring out Holly on green vegetation.

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The word copyright is from the root Fs hot log.

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And how that is green plant.

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What is called green plant.

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It applies to vegetation it also applies to branches, stems, green crop plant. So from the earth we produce vegetation,

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or from the plants, we produce greenery,

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we produce greenery,

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they become green, not regimental. And from it we take out from what

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from the plants from the vegetation, from the greenery from the stems from the branches we take out have been green.

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And this green is with our occupant

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file the mountain. The one with Rocky is from the fetters rock calf bed ruku is to ride, do embark

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and terracotta is to embark on one another to write or to mount on one another similar document mounted or filed up on each other.

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So there are greens that are piled up on each other.

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And if you remember, we learned until about the example of have been in the scenario that there are 100 grains, how they're piled up one on top of the other

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how they're bunched together.

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Similarly, if you look at it, like for example, a corn on the cob, how is that corn in the car? It's all moussaka arranged piled up one next to the other. Similarly, pomegranate if you open it up, you will see all of them together one on top of the other.

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Similarly dates if you look at them it's a bunch one on top of the other someone thought occupant.

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Woman and and from the date box mentality her from its speed. There are what been well known clusters, bunches that are done here that are hanging low,

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though what follows is from there

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Better spa lamb I

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am fala is to rise What does it mean to rise coonoor What does it mean the rising of the sun

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so far is the first of what emerges the first of what emerges from a branch

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if you look at it in a tree that you have the leaves, but for the fruit do you get the fruit immediately all of a sudden

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that on the branch you will see a leaf and you will see an orange hanging within like two days is that what happens? No, you will see for instance flowers first and then later on after some time you will see the fruit

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So, third is the spade, the statics or whatever that emerges first, from a branch, which later on is a fruit

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later on what goes in its place fruit. So, in the day times, you will see that in the pilot, there are pin one and there are clusters, clusters of what

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clusters off this and the word can wind it on the root letters off known well on which is used for clusters of dates, bunches. So in the color, in the emerging fruit, you will see clusters of dates which are there any that are hanging low.

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And you will see that in different fruits not reading the data. Initially, even the clusters there are green

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and from the beginning they're bunched together, they're in cluster form.

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And they're hanging low and eventually what happens as they ripen they come lower and lower.

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So can we know that our Danny Danny has America is that known well and is from the word dunu which is to be low. And it also means to be close, it has two meanings to be low and also to be close to one another.

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Now then here is understood in two ways.

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First of all, it is said that it means hanging low that these clusters because of their weight, because there are so many what happens they hang low.

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Ever seen an orange tree? What happens to it as it grows fruit comes lower and lower. Secondly, then you have means they're close to one another

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that the fruit or these bunches, you will see that the fruit is close to one another. It's not like you see one date here and one date hanging all the way on the other side of the tree. No, they're close together. All you need to do is take the bunch and carrot together. You have a whole bunch of fruit.

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Similarly, grapes, it's not like you see one grape here one greater, you have to pick the grapes. In some plants you have to do that. Like for example berries, but some fruits, you see them close by close together and it's so fulfilling when you can just get a whole bunch with one shot. You don't have to search.

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So in Wyman Danny

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wood you're not in an gardens, meaning we're gonna be Jeanette in and through rainwater. We bring about gardens that become alive because of the rain. Minh rnrb of grapes are areas of Florida arena was a tuna and olives were women and the pomegranates and all of these fruits, grapes, olives and pomegranates of us as they are much they're behind. They're reasonably well they don't with the shabby and they're also not resembling

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they resemble one another. And at the same time, they don't resemble one another. What I mean by that,

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that in some ways they resemble and in other ways they are different.

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If you look at it, grapes, for instance, and olives, there are so similar. You have black olives, and you also have very similar colored grapes, you have green olives, and you have very similar color grapes, they look very similar, but in taste, they're completely different.

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So there are mooster behind in some ways. We'll head on with the shabby in other ways, in their appearance, in their taste, in their leaves, in their fragrance in their size, even in their seeds in their types. And it's not just that the different fruits resemble and at the same time there are different No, the same type of fruit even. It is of different different types,

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isn't it? You have green grapes, you have purple grapes, you have red grapes, you have big grapes, you have tiny grapes, and there's so much variety. You have the ones with seeds and you have those without seeds.

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There's so much variety. So with a sharpie, and we'll lay down with a sharpie, and each one is unique, each one.

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For example,

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if you have two or three on the cob, if you have them together, they will look the same to you. Same size, same color, but if you compare them closely, there is going to be a different number of the Colonel's. It's going to be different in its size in its arrangement. Each is unique. Each and every one is unique. So there must be one. Well, you don't want the shabby

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on blue.

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Look at its fruit. Don't just eat, take time to look. Take time to reflect. Although in a summary, look at its fruit in a model when it bears fruit. Meaning especially when it first goes to look at how it is this pay attention a little bit.

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And don't just look and appreciate the color and appreciate the texture and the fragrance. But contemplate the ability of the one who created them. contemplate the knowledge of the one who created their

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own little law summary is a small

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so reflect at the fruit when it bears fruit when it comes as well as we're younger eat and it's ripening

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generally is from the new factors yet known.

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yet known right?

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And yen around is the ripening of fruit. It is basically when a fruit becomes ripe.

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What's the sign that it becomes soft it becomes sweet it also smells good. So look at it when it initially bears fruit when it initially grows. At its beginning stages is that Asmara when it's green winery and also reflect on its ripening, that how it was green and it was tasteless and it was so hard and it had no fragrance and when it became right, just look at the color. Look at the variety. Look at the taste, reflect on both the stages in the feed daddy Can I add the Camino? Indeed in that there are many I add for people who believe

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this is Allah The one who has created all of this for you.

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He is Europe

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and who will benefit from these is the one who believes because such a person will reflect such a person will pay attention such a person will thank Allah subhanaw taala will appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala has created

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in sort of art I number four we learn we'll fill out the paper on what he wrote and within the land our neighboring plots. Were gentlemen are an urban and gardens of grapevines was that one scene where non volatile scene one

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and gardens of grape vines and crops and palm trees growing several from a root or otherwise as well. And what is amazing is you saw the man in were hiding, watered with the same water watered with the same water. But still you see so much variety. They're given the same sunlight, they're perhaps growing in the same type of soil even use carbon in warhead. One perfectly lubao by hand. But we make some of them exceed others in what feel equal in quality of fruit in taste. This is

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the one who produces so much variety that you get the same water you put in the same types of seeds. And it's possible that some of those seeds they die. Some of the seeds they don't produce a good crops are good fruit, but Allah is the fabric of the hub and never and he is the one who has created this variety. We usually just go to the supermarket. We pick the fruit, we just come home and eat it and that's it finished. But Allah subhanaw taala is asking us to look to reflect to pay attention. And don't just look at the fruit but look at it either as model when Yuri look at it when it is green when it has just emerged and look at it when it becomes right.

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So in the summer, make sure you go to some farm make sure you go somewhere the other to see how these plants they grow because in that also are is even this isn't everybody

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made as we say, what's the point of going to a strawberry farm or apple farm? I mean what's the purpose when you can buy cheaper apples cheaper strawberries in the supermarket? Okay, fine, you can but there is another joy when you go and look at it yourself and you pick it yourself and you look at it with your own eyes. There is a lesson in this evening.

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We can also try to grow some plants ourselves to see especially either a small winery because even that is really bad because it's the command of a lot, only to look either a smaller winery. So next time that you're gardening or something like that, don't just do it for the purpose of I'm gonna have these herbs I'm gonna have this, do it as an actor. Remember this?

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Make every act of yours a beneficial act.

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That's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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No longer

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be one

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is bad.

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Taco de la zz Lani.

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Hey, that's

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Women who

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was a tuna

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