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Al-Asr-Al-Maun Tafsir Quraish 1-4

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lw minishift rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim pseudo Quraysh I am number one to four, pseudo Qureshi and lucky sola. It was revealed after surah two teen. It has four verses 17 words and 73 halluf

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Lina pukalet.

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For the accustom security of the Quraysh either for him bracelet a*a he will save their accustomed security in the caravan of winter and summer

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foliar failure with Rob behead lb. Let them worship the Lord of the house and Lady of Amma whom enduring what am and a woman have, who has fed them saving them from hunger and made them safe saving them from fear.

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This all begins with Lila Lila What does lambing for? It gives the meaning of Darlene reason.

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And this surah is connected with the previous surah

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in the previous Surah Surah to feel a huge favor of Allah subhanaw taala was mentioned which favor that how he defended his house.

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And in this sort of another huge favor is mentioned. This huge favor was especially on the crash, the crash, that favor was on not just the crash but the people of Makkah, not just the people of Makkah, but all of the Arabs, all of the people who came to the house of Allah and worship Allah there. And over here, specifically the Quraysh

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so Allah says Lee he laughs

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What does he laugh mean?

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It is from the fetters Hamza lanpher. And what does elf mean? 1000 1000 is a big number where 1000 things have come together from the same route is olfa olfa is love.

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What alphabay Nakuru become

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when people love one another, their hearts are united they come together.

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And elf means and Jim welcome.

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elaphe means are jumbled together of them to be united to be collected together.

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So the elf you Quraysh for the elf of Quraysh.

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elf of Quraysh. What does it refer to? It refers to if you read the next if he laughed at him reflect a*a he was like the Fluttershy that you will save this is describing what the elf is. So in other words, their elf is their trade

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their trade journeys, because for that they would gather, they wouldn't travel alone. No, they would travel how in the form of caravans, they will travel in the form of caravans, and they will travel to different places in order to do their business.

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And when they would come back again, they will be united with their families back into their city. So for the purpose of he left of Quraysh meaning for the purpose of the trade of Quraysh which trade which business, which trade journeys which caravan

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lfv him their trade, I'm gonna do the figurative or the meant, the understood meaning in the context, the contextual meaning, okay, it literally means unity. However, over here, as I mentioned to you earlier, it refers to their tiara because 40 jobs, they would get together for their digital, they would travel together.

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So which the Java that rich letter schita, it will save Reshma from the roof letters of law.

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By the way, just before we continue, there are many, many solutions on many ads which have multiple meanings which can be interested in different ways. So if I'm giving you one meaning and you read something else elsewhere, or in the translation, you read something else, don't think, Oh, this doesn't make sense if I'm giving you one meaning, and it makes sense. That's it's relevant. There's many other meanings. But if I start telling you all of them, then we should be sitting here until we shall probably even beyond, okay, if we want to complete the lesson. So there are many meanings, I'm just going to tell you one, because it's more relevant, it's easier to understand. And then

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hamdulillah once a person wants to learn, and there is no limit to learning, every time you open the book of life, every time you open up a book, you learn something new. So don't think that just because you don't learn all the different different meanings at one sitting in one point. You're not going to be able to learn them and shall open up your heart and open up your mind and ask Allah and Allah will give you the topic to learn again and again.

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So he left him out he will say hello, Ron is used for camel saddle and reflux is a journey travel. It is to prepare for a journey and also to under

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Take the journey. So for their trade journeys, where were the travel to when in which season, a shoe that the winter was safe as well as the summer.

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Remember that Makkah is a place where nothing grows.

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Ibrahima, listen. And what did he say? When he left his family there? The Obama in the US going to Missouri at the wedding, right? It is over. And it's a valley that doesn't produce anything. Nothing at all grows here. It's a barren Valley.

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And in mcheza, House of Allah,

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strange. Where do people generally live? Where there's food. But we see that despite the fact that there was no food in Makkah, yet people live there. Why? Because of the house of Allah. Because of the house of Allah, that place was populated, it was heavily visited. Now the people who live there, obviously, they had to eat from somewhere.

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So what did they do? They were businessmen. They will travel on business trips, in order to buy food, and buy grains and different edible products, as well as clothes, and so on and so forth from different areas. And we see that in the winter, they will travel to Yemen,

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the mccanns, they will travel to Yemen,

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and in a safe in the summer, they will travel to Syria.

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So every year they would make do business trips, do big shopping trips. And they would go to Yemen and winter, and Syria, when in the summer.

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So when they would go there, obviously, they would go in safety, insecurity. And then we'll come back in safety and security with a lot of provision as well. So this huge favor, Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning them over here that look, the city that you live in, doesn't grow anything. However, Allah has facilitated your risk for you how that you travel to one place in one season, you travel to another place in the other season, and you travel and full security. When you go there. People respect you, because whenever they were traveling, nobody would harm them. Nobody would harm them saying these are the people of Makkah. These are the custodians of the Kaaba. Otherwise no

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caravan, no traveler was safe in Arabia. No caravan was safe in Arabia, you're traveling, people will plunder, they will loot they will attack they will kill. But the Meccans everyone had respect for Why? Because they were the custodians of the cup. And when they would go and do their trade, again, people would deal with them in a very good way. Why? Because they had come from Makkah.

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This is just like if there's a particular person from a country that you really look up to, like, for example, from the west, somebody goes to the east, like an Eastern country, that's all you know, they've come from this country. They've come from this country. And all of a sudden, they're like, yeah, I'll give you the best deal. I'll give you the most excellent if you try this. This is a gift from me. This is what people do. So the Americans at home, they were very much respected on their journeys, they enjoyed full security. And the places they were visiting over there also they gained huge favors all of this. Why? Because of the house of Allah. That was in Makkah. So Allah saying

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over here, that he left him that he heard that she that it will save you travel in winter, you travel in summer, you travel in all seasons, and you're able to travel safely, and you reap so many benefits from the Abu lahab invade, let them worship the Lord of the house failure

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because Allah has bestowed these favors on them exclusively. So they should also exclusively worship

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Allah funnier boo. And notice it hasn't been said foliat Buddha law, what has been said, Rob berhad Al Bayt, they should worship the Lord of this house. What does this house refer to? the Kaaba, why? Because whatever glory they enjoyed, whatever safety, security, financial ease, success they enjoyed, it was because of the house of Allah.

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So look at all of these benefits you enjoy. Why because of the house of Allah. So you should also worship the Lord of this house. don't worship these idols. No, no, people don't respect you because of these idols. They respect you because of this house. So failure would rub the head and bait

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we learn in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says that our Lamoureux unnatural. Now hold on a minute. Were you the hot tub for nasm in holding him sort of the anchor Buddha 67 that have they not seen that we have made heroin, a place that is so secure and the people who are around

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People who live elsewhere, what happens to them utakata for they're being snatched away, meaning they're killed, they're plunder, they're looted. All of a sudden their lives are destroyed, their businesses destroyed. But the mccanns enjoy full security. Why? Because of the house of Allah therefore, failure good or bad and pay

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because he alone has favored them.

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And lady Adama whom in during the one who has fed them, and Larry uttama, whom the one who has fed them giving them food, providing them with every type of food they could desire, because you see, they went in winter, they went in summer,

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and winter has its own produce, and summer has its own produce as well. So under the Obama home, manger, and measuring meaning against,

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in order to save them from hunger, or main can be understood as after

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that, in Makkah, nothing grows. And if they weren't able to travel so easily, imagine they would suffer from hunger. So under the Obama home and jewelry,

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whatever the home in home, and he has made them safe, and a home given them security against what against fear, which fear,

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fear of being attacked in Makkah, fear of being attacked on their trade journeys, fear of hunger, fear of lack of provisions, so Allah has given them food, and Allah has given him safety and security. So when Allah alone has given these blessings to you, fn is Kuru Will they not be then grateful? And out of gratitude, worship Allah

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What's the lesson in this for us? For Croatia, there was a huge lesson a lot of them directly, what about us,

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that we should also recognize, acknowledge, appreciate the many, many blessings that Allah has given, especially the blessing of food not being hungry, and the blessing of safety and security.

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And we should remember these blessings in any place we are whether it is locker outside of Makkah, anywhere in this world.

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Yes, these blessings are exclusive to Makkah in some ways, however, we enjoy them today as well in different different places. So it's an obligation on us that we remember the blessings of Allah and out of remembering the blessings of Allah, out of thankfulness, out of gratitude, worship Allah, yeah, your nurse or Buddha welcome because Americans are being told this is why you should worship Allah. So similarly, we should also remember the blessings of Allah and thank him for them and increase in salary better

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serve our economy.

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So, predicted heart and we read through reformism, so I was saying we're gonna find that a fire will touch the heart so hard that it has divided the heart into four sections and also one that has do I didn't know but he has divided and one side A lot of times that is sending the pureblood home and other side the impure blood is coming who has done this for us? And that's apparent otherwise That is, if for example, there is no wall no obstruction nothing all the bad and good blood will be mixed and the person will be in the hospital like you will be seriously ill and so many heart diseases but so far and I was so surprised when I was reading about the arteries and the veins in the veins.

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Mandela has kept spacial valves visual doors for you like you can see here there's spatial valves are being fit for you that this pure blood should not be mixed with the impure. Who had made this for us. Everyone thinks like okay, this is a body we are taking advantage from this thing. But when Allah subhanaw taala is not mixing the pure blood to end with the impure blood just for us for our like health and like why we should do the good Avada so how we are mixing the bad and good things inside our heart by doing Riba by doing so many bad things that we had

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forgetting that the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah is he is, imagine the tiny, tiny details that he has took care of us if we will see the heart and the section and the way the muscles have been layered and layered, you will really cry. And you will think like, Oh, I will not do this again. Just so I was saying, Be careful of the things that we say and do. And always think about the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has, has kept in your heart in such a minor details that my observance should live longer, happier, and nothing should come to him. But

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it's a very beautiful thing you've mentioned that many times we don't even realize these blessings that are within ourselves within our bodies that we are surrounded with, we don't even notice them. And we don't even notice them and yet our lives are full of these blessings. And what does Allah say for the Buddha.

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I have given you so much do my Ababa exclusively.

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And there are many, many blessings that Allah has given, including the blessing of

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this is also a huge blessing.

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Because we're Hiram amiodarone It's better than all that people could get it. Everything that people could collect. We learned about Allah Kamata castle, there are people who are striving to gain more and more of this dunya they're trying to collect more and more. However, the best that a person could gain is the Quran This is also a huge blessing. So when Allah has given a huge blessing to a servant, what should he do? What should he do, he should increase in his worship.

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When Chetan gives you the vice versa all the time of hunger, and fear, that is the his first attack to the person what I'm gonna do, and my kids will be hungry, and always mother or people there really feared about these things. And two things are very important here, most of the people came to this country because of the security because the fear in their country. So we should think inside that Allah subhanaw taala is reassuring here, whenever you feel this kind of fear of hunger and security. remember Allah subhanaw taala he's gonna take care of your problems, and secure you.

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And when Allah is given such a beautiful place for a person to live in, where he enjoys security, where he enjoys so many blessings, that a person forgets what hunger is like, a person forgets what, what not having food is like, literally, I mean, we forget that you go back home, and then you see the board and then you're like, oh, there's something known as hunger and poverty. But in this country Alhamdulillah because of so many blessings that are around us, we don't even you know, remember what hardship is like.

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So, for this blessing, what should we do? Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy? No, we should, out of this gratitude, worship online, also be grateful for this place and give the hug of this place as well.

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I was thinking you mentioned that the four h like people would just you know stay away from them with the odd that you know, these are the custodians of the GABA. So we as Muslims were also blessed straight and so I was thinking that if we stay on the path of a less pleasure than Allah to will protect us and keep other people in all of us Muslims, right? We have this respect. And I says hijab is Mashallah like, we see we go, we're out in the streets, people are like, you know, these are respected people. And I see that and I feel so proud to be a Muslim at that point, because I'm like a handler, you know, like Allah has given us this dignity and this respect as Muslims. And so I was

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just kind of wanting to link back to this idea.

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And the word grace, a little bit of meaning of the word Qureshi said that. The word courage This is used for a group of Cuba in a group of sub tribes. It wasn't just one tribe, but it was a group of sub tribes who were the descendants of another even kwinana and Quraysh. This is the structure of foray it's that this lead of this lead meaning it's the diminutive the shortened form of consciousness from even you have been a similarly from us, you have Quraysh and sometimes, this does lead diminutive This is done for the purpose of godliness.

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So even our basil did argue he said that Kirsch is a huge sea creature that the Arabs were familiar with. And whenever people would travel on the sea, it would overthrow their ships and will also eat other sea creatures. So basically, Kosh symbolizes someone who is undefeatable extremely powerful, and people were afraid of it. And this is how the Kurdish thought of themselves as well that we are so powerful. We are so strong, no one can stand up against us. They consider themselves to be superior to all other tribes of Arabia. And the people of color actually lived in Makkah. There were many sub tribes, and the profits are a lot of singles also of them. So they in particular, being

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reminded of this blessing because they were honored. They were honored by the rest of the people of Makkah, they were honored by the Arabs.

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They will respect it. So all of this respect you have is not just because of who you are, but because of the respect that Allah has given you. So, don't become proud about it, but rather humble yourself before the one who has given you this respect.

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Just as when a person learns, he learns, and then other people begin to have some kind of respect for him. So, at that moment, at that point, the person should not feel proud of himself rather he should realize that this is because of the deen of Allah.

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And that should make him more humble before Allah.

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Okay, let's listen to recitation again.