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Al-Maidah 109-120 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 109


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The messengers discuss the upcoming Day of Resurrection and the Day of judgment, with individual and group responsibilities questioned. They stress the need for rebirth and reproach, as it is necessary to address opponents of the messengers. The speaker emphasizes the importance of remembering the "has" and "hasn't" moments in life, as well as the importance of learning from the messengers and developing humility. The speakers emphasize the importance of everyone learning from the messengers and developing humility.

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Lesson number 77 salotto Nikita is number 109 to 120.

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yo maya jamara LaHood was Sula, fire kulu madda od bottom, be warned of the day when Allah will assemble the messengers. And he will say, what was the response that you received?

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Aloo they will reply, Larry Milena we have no knowledge in and I learned Will you indeed it is you who is Knower of the unseen

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Yama. Yama ends with a Fatah which shows that the word is monsoon. What does it mean by Yama, then? What it means is with Korea, remember the day mentioned the day be warned of the day?

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Which day is this? The day when Allah is going to gather all of the messengers? So obviously, it refers to Yeoman PM, the day of judgment, the Day of Resurrection, which is a day that is Yeoman or lien, it is a great day. And over here, yo my edge, Mr. LaHood listener, that Allah is going to gather all the messengers, yet tomorrow is from the Tetris gene meme I gem. And what does it mean, to gather to collect? Where is he going to gather them? Where is he going to assemble them in the plane of hashish where all of the creation is also going to be present, not even one person, not even one human being is going to be absent, every single person, every single Hulk, all of the

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holodeck, all of the creations are going to be present over there.

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So the day that a lot will gather of rasuna, a muscle is the plural of the words of a suit. And over here is a steel rock. And it gives a sense of all of the messengers, just as Al hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil aalameen, and is still rock giving the meaning of all priests.

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So I will sooner meaning all the messengers from the first messenger to the last messenger,

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if we differentiate between the rhassoul and then a B, then a whistle would refer to all messengers from New alehissalaam to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And if we do not differentiate between the Russell and then a B, then it would refer to from Adam or his son, all the way to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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And remember, that every oma every nation on that day is going to come with you, with its messenger with its rustle. And on that day, both the messengers and their oma and their people and their nations are going to be questioned.

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As a whole, they will be questioning, meaning groups will be questioned, and they will also be questioning at an individual level. So you understand, collectively people will be asked about what they did. And individually as well, people will be asked about their actions.

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So the nations will be asked, they'll be questioned, and their messengers will also be questioned, inserted hedger is 92 and 93. We learned a lot of beaker lenise alumna whom edgy marine American we are Muldoon. So by your Lord, we will surely question them all. All meaning all people, messengers, and people, we will question all of them about what can we madona about what is it that they used to do?

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So whatever a person did in this dunya, he will be held accountable for it on the Day of Judgment, every single person is going to be questioned about his responsibilities, whether he fulfilled them or he did not fulfill them.

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The messengers have also been given a responsibility and what is that? to convey the message to who to their people, as we learned earlier, until either yes or you have also been live in a country that convey everything that has been revealed to you from your Lord.

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So the messengers will also be questioned on that day about whether or not they delivered the message

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and what the response was of the people and the people will be questioned about their response as well.

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And sort of the art of it number six, we learn fairness and then Latina OC La La him wilderness, Elena mursaleen, then we will surely question those to whom a message was sent, meaning the people will be questioned. and wellness, l&l mursaleen and we will see

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Question the messengers as well. So the people will be asked about what was delivered to them and what their response was. And the messengers will be asked about what they did, what they delivered, and what response they received from the people.

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So we see that everyone is going to be questioned the messengers as well as the people in Sorrento casas is number 65. We learn why Yama, una de him for your kulu Mather a job to mousseline and mentioned the day that he will call them and say, What did you answer the messengers? So the people will be questioned? What response Did you give to the messengers?

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When the messengers delivered the message of Allah to you? What did you say? Did you believe? Did you deny? Did you obey Did you disobey the people will be questioned.

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But at the same time, the messengers are also going to be questioned.

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So over here, what is being stated in this ayah is that Allah will gather all of the messengers, and then for your kulu, then he will say to them, meaning he will ask the messengers Mather, uibutton.

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What is it that you were responded with? Meaning what response did you get? From who? from the people that when you deliver the message to them, what did they do? Did they believe? Did they accept? What did they do? What response did you get?

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Now the question is, there's a lot of panel data not already know about the response of the people? Of course he does. Then why is he asking? What's the purpose of asking this question? The purpose of asking this question is, do a reproach and rebuke the opponents of the messengers? The purpose is to rebuke and reproach the opponents of the messengers.

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That, for example, if there is a person who is made responsible over some children, that he has to make sure that they do their homework.

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The parents come and they ask the older child, meaning the one who has been made responsible to ensure that all the children do their homework, that did they do their homework or not? What's the objective?

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That you don't even want to directly speak to those who did not do their work? That you're so upset with them?

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It's a way of rebuking them indirectly rebuking them.

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Similarly, in the Quran, we learn in through the duckweed, I eight to nine, what is Elmo? Ooh, that too, so he let it be a hidden been coated so

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that when the girl who was buried alive, that she will be questioned, she will be asked that for what sin was she killed? What crime did she commit, as a young infant, as a little baby for which she was killed for which he was buried? Meaning Allah subhanaw taala is not going to even ask the killer the murder, that Why did you kill the child? Who is he going to ask? The older the child that why were you killed? Why? In order to rebuke and reproach the Catholic seminary when the messengers are going to be questioned? Mather or debitum? What's the purpose to rebuke and reproach the opponents of the messengers?

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So he will ask them what response did you get? kalu they will say, meaning the messengers will respond. Larry Melina, we have no knowledge. We don't know. We don't know about what response we got. We don't know about the response of the people to us how they responded to us, because in NECA, indeed, you enter unnamable you, you alone, are the Knower of the unseen. You alone, Oh Allah know the unseen. We have no idea.

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But isn't it that the messengers knew about the response that they received from the people?

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Like for example, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he received so much opposition from the people he knew as to that Abuja, Abu lahab. they disbelieved an Abu Bakr, Omar will deliver on Houma. They believed, so he knew about the response. So Why will the messenger say that Larry Medina, we have no knowledge. The reason why they will get this response is because of the fright and the terror of that day. That they will be so concerned, they'll be so worried they'll be so fearful that it will be so difficult for them to even say anything,

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to even give an explanation to even state anything.

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Like for example, a person who studies for a particular test for a particular exam, and he studies properly and he knows everything inside out. But the moment he sees the test

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Or he goes through a very difficult situation and then he sees it as what happens, he goes blank completely, completely blank. Why? Because of the terror and the fright of that situation.

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Similarly, the messengers of Allah, they will be so fearful that because of that fear, they will not be able to speak, they will not be able to say anything.

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So, therefore, they will say, Larry Milena, we have no knowledge, as if they're saying, Please don't ask us we have no idea.

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Secondly, they said that they will give this response out of other out of respect for a loss penalty out of complete humility, that even though they know the answer, out of humility before our last panel valid, they will say, we don't know, you know, better.

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Just as the angels, they responded to the Hannukah lair in melanoma in Loma and London, glorified, are you we have no knowledge except for that which you taught us. So we don't know. Why out of other just as a habit, when they were asked by the prophets of Allah Harrison about many things, what response would they give Allah and His messenger? no better? This is added, this is proper manners with who would someone who is more knowledgeable than you that even though you know the answer, even though you know, still, you will not say anything. Why? Because the one who is asking you knows much better. It's possible that you give an answer that is incomplete, that is not going to be that

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beneficial, but they give an explanation that is much better.

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So it is of other that when a person comes across someone who knows more than him, he should remain silent. He should not talk too much. Unfortunately, we become so proud of the little knowledge that we have, that even if somebody is telling us about what we don't know we say we know already. I know already. But the messengers, what will their response be? Larry Milena.

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It is also said they will give this response Why? Because what they mean is that we don't know about the reality of the response of the people

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that we only know the raw hair, and we don't know the battery.

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We only know those are here. And we don't know the bottom of who of those people who responded.

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Because the monastic he apparently responds to the call of the messenger. But in reality in his heart, he's not responding. He's not a believer. So who knows his reality? Allah subhanaw taala alone knows the reality.

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So by saying that in Medina, what do they mean that we don't know about the reality of the response of these people? We only know design, we don't know that nothing.

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It is also said that what this means is that Larry and Madonna meaning we don't know about what happened after we died. We don't know about what happened after we died. We know of those people who responded positively and negatively in our lifetime. But after we died, we have no idea as to how they responded.

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Like, for example, it's possible that a particular person in the lifetime of the messenger he was an unbeliever, he didn't believe.

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But after the messenger died, that person became a Muslim, that person became a believer.

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Or, for instance, there's a person who becomes a believer at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But after he died, he did those things, which are completely unacceptable in their religion,

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or for instance, are the people of the time of the messenger he knows about them, were the people who came after him. He doesn't know about them.

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Like, for example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or the Day of Judgment, when people from his oma will be coming to the house to drink from it. There'll be some people who will be on their way but they will be stopped, they will be prevented. And you will say these people are from my own mind, let them come. What response will he be given that you don't know about what they did? After you were gone?

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You don't know about what these people invented after you work on. So really, the messengers they do not know about the reality of people about what happened after they die. This is why they will say they're in melanoma. We have no knowledge. In NACA, indeed, you enter you alone, meaning you alone, oh, Allah subhanaw taala are alive, who is alone? One who knows everything. This is different from earlier it was one was always all aware. But I learned is supremely aware. The one who is thoroughly annoying, the one who is completely familiar, the one who knows every kind of thing. And he knows about the fine details of every single thing as well. The one who knows the present, the one who

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knows the future, the one who knows the past as well. He knows about the law here, and he also knows the bathroom. He knows about the

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evident about that which is manifest and about that which is hidden. So only you all lost a penalty or Anam of what and who you bloob is a plural of

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meaning of all the unseen those things that are hidden from Allah servants who knows about it only. Unless.

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So what do we learn from this is?

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First of all we learned about the enormity about the magnitude about the seriousness, the terror of the day when everyone is going to be questioned.

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It's not an easy day.

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Yo, my edge Mr. LaHood was sooner. This is not an easy day. This is a very heavy day. RL Katharina Vitoria. See, it's a day which on the disbelievers is not going to be easy at all. It's a day that will make children what gray haired

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the day that will make will then young children what Sheba it will make them gray hair and it will make them old. So it's an extremely difficult thing.

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We also learn from this ayah about the obligation on every person to remember this great day.

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Because a lot of times it says Yeoman and what does Yahweh mean old koriyama remember this day, be warned of this day, worry about this day, fear this day. So it's an obligation upon every person that he must think about this day, he must prepare for this day.

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We also learn from this ayah that the messengers, they don't know about the unseen. They don't know about the reality of the people, they don't know about the future.

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They don't know about the future. They're human beings as well. Because over here they say in NACA, anta Allah will you indeed you alone are the Knower of the unseen.

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So any person who claims to know the unseen, then what is he doing? He's committing coffee, how that he is denying the statement of a loss of data and denying even one part of the Quran. Even one statement is what it is an act of coffee.

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So a person who claims that he knows the unseen, that he knows where you will go, what you will do, where you will go in your life, who you're going to marry, and how your marriage them is going to turn out? What are they doing, they're committing an act of copper, because they're denying this I have the Quran that in an anomaly, you

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will also learn from this idea that it is the etiquettes of knowledge that a person should be humble that a person should develop humility,

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that no matter how much he knows, what should you realize that I still don't know everything? I still don't know a lot, I still know very little.

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Remember, true knowledge, or a truly learned person is the one who that the more he learns. The more he realizes how ignorant he is. The more he learns, the more he realizes how ignorant he is. Because this is what brings humidity in a person. And if a person thinks he knows everything, then what's going to happen? He's not going to bother to learn more. He's not going to bother to practice more. He's not going to bother to study the Quran more to question want to ask more. No, he's going to stop over there.

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And on every little thing, what is he going to do? He's going to pass judgments.

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Like for example, After studying just one Surah Surah Zuma, for instance, we learned about halal and haram. Now, what is that we think that we have become masters of what is halon? What is haram? And we give him a fatawa that you know this is lawful, this is not lawful. But the fact is that we haven't studied everything with regards to what is hot and what is hot. So we are no one to say this is halal. This is how

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when a person has knowledge when a person has really taken knowledge and what does it mean? He will develop humility. He will develop humility. He will not see on every little thing. Yes, this is right. This is wrong. Yes, this is Hello. This is how long? No, he'll become humble before saying anything. He will be careful