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Al-Anam 74-92 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 92

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Well, hi there, Keith Evan. And this book meaning this called an Angela, who we have revealed it, and it is my battle con it is blessing. And it is also mosaddek. It also confirms. So this Quran, first of all is mobile, what does Mubarak mean? That which is full of Baraka, that which is full of blessing, and what is Baraka as the other one, it means increase and growth.

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Baraka literally means increase and growth. Basically, when there is abundance in something,

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for instance, you have one glass of water.

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In some situations, you have the glass of water, it's as if you're still thirsty, as if you never even had a drop of water.

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In another situation, you have only two three sips of water, and that's efficient. You don't even have the whole glass, it is as though you have had gallons of water.

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It quenches your thirst completely. And not just you perhaps your friend also has from the same class, and it's efficient for both of you.

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The quantity is the same, but it's just that the benefit was more

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there was blessing. This is what Baraka is, that when the WUSA when the capacity when the advantage when the blessing of something increases, although the quantity may be less,

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this is what Baraka is.

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Now the Quran is called Mubarak, what does Mubarak mean? mobarak is that in which there is a lot of good

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in which there is a lot of hate. So the Koran is full of hate, it's full of hate.

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And if you look at it, compared to other scriptures, even compared to previous scriptures, the Quran has been given special characteristics which were not given to the previous scriptures. For instance, the organization in the Quran, the meaning of the Quran, it's much more eloquent than the previous scriptures.

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The one about it also means that which is a source of abundant good

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that which is a source of abundant good.

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So the Quran is not just full of hype, but it also invites a lot of hype.

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So this book, this is mobarak mosaddek. It is one that confirms LSD mania daily, those books which were before it,

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meaning it confirms the truthfulness that they were altered from Allah.

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Wollaton zero enter that you want being this book has been given has been revealed with Baraka. Why so that you can warn who Malcorra the mother of the town's What does Oh mean, mother and figuratively the word is used for the assault the origin of something.

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When is it the assault or the origin of something?

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And over here omokoroa. Alcoa is a poor enough area, what is a Korea, a town, a place where people are living together?

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So the mother of all towns is what the origin of all towns, their foundation, their basis from where they originated, or from where their life comes? And what is that city? It is a city of Mecca? Why is Makkah called omo para? There are several reasons.

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First of all, because it is the Qibla of the people of all towns, that no matter where you are on this earth, where do you face to pray five times a day. Maka omokoroa.

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Just as a child, no matter where he is in the world, who is thinking about his mother, perhaps he will not keep in touch with all of the family members, the extended family but he will definitely keep in touch with the mother.

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So MCI is called omokoroa. Why? Because people they face Makkah while praying. It's the Qibla of the people of all times.

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Secondly, it's also called omokoroa. Because it is heavily visited by who, by pilgrims, by the head judge by those people who are coming to the jungle, from all over the world.

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And their nourishment comes from where comes from there, which nourishment, spiritual nourishment. The Quran was revealed over there. A lot of knowledge comes from there are so many scholars over there even today. The spiritual nourishment comes from aka just as a child, he takes us nourishment from who from the mother.

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Similarly, it's called omokoroa because it was a first city that was populated in that peninsula.

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There was a first city that was populated in that peninsula. Why?

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Because of Abraham and his son's wife and son is married and who was there and his mother and mainly because of what because of the Carver and we know that the tribe of Judah home daycare.

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into 12 over there. So that is how that whole area that whole peninsula became populated. And we learned that in a weatherbeaten will the early NES the ledyba, the first house to be placed for the worship of people was what? The one in Makkah.

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It is also said that it's called omokoroa. Because geographically, it is towards the center.

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So when he turns on Malcorra, so the Quran has been sent down, so that you can warn the people of Mecca.

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Woman how the hair and also those around it, meaning you can also warn those people who are around omokoroa, not just the people of matter, but the people around Makkah as well. And around Makkah doesn't mean only Arabia,

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around means all over the world.

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So women have a higher meaning all the inhabitants of the world, the elderly, mushnik, as well as the Muslim, the people of the East, as well as the West.

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One levena umina Bill filati. And those people who believe in the Hereafter, you mean want to be they believe in this look?

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at him, you have his own, and they guard their prayers. For whom Allah swear at him you have.

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So those people who believe in the Hereafter, this belief is going to take them to believing and what in the Quran.

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And it is those people who in their armor, they are you have you learned over the summer, you have illness, wondering veterans have elbow, hips, is to maintain it is to look after it is to preserve something, to observe something carefully to uphold,

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to be watchful to be diligent.

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So they are you have you learned over their prayers?

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What does it mean by guarding the prayer?

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guarding the prayer includes many things. It includes, for instance, fulfilling the prerequisites of Salah.

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Because if a person is not careful about the prerequisites, then is it solid going to be valid? No. Is it going to get any reward for that? No.

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For instance, if a person does not care about the huddle about clarification about will do is this going to be meaningful at all? Is it going to be counted? No. No one is that person did not know a person did not realize it was a mistake. Like for instance a person does will do. And according to him, he makes sure that his clothes are clean. And it's possible that he does not see some nudges. Despite the fact that he searched for it, he did not see it.

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And he has no idea that is different. But this is that a person knows that he has some new gesture on his clothes, and he should take it off, but he doesn't even bother to check.

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So you have to learn first of all means that a person is careful about fulfilling all of the prerequisites. Similarly, the Qibla not that a person is saying oh forget about it, wherever you face doesn't matter. You know, Allah is everywhere. So you can pray in whatever direction No, a person tries his best. You have his own. He's very careful.

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Secondly, you have your own also includes a person performs of Salah correctly, meaning he adopts the correct method as well to ensure that his Salah is going to be rewarded.

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And it's not just mark that yes, he prayed to the horse Allah He pray that our Salah know that he's rewarded for that sooner, it's actually accepted

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which is why he will have focus he will follow the sooner you will make sure that he says all of the scar, you will say extra why to ensure that he's going to get reward.

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And this includes performing the solid properly the correct method, following the Sunnah, performing all the foil, making sure that a person is saying the words correctly. He's saying the correct words as well. And finally, it includes securing the reward as well as selecting you have it or not that a person is brainstorm. And as soon as he ends his wallet, then he goes in does something wrong

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which nullifies his act of praying to the homeowner homeowners. You have to basically those people who are very conscious about their solar very conscious very careful, they pay attention to their solar.

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What do we learn from this ayah First of all, we learned that the Quran is Movado it is subject and it is for the purpose of warning.

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Secondly, we also learned from this ayah that this book the Quran is for everyone, not just the people of omokoroa but ultimate Hilda Mahela includes all people all mankind.

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We learn sort of upon it number one who can lead in Israel for Konya Allah RB D, Li Khun Lila lemina de la

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con I remember one, that blesser is the one who sent him the criteria meaning the Quran upon his servant surah

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He would be for all people a warner. What does that mean? That the Quran is only for the Arabs? No, it's for all people. Similarly, we learned Kalia Jonas in Nila suta Lai, la cashmeran that oh people and the Messenger of Allah to all of you. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that is a hadith as recorded in Buhari, that I have been given five things which were not given to anyone else before me. And of those five things is the fact that every prophet was only sent to his nation, whereas I have been sent to all people, all of mankind.

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We also learn from this ayah that it is a responsibility on those people who have the Quran to convey it to those people who don't have the Quran,

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the tundra, who are Malcorra, woman hella. So if you have been given the Quran, then it's your responsibility that you must convey this call on to all others. And this should become the mission of their lives. of all those people who have been given the Quran How is it that you have the Quran and your own family? They don't know the Quran,

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your own relatives, your own friends, people whom you see every single day, they don't know the law.

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We also learn a very important lesson from this either a man in Africa believe in the hereafter. What does it lead to? Well, Medina umemura will ask irati What does it lead to?

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First of all, correct email because you wanna be meaning they will believe in the

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so belief in Africa. Correct belief in the hereafter leads to Eman in the Quran, meaning a stronger, a better relationship with the Quran and a stronger relationship with Allah subhanaw taala as well.

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Because believe in the Quran does not just mean that a person says Oh yes, I believe it's from Allah. But doesn't mean that a person accepts it, he follows it. He has a very strong connection with it.

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And because of that, he has a strong relationship with his creator as well. Because of Quran is what? It's the speech of Allah. It's the hablo Muhammad.

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So through that, he has a strong connection with almost Paragon as well. So it's belief in the hereafter that leads to taking the Quran seriously.

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That when a person fears that on the Day of Judgment, I am going to be questioned. I'm going to be examined, I have to cross the bridge, all of my deeds will be displayed I will be given my records because of that he wants to know what he should do.

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So imagine in the hereafter leads to Eman in the Quran. And that enhances a person's relationship with his creator.

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And it also leads to what

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also leads to what, what's the second thing that it leads to?

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guarding the Sunnah.

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So it includes the Eman it includes reforming the man as well as the armor. But where does it begin from correct belief in the hereafter being concerned about the

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listen to the recitation.

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share your affections, please.

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I was just thinking when the sister was talking about

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The Quran being written with lawyers and and how we distort the words of Allah, Allah, Allah. What right do we have? This is the word of law and we have the guts to take it and rip it apart and do what you want with it.

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How dare we,

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anyone's book anyone's words statements, we don't have the right to distort them to take them out of context. To put them together however we want to, it's wrong anyway. But doing this with the words of a loss penalty, making it into karalis is something that is much worse, which is why the word alum is used when it comes to fabricating lies against almost

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I was just again, thinking about the previous verses at how

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I try to get more close to Allah subhanaw taala through the creation signs. And then I thought that is how you even get close to the creation sign. Then unless one of his precising mode, you get to know you're up through the creation sign or you get to know the creation sign again through something in a less precisely and getting a more closer through this Qur'an. So beautiful thing, the order that go this way, this way, this way, very clear instructions.

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Because there are many people who look at the creation but they don't have that I don't have that vision because how do you develop this? How do you develop that vision through the

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this weekend I got a chance to meet a sister and versity is that it turns it over a woman Hala Valentina up una bella, for the many people who really have very soft heart. When you try to give them data and you think about data, they get scared right way. And they have the man but they don't know how to get close to Allah subhanaw taala. The sister She told me, I read the curiosity. I do this in the morning. And when I told her about Quran, she didn't know anything. Basically what she mentioned, Isabella, she said, You know, one of my strengths, he told me, there is another iron the Quran, he was actually mentioning me that someone my sister, he asked me to read the ayah from Surah

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Loma. And I said, okay with your son, she said, 15 1617 because I knew the meaning I just opened the text right away. And I started explaining her. And I said, but you said with this thing, she suggested you to read only this versus how can she said, Well, she mentioned me, maybe in your Quran, these different verses different order. This one I thought we as a Muslim don't know even that there is only one Quran. And all the Quran has the same order of the verses how important it is to tell them, and afterwards at home the lead, when she left that business, she had the PacMan kurang series so that she could get to know more people want to know, just help them.

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Sonico going back to that, when you mentioned about how people say, Oh, I know God, this in my heart and all that stuff. And I was like doing though to someone. And the person said, I know God, he's in my heart. I'm not doing anything. And I say yeah, but even the ants and the bees know there is God. Like, you know, what's the difference between you and these insects? And the animals? Who knows? That? No, no, God does not just mean he

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ate you, and why He created you and what all the things that he said, we can know it's very, very important. Because before, I know there is God too. But when I know his word, that's when I change. So there's a big difference.

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I was thinking about how prophet Brian Allison, and he had lost everything in return. Give him more than that what he was getting. Usually, as people, we think you know what, if we lose this, we're not going to get it over again, we have this Good job, if there's something Haram in it, how we can ever be able to get another job, but all this fraud that he gives you in ways that sometimes you don't even know. And somebody wants to know what almost happened, and he didn't provide me I left this for him. But he might have given you something even better than that threw away that you would have never figured out and so you remember last time with that. And I was thinking about once

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revert, he was scared to like revert response. And then when he then he had lost his family, he lost his job. He had two houses, one for him and one for his guests. And he lost all of that. And then later on he was telling us about how he got a better family that once were very righteous. He would always remind me of all of us, my family, who made him very happy. And he got a better house one next to the house. And he got a better job that paid way more than that what he was getting from before. So if you look at all this data will provide from you, you just have to be able to trust No.

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It's not like oh,

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I was just thinking. In the end it said basically that those who believe in the alpha and then

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Those who got their Salah. And we see that belief precedes armor. And just the importance of knowing Allah like knowing who his attributes are. Because a lot of the times, you know, for example, when a guest speaker comes, we say, oh, they've studied here, they've gotten all of these things. And so, you know, we as the audience, we appreciate the speaker even more, and maybe we pay attention even more. So similarly, with a lot. We have to know who he is. And then we will be who he wants us to be.

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I was just thinking that it says that the car is made robotica for us. And I'm glad that we're here and we're learning about it, and gaining more and more knowledge. And now it is time that we apply to because, or else is just going to become quantity and not quality. And many times people will read the Quran just for the record, they will keep the Quran for Baraka. But if we ponder on the meaning of Mubarak, what doesn't bother me, that in which there is a lot of good, and it's also a source of a lot of good? So if you're just reading Yes, you will get your word for recitation. But how will you benefit from the Hadith which is inside?

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When you understand it, when you implement then you will get the height.

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And if you notice, it's not just that Mubarak has mentioned about the Quran, but that it is Masonic and also so that you can warn with it.

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The purpose of the Quran is not to that you just gain Baraka through it, but also that it brings about change the number of people

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sorry, I just want to add something else like I was listening to a lecture this morning about like Al Sharif was talking about like our technique. Usually people when we're giving direct techniques, we usually look for the hope way more than we just the hope like you know what, you do this you're energetic, we don't give the fears type to the side. So you have to combine both fear and hope in order for the person to understand because if you fear something that you're trying to avoid from that and if you hope something you also look forward to that. So have both of them.

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I mean,

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DVD me

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he moves

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to funaki

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Assalamu alaikum