Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 267C Tafsir Qaaf 6-15

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The sky is created by God and is not just a plain airy sky, but also a flowery sky. The concept of "any thing that is beautiful, joyful, and fresh" is meant to open someone's eyes and bring knowledge and understanding. The speakers explore the history of Islam's supposed supposed success, including the creation of a new generation of Islamists and the use of deadly chemicals. The conversation also touches on the struggles of people who refuse to admit their true intentions and the potential for confusion and suffering.
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Now on the following verses Allah subhanaw taala gives proof of resurrection, of the certainty of the Hereafter of his oneness of his power of his ability of the fact that the Quran is His word and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his messenger. Allah says Flm young guru than Have they not seen? Meaning? Why are they in amazement? They think it's impossible for Allah to resurrect His creation. Have they not witnessed his amazing work?

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Flm young guru, have they not seen have they not looked at Illa sama II, the sky Have they not looked at the sky? Folk a home above them gave a Bernina her how we have built it. Banana, banana, banana, what does it mean a construction, we have built it we have constructed it as if this word is telling us that the sky as if it were something solid, meaning it appears to be just air, but it is more complex and more robust than it appears to be. We think it's just air. Right? It's not just air. It's far more complex than what it appears to be. Banana ha we have constructed we have built the sky.

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And you see when something is built, then what does it mean? Everything is measured. There is a specific quantity, there is a way in which things are put together. And that's how the sky is yes, we don't see how it is put together. We don't see those gases and those forces. Right. But they're there been a NHA was a Yuna and we have adorned it we have beautified it. How with stars in the night or with the moon. With the colors in the sky with the clouds with the sun. We have beautified the sky. Even the birds that fly are a source of beautification of the sky. Was the Yumna Ha, we're Mariela Herman for watch, and it does not have any rifts for Rouge plural of the word foliage and

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foliage is opening between two things, gap between two things. So it does not have any gaps, meaning any rifts the sky Allah has built a strong insolate number is 12 Allah says we're Benina focus on Sudan she Dadda strong. Allah has made it beautiful with stars in sort of milk I have five what a day in the summer a dunya be Masabi with lamps. Allah has made the sky free of deficiencies in sort of milk I have three Allah says Allah the Halacha Barsana watin ple Bellcore man metadata if you have to write my name in the file with fougere il bussola health alarm info, go look look again foreign white and try to find some deficiency in the sky. So then what do you think oh man, and

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Tamesha do HALCON can I miss summer as Allah says in surah Nazjatar 27 that are you more difficult to create? Or is it the sky? You think Allah cannot recreate you? While Allah created the sky? What are you compared to the sky so tiny? If Allah can create the sky, he can definitely recreate you will Allah and and the earth Madonna has meaning has not looked at the earth? How Madonna how we have spread it out muda is to extend something to make it wide and spacious. And this is how the Earth is that you keep walking and you try to reach the end of the world but you will never reach the end of the world. Why? Because it is around Madonna ha You know in cartoons at least when I was

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young, right a villain you know when they're trying to get rid of somebody there's a big sign and of the world right I mean they've reached the end of the world and now they're gonna throw someone into the water and then they're off the world. Is that true? It's not true because no matter how much you walk there's always more space more distance to cover in front of you. While urban Madonna ha and the earth we have spread it out. What Elena fee * Alessi and we have cast in it we have planted in it, Ottawa See, firmly set mountains Florida the word of ossia firmly anchored towering mountains that stabilize the earth and not just that, what am but Nephi her and we have made to grow in the

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I'm better to call something to girl we have made to grow in the earth. I mean couldn't Lizo jimba Hege every men from Cali every zodion What does OGE mean? One of a pair, right Ultra means type or kind. And over here since Nevada are being spoken about the type of what type of plant, meaning every type of plant, mean Cooley's ojen every type of plant that is by Hege by Hege is from the root letters Bahaa Jeem. And behavior is used for something that is beautiful, that looks happy and makes you happy.

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You know, for example, certain plants they are such that you look at them and it's as if you know, the color, the brightness the way they're standing or the way their leaves are. Right? It just seems so full of life. And as you look at it, it's also like an eye candy for you, isn't it? It's like something that pleases you. It's pleasing just to look at so this is the Hege one that is beautiful, joyful, the word badger from the same root. Badger is happiness and beauty, liveliness and freshness. So min Cooley's out in beige,

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the sky is mentioned and now the Earth has mentioned the sky. Allah has made it strong, the earth also he has made it beautiful and strong with the mountains, not frail, but strong. And then he just as he has beautified the sky, he has also beautified the earth. How with plants that bring delight, just by their mere sight, meaning just looking at them is enough to bring a smile to a person. I mean, if you think about it, why is it that we give flowers as gifts?

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No matter what occasion it is, you're going to visit somebody's house, right? You're going into somebody's house for their housewarming, or let's say their party, your eID whatever, somebody's getting married, even if somebody dies. somebody's sick. Why do we take flowers? Why? Because flowers the color is meant to bring a sense of joy. Isn't it? A sense of delight, mean cuddly seldom behave in so to run? I have three Allah says well, well are the middle herba were gyla Vihara last year were an Hara. He has spread out the earth and he has placed in it mountains and rivers womyn Kalita Marathi Jarrah, he has no Janie's name, then in the earth, He has also placed it different

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types of fruits. All of this Allah says is double sila tun giving insight with a craw and a reminder. All of this has not been created in vain. The sky that you see the Earth that you see that you feel its strength, you feel its beauty that you delight in all of this is not in vain. It is stop Slidell and the clock. What is the epsilon? Epsilon all from buzzer buzzer is

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vision eyes. Now, tops lira Basara. Alright, and from that tops lira. bussola is to open someone's eyes

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to open someone's eyes. Not that you go to somebody and you physically open their eyes. No. It is when you make them understand something, you make them see something, you make them grasp something, understand something, retain something in their mind. This is the subtle.

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It's like something was in front of them. They didn't notice it. They read something over and over again. But they didn't understand it. So what do you do? You go and you show them, you explain to them, you discuss with them. So what happens? It says if you've opened their eyes, now they get it. Now they understand. Let me give you an example. Let's say you're trying to read something in your textbook, which doesn't make sense to you. Right? And you read that paragraph. You don't get it. But you know, it's important. So you read it again. And it doesn't make sense to you again, and you read it multiple times, which I'm sure you've done in your life. Alright, it just doesn't make any sense

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to you. Then what do you do? You google it. And you find a really good video, let's say by Khan Academy or something. Hi. And when you watch it, no matter how slow and boring it may be, it explains it to you. And then when you read that paragraph again, it's as if you get it now why your eyes are open why? Somebody explained it to you.

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This is the observer, the observer is basically to open someone's eyes. So these plans these mountains, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars. These objects are meant to open

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Enough our eyes, see it realize God's power, realize his ability to resurrect the absurd Alton. So Teixeira is basically when a person is ignorant, meaning he was in jail, he was in ignorance and topsail. It made him aware, it brought him knowledge and understanding where the clock what is the clock, powerful reminder.

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When when someone has forgotten,

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so what happens? There are things that we know about, but we forget them.

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Right? So this creation is meant to remind us,

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of important matters when we have forgotten them. So, you see, the title is solution to what ignorance and vichara is a solution to what forgetfulness, and this creation that is above us around us. It is as it is meant its purpose is to open our eyes, and vichara to remind us when we have forgotten, yes.

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You know, in India, a lot of us were Muslims, but we knew the word Tawheed. But we really didn't understand it. Till we move to the Middle East and a lot of people, the Arabs there, they would tell us look, what you're doing going to these graves and all is shook. And then a lot of us did understand it. But still, there are so many who think that, you know, it's a different thing, what our forefathers doing weather, are they wrong? And they still stick to that. But, you know, we try to explain to them we try to tell them, but how many of them actually get it? Yeah, that's true. And you see over here in particular, I at County I mentioned right, the signs of the creation are

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mentioned, the signs in the sky, the signs and the earth. And these are meant to open our eyes, what is necessary, then, that we go look at them, because we can learn lessons of obedience, lessons of patience, from what from this creation also, lessons of strength, obedience to Allah. In every condition, we can learn these lessons if we just observe this creation around us. Go ahead some income. I always wondered why else pantalla chose specific people as prophets. So Prophet Ibrahim or prophet dough Dyson, and then in Surah, saw us pantalla gives the qualities as to why he chose them and he said that they were ad with a bow slot, they had their granted strength and they had

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farsighted vision. So because they were certain about the creation of Allah Subhana Allah it allowed for them to know it to have remembrance of the Hereafter because the other description of them as well as snow and Behala sitting the greater the prophets of Allah. Yes, they were chosen because of their quality of remembering the home of the Hereafter. Right. So the absolute rotten where the Kra

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Salam Alikum. Once I asked Dr. Flood Hashmi about how can we bring the kids closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And then she told me, just let them look at the fruit and tell them look at the fruit how different different fruit does will bring them closer to Allah, I used to do that with my kids, she told me and it's true Subhanallah like nothing for me, bringing me closer to Allah like looking at the trees, looking at the flower, looking at the fruit, looking at the creation of Allah, just when I look at them, it's just like that tree telling me Look who created me. So Hala make you cry. So it's good for us to look at the nature.

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The how big and strong it is and how beautiful it is, and how purposeful it is. You know, when we look at the creation of Allah, we know that everything serves a purpose, isn't it? Everything, you know, even if there's a particular leaf of a certain color, right, or a fish has a certain type of a fin, or if there's a certain bone, we know there's a purpose behind it. But when it comes to our lives, we think

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we're just, you know, here as a product of what or as a result of something. Right, whatever people want to call it, they call it any looking at the creation is something that is meant to open up our eyes and also remind us but this is for who? Luckily our buddy Muneeb there are many people who look at the creation but their eyes are still closed. They learn about the creation, but their eyes are still closed.

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They see it but they don't take a lesson. Who is it that takes a lesson? Lee Collier abuddin Muneeb every servant who is Muneeb who is Muneeb one who returns but how frequent

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li when in worship, in obedience and in repentance,

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so those who are frequently returning to Allah, then every little thing is something that can open their eyes and remind them wake them up. One Zelner And We have sent down Mina sama E from the sky MA and mobile rockin water that has blessed it. Notice the word Zelina again and again, not that it rained 50 100 years ago and that's it. No, again and again, we sent down water from the sky that is mobile rock bless it meaning containing much blessing in it much goodness in it for the creation that it falls upon. For unbuttoned ABBYY than we cause to grow by it Jannetty in gardens will have bellhouse lead and also help meaning grain that is unhealthy how sleep meaning harvested. How see

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this from how slow dull and how sleep is basically harvested green because you see in order to take a grain right or take some grain from the crop. You can't just pick it right what do you have to do the entire crop has to be harvested when it comes to picking fruit then is it that the entire tree has to be cut off. No, the tree is there only the fruit is taken. But when it comes to grain, then the entire crop has to be harvested. So for imbeds Nabi geneticin will have bellhouse seed and this herbal healthy they eat and people also reserve it for later when nulla and also the date palm meaning as a result of this rain. What else girls date palm trees and these trees Allah says they

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are best he caught towering ones that are tall. Basset caught floral of brassica from the word boo soup and Bisou is used for the height of something so Bassett Park,

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towering trees, love for it meaning for these trees as in they have been around no lead balloon fruit. But what fruit Thunder is from tour and tour is to rise you know that the rising of the sun emerging of the sun, right? So failure is the first of the fruit that appears that grows. So whether it is in the form of baby fruit, or it is in the form of some buds or something that is Thunder, meaning from the very beginning this Thunder is now lead, what is the lead from noon Lord that nobody bleed is when things are arranged one over the other one next to the other.

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Meaning it's not a random crowd. They're arranged together in bunches in clusters neatly arranged one next to the other one sitting on top of the other. And this is referring to the fruit. Especially the fruit of the date bomb, which is the dates that how they grow. So date bombs that stand tall, but their fruit is hanging down in bunches. Allah says it is a little rebirth. All of this as what as provision for the servants. Where did you get this from? Oh man, how did it come to you? Who provided it? Allah did and the same one who provides this food to you after rain? Allah says what a hyena be Biggie, what a Hanaa and we revive B with it meaning with rain bell that a

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major a dead land, land that is dead. Right? What happens to it with rain, it comes back to life it is revived and it's amazing how land that is brown, dusty dry, right the dust is flying with the wind. It turns green and luscious and lively with a single rainfall. Allah says get radical horloge the same in the same way likewise will be a hood of Rouge the exit meaning the resurrection Harada is to go out meaning this is exactly how people will come out of their graves. Just as fruit comes out of the tree. leaves come out of plants. Plants come out from mud. When when rain falls at Allah's command, likewise, people will come out they will be resurrected when Allah commands when he

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will send a special rain. We learned from her

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These are people who write about the lower end who said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, basically in a hadith he mentioned about how the Trumpet will be blown two times, the first time. And then the second time.

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And then he said that what is between the two trumpets will be 40. And somebody asked 40 days, all right, and I will read Lauren, who he was narrating this hadith, and when he's narrating the words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, somebody asked him 40 days? And he said, I could not answer. He said, 40 months, I don't know 40 What he said, I don't know. And then above Buddha below, one who added that after this period, meaning whatever that period is, after that, Allah who will send water from the sky,

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and then dead bodies will grow like plants grow, I want you to think about this said alert, please, bodies will grow, just as plants will grow. And he said, that bodies will grow from what, from a particular bone

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from a particular bone.

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That never disintegrates. All right, or you could understand this as that's the seed of the human body, that no matter what condition it is in, it is as if it will be brought together first and then from it, the rest of the body will emerge.

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I mean, if you think about it, our DNA, what is it? What is our DNA?

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It's our identity, isn't it? I mean, and that DNA can be taken from where? Anywhere from the body, right? Even our saliva, right? If somebody drinks water from a cup of cup is taken away, and then a DNA test is done, right. So even that much is enough to know whether this DNA belongs to this person or that person. Correct. So can radical rouge, Allah subhanaw taala will resurrect people in the same way. Are they still in amazement? Are they still in denial? They shouldn't be cut the but Kabila whom because before them, there are some people who denied also who go mono when people have no Alayhis Salam? No. Alesana was the first messenger. His people denied him. What else hobbled?

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Let's see, and the people of the well, Ross Ross is an unconstructed? Well, it is sad that these people were Prophet Trey, but his son was also sent to these people, or it is that there were remnants of the people of the mood.

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And it is said that there was a prophet named Hamdulillah, who was sent to them and they killed him by burying him in the well or that when they denied him, they were sitting around that well, and that well basically collapsed beneath them, burying them all. So as habit less, they're also mentioned in sort of Furqan a 38. Wha than with a Moodle was harbor Rossi. Were Karuna and Boehner Delica cathedra. So the people of nor the people of the well with a mood and alter the mood the denied, who did they deny? Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam were are doing an ad also denied prophethood or the his salon will fit our own fit our own also denied Musa and Harun are they

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hemocyanin were a one a lot and the brothers have loot meaning the men because the problem was in the men of that nation. They also denied their profit loop or a tsunami and the list doesn't stop there. What else How will acre and the people of the forest they're the people off sure at Salem. As mentioned in sort of the shirt on i A 176 cannabis herbal a cattle mursaleen the people of the force they denied the messengers were almost took bar and the people of top bar also denied and remember to bar was the title of the kings off Yemen mentioned in sort of de Haan i A 37. A home Hi Ron toma to bar. Allah says all of these people who learn all of them, get the bug Missoula denied the

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messengers. And when they denied the messengers, as you oh people are denying meaning the people of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam than what happened for haka were Edie. Then my warning was Hakka, Hakka, as in do, necessary, justified, Allah gave the warning. But when people didn't pay heed to it, and they continued in their denial, then what happened? That warning was to be fulfilled, it was due and it came into effect. Allah says Allah or Hina why do they deny the hereafter anyway? What's the reason did

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First, then I Hina we fail. Did we fail? Bill hull kill a well, by the first creation? Did we fail when we created this earth, and its people

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are Hina is from iron. Yeah, yeah. And we have done this word before. What it means is that when someone becomes weak and tired while doing something, so they give up. And when they give up, they're unsuccessful. So there is a combination of tiredness, weakness, and being unsuccessful. It happens with us many times we start something, right. But then halfway through, we get tired and we just leave it unfinished. Can you think of some things in your life that you've started? But you still haven't finished them? Why? Why you just got tired. Maybe you started cleaning your room last year. And he's still not done, why?

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You're tired. Can't be bothered. You know, this is our weakness. We start we don't finish because we get tired. Or we run out of resources. Did Allah leave his creation incomplete?

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Is it that he created the creation in such a way that it's left? Unfinished, abandoned halfway? unfinished projects? No. Fr Aina Bill huncle a well,

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is that what happened? No, it didn't happen. So if Allah did not get tired the first time Why do you think it's difficult for him to create again, when he created the first time so perfectly, then he will create again, Bell rather home fi lebas sin they are in confusion mean helping Judy regarding a new creation they are in loves loves is also confusion. Remember Maharajah we learned earlier muddy age now we learn about loves, loves is when things are mixed in such a way that basically they lose their identity blended completely merged together. All right. So they are in confusion regarding a new creation.

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They don't understand how it will happen because they don't understand who Allah is. And this is why they are in denial in Surah two room i A 27 ALLAH says who Olivia but the old Hello Asuma. Yuri do who were who were who Anwar LA. He is the one who initiated the creation and he will repeat it and that will be easier for him. Why is it easier for him? Because if you think about it, when someone has done something the first time perfectly then repeating it should be easier.

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Well, who am I when I lay?

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All right. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Either Sam

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EVO gave

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was a

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he was he

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but now

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zody Hagey that was Lila

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Neva one is Nina Simone

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Nabi Jen

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Helsley the

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bleed it is fun

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get the bat

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was C was

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what else happened?

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help our three the SI ye NaVi

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