Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L076A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a trip toecca oboth temporarily held by Sharon and a woman named Yana Muna. They discuss the importance of not disclosing personal information and potential consequences of not being informed, as well as a comb and a woman named Angela who they believe should be respected. They also mention a potential complaint from Jesus and discuss the importance of testimony and verifying information, as well as potential fines and negative comments on social media.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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sundiata Sunil Karim I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for beshara Elisa de we're silly and re watch. Dr. Millis suddenly you're totally open as a

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lesson number 76 pseudotumor either is number 94 to 108.

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Yeah. Are you her? Are you a Latina those who ever knew they believed laya blue and Nicole surely he will definitely test you. Allahu Allah vishay him with something men from a slave the hunting then Allah who it reaches it a D comb your hands Wertheimer who come and your Spears layer lemma so that he knows Allahu Allah. Man who your half who he fears him believing in the unseen finance so whoever, Erica he transgressed BARDA after the leaker that for the who so for him, are there been a punishment anymore? most painful?

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Yeah. Are you hurt for you? And Medina, those who knew they believed law do not go to do you all kill a spider. The hunt or the game was unknown while you have a woman or instead of a

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woman and whoever Atilla who he killed it may come from you, Madame mitten deliberately, such as so recompense Miss Lu is like ma what Attila he killed, main from a Nam, the grazing livestock. Yakumo he decides be with it. There were two possessors idling of justice men come from you, hadn't a sacrificial animal. But when that reaches AlkaViva, the Kaaba o or cassava to expiation

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of food Messiah came once needy o or, or the equivalent Delica of that salmon in fasting leocoin so that it is with Ella consequence Umbra he of his action of his matter. After he pardoned Allahu Allah Ummah, from what cellar for it past women and whoever are the he returned fans of the moon so he takes revenge. Allahu Allah, men who from him will law who and Allah azizan always Almighty do possessor in the economy of retribution. Or Schindler it was made lawful lacunae for you so I do hunting or game Albury of the sea or bamboo and its food Mata I'm a benefit Luckily for you well and let's say yellow tea for the travelers well and her Reema it was prohibited are they come upon you

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slay do hunting albery of the land mass as long as don't don't you remain Holloman in state of

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what the coup and you all fear. Allah, Allah and lady who lie to him to Sharon you will be gathered geralyn he made Allahu Allah elkaar butter, the Kaaba elevator the house and held on the sacred, the airman a means of standing, a support

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the airman a support a means of standing. Lindner see for the people was shadow and the month, and how long the sacred will heavier and the sacrifice will color it and the garland did once then because that literally moves so that you will know and know that Indeed Allah Allah, er the mu hilos ma what fee is in a similar word, the heavens warmer and what fee is in the earth. We're under and that Indeed Allah Allah because only with every shade in thing our lemon always all knowing. Ariela move you all know unless that Indeed Allah Allah shadow is severe under a cop of the retribution. What unless and that Indeed, Allah Allah of a foreign most forgiving for Haman always All Merciful

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man, not Allah upon have assumed the messenger Illa except and below the conveying will law who and Allah er the mu he knows man what to

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Don't you all disclose warmer and watch back the moon you will conceal

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all say learn not yesterday it is equal hobbies the impure was by him and the pure

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wallow even if our agenda it please do cassava to abundance and hobbies of the impure factor cool so you all fear Allah Allah year or only possessors and verb of the intellect La La calm so that you too soon you all are successful yeah as you heard or you and Edina those who know they believed lead do not just Alou you all ask you all question about a shirt things in if it is made apparent McComb for you the circle it displeases you, it grieves you were in and if this Alou, y'all ask on her about it Hina when Eunice Zulu It is revealed, and the Quran Tabitha It is made apparent lacunae for you. After he pardoned Allahu Allah on her from it. Will who and Allah are foreign most forgiving

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halimun most preparing

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us in fact, sir Allah her he asked it, he questioned it. Oman, a people men from a Billiken before you. Summer then a special they became the hub with it caffeine, disbelievers man, not journalists he made Allahu Allah. Men from Bahia rockin a behera Weller and Lawrence Ebert in a cerebral weather and lore was released in our sila, weather and nor Herman ham,

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when I can, but alladhina those who care for Rue de disbelieved yesterday una de fabricate Allah against Allah He Allah and kariba the life will external home and most of them they're not alone they understand what either and when Taylor it was said loan to them there are no y'all can enter to learn what Angela he sent down, Allahu Allah wa ala and do have assumed the messenger Allah they said has been enough for us man What was your dinner we found our lady upon it. But our forefathers

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what was and lo even if Ghana It was about whom their forefathers learned not Yana Muna Pinochet and anything whether and nor yes they do they are rightly guided they obtain guidance. Yeah Are you here for you and Medina those who knew they believed? La come upon you and for circum yourselves learn not yo he harms you man who been lucky history either when is the datum you all obtained guidance Enter to Allah Allah merger and comb your returning Jumeirah or together for unit vehicle then he will inform you Bhima with what quantum you were Dharma loon you all do. Yeah, are you here are you and Medina those who know they believe, Shahada to testimony witness by nickel between you either

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when however, it appeared it came I had a comb when a view and modal the depth haina time and was the year of the will of the request is nanny two there were two possessors or blend of justice men come from you or her on to others. Men from lady come other than you in if I'm dumb you all bottom you have struck you all traveled fi in the earth for a solid comb then it reached you mostly but to a calamity and most of the depth. That should be sooner Houma. You all detain them two men from bardi after a sweater, the sweater the prayer for you, Gemini, so they do swear biLlahi By Allah, if it's up to you all doubted, learn not necessary we bargain we barter, be he with it. semonin any

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price wello even if Ghana he was the possessor poorva of near relationship with Allah and your neck to move we will hide Shahada testimony Allah of Allah in that indeed we even then lemon surely from an SME, those who are sinners. For in then if earthhero it was made known

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It was made clear, for it was found either upon and the humor that indeed they do is to help or they do became deserving. It's more of a sin for her on the two others yokomen they do stand mahkamah Houma, a place of them to Maine from alladhina dazu is to help cough he became deserving are they him upon them olayan the two nearest ones for your Simoni so they do swears biLlahi By Allah, La Shahada to nurse surely our testimony I have is truer men than Shahada to human testimony of them to warmer and not air to Dana we transgressed in the indeed we event then let me ensure the front of the mean those who do wrong there Lika that Edna is closest is nearest and that yet do they come the

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Shahada thing with the testimony? Allah upon what she heard its face or it's right many when she heard its face or its right manner

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or you're hopeful they fear and that Terada is turned back. Amen on ot BARDA after a money they're owed, what the who, and you all fear Allah, Allah was Maru and you all listen, or you all except Allah who and Allah loves not yet He guides and Toma the people and faceting those who cross limits those who say

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we listen to the recitation of these

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de PUE Marina

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yes Full Movie.

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is up see

Al-Maidah 94-108 Translation 94-108

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